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Album of press cuttings, etc.

  • NLW MS 11982D.
  • File
  • 1763-1921

One of two albums of the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century (see also NLW MS 11983C), containing press cuttings, printed matter, and some manuscript material compiled probably by a member of the family of Ffoulkes of Eriviatt, Henllan, Denbighshire.
The press cuttings include letters by 'M.A. (Cantab)' and others on such subjects as 'Priests or Presbyters', 1885, 'Apostolic Succession', 1885, 'Tithes', 1886 , 'The proposed reform of the Church', 1886, 'Papal Supremacy', 1887, 'The Romance of History', 1886, and 'The Roman Controversy', 1889; obituaries of Henry Powell Ffoulkes, archdeacon of Montgomery, 1886, Major John Jocelyn Ffoulkes, Eriviatt, 1898, Mrs. Mary Hughes, Grove Place, Denbigh, 1905, Judge William Wynne Ffoulkes, Chester, 1903, and Thomas Williams, archdeacon of Merioneth, 1906; a sketch of William Ewart Gladstone, 1886; accounts of the marriage of Philip Humberston, Llandyrnog, and Edith Jocelyn Ffoulkes, Eriviatt, 1873, of the reopening of the restored choir of St. Asaph Cathedral, [1870s], of the marriage of Caroline Mary Wynne Ffoulkes and Richard Topping Beverley Atcherley, 1892, of the marriage of Katherine Mary Baker and Piers John Benedict Ffoulkes, rector of Odd Rode, 1899, of the reopening of St. Marcella's Church, Denbigh, 1909, and of a presentation to Major Jocelyn Ffoulkes, Eriviatt, undated; and articles on 'The Shrine of St. Winefride', 'The British Cabinet', 'Some of Rhyl's curiosities', 'The Hengwrt and Peniarth Manuscripts', and 'Roman influence on Early British Architecture: Excavations at Caerwent', 1905. Among the printed items are a hymntune 'Seek, as men seek for treasure' (marked with the rubber stamp of All Saints' Church, Dresden), an announcement of the performance of three Chester mystery plays, 1906, order of the memorial service to Queen Victoria in Chester Cathedral, 1901, a biography of Edmund Salusbury Ffoulkes (1819-94) (Tablettes Biographiques...Sèvres-Paris, [1894]), hymns to be sung at the funeral of Arthur Edward Turnour, M.D., Denbigh, 1894, of Hester Mary Wynne Ffoulkes, Chester, 1895, and of William Wynne Ffoulkes, Chester, 1903, minute of the appointment, 1763, of Sir Robert Strange, engraver, to membership of the Academy of S. Luke, Rome (with an English translation, and an explanatory note by Anne Ffoulkes, his grand-daughter), order of ceremonial of the consecration of the Rev. John Owen, M.A., as Bishop of St David's, order of memorial service of William Morton, Prebendary of Faenol and Precentor of St. Asaph Cathedral, 1895, and an in memoriam biography of Elise Sybil Astley, South African Church Railway Mission, 1919. The manuscript material includes verses entitled 'The Royal Mother' by Prebendary [W. A.] Whitworth, 1901, and holograph letters of Joseph C. Bridge, Christ Church Vicarage, Chester, 1909 (on mystery plays), and Jocelyn Foulkes, Portland, Oregon, 1921 (on the writer's family history). The volume is indexed (pp. iii-xiv).

Album of press cuttings, etc.

  • NLW MS 11983C.
  • File
  • 1834-1904

One of two albums of the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century (see also NLW MS 11982D), containing press cuttings, printed matter, and some manuscript material compiled probably by a member of the family of Ffoulkes of Eriviatt, Henllan, Denbighshire.
The press cuttings include obituaries of Sir Frederick Gore Ouseley, canon of Hereford Cathedral, 1889, Edmund Salusbury Ffoulkes, vicar of the University Church of St Mary the Virgin, Oxford, 1894, and Canon Howell Evans, vicar of Rhyl, 1892; accounts of the Ober-ammergau Passion Play, 1870, 1880, 1890; and articles on The Welsh Land Commission, [1894], Welsh Disestablishment, 1893, 'Discovery of Celtic Antiquities in Derbyshire', 1901, and 'New Church Chancel at Buckley', 1901. Among the printed items are hymns to be sung at the funeral of Henry Wynne Ffoulkes, Odd Rode, 1904, a memoir of Charles Butler Clough, M.A., dean and chancellor of St. Asaph, 1860, order of service at the opening of a new organ at Whittington, [1884], the charge of cruelty to a horse against Miss Frances Power Cobbe and her coachman David Evans heard at Barmouth Petty Sessions, 1902, verses to Peirce Wynne Yorke in honour of his attaining his majority, 1847, and a Form of Intercession with Almighty God on behalf of Her Majesty's Naval and Military Forces now in South Africa (marked with the rubber stamp of St. Thomas’s Church, Rhyl), 1900. The manuscript material includes verses entitled 'Mary's Ghost. A pathetic Ballad', 'Miss Elizabeth Fortescue in Italy' by T. V., 1834, and 'To some Young Ladies going to spend the Spring & Summer at Putney Heath', and a copy of the memorial inscription of Emma, fourth daughter of Capt. Beauchamp Proctor, R.N., and Anne, his wife, who died at Paris in the sixth year of her age, 1827. The volume is indexed (pp. iii-xxvi).

An outline of Mr Southey's poem entitled Madoc

  • NLW MS 23947C.
  • File
  • [1805]

A volume, [1805] (watermark 1800), in the hand of 'J.W.L.' [probably Sir James Winter Lake, bart], containing an outline of Robert Southey's poem 'Madoc'.
The outline consists of a prose summary of the contents of parts one (ff. 7-111) and two (ff. 113-218) of the poem, as first published in Robert Southey, Madoc, 2 vols (London, 1805), with numerous quotations from the text throughout. A list of characters (ff. 4-5) and closing notes (ff. 218-219) are based on Southey's Preface. Also included are some of Southey's notes on Bards from the appendix to Vol. 1 (ff. 66-68); a description of the beaver from Thomas Pennant, History of Quadrupeds, 2 vols (London: B. White, Fleet Street, 1781, ESTC T113535), pp. 383-387 (ff. 71-76); several ink and watercolour drawings (ff. 2 verso, 5, 6, 7, 70 verso, 75 verso, 112, 113, 219), some based on plates in the printed work; and four prints which have been pasted into the volume (ff. 3 recto-verso, 6 verso, 85 verso). The volume was written to commemorate 'the departure of an affectionate son to Prince of Wales's Island [now Penang, Malaysia] in the East Indies on Sat[urda]y April 20 1805' (see f. 3); the new chaplain assigned to Penang in 1805 was the Rev. Atwill Lake, son of Sir James Winter Lake, Edmonton, Middlesex.

Southey, Robert, 1774-1843

Barddoniaeth Clwydwenfro

  • NLW MS 11533D.
  • File
  • 1856-1884 /

A scrap-book of John Lloyd James (Clwydwenfro), Congregational minister at March, Cambridgeshire, etc. The volume was compiled during the period 1856-1884 and consists largely of original poetry and a few translations by 'Clwydwenfro', in the form of holograph copies, printed sheets, and press cuttings. The titles include 'Lines written on a Visit to the Pembrokeshire Hills', 1878; 'Fy Mam (Esther James)'; 'Fy Llysfamgu (Maria Lloyd)'; 'Pennillion Coffadwriaethol am Jane, merch Mr. D. a Mrs. E. Morris, Railway Tavern, Llandeilo-fawr', 1859; 'Llinellau coffadwriaethol am David Evans, Aberafon ...', 1859; 'Anerchiad i [David Morgan Davies] Byron Myrnach ... ar ei ddychweliad o'r Gogledd, yn Mawrth 1859'; 'Y Myfyriwr Cystuddiedig (Cyflwynedig i Mr. John Oliver, Llanfynydd)', 1860; 'Y flwyddyn un ar hugain! Cyflwynedig i Miss K. Lewis, Glanynant, Eglwysnewydd, ... 1862'; 'Mynwent Hebron', 1862; 'Pontygavel a'r Teulu: Cyflwynedig i Mr. Edward Howell James, ar ei ddyfodiad i'w un-ar-hugain mlwydd oed'; 'Y Gelfyddyd Farddol (cyfieithiad o Horace)', 1863-1865 (together with a prose translation, 1863); 'Ymadawiad Madog. Pryddest', 1878; 'Moel Cwmcerwn', 1866; 'I'r ymfudwr Ieuanc: sef, Penillion i Walter Hugh JAmes (Gwallter Myrnach), o Pontygavel, Llanfyrnach, Dyfed, yr hwn a ymfudodd i New Zealand ddechreu y flwyddyn hon [1866] ...'; 'King Howell the Good's hunting. Prize poem in Whitland Eisteddfod', 1881; 'Bryn Yetwen. Cyflwynedig i'r Parch. J. Davies, Yetwen', 1876; 'Boadicea. A translation of Verses composed by the Rev. J. Davies, Yetwen, to Boadicea, daughter of Rev. J. Ll. James, rendered into English by her father', 1874; 'Anerchiad i [Jonathan N. Davies] Caernalaw', 1877; 'Pennillion Coffadwriaethol ar ol y diweddar Mrs. [Martha] Evans, Caeraeron, priod y Parch. S[imon] Evans, Hebron, Dyfed ...', 1882; 'Er Coffadwriaeth am Ioan Glan Taf, sef John Davies, Amaethwr a Bardd gwych, o'r Plas, Plwyf Llanglydwen ...', 1883; 'Marwnad i'r diweddar Barch. John Morgan Evans, Ebenezer, Caerdydd', 1883; 'Verses addressed to the Rev. D. M. Davies, on behalf of the Church and Congregation at Sardis Congregational Chapel, Varteg ...', 1884; 'Esgyniad Crist. Pryddest'; etc. There are also some miscellaneous press cuttings, among them being poetry by John Jones ('Tegid'), Edward Roberts ('Iorwerth Glan Aled'), Jonathan N. Davies ('Carnalaw'), etc.

James, J. Lloyd, 1835-1919

Felicia Dorothea Hemans papers

  • NLW MS 10707C.
  • File
  • [1813x1835]

Holograph papers of Mrs. Felicia Dorothea Hemans, including poems entitled 'To the Memory of Bishop Heber' and 'Hymn on the Resurrection', an incomplete poem beginning 'In the green trees ...', a letter from Bronwylfa, St. Asaph, 7 January, 1822, to Lady John Campbell (the gift of the accompanying 'little Works'), and an undated letter to J. C. Graves, Fitzwilliam Square (a visit to Cheltenham, etc.).

Hemans, Mrs., 1793-1835

Jane Williams (Ysgafell) papers.

  • NLW MS 24051F.
  • File
  • [1824]-1886

Papers, [1824]-1886, of Jane Williams (Ysgafell), including poetry, correspondence, items of prose and other miscellaneous papers.
The papers include poems by Jane Williams, some holograph, dated 1842-1867 (ff. 1-31), apparently unpublished apart from 'The Leek' (f. 6; Archaeologia Cambrensis, 1.3 (1846), 356-357), 'A Celtic Tradition from Cornwall of a Funeral among the "Small People"' (ff. 14-19; Jane Williams, Celtic Fables, Fairy Tales, & Legends... (London, 1862), pp. 37-40) and 'Lines to the Welsh Harp' (f. 21; Jane Williams, Literary Remains of the Rev. Thomas Price Carnhuanawc, 2 vols (Llandovery, 1854-5), II (1855), 412-413); correspondence, [1824]-1886, including letters (and a copy letter) to Jane Williams, [1824]-1883 (ff. 34-38, 42-43), letters from Jane Williams, 1843-1884 (ff. 39-41, 44), and letters to her niece (and executrix) Eleanor Marsh Williams, 1884-1886, mainly relating to her estate (ff. 44-48); family memoranda, genealogical, heraldic and other notes, in several hands, concerning the Williams and related families (ff. 49-92, 108-109), including designs of coats of arms for the Marsh family and for Wales, [1840s] (ff. 69-70), and a pedigree by Jane Williams, 1826 (f. 92); transcripts, 1826-1870, of various items of poetry and prose relating to Jane Williams's ancestor, the Rev. Henry Williams, and to his home at Ysgafell, Montgomeryshire, in the hands of Jane Williams, her father David Williams, brother Henry David Williams and cousin Mary Ann Hunter Williams (ff. 93-107), and a few miscellaneous prose items (ff. 110-113).

Williams, Jane, 1806-1885

John William Bythell poems,

  • NLW MS 23704C.
  • File
  • [1825] /

A manuscript volume, [1825] (watermarks 1822, 1824), containing autograph drafts of poems, some of Welsh interest, by John William Bythell, attorney, of Shoplatch, Shrewsbury, with numerous emendations and deletions in pencil.
A few of the poems had previously appeared in The Salopian Journal and the Shrewsbury Chronicle; many were later published in his Salopia, The News-Room and Other Poems (London & Shrewsbury, 1841). Included is a parody of a poem by Thomas Moore (pp. 18-20).

Bythell, John William, d. 1851.

Owenite verse

  • NLW MS 23698C.
  • File
  • 1830-1847

A volume, 1830-1847 (watermark 1830), containing fair copies of verse composed between 1829 and 1847 by H. W. Mortimer of Islington, later of St Mary Church, Devon, and of Fersfield, Norfolk, a Unitarian and follower of the social reformer, Robert Owen. Much of the work, 1830-1832, is in praise of Owen and his communitarian ideals, but it also includes satires on some sections of the English clergy, as well as verse dedicated to family and friends.
Subjects of some of the verses include Arthur Wellesley, 1st duke of Wellington, 1829 (pp. 1-3), William Johnson Fox, Unitarian preacher and writer, 1829 (pp. 21-25), the Rev. Thomas Belsham, Unitarian minister, 1829 (pp. 21-25), John Howard, the philanthropist, 1830 (pp. 35-37), the London Female Penitentiary, 1830 (p. 44), Mary Leman Grimstone, novelist, 1832 (pp. 137-139), Marianne Prowse, poet, 1834 (pp. 225-227), the Rev. Thomas Mortimer, priest and theological writer, 1835 (p. 231), and the Rev. Richard Cobbold, Wortham, novelist, 1845 (p. 263).

Mortimer, H. W., b. 1776.

Poems by Felicia Dorothea Hemans

  • NLW MS 9135C.
  • File
  • 1809-[1812x1835]

Two holograph poems by Felicia Dorothea Hemans (née Browne) - 'The Silver locks to Mrs Foulkes, Eriviatt', signed F.D.B., 18 August 1809, and 'Our Lady's Well', signed F.H.

Hemans, Mrs., 1793-1835

Poetic correspondence of Gilfach Glyd,

  • NLW MS 16393C.
  • File
  • 1877-1884 / Thomas Thomas and Lord Aberdare.

Ten letters, 1877-1884, in English and Welsh, to David Edwards, farmer, of Gilfach Glyd, Ynysybwl, Glamorgan, from Thomas Thomas (Twm Ddwywaith), farmer, of Cefn Pennar Ycha, Aberdare, dealing with personal matters and including englynion, tribannau and other poetry in Welsh, mostly by Thomas (ff. 3-20); together with one letter to Edwards from [Henry Austin Bruce], Lord Aberdare, 11 August 1877, thanking him for translating an englyn into English (f. 1).
Also included are verses in English in an unidentified hand (f. 21), and a covering letter, 4 May 1953, from the donor (f. ii recto-verso).

Thomas, Thomas, 1808-1886.

Quaker miscellanies,

  • NLW MS 10577C.
  • File
  • 1706-1869.

An album of miscellanies, compiled [c. 1825]-[1869] (watermark 1823), including transcripts of epistles from the Yearly Meeting of Women Friends in New York to the Yearly Meeting of Women Friends in London, 1808, and from the Yearly Meeting of Women Friends in London to the Quarterly Meetings ... of Women Friends in Great Britain, 1810, 1812, 1813; a letter from Lady Rachel Russell to her son, the Duke of Bedford, 1706; testimonies concerning Sarah Hustler, Bradford, 1817, and Elizabeth Nicholson, Cockermouth, 1835; extracts of pieces of prose and verse, mainly of Quaker interest; three holograph letters and an album entry by Elihu Burritt, 1847-1869; and miscellaneous autographs, and signatures cut from correspondence.

Tour to Killarney

  • NLW MS 23959B.
  • File
  • 1826

A notebook, [2]-[10] August 1826 (watermark 1824), by the artist the Rev. John Parker of Sweeney Hall, containing the concluding part of an account of a tour to Killarney, Ireland, being a continuation of his journal, now NLW MS 18248A.
Parker describes excursions in the area of Killarney and its lakes (ff. 1-9 verso), including visits to the island of Innisfallen (ff. 2 verso-4, 5 recto-verso), and to Aghadoe (ff. 4-5), followed by the return journey to Britain via Cork (ff. 10 verso-12), Cashel (ff. 12 verso-16), and Dublin. There are frequent descriptions of scenery and of architectural features, including a lengthy description of the Rock of Cashel (ff. 13-15), and there are references throughout to sketches drawn by him. A letter delivered by Parker in Killarney from a 'Miss Ponsonby' is probably from Sarah Ponsonby, one of the Ladies of Llangollen (f. 8 verso). The 'Mr O'Connell and his brother (not the counsellor)' referred to on ff. 2 recto-verso are probably the two younger brothers of Daniel O'Connell. The text includes a poem in praise of Killarney by the author (ff. 3-4).

Parker, John, 1798-1860.

Tours through a part of North Wales

  • NLW MS 23996C.
  • File
  • [1820s]-[1830s], [?1909]

A manuscript copy, [1820s]-[1830s] (watermark 1814), of tours of North Wales undertaken in the Autumn of 1817 (pp. 1-30) and October 1819 (pp. 31-90) by Captain Henry Hanmer and his wife Sarah, including descriptions of visits to Lady Eleanor Butler and Sarah Ponsonby, the Ladies of Llangollen (pp. 10-11, 14-19, 45).
The itinerary includes Llangollen, Wrexham, Beddgelert, Caernarfon, Bangor, Llanberis, Holyhead, Conway and St Asaph, and includes descriptions of Dolbadarn Castle (pp. 55-58), the Penrhyn slate quarries (pp. 65-66) and Parys and Mona copper mines (pp. 69-73). A number of related poems and tales are interspersed throughout the text (pp. 4-101), including verses by Anne Grant (p. 19), Anna Seward (pp. 22-29), Sir Walter Scott (pp. 31-33), W. Sotheby (pp. 37-45), W. R. Spencer (pp. 48-53), Dr [William] Dodd (pp. 61-62), and Amelia Alderson Opie (pp. 88-89). They are followed by further transcripts in the same hand (pp. 107-120), including verses by Thomas Noel (pp. 112-118) and Sir Walter Scott (pp. 119-120), and, in a different hand (pp. 121-139), verses by Byron (pp. 121, 125), R. B. Sheridan (p. 121) and Robert Southey (p. 123). The volume contains numerous cuttings from engravings, either pasted or tipped in (pp. 1-103 passim); several of these are by Henry Gastineau and are taken from Wales Illustrated: In a Series of Views... (London, 1830), as is the printed description of Llangollen on pp. 101-102. Inserted at the end (pp. 187-198) is a pamphlet by S. G. Perceval, The Ladies of Llangollen: New and interesting facts ([?1909]), transcribing extracts from the present manuscript. A press cutting, [1829], concerning the Ladies of Llangollen is pasted inside the front cover. Pressed flowers are pasted in on pp. 57, 64-65, and the remains of a leaf has been placed in an archival envelope.

Hanmer, Sarah Serra, d. 1847.


  • NLW MS 23038D.
  • File
  • [c. 1804].

A hand-painted valentine, c. 1804, containing eight verses written in the corners, originally folded so that the messages could be read when opened.

William Hopkyn Rees commonplace book,

  • NLW MS 22104C.
  • File
  • 1876-1893.

Commonplace book, 1876-1893, of the Rev. Dr William Hopkyn Rees, a missionary in the North China, LMS, mission field, containing Welsh and English verse; sermon and other notes; quotations and maxims; and personal memoranda.

Rees, William Hopkyn, 1859-1924.

Barddoniaeth amrywiol,

  • NLW MS 16799D.
  • file
  • 1733-[1970].

Casgliad o farddoniaeth amrywiol, 1733-[1970], yn tarddu o nifer o ffynhonnellau, wedi eu derbyn rhwng 1910 a 1970 a'u hel gyda'u gilydd yn y Llyfrgell Genedlethol. = A collection of miscellaneous poetry, 1733-[1970], derived from various sources, accessioned between 1910 and 1970 and collected together at the National Library of Wales.