Ffeil 941C. - Composite volume of Henry Thomas Payne,

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Composite volume of Henry Thomas Payne,


  • 1753-1796. (Creation)

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Volume re-covered at NLW.

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Arms of Henry Payne pasted inside cover above his name in his own hand.


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A composite volume which belonged to Archdeacon Henry Thomas Payne (1759-1832) containing the following printed works: (1) interleaved copy (title-page and preface wanting) of [A History of the island of Anglesey, ... to which are also added, memoirs of Owen Glendowr (London, 1775)], with some manuscript additions by Payne including 'Account of Parys Mountain, & the Copper Works in 1796'; (2) Evan Evans, Some specimens of the poetry of the antient Welsh bards, translated into English, with explanatory notes on the historical passages (London, [1764]), with the following manuscript note by Payne: 'This Copy was given to the Rev. Thomas Payne, late Rector of Llangattock in Brecknockshire, & Canon Residentiary of the Cathedral Church of Wells, by the author, who was then Curate of Llanvihangel Cilcornel [sic], in Monmouthshire - The Corrections are in the Authors own hand writing,' and also a printed list of '[Ad]denda et corrigenda' (insert); (3) George Richards, fellow of Oriel College, The Aboriginal Britons, a prize poem, ... second edition (Oxford, 1791); (4) [Alexander Geddes], Epistola macaronica ad fratrem ... (Londini: apud J. Johnson, 1790); (5) [Thomas Warton] Specimen of a history of Oxfordshire, second edition, corrected and enlarged (London, J. Nichols, etc., 1783); and (6) Robert [Clayton], bishop of Clogher, A Journal from Grand Cairo to Mount Sinai and back again. Translated from a manuscript ... (London, 1753). There is a brief list of contents in the autograph of Henry Thomas Payne.

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English, Welsh.

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Preferred citation: 941C.

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