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J. Dyfnallt Owen papers relating to Brittany
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Breton Nationalism

A carbon copy typescript, [1946], of the English translation of Yann Fouéré's 'Breton Nationalism - France and Germany'; it was published, anonymously, as Breton Nationalism (Cardiff: Welsh Nationalist Party, [1947]).
The text was translated from Fouéré's original French by his fellow Breton exile Hervé Le Helloco while both were living in Swansea (see Yann Fouéré, La Maison du Connemara ([?Spézet], 1995), p. 42). The typescript contains numerous minor emendations in ink; the text was revised further before publication, the concluding chapter (ff. 99-106) in particular was to be extensively rewritten. The preface and appendices are not included. The typescript has been given front and back covers showing a photograph of the Arc de Triomphe after the Liberation of Paris in August 1944, apparently taken from a magazine article (ff. i, 107).

Fouéré, Yann

Individual cases

Reports and reminiscences, [?1944]-1952, in a number of hands, written by, or on behalf of, Breton nationalists imprisoned, exiled or otherwise punished by the French state, describing their circumstances and treatment.
The accounts are in French or English; many of those in French are accompanied by typescript translations into English. Reports of a more general nature have been placed at the end of the volume (ff. 97-119). For the English translation of f. 9 recto-verso see ff. 104 verso-105.

J. Dyfnallt Owen papers relating to Brittany

  • Fonds
  • 1927-1952 (mainly 1944-1952)

Papers, 1927-1952, of the Rev. J. Dyfnallt Owen relating to the imprisonment of Breton nationalists and the alleged suppression of Breton language and culture by the French state following the Second World War, consisting of correspondence, written accounts of the treatment of individual nationalists, papers relating to the visit of the Welsh delegation to Brittany in 1947, a typescript draft of Yann Fouéré, Breton Nationalism (Cardiff, [1946]), and other general papers.

Dyfnallt, 1873-1956

Letters A-H

Some fifty-seven letters, copy letters, draft letters and related papers, 1927-1950, addressed to J. Dyfnallt Owen or accumulated by him, either from Breton nationalists or relating to the situation in Brittany.
The correspondents include Leo Mill Arden, Killarney, December 1945-August 1946 (ff. 1-17), Herri Caouissin, Scrignac, 1933-1946 (ff. 20-27, 36-37), D. J. Davies, Pantybeilïau, 26 April 1950 (f. 43), Noelle Davies, Pantybeilïau, 14 December 1945 (f. 44), Pol Diverres, Swansea, 24 October 1945 (f. 63), Yann Fouéré (alias J. Moger), London and Swansea, July 1946-May 1947 (ff. 64-86), and Roparz Hemon, County Dublin, March-April 1949 (ff. 131-132). Dyfnallt's correspondence with Fanch Gourvil (ff. 90-125) comprises draft letters from Dyfnallt, [10 December 1945], 15 January 1946 (ff. 90-100, 126-128), and two typescript copies of Gourvil's reply, in French, 18 December 1945 (ff. 101-113), with a translation into English, in several hands (ff. 114-125) (see also NLW MS 23879E, ff. 12-14). Two letters are addressed to Geraint Dyfnallt Owen (ff. 2, 50). Also included are letters from Per [Denez] to D. J. Davies, [September]-November 1949 (ff. 46-62), copies of correspondence between Herri Caouissin and Sir Ifan ab Owen Edwards, May-August 1946 (ff. 28-35), and a letter from Hermann Bickler, Lorraine, to an unnamed woman, 27 December 1927 (ff. 18-19). A cloth badge for Urz Goanag Breiz is included with f. 27.

Arden, Leo Mill.

Letters J-S

Some eighty-nine letters, copy and draft letters and related papers, 1932-1952, addressed to J. Dyfnallt Owen or accumulated by him, either from Breton nationalists or relating to the situation in Brittany.
The correspondents include Gildas Jaffrenou, Harlech, 25 March 1947 (f. 1), Cyril Jones, Wrexham, November 1945-May 1947 (ff. 4-28), Youenn Olier, Rennes and Quimper, August-October 1947 (ff. 48-55), Yann-Vari Perrot, Scrignac, June 1932-June 1935 (ff. 70-72), Paul Quentel (or Kentel, alias 'Llydawr'), London and Brittany, August 1945-June 1950 (ff. 16-18, 76-120), the Contesse Vefa de Saint-Pierre, St. Brieuc, 7 October 1952 (f. 123), and Roperzh (or Roparz) Steven, December [1946]-May 1947 (ff. 126-137). Also included are letters from Dyfnallt (ff. 2 verso, 58-62), including three sent to his wife from France, April 1947 (ff. 59-61), and letters from his daughter Meirion, August 1946 (ff. 63-69); one letter from Yann-Vari Perrot, [1930s], is addressed to Geraint Dyfnallt Owen (f. 70). Amongst several copy letters sent by Cyril Jones is one from Fanch Gourvil, dated 25 November 1945 (ff. 12-14), which led to the correspondence in NLW MS 23878E, ff. 90-125.

Jones, Cyril Oswald.

Welsh delegation to Brittany

A collection of papers, 1945-[1950], accumulated by Dyfnallt in relation to the campaign on behalf of Breton nationalists, including papers, March-[?June] 1947, concerning the visit of a delegation from the National Eisteddfod Council, Dyfnallt among them, to Brittany and Paris in April 1947 (ff. 82-121), and including a copy of the first draft of the delegation's report (ff. 107-121).
Also included are manuscript and typescript drafts of various articles on the situation in Brittany (ff. 1, 4-5, 17, 23-30, 32-33, 35-44, 52-54), some in the hand of Paul Quentel (ff. 1, 4-5, 23-30); copies of 'Breton National News Service' newsletters for January and February 1947 (ff. 18-22); a copy of a draft statute for Brittany by the Parti National Breton, dated 10 February 1946 (ff. 8-14); typescript articles on Protestantism in Brittany (ff. 68-72) and the Irish harp (ff. 73-81); and newspaper cuttings, [June 1945]-[May 1947], mostly from various French language newspapers and Y Faner (ff. 122-142), including several articles by Dyfnallt (ff. 124-128, 130, 132, 135).