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Great Britain -- Kings and rulers -- Chronology -- Early works to 1800

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Great Britain -- Kings and rulers -- Chronology -- Early works to 1800

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Great Britain -- Kings and rulers -- Chronology -- Early works to 1800

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A treatise descriptive of arms

A manuscript in three hands containing a treatise on arms addressed to Morgan Elfael (fl. c. 1528-1541) from Hywel ap Syr Mathew (d. 1581); also poetry, etc. Pp. 1-165 are in the autograph of Hywel ap Syr Mathew and were written in 1557 (cf. the writing in Peniarth MS 138 and Cardiff MS 51); pp. 167-194 are in a second hand and written about 1598; pp. 195-204 are in a third hand and were written about 1600. The poets whose works are cited include Dafydd ab Edmwnt, Siôn Cent, Gruffudd Hiraethog and Iolo Goch. The volume also contains medical recipes (pp. 166-170) and a chronicle of the reign of British rulers (p. 198).

Hywel ap Syr Mathew and others.


A table of British Chronology from Brutus to Caswallawn in the autograph of John Thomas, Tu hwnt i'r bwlch; an account of a tour from London to Falmouth, 1759; 'Marwnad John Griffith Yswain diweddar o Gefnamwlch' by Ifan ab Risiat alias Ieuan Lleyn, 1794; poems written between 1861 and 1864 by Owen Gethin Jones; and an essay 'Cyfiawnder yn safon cadwedigaeth' submitted for competition at Arwest Glan Geirionydd, undated.

John Thomas, Ieuan Lleyn, Owen Gethin Jones and others.

Brut Gruffydd ab Arthur, &c.

A transcript, in the hand of Evan Evans (Ieuan Fardd), of 'Brut Gruf. ab Arthur', a compiled version of Brut y Brenhinedd 'transcribed from a very old copy of the British History on Vellum' (NLW MS 1978iB, ff. 1-109 verso, and NLW MS 1978iiB, ff. 110-261 verso); together with copies of correspondence, 1758-1765, of Edward Richard of Ystrad Meurig School and Lewis Morris, relating to Ieuan Fardd, Morris's health, literary criticism and Celtic antiquities, with special reference to Camden and Nennius (NLW MS 1978iB, ff. 111-192); and copies of two letters from 'Dr. Phillipps' [the Rev. James Phillips], Blaen y Pant, to Edward Richard (NLW MS 1978iB, ff. 192-194). Also included is a table of contents (ff. 195-196) and a pedigree of St David (f. 261 verso).
The text of Brut y Brenhinedd was the original of the text of Brut Gruffydd ab Arthur printed in the second volume of the Myvyrian Archaiology of Wales.

Brut y Brenhined,

A composite, imperfect text made up of parts of two independent manuscripts, with the early chapters by a third hand; all three hands belong to the same type or school of writing, and cannot be separated by many years.
Hand A (pp. i, 1-25) has 21 lines to the page, with two-line rubric initials to chapters. This is the work of a hand like that in British Museum Caligula MS A. III, i.e. the C manuscripts of the Laws. These early folios were probably written to fill in the lacuna at the beginning of the principal fragment; however, the first and second folios are now wanting. The text corresponds with p. 477, col. 1, l. 5 to p. 482, col. ii, l. 15 of the Myvyrian Archaiology of Wales (Denbigh, 1870). Hand B (pp. 26-101, 146-205) has 30 lines to the page with two-line rubric chapter initials, and rubric headings to certain chapters as in the Myvyrian Archaiology, p. 482, col. ii, l. 15 to p. 511, col. i, l. 29, (531-3), 534-7, l. 3, [lacuna] 538, l. 30 to 539, col. ii, l. 21, (539, col. ii, l. 21 to 540), [lacuna] 541, col. ii to 542, l. 41), [lacuna] (543, col. i-ii, l. 12), 543, col. ii, l. 13 to 545, col. i, (545, col. ii to 547, col. ii, l. 32), 547, col. ii, l. 33 to 553, col. ii, l. 28, (553, col. ii, l. 29 to 554) (where bracketed figures denote text which is summarised in the Myvyrian Archaiology). Hand C (pp. 102-145) has 32 lines to the page, with rubric chapter initials floriated with green, now faded. These folios form the ivth and vth quires of Peniarth MS 44. The text of this version is not in close agreement with that in the Myvyrian Archaiology (p. 510, col. i, l. 48 to p. 531), though the wording is frequently nearly the same. There is a folio wanting between pp. 131 and 132, and between pp. 139 and 140.

Brut y Brenhined,

A manuscript, written in two hands of the first half of the sixteenth century, containing Brut y Brenhined, the text also including the Prophecy of Myrddin.
The fly leaf has a note (1749) on the manuscript by Lewis Morris, who calls the manuscript Brut Tyssilio; there is another note by him at the end of the manuscript.

Brut y Brenhinedd,

A manuscript containing a copy of Brut y Brenhinedd from the British Museum MS Bibl. Cotton. Cleopatra B. v.

Brut y Brenhinedd,

A manuscript containing Brut y Brenhinedd, after 'Ifan Llwyd ap Dafydd o Nantmynach o fewn Sir Feirioydd [sic], Esquier'. Pp. 1-9 are in the hand of the Reverend Moses Williams.

Moses Williams and others.

Brut y Tywysogion,

A manuscript containing Brut y Tywysogion interspersed with the remarks and comments of Dr Powel's edition of H. Lloyd [Humphrey Llwyd]: Historie of Cambria now called Wales (1584) (although certain references in the margins to the pages of Dr Powel's edition do not tally with the 1584 edition). The compiler has also added comments of their own in English, and continued the history down to 1544.

Brut y Tywysogion,

A manuscript containing Brut y Tywysogion copied by Moses Williams from the Red Book of Hergest, cols 231-376.

Moses Williams.

Brut y Tywysogion, &c.,

A manuscript containing Brut y Tywysogion, with which some such text as that of the Saxon Chronicle has, to some extent, been interwoven in the earlier part.

Brut y Tywysogion, a Romance of Owen, and the Faith of Sylvester,

A manuscript, beautifully written in part, containing an abridged copy of Brut y Tywysogion to the year 1101 (pp. 1-36), with marginal commentary in English and a brief account of Hywel Dda's Laws interpolated in the text after the year 913; an account of King Arthur's knights, especially Owain ab Eirien [Urien] (pp. 37-62); and an account of the life of Sylvester, who was pope in the time of the Emperor Constantine (pp. 63-69).

Brut y Tywyssogion

The first of two volumes (see also NLW MS 1975B) containing an account, in the autograph of Evan Evans (Ieuan Fardd), of volumes I-VII of the Sebright Manuscripts ('being Edward Lhuyd's MSS' (p. 17)), with some extracts (pp. 17-79); and the beginning of a transcript of Brut y Tywysogion from the Red Book of Hergest (pp. 81-278); etc.

Brut y Tywyssogion

The second of two volumes (see also NLW MS 1976B) containing the concluding part of a transcript of Brut y Tywysogion from the Red Book of Hergest, in the autograph of Evan Evans (Ieuan Fardd) (pp. 279-383).
A note by Ieuan (p. 383) states that he transcribed the text of the Brut in 1784 from a copy made by 'R. Davies' in 1781 (see p. 382). The text of the Brut appears to be a faithful transcript of a Llannerch manuscript.


A manuscript containing dated extracts from Brut y Tywysogion (pp. 1-16); and a chronological table 'out of Sir Tho. S. Sebright's MS. No 13. Ex libro D'ni Jo. Prise Militis'.

Historia Brittonum ...,

A manuscript written in two hands containing Historia Brittonum, et Cronice de Gestis ac Nominibus Regum Anglie. Beginning at p. 132 is a brief continuation of the Chronicles down to Henry VI in a later hand.

Llyfr Du Basing,

A volume containing texts of (a) the fuller version of 'Ystoria Dared' (pp. 1-40), translated by Peter Roberts in The chronicle of the Kings of Britain, 1811, (b) the so-called 'Brut Tysilio' or 'compiled version' of Geoffrey of Monmouth's 'Historia Regum Britanniae' (pp. 41-198), also partly translated by Peter Roberts (op. cit.), and closely allied to the text of British Museum MS Cotton Cleopatra B.v., and (c) 'Brut y Saeson' to the year 1461 (pp. 199-308). Pp. 1-88 are in a late 14th century hand; the remaining pages are in the hand of Gutun Owain, the 15th century bard and herald associated with the abbey of Basingwerk. A note, dated 1630, by Robert Vaughan, Hengwrt refers to the misplacement of many pedigrees, and another note, dated 1809, by Peter Roberts refers to the identification of the volume by William Maurice, Cefn-y-braich.

Gutun Owain, Robert Vaughan, Peter Roberts and another.

Minute book of Cymmrodorion Society in Powys, etc.

A minute book of the Cymmrodorion Society in Powys (established 6 October 1819), 1819-20, together with a list of members, 1819-22. The volume was subsequently used by Mary Richards, Darowen and, to a lesser extent, by Thomas R. Williams, Bryn Tanad, Llanerful, to record transcripts of a list of British kings to George III ('Tabl o holl Frenhinodd Prydain or dechreiad Cyntaf hyd ein Brenin George y IIII) from the Almanac of Thomas Jones, Shrewsbury, 1709; poetry in strict and free metres by E[dward] J[ones] ('Periglor Caer Einion') (1875), [Hugh Parry] ('Cefni') (Utica, N.Y.) (1872), [Morris Jones] ('Meurig Idris'), John Blackwell ['Alun'], [Robert Parry] ('Robin Ddu [Eryri]'), John Edwar[d] Davies (New York, a native of Llan Erful), etc.; 'englynion' submitted for competition at the Cymmrodorion Society in Powys eisteddfod at Wrexham, 1820, by W. Williams (Llandofry), Peter Jones (Liverpool), etc.; 'At y Cymry', being an appeal to Welshmen to protest against the oppression of Protestants in Ireland (printed [? or written] by James Davies, printer, Holywell), letters from Hugh Jones ('Erfyl'), Caer Lleon to D[avid] Richard[s], [Llansilin], 1820 (the appointment of addressee as secretary of the Cymmrodorion Society in Powys, submission of compositions to the forthcoming eisteddfod), J. Blackwell, Wyddgrug to D[avid] Richard[s], Llansilin, undated [1820] (enclosing poetry), T[homas] Price ('Carnhuanawc'), Crickhowel to Tho[ma]s Richards, Llangynyw, 1833 (measures for the preservation of the Welsh language) (fragments of the original letter in Cwrtmawr MS 1045), and Geor[ge] Morris, Wrexham to D[avid] Richards, Llansilin, 1822, (payment for windows broken during the eisteddfod); lists of poets, harpists and singers, with particulars of distances of their respective homes [from Wrexham]; a list of Caernarvonshire poets ('Cofrestr o Fardd Caer Arfon'); a list of licences awarded to ovates, etc. at the Gorsedd of Bards at Llangynyw, 1845; a prospectus of Y Dywysogaeth, 1870; 'The Araingment of the Queen of Scotts in Hoderingham Castell in the County of Northamton the VIII of February 1586' (cf. Cwrtmawr MS870); etc. Mounted on the inside lower cover are undated accounts of the Cymmrodorion Society in Powys.

Notes on British history

Rough notes by Robert Vaughan, Hengwrt, on early British history; a list of Cumbrian Kings; British and Saxon chronology; the rivers of Britain; a list of Gwentian kings; notes on Welsh saints and kings; genealogies; a writ issued by Robert Vaughan, 7 May 1658, for the binding over of Richard Griffith ap Rees and Owen Morris of Llanddwywe, yeomen, to keep the peace towards Margret Evan of Llanddwywe. Many of the notes are written on mutilated letters addressed to Robert Vaughan. On the original covers, bound in at the end of the volume, is the incomplete text of a grant of an annuity issuing out of Y Towr Maen in Trawsvynyth from Richard Nanney of Llanylltyd to Cadwaladr ap Humfrey (ff. 95-96).

Vaughan, Robert, 1592-1667

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