Ffeil NLW ex 3068. - Fanny Morgan letters to the Dyer family

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NLW ex 3068.


Fanny Morgan letters to the Dyer family


  • [19 cent., second ¼]-1854 (Creation)

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1 file (modern numbering 4-6, 1-3, 7-176)

Non-archival plastic sleeves placed within ringed box at NLW.

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Enw'r crëwr

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The two notebooks were among the manuscripts and books bequeathed by Thomas Dyer to the Rev. John Meade, who gave them to Longstaffe in January 1854 (see Meade's letter to Longstaffe, 17 January 1854, in NLW ex 3069).


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Transcripts, [19 cent., second ¼]-1854, in the hands of the Rev. Thomas Dyer (1782-1852) of Abbess Roding and W. H. D. Longstaffe, of letters, 1759-1775, of Fanny Morgan, Wales and Cross Inn, primarily to Catherine (Kitty), Elizabeth and Armine, daughters of the Rev. Thomas Dyer (1700-1780), Marylebone, and to Sally Dyer (later Phillips) of Court Henry, their cousin.
The letters were copied by the younger Thomas Dyer, in no particular order, into two notebooks formerly belonging to Elizabeth. W. H. D. Longstaffe dissected the notebooks to reassemble the transcripts in chronological order, recopying portions as necessary. These were then pasted onto guards, and annotated by Longstaffe, and apparently assembled into a volume; this was subsequently also disbound and the individual leaves put in the present plastic sleeves. The elder Thomas Dyer (1700-1780) was the younger brother of John Dyer, the poet; the younger Thomas Dyer (1782-1852) was his grandson and the nephew of the three Dyer sisters.

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Original order maintained.

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W. H. D. Longstaffe, Kitty Dyer (Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, 1883) [copy in NLW ex 3069].

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  • Text: NLW ex 3068.