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Conwy (Wales) -- Politics and government -- 19th century

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Conwy (Wales) -- Politics and government -- 19th century

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Conwy (Wales) -- Politics and government -- 19th century

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Miscellaneous papers and fragments from the collections of W. J. Roberts ('Gwilym Cowlyd'), and W[illiam] Hobley, including lists of contents of a manuscript containing Welsh poetry compiled by Lewis Morris; 'Cyfrinach y Beirdd'; vaticinations by Merthyn Ddu and Molengol Abad y Werddon; notes on Llanberis and Margaret verch Evan of Penllyn addressed to Dl. Gregory, Dol Badarn Castle Inn; a transcript of Rhesymau ysgrythyrol yn profi mae dyledswydd pob math o wrandawyr yw cyfranu yn ol eu gallu at gynhalaaeth cysyrus ei gweinidogion (Thomas Gouge, 1693); prospectus of Beibl Teuluaidd, Mawrth 5 1827; 'Cywydd o glod i E. Sharpe, ysw., am ei ymdrech diflino er ffurfiad Rheilffordd o Gonwy i Llanrwst'; a list of books at Penrhyn Aberffraw; copies of letters relating to the 1863 Eisteddfod at Swansea and to an eisteddfod to be held at Wrexham; an offprint from the Cambridge Tribune, 23 September 1899, containing an account of the installation of Elizabeth Driver as a bard of the 'warranted gorsedd' on the banks of Llyn Geirionydd; notes on the career of Henry Jonathan, Caernarvon; a letter by R. Gwilym Jones from Shaistaganj, India, 1925; an appeal by Samuel Roberts ('S.R.') to H. Humphreys, Caernarvon, for a subscription towards his Postal Reforms testimonial; and a County Council election address by John Blackwell, Llanrwst, 1888, printed by W. J. Roberts.

Gwilym Cowlyd, William Hobley and others.

Llythyrau, etc.,

One hundred and ninety-nine holograph letters and imperfect letters and miscellanea addressed to members of the family of Jones, printers and booksellers, of Llanrwst and Portmadoc, and more especially to John Jones ('Pyll Glan Conwy'), to his sons Evan Jones and Owen Evan(s) Jones, and to his brother-in-law Owen Evans. The writers include W. Ambrose ['Emrys'], Portmadoc, 1852 (a request for schedules) (endorsed are 'englynion' entitled 'Myfyrdod ar Fynwent Ynys Cynhaiarn cyflwynedig i Ellis Owen Yswain'); Annie Bryan, Madeley, undated (the writer's and the recipient's 'cartes [de visite'], personal); J. B. Cramer & Co., Liverpool, 1887 (piano tuning); David Davies, Llanfyllin, 1862 (an order for English almanacs); D[avi]d Davies, Merthyr Tydfil, 1865 (the death of the recipient's father ['Pyll Glan Conwy'], the writer's business misfortunes, an order for books); Henry Davies, Tywyn, near Conway, 1877 (mourning cards); John Davies (Shion Dafydd), Ardwick, Manchester, 1857-1860 and undated (the exchange of the recipient's accordion, the writer's relations with the Welsh [Congregational] Church at Manchester, the removal of [William] Williams, 'Caledfryn', to Bangor and the possibility of a 'call' to Manchester, greetings from friends, health, the dispatch of trunks, the writer's association with Jane Rowland, a proposed visit to Manchester Exhibition, a report of the forthcoming marriage of T[homas] R[oberts], 'Scorpion', personal); Price Davies, Llanrwst, 1859 (news from Llanrwst, including an exciting legal action); Messrs. Davison & Jones, London, 1906 (A. W. Gamage preference shares); T. W. Davoll, Eglwysfach, near Conway, undated (a forthcoming concert); M. Eastwood, Brin Glorian Bach, undated (personal); Richard Edwards, Union House, Caersws, [18]69 (a request for an almanac); Dafydd Elis, Ty du [Llanberis], to David Jones, Trefrhiw, near Llanrwst, 1767 (the sale of books on behalf of the recipient, the writer's removal to [Llangeinwen] Anglesey); John Ellis, Llanrwst, Llangollen, and Wrexham, [18]57-1859 (news from Llanrwst, the beneficial effect of the water of 'Cae Coch', the release of a balloon at Caernarvon, the writer's removal to Llangollen, requests for publications, Llanrwst eisteddfod, references to publications by 'Crafnant' and '[Gwilym] Cowlyd', Wrexham fair, an enquiry respecting tobacco boxes); Wm. Ellis, Llanrhaiadr, Oswestry, 1873 (the prospect of a curacy); E. P. Evans, 'Gwlad Cannan' [Llanrwst], [18]59 (the writer's health, Miss Roberts's return from Edinburgh, a sermon by Mr. Roberts, personal); Ellis Evans [Baptist minister, Cefn-mawr], 1842 (the sale of printed sermons); E. Vincent Evans, London, to J. T. Evans, 1927 (A Bibliography of Welsh Ballads and other publications, the recipient's proposed Catalogue of ballads); J. H. Evans, publisher, Trefriw, etc., 1877-1878 (the writer's debt to the recipient); Owen Evans, Aberdeen, etc., 1860-1863 and undated (impressions of Aberdeen, personal, the writer's 'cartes-de-visite', the success of the writer's cousin at St. Andrew's University); Isaac Foulkes, Liverpool, 1897 (an inquiry concerning John Jones, 'Pyll'); W. M. Grafton, Llanrwst, to Miss [Catherine?] Jones, 1858 (a love letter) (in the hand of Owen Evan(s) Jones); Messrs. Griffith & Allard, solicitors, Llanrwst, 1885 (purchases at Gwydyr sale); Robert Griffith, Carnarvon, 1842-1843 (the purchase of publications); G. W. M. Hellyer, Bettws-y-Coed, 1882 (forms and paper for the Bettws-y-Coed Quarry Company); H. Hudson, Hudson's Temperance Hotel, Swansea, [18]91 (the recipient's bill); A. Hughes, Colwyn Bay, [18]85-1887 (business matters, the writer's journey to America); H. Hughes, Bethesda, [18]56-1866 and undated (a visit to Barmouth, the illness and death of ['Pyll Glan Conwy'], the health of the writer's father); Owen E. Hughes ('Crafnant'), Trefriw, 1885 and undated (the price of slates and other business matters, personal, Portmadoc eisteddfod, a lecture by the writer at Trefriw, the popularity of novels published by the writer in the Herald Cymraeg) (one letter written on the blank spaces of a printed circular by 'Cymdeithas Brodorion Glan Geirionydd'); Rob. Hughes, Cricieth, to C[atherine] Jones, 1873 (personal, impressions of Harlech); Rowland R. Hughes, coal merchant and book-seller, Ebenezer, near Carnarvon, etc., 1878-1884 (the purchase of copies of the works of Aristotle, debts due to the writer from J. H. Evans & Co. and to the recipient from the writer); W. E. Hughes [Llanrwst], undated (the writer's proposed visit to London, personal and family news, haymaking); William Hughes, schoolmaster, Llanfairtalhaiarn Nat[ional] School, 1843 (the purchase of a flute, an estimate for the printing of cards) (mutilated); Albion Jones, Bangor, 1847 (the refusal of William Hughes [of Llanrwst] to answer the writer's letters); Avarina Jones, Tregaron, to Miss [Catherine?] Jones, 1874 (personal); [Benjamin Jones] 'P. A. Môn', 1835 (a proposed publication); Benjamin Jones, Llandudno, to H. Pierce, 1870 (the payment of £200 and interest to the 'Caradigion nant Conway' Society at Llanrwst); Catherine [Jones, Portmadoc], undated (business matters); E. Jones, Manchester, [18]59 (sending a shirt, news of friends, 'dreadful' incidents at Manchester); Edward Jones, bookseller, Bethesda, [18]53 (personal, news of the writer and of his family); Edward Jones, Bangor, 1899 (a request for information concerning the family business towards a history of Welsh printing); Evan Jones, bookseller [Port-madoc] [on behalf of his brother Edward Jones, Llanrhaiadr, Oswestry], undated (a request for parts of The Penny Cyclopaedia) (draft); Hugh Jones, Llangollen, [18]42 (the binding of copies of the Geirlyfr [?Ysgrythurol]); Hugh Jones [Baptist minister], Cefn bychan, 1843 (the writer's debt to the recipient); Ifano Jones, Penarth, etc., to R. H. Williams, J.P., and [J. T .] Evans, 1922-1927 (thanks for information about Ishmael Dafydd and 'Evan Coed Gwydir', information about 'the bibliophile Phillimore', thanks for items from J. T. Evans's printed catalogue, the identity of an imperfect volume); Jacob Jones, U.S. Naval Home, Phila[delphia], Pa., to his nephew David Morris, undated (thanks for a photograph, verses by 'Eryr Arfon', personal) (with a biographical note on the writer, a native of Maentwrog, by J. T. Evans); John Jones, printer, Llanrwst, to Messrs. Hughes & Butler, London, etc., 1843-1859 (personal, orders for books); John Jones, Bangor, 1846 (an order for books); John Jones, Pont y Pant Hotel, 1875 (the payment of an account); John Jones to John Jones, printer, Llanrwst, undated (an order for books); John A. . . . Jones, 'Regante Parke Barricks' and Windsor Barracks, to Frank [ ], etc., 1857-1859 (an employment in London for the writer's cousin, personal); J. H. Jones ['Je Aitsh'], Liverpool, 1915 (requesting information about the family press); John H. Jones, Liverpool, 1877 (enclosing £2); Jno. Morris Jones, Salford, Manchester, and Llanrwst, 1843-1865 (printed copies of Welsh translations of verses by the writer, other verses by the writer) (description continued below).

Mary Jones, Llanrhaiadr [-ym-Mochnant], [18]59 (personal, including the birth of a boy); Robert Jones, bookbinder, Bethesda, 1843 (an order for books); Robt. Jones, Wrexham, 1871 (the writer's clothes, Militiamen at Wrexham, the writer's impressions of Wrexham, the writer's visit to Caergwrley and a proposed visit to a dance at Gresford, a small pox outbreak at Oswestry); Robt. R. Jones, Rhos Goch, Cerrigceinwen, Anglesey, to Mr. [ ] Roberts, 1864 (a request to be employed to gather orders for books); Tom E. Jones, Llanrwst and Edinburgh, 1857-1858 and undated (news from Llanrwst, the writer's impressions of Edinburgh, the writer's medical studies at Edinburgh, personal); W. Jones (Messrs. Jones & Son, woollen merchants, Liverpool), from Swansea Valley, 1886 (the payment of a bill); Cad[walad]r Lloyd, Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr, to Miss Lloyd, Post Office, Portmadog, and to R. Jones, Portmadoc, Clerk of the Peace for Merioneth, 1878-1886 (personal, the repair of the Cefn Post Township main road); E[dwin] Lloyd [M.D.], Worksop, to O. E. Jones, 1880 (a claim by the writer's nephew against the Conway Building Society); E. Lloyd, Llanrwst, to Dr. Edwin Lloyd, Worksop, 1880 (rebuking the recipient for his neglect as trustee for 'these poor Orphans '); J. J. Lloyd, Liverpool, 1877 (observations on printing machines examined at Liverpool); Tho. Jones Lloyd, Liverpool, 1859 (personal, the writer's visit to Nantclwyd and proposed removal to Bangor); W. J. Lloyd to Dr. Edwin Lloyd, Worksop ('our money') (mutilated); John Owen ('Owain Alaw', 'Pencerdd'), from Bala, 1859 (printing and other preparations for an entertainment); Mary Owen, Ysceifiog, 1858 (a memorial to the writer's brother William Edwards ['Gwilym Callestr'] and a reference to his death at Denbigh Asylum); Rachel Owens, Manchester, to Mrs. [ ] Jones, Llanrwst, 1844 (Miss Jones's proposed visit to Manchester); Richard Parry ['Gwalchmai'], Llandudno, 1878 (Llanrwst eisteddfod); T. L. D. Jones Parry, Madryn, 1868 (enclosing a copy of Mr. Warren's letter in connection with a rumour of pressure on tenant-voters on the Gwydyr estate to vote for the Conservative candidate) (draft); William Powell, Crynant, 1878 (the copyright of a ballad); David Price, Denbigh, 1844 (the sale of a printed lecture); John Prichard [Principal of Baptist College], Llangollen, 1843 and undated (the distribution of Yr Athraw, an order for wallpaper) (one letter is written on the dorse of a printed circular, 1841, by the Baptist Missionary Society); M. A. Probert, undated (personal) (incomplete); John Pryce, bookseller, Llamdloes, [18]58 and undated (orders for publications); Hugh Pugh [Congregational minister, Mostyn], 1844 (enclosing a letter); Mary Rees, Port Madoc, undated (personal, a new chapel); C. A. Revis [ Llanrwst], undated (a request for the loan of a book) (written on the dorse of a printed prospectus of Llanrwst Establishment for Young Ladies, conducted by Miss Revis) (mutilated); Ann and John Roberts, Bethania, Blaenau Festiniog, 1873 (personal, with references to a parcel and a quilt); Kate Roberts, London House [Llanrwst], [18]59 and undated (personal, a preaching meeting at Penmachno, a request for the loan of a book); T. E. Roberts, Llanrwst, [18]88 (suggesting a business partnership) (with a copy of a testimonial from Jno. Treadwell, Superintendent, Messrs. W. H. Smith & Son, Birmingham); T. Lloyd Roberts, Manchester, 1868 (personal, the writer' s business, the trial of three Fenians); [Thomas Roberts] 'Scorpion', to John [ ], undated ('Tagellations' of the recipient); Wm. Robet [Roberts], Dwygyfylchi, 1843 (an order for publications); [William John Roberts, 'Gwilym] Cowlyd', undated (personal) (incomplete); W[illiam] Spurrell, Carmarthen, 1853 (enclosing a new edition of the writer's Welsh-English Dictionary, and requesting an exchange of publications); Mrs. [ ] Thomas, Trefriw (in the third person), 1867 (the purchase of books); John Thomas ('Pencerdd Gwalia'), 1877 (terms for the writer's engagement at Llanrwst eisteddfod); Robert Dafydd Thomas ['Iorthryn Gwynedd'], Llanfair [ Caereinion], 1844 (a request for copies of Y Crochan Aur); A. O. W., Carnarvon, 1872 (Portmadoc eisteddfodau, personal); Reginald A. Warren, Great Russell St. [London], to T. L. D. Jones Parry, 1868 (the freedom of Gwydir Estate tenants to vote according to their convictions) (copy); G. Williams, Carnarvon Slate Quarries, Carnarvon, 1880 (the payment of an account); G. J. Williams, Penarth, to [J. T. Evans], 1927 and undated (the purchase of books); John Williams, Nebo, Llansantffred, co. Cardigan, 1844 ( the purchase of diaries); Marg[are]t Williams, undated (the illness of the writer's aunt, wine for Owen, personal); Wm. C. Williams ['Caledfryn'], Groes Wen, Pont y Pridd, 1864 (interest payable to William Roberts, personal); and W[illiam] Morgan Williams ['Ap Caledfryn'], Bangor, Groes Wen, etc., 1857-1860 and undated (personal, news of friends and acquaintances at Llanrwst and elsewhere, 'Crafnant's recovery and his marriage, a visit to Bethel (Llanddeiniolen) [Congregational] Association, portraits completed by the writer, literary meetings at Bangor and Pentrefoelas, a visit to Beaumaris Castle, a choir trained by the writer, a railway accident near Abergele, the progress of the Revival in the Groeswen area). Bound at the end of the volume are imperfect letters and letters from unidentified correspondents, e.g., 'Bob', Port Darwin, to 'Kate' [Catherine Jones], 1887 ('Welshmen in Port Darwin'), and 'William', 1857-1861 (printing jobs, accidents to the pony, news of friends, the writer's work as a printer in Wrexham, the writer's health, an accident to Wm. Ambrose ['Emrys'], the success of 'Scorpion' at Llanrwst, the religious revival in the Wrexham area, references to eisteddfodau); and miscellanea, among them being verses entitled 'The Aged Printer' and 'Catolium' by W. J. Mollineux, Halifax, Yorkshire, and an announcement of the sale of household furniture, etc., at Beaver Grove, near Bettws y Coed, 1865.