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J. Dyfnallt Owen papers relating to Brittany Arden, Leo Mill.
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Letters A-H

Some fifty-seven letters, copy letters, draft letters and related papers, 1927-1950, addressed to J. Dyfnallt Owen or accumulated by him, either from Breton nationalists or relating to the situation in Brittany.
The correspondents include Leo Mill Arden, Killarney, December 1945-August 1946 (ff. 1-17), Herri Caouissin, Scrignac, 1933-1946 (ff. 20-27, 36-37), D. J. Davies, Pantybeilïau, 26 April 1950 (f. 43), Noelle Davies, Pantybeilïau, 14 December 1945 (f. 44), Pol Diverres, Swansea, 24 October 1945 (f. 63), Yann Fouéré (alias J. Moger), London and Swansea, July 1946-May 1947 (ff. 64-86), and Roparz Hemon, County Dublin, March-April 1949 (ff. 131-132). Dyfnallt's correspondence with Fanch Gourvil (ff. 90-125) comprises draft letters from Dyfnallt, [10 December 1945], 15 January 1946 (ff. 90-100, 126-128), and two typescript copies of Gourvil's reply, in French, 18 December 1945 (ff. 101-113), with a translation into English, in several hands (ff. 114-125) (see also NLW MS 23879E, ff. 12-14). Two letters are addressed to Geraint Dyfnallt Owen (ff. 2, 50). Also included are letters from Per [Denez] to D. J. Davies, [September]-November 1949 (ff. 46-62), copies of correspondence between Herri Caouissin and Sir Ifan ab Owen Edwards, May-August 1946 (ff. 28-35), and a letter from Hermann Bickler, Lorraine, to an unnamed woman, 27 December 1927 (ff. 18-19). A cloth badge for Urz Goanag Breiz is included with f. 27.

Arden, Leo Mill.