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The Red Book of Talgarth

This manuscript is apparently in the same hand as large portions of the Red Book of Hergest and Peniarth MS 32. The contents, with few exceptions, are manifestly taken from Jesus College MS 2 and Peniarth MS 5. Pp. i-vi belong to the fifteenth century and contain pedigrees (p. i) which are somewhat difficult to decipher; triads (p. ii); and poetry by Dafydd ap Gwilym and Ieuan Dew Brydydd (p. iv-vi).
The twenty folios which are missing between ff. 20b and 21 now form part of Peniarth MS 12, pp. 77-116. For f. 26 (Y llyvyr hwnn yw y trydydd llyvyr or llyvyr aelwir Kyssegyrlan Vuched ...) see Llyvyr Agkyr Llandewivrevi, pp. 86-103; for f. 41b (Dangos pa delw ydyewir y tat ar mab ar yspryt glan ...) see ibid., pp. 162-3; for f. 42 (Mal hynn y digawn ytat ar mab ar yspryt glan ...) see ibid., p. 138-40; for f. 43b (Dangos y mod y dylyo dyn gredu ...) see ibid., pp. 141-4; for f. 46 (Llyma seith rinwed yr eglwys) see ibid., pp. 145-6; for f. 47 (Valhyn ydyweit hu sant o wedi y pader) see ibid., pp. 147-51, l. 3; for f. 52 (Breudwyt bawl) see ibid., p. 152-6; for f. 54b (Llyma ebostyl y sul) see ibid., pp. 157-9, l. 6; for f. 56 (Rinwedeu offeren sul) see ibid., p. 151; for f. 56b (Ypotis weithon y gelwir hwnn) see ibid., pp. 128-37; for f. 62b (Valhyn y treythir o ach dewi ...) see ibid., pp. 105-18; for f. 71b (Dywededic vu hyt hynn o vuched dewi sant ...) see ibid., pp. 119-27. The text at f. 80 (Historia de Adamo morituro et de Seth in paradiso ...) is the same as that in Peniarth MS 32, p. 239 (cf. Bodley MS Laud Misc. 471, f. 66). The Welsh text at f. 84b corresponds with chapters I-XLI of B. Harris Cowper's edition of The Apocryphal Gospels, pp. 29-82.For f. 125 (Ystorya titus aspassianus) see Peniarth MS 5, f. 36; for f. 129b (Llyma ual ytreythir o ystorya pilatus ...) see ibid., f. 10; for f. 131 (The end ... of the Life of St Catherine) see ibid., f. 21; for f. 132 (Buched meir vadlen) and for f. 135b (Llyma weithyon vuched martha) see ibid., f. 26; for f. 137 (Purdan padric ...) see ibid., f. 58, but with verbal differences throughout. At f. 160 (Athrawon agawssant y geluydyt honn ...) note that in the older MSS the month Rhagfyr (December) comes before Tachwedd (November). For f. 160b (Argoelon y vlwydyn ...) cf. Peniarth MS 12, p. 124; for f. 163 (Dy gygor ath gyssul yw ...) see ibid., p. 125. For f. 164b (Llyma ual y treythir o gynghoreu catwn ...) cf. Peniarth MS 3, p. 31 and 27, ii (pp. 16-20). For f. 172b see Peniarth MS 14, pp. 1-20, omitting items under pp. 6, 7, 14; there are slight verbal differences in the text and a tendency to insert passages about the 'Catholic faith' and the 'virgin mother'. The end of the manuscript is missing: the final words are 'Lleidyr oed gynt . ae enw ebbo ... tebygu na ladyssei y magyl arnaw . yn y lle nessau attaw aorugant ar uedyr'. A letter dated at Talgarth on 19 September 1719 and addressed to 'the Rev. Moses Williams att Dyfynnog in Breconshire' is bound in at the end of the manuscript.


A manuscript in two parts, the first part containing 'Some words omitted in Dr. Davies Welch and Latin Dictionary ...'; and the second part containing 'Geiriau or hen Gamberaag anhawdh ei dirnad yn yr oes hon', with illustrations from the poets, including Tudur Aled. The first part of the text (original foliation 1-101) is written in a seventeenth century hand while the second part (original foliation 1-14) is written in a sixteenth century hand.
From the many references in the text to Sir Thomas Wiliems it would appear that the scribe of the first part of the manuscript had access to the original Dictionary MSS used by Dr John Davies, Mallwyd. The vocabulary in the second part of the manuscript is apparently a copy of Wiliam Llŷn's Vocabulary.

The poetrical works of Lewis Glyn Cothi, Ieuan Brechfa and others

A manuscript containing poetry of Lewis Glyn Cothi, Ieuan Brechfa and other poets, written in several hands of the early and mid sixteenth century.
Hands A (pp. 1-40, 351-2), B (pp. 41-102, 151-8, 297-332), and Bb (pp. 271-96, 333-50, 353-64) belong to the first quarter of the sixteenth century, while Hand C (pp. 103-50, 159-247, 250-59, 262-70) belongs, apparently, to the second quarter. Other folios contain other somewhat later hands. Hand B uses 'ρ' for 'dd' throughout, while hand Bb uses 'dd' mostly (cf Peniarth MS 70). Pp. 351-2 are in a different hand and misplaced in the manuscript. The ends of some lines of text are wanting, though some of them have been completed by a later hand. Neither the beginning nor the end of the cywydd on p. 158 is legible and its lines were evidently never all complete.

Barddoniaeth, etc.,

Folios removed at some time from Llanover MSS B.6 (NLW MS 13068B), B.9 (NLW MS 13070B), E.7 (NLW MS 13169B) and E.16 (NLW MS 13178B), and containing items of poetry, some incomplete, by Tudur Aled, Hyw [sic] Kae Llwyd, Daio ssion ab Howel, [Tomas Llywelyn Deio Pwel], Ievan Tew Brydydd , [? Sion Brwynog], Philip Ievan, and [Rhys Goch o Fochgarn], written in various hands of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries including that of Llywelyn Siôn, with one leaf from a (?) scriptural dictionary, Ra-Re, in a seventeenth century hand, giving definitions rather than scriptural references. Fuller details have been placed with the manuscript.

Llywelyn Siôn and others.

Poetry by Dafydd ap Gwilym, &c.

A manuscript containing poetry by Dafydd ap Gwilym, Tudur Aled, Iolo Goch and other poets mostly of the second half of the fifteenth century. On p. 247 Huw Cae Llwyd has written: 'oydran jesy n dyrnasol / py ragor pymp ar higain / pymthec cant rifant y rain', which would date the manuscript at hardly earlier than 1525.
The style of the writing points to an earlier period, and the orthographical habit of writing - for example, 'kaid' to rhyme with 'eneid' (see p. 73, &c.) - belongs to the second half, if not the last quarter, of the fifteenth century (compare Llanstephan MS 7 and Peniarth MS 70).

A treatise descriptive of arms

A manuscript in three hands containing a treatise on arms addressed to Morgan Elfael (fl. c. 1528-1541) from Hywel ap Syr Mathew (d. 1581); also poetry, etc. Pp. 1-165 are in the autograph of Hywel ap Syr Mathew and were written in 1557 (cf. the writing in Peniarth MS 138 and Cardiff MS 51); pp. 167-194 are in a second hand and written about 1598; pp. 195-204 are in a third hand and were written about 1600. The poets whose works are cited include Dafydd ab Edmwnt, Siôn Cent, Gruffudd Hiraethog and Iolo Goch. The volume also contains medical recipes (pp. 166-170) and a chronicle of the reign of British rulers (p. 198).

Hywel ap Syr Mathew and others.


An imperfect manuscript in several hands containing Welsh poetry, including the works of Tudur Aled, Siôn Brwynog, Simwnt Fychan and others.


A manuscript containing Welsh poetry, the poets including Iolo Goch, Edmwnd Prys, Gutun Owain, Tudur Aled, Guto'r Glyn and Sion Phylip.
This forms one of the series of manuscripts of Welsh poetry copied under the superintendence of Dr John Davies, Mallwyd, and bears the reference B. 4°. Wherever the copyist failed to read the original he left blanks which Dr Davies filled in throughout the volume. Dr Davies also added an index, alphabetically arranged, to first lines of poetry (p. 567); added to this is an index to the authors of the poems, also alphabetically arranged, which bears the inscription 'Rhisiard Morys ai Sgrifennodd i Wm: Jones R.S.S. 1747' (pp. 577-588).

Rhisiart Morys and unknown scribe.

Poetry of Wmffre Dafydd ab Ifan and others

A manuscript, in several hands, containing the poetry of Wmffre Dafydd ab Ifan and others, including Siôn Tudur, Siôn Phylip, Rhys Cain and Dafydd ap Gwilym.
Pp. 1-62 are said to have been written in 1691 by Siôn Rhydderch (John Roderick) of Cemaes (see p. 62); pp. 63-77 are in an earlier hand; and pp. 79-82 are in the hand of Dr John Davies, Mallwyd.

Poetry, prophecies, &c.

A manuscript containing cywyddau brud and other poetry (pp. 7-8, 13-78, 87-94, 101-111, 115-130, 135-136, 154-298), the poets cited including Taliesin, Dafydd Nanmor, Dafydd ab Edmwnd and Siôn Tudur; prophecies of Merlin (pp. 79-86, 112-114, 131-134, 137-140); two imperfect documents of the Bishops of St Asaph and Gloucester, dated 1627 and 1596 (pp. 9, 11); 'Swynion a Meddeginiaetheu'; &c.

Llyfr Pant Phillip

Pedigrees, mainly of North Wales families; a list of uncommon Welsh words taken from John Davies, Mallwyd: Dictionarium ... (London, 1632); a vocabulary of some 'hard' Latin words; 'cywyddau' and other poems by Rowland Williams, Rhys Meigen, Dafydd ap Gwilym, Rowland Vaughan, Siôn Cent, Dafydd ab Edmwnd, Wiliam Phylip, Owen Gruffydd, Edmwnd Prys, Robin Ddu, Siôn Phylip, Sion Tudur, Gruffudd Phylip, Maredudd ap Rhys, Gutun Owain, Iolo Goch, Morus Berwyn, Ffowc Prys, Owain Gwynedd, Roger [C]yffin, Siôn Brwynog, Syr Owain ap Gwilym, Wiliam Llŷn, Huw Arwystli, Richard Phylip, Dafydd Nanmor, [If]an Llwyd ('o wain Eingian'), Hywel Cilan, Edwart Urien, Lewis Glyn Cothi, Rhys Cain, Lewis Trefnant, Matthew Brwmffild, James Dwnn, Ieuan Dew Brydydd, Heilyn Fardd, Huw Machno, Guto'r Glyn, etc. ; a description of Britain based on the early chronicles; the triads of Dyfnwal Moelmud; etc.

Poetry, &c.

A manuscript collection of prose and verse in the hand of an amanuensis of Dr John Davies, Mallwyd. The volume comprises 'Ystori Peredur fab Efrawg', with five missing folios at the beginning supplied by John Jones ('Tegid'); 'Achau'r Kwrwf'; Caerwys Eisteddfod roll, May 26, 9 Elizabeth [1567]; triads; recipes; 'Tlysau Ynys Brydain'; 'Araith Wgan'; an extensive selection of 'cywyddau' and 'awdlau', mainly 'cywyddau merched', by Bedo Aeddren, Bedo Brwynllys, Dafydd ab Edmwnd, Dafydd ap Gwilym, Dafydd Nanmor, Gruffudd Gryg, Gruffudd Hiraethog, Guto'r Glyn, Gutun Owain, Iolo Goch, Lewis Glyn Cothi, Rhisiart Phylip, Sion Cent, Sion Phylip, Simwnt Fychan, Tudur Aled and others; a collection of eulogies offered to Dr John Davies, Mallwyd, some of the poems having the date of composition recorded and including poems by Huw Machno, Sion Cain, Rhisiart, Gruffudd, Siôn and William Phylip and others; and miscellanea in various hands, including 'englynion marwnad Sion Dafis Athro parchedig mewn devinyddiaeth [Dr John Davies, Mallwyd]' by 'Rowland Vaughan esgwier o Gaergai' (1644), 'penillion gwr ifanc i'w gariad' (1688), 'moliant Sion Foulkes, Llanymowthwy', by Huw Morus (1674), 'moliant . . . maer Dinas Mowthwy' by Richard Lloyd, a fragment of 'Achau y Cwrw a'i hanes', an account of mizes paid (1646-1647), notes on Latin grammar, recipes, pedigrees, and a fragment of an interlude ('Argolws and Symoniax').

Achau, barddoniaeth, etc.

An early seventeenth century manuscript, fragile, written c. 1611-1621 and possibly earlier by Roger Williams, clerk, rector of the parish of St. Nicholas, co. Glamorgan [the scribe of parts of Llanstephan MS 41] and containing pedigrees, Welsh poetry, medical and veterinary recipes, etc. Roger Williams [TLLM, 41n, 213-4] was the son of Roger William of Prisk [in the parish of Llanddunwyd (Welsh St. Donats)] and he married Elinor Rees [daughter of Rhys Amheurug (Rees Merrick)]: his pedigree is on p. 27 of this manuscript (cf. Llanstephan MS 41, p. 173). A folio or folios are wanting at the beginning and someone has written the words 'The Isue [sic] of Gruffydd fawr [De Radyr]' opposite the first page (p. 4). The contents, except where otherwise stated, consist of genealogical data relating to the persons or places specified as follows: p. 8, part of an account mentioning Pwllymyn, etc.; 9, the issue of Lle'n ap Kynwrige; 10, a 'cywydd' by Rys Brychan; 12, a 'cywydd' by Howel ap Davyd ap Ievan ap Rees; 14, mention of William Thomas, son of Thomas Gwilim Jenkin of Gwern ddy in the parish of St. Brids near Abergenvenye [sic]; 16, a copy of a general release, 1613, from Elizabeth Howell of Welshe St. Donettes, co. Glamorgan, spinster, to William Rosser of the same, yeoman, executor of the will of Thomas Rosser late of Welshe St. Donettes aforesaid, deceased; 17, recipes; 18, a 'cywydd' by Llewelyn ap Howell ap Ievan Gronow; 21, recipes, extracts, etc.; 24, pedigree of the Mansells; 26, a copy of a note from John Robertes, rector of Langan; 27, descendants of Howell Vawr apris ap Cradocke . . .; 28, Mansells, etc.; 29, descendants of Roger de Londres of Ogmor and Kydwelye; 29-30, 'englynion' by Thomas Lle'n and Sion Tomos Hwel, in another hand, followed by a note concerning the jointure of Agnes Rosser, wife of Thomas Edwardes late deceased of St. Hilarye, co. Glamorgan, gent.; 31, Rychard Thomas of Tree r groes within the parish of Coychurch (cf. 45), copy of a writ, 1598, medical recipes; 34, Bassetts [cf. Llanstephan MS 41, p. 62]; 35, lines of Welsh poetry and a note of a bond [1614], with an 'englyn' by Watkin apowell in the margin; 36, a copy of the will of John Bassett of Bewper in the parish of St. Hilary, 1512[/13] (Latin); 38, weather lore, husbandry, etc.; 45, an 'englyn' by Thomas William Howell, instructions for conducting prayers ('Chwi estyngwch y lawr ar dal ych glynie . . .'); 46, Thomas ap Rychard, register of the consistory court of Landaph, Rys Brydyth o Lanharan and his descendants including Lewis Morganwg (cf. p. 144); 47, Tho: ap Morgan, clerk, vicar of Pentrych [sic], Tho: ap ho'll ap ph'e; 48, veterinary recipes; 49, Sr Mathew Cradock, kt.; 116, Justyn, lo: of Glamorgan, Sr John Carn ('owt of Thomas Johns Collections'); 117, 'ach Godwyn Iarll Kernyw y dynnwyd o lyvyr Iollo goch'; 50, a 'cywydd' by Griffith llwyd davyd ap Inon Liglyw; 52, Collene [sic]; 53, descendants of Davyd Mathew including John Mathew Myles 'late gayler [sic] indicted for willfull escape of John Jenkin one of the murderers' [?1592-1593], Mayndy, Sr. Jo: Gams; 54, Bolston, George Gibon of Trecastell, Howell Johns 'yt dwellyth now in London', etc.; 55, Trym Bennoc ap Maynyrch; 56, 'englynion' by Thomas Lewis 'o Lleche'; 57, Lansannor gwin (Gwyn); 58, Coedbychan. . ., Miskin wrth gornel y park, Lanharan; (continued)

59, Talygarn; 60, Castell Scurla . . ., Hendre vorgan; 61, Byrthyn, parish of Llanblethian; 62, Llanwensan, parish of Peterston super Eley [sic], Abergorky ('Morgan davyd Cadwgans petygree accordinge to Tho: Johns Collections'); 64, John ap Davyd ap Hopkyn ['Ynys Dawe']; 65, Bettus (Llwarch ap Aren); 66, Lantryssent, Kelly gronn nere Collenne . . ., Lanwinno; 67, Colleney (cf. p. 52), Turbills [sic]; 68, Morgan Cradock ap Ph'e . . ., Carries (Wenny); 69, Nash [Carne]; 71, Turbervills; 72, 'drawen owt of Rychard tho: ap gr' gochs Card of William llyn his drawing', Chadles; 74, Davyd ap hopkin ap tho: ap hopkin, Harrye John ap Richard; 75, Goed tree (cf. p. 144), Brigan; 76, Glynogwr; Ryw gwrach y blawd, Rywperrey; 77, Lanbradach and also a reference (twice) to the marriage of 'younge Mr Kemis of monmouth shire dwellynge verye nere to Catch asse', 1613[/14]; 78, Blaen Baglan, Aberavan, and Tir Iarll; 79, Langowyd [?Llangonydd], Neth (Mr Lyson Ievans); 80, Mr (Wm) Price, Cradock ap Iestyn - Blaen Baglan, Gwyrvill verch Hopkin ap d'd ap Hopkin; 81, Wm ap John ap Res ap Jenkin and Lantwyt vaer dree in miskin; 82, Bettus, Bridgend, William ffilib william; 83, Marlas (Rychard ap thomas ap gr' goch) 'drawen owt of Rychard tho: his Card'; 84, Caerwige (parish of Pendoylown), Jenkin ap wm ap gebb'n; 85, Rydlavar, Ystradvellte, Lantrissent; 86, Bach ap Gwayt, Lanylyd; 87, Landow; 88, Marcrosse [Vann], Splott. Bawdripps; 89, (?) Monnton ['Fflemings'], Lantrythed; 90, Groeswen, Sweldon, Margam; 91, Braych y kymor, Langynwyr; 92, Kelligaer i n Seynhenydd, Lewis ap Res, Pendoylon; 93, Broviskin; 94, St Nycholas, Lanharan, Saint fagans. Gibons; 95, Michelston, Bedwes, Broviskin; 96, Pendoylon; 97, 'from Ievan Jenkins of Langowyd' and [from] Thomas Jones; 98, Justyn lo: of Glamorgan; 99, Bleddyn ap Convyn, prince of powis, Griffith ap. Conan k of Gwynedd; 100, Rys ap Tewdwr k of Deheybarth, Elystan Glodrydd, prince betwyn wye and Severn; 101, Bleddyn ap Meynyrch lo: of Brecon, Trym bennog lo: of Cantre selyff, Guillyn lo: of ydstradyw, Einon ap gollwyn, and Argwydd [sic] lle'n; 102, Griffith ap yr argwydd [sic] Rys; 103, descendants of Ph'e fleming; 104, Baydan, parish of Langowyd - Gwayr ap Aren, Ystradyvodwg; 105, Cayre, Sergeant (d'd) Williams; 106, Brigan; 107, Ystrad ffin, Rys Gryg; 111, Aleth k of dyved; 112, Mathravan, followed by miscellaneous pedigrees; 118, (?) Abercrag; 119, Llanvrynach, Maesmawr; 120, Llandy bie, Kydweli, Aber Afan; 121, Brecon [Awbrey]; 122, Llandybie, Tir Rawlff, Arth brengi, Arwystly, Kaer Sws yn Arwystly; 123, Shere drevaldwyn. Kyviliog, Yskethrog Brecon, Sheree [sic] Gaervyrthin [Sr Rys ap tho:]; 126, Gada, Gwinionydd ywch kerdyn, Gwinionydd iskerdyn, Caer wedros; 127, Gwinionydd ywch aeron, Mab ffynion [sic] yn isaeron, Hirvryn, Eifel yn Swydd gaer, Penryn dyfed yn Swydd gaer, Mallaen yn Swydd gaer, Cayo yn Swydd gaer; 128, Carnwllon, Kydweli, Gener glyn yng Credigion, Cwmwd perfedd, Cryddyn ywch arfon ['aeron']; 128(a), Glyn aeron, Llangibi, with a note of the names of the sons of Rice Kemis of Llanvayr, co. Monmouth, 1617 and 1621; 128(b), descendants of Lle'n lia; 129, Ystradyvodwg, Brigan; 130, Langonoyd, Veddifnych yn Sheere gaer; 131, Y Slough, Aber yskyr; 132, Tyr Raulff (cf. p. 122), Pymtheg llwyth Gwynedd; 133, Mibon [sic] kynvarch oer, Shir Gaer [Griffith dwn]; 135, Owein glyndyfrdwy; 136, Langattwg dyffryn vsk; 137, Plant Ievan ap Jenkyn Kemys or began, Plant Sr Tho: Morgan hen o pencoyd, Mibon kenedda wledig ay tiveddiaeth; 139, Meibion kynwyd kynhwydion, Plant llwarch hen, Yal; 140, Pyctown in Pembroke Shire, Whit Church in monmoth Shire; 141, Penros, Troe, Tremsaran in Caerm'then Shire; 142, Aber Gwili Elystan glodrydd; 143, Wm Bleddyn Bishop of landaph, etc., and [(?) an extract from] Davydd Benwyn ' in an ould Rowl of Marlas'; 144, Goed tree (cf. p. 75), and Rys brydydd and his descendants (cf. p. 46); 145, a religious poem in Welsh consisting of thirty-three stanzas in free metre ('tribanau'); 150, recipes; 151, Caerwige, parish of Pendoylown, co. Glamorgan; 152 (insert, in another hand) 'of Troy'; and 155, 'Pymb Brenhinllwyth kymru'. The manuscript contains annotations by both Edward Williams, 'Iolo Morganwg', and Taliesin Williams, 'Taliesin ab Iolo'.

Roger Williams, 'Iolo Morganwg' and Taliesin Williams.


A manuscript containing poetry by Bedo Brwynllys, Dafydd ab Edmwnd, Dafydd ap Gwilym and others in the hand of Samuel Williams.

Samuel Williams.

Y Llyfr Hir o'r Mwythig,

'Y Llyfr hir or Mwythig', being a collection of five hundred and sixty-six cywyddau, etc. by various authors arranged into 'books' according to subject. The poems in each 'book' are numbered separately. The poets cited include Iolo Goch, Dafydd ap Gwilym, Siôn Cent, Iorwerth Fynglwyd, Bedo Brwynllys and Siôn Phylip. The volume is dated temp. James II (see p. 382). The text is followed by nine folios of index, arranged under authors' names, by Richard Morris. Following the index are three further poems (by Dafydd ap Gwilym, Siôn Cent and Dafydd ab Edmwnt) in the hand of the Reverend Samuel Williams.
The volume is in the same hand as Llanstephan MSS 47, 48 and the end of 164.

Richard Morris, Reverend Samuel Williams and another.

Poetry of Cynddelw, Bleddyn Fardd, &c.

A manuscript containing poetry by Cynddelw, Bleddyn Fardd, Dafydd Nanmor, Bedo Aeddren, Dafydd ap Gwilym and others. Pp. 1-27 are in the autograph of James Davies ('Iaco ab Dewi'); pp. 29-121 were 'wrote by J. Morgan' (p. 121); pp. 122-6 are in the hand of Samuel Williams; pp. 127-41, 144-153 are in the hand of W[illiam] Maurice; and p. 154 is in the hand of the Reverend Moses Williams.

Iaco ab Dewi, J. Morgan, Samuel Williams, William Maurice and Moses Williams.


An imperfect manuscript consisting of thirty folios of uniform size and two smaller leaves, with the two halves of ? the lower cover of an early nineteenth century periodical or part publication, which at one time seems to have served as a protective covering, bound in at the beginning. A considerable part of the original manuscript appears to have been lost as the volume was described by the Reverend John Williams ('Ab Ithel'), circa 1856, as containing 'about 100 pages' (see L. James: Hopkiniaid Morganwg . . . (Bangor, 1909), p. 91). The former protective cover bears the inscription 'Llyfr Llanfihangel Iorwerth. Cywyddau amrafaelion. Siôn Cent hyd Dafydd Hopcin o'r Coetty. Englynion Eiry Mynydd, &c.', in the hand of Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg'), and the contents consist of transcripts of Welsh verse mainly in strict metre. Dafydd Hopkin of Coety, co. Glamorgan is sometimes named as the copyist (see L. James: op. cit., p. 91; TLLM, tt. 229, 267; and IMCY, t. 139). The poems include 'cywyddau' and 'englynion' by Thomas Prys, Ieuan Tew Brydydd, Dafydd Hopkin (1734), Ieuan Brechfa, Lewis Morganwg, Iorwerth Fynglwyd, Dafydd ap Gwilym, Rys Dynfwal (sic), Rhys ab Morys, ?Mredydd ap Rees, Swrdwal Hen, Huw Dafydd Probert, Siôn Tudur, Owain Gwynedd, Gwilim ap Ieuan Hen, Dafydd ap Edmwnt, Daio Lliwiell, Ieuan Tew Brydydd Ifangc, Huw Lewis, Gruffydd ab Ifan ab Llewelyn Fychan, Wiliam Cynwal, Morus ab Hywel ab Tudur, Siôn Cent, Hywel ab D'd ab Ieuan ab Rhys, Llywelyn Goch, Gruffydd Dafydd Fychan, Ieuan ab Hywel Swrdwal, Bleddyn Fardd, and Dafydd Llwyd Fach, a series of pseudo- gnomic poems with each stanza commencing with the words 'Eira mynydd' some of which are attributed to Llywarch Hen and Mabclaf ab Llywarch, and poems attributed to Taliesin and Aneurin. There are marginal notes by Edward Williams and his son Taliesin Williams.

Hopkin, Dafydd, fl. early 18 cent.

Extracts, &c.

Extracts in the autograph of Evan Evans (Ieuan Fardd), including the notes of Robert Vaughan, Hengwrt, on the History of the Welsh princes, copied from Sir John Price, A Description of Wales (Oxford, 1663) (ff. 1-53 verso, 120-122); material relating to Sir Thomas Wiliems and to his Dictionary (ff. 53c); and extracts from Antony à Wood's Athenæ Oxoniensis (ff. 55-66). The manuscript also contains poetry, the poets cited including Iolo Goch, Tudur Aled and Dafydd ab Edmwnd (ff. 97-119); etc.

Vaughan, Robert, 1592-1667

Various extracts

A composite volume, in the hand of Evan Evans, containing notes on Nennius and Gildas, which include twelve triads in Welsh, copies of letters to Archbishop Ussher from Robert Vaughan, Edward Brownker and Gerard Langbaine, together with extracts from a letter from Archbishop Ussher to William Camden (ff. 1-89); pedigrees of rulers and saints (ff. 92-121, 124-132), with copious notes regarding the sources of the texts; poetry by Guto'r Glyn (f. 122); a copy of a charter of Rhos Fynach, Conwy (ff. 145- 147); etc.

History of the Gwydir family; correspondence; &c.

A composite volume mostly in the hand of Evan Evans (Ieuan Fardd) containing a copy of Sir John Wynn's History of the Gwydir Family, taken from a transcript made by Thomas Mostyn of Gloddaith (ff. 1-74); extracts from papers of Robert Vaughan, Hengwrt (ff. 75-86); lists of manuscripts at Gwydir and Llannerch (ff. 89 verso-94, 185) (for the Llannerch manuscripts see Cambrian Register, Vol. i, p. 320, etc.); poetry by Siôn Cent, Tudur Aled, Siôn and Gruffydd Phylip and others (ff. 95-153, 190-203); a pedigree of the Panton family (ff. 186-189); copies of letters from Edward Lhuyd to Robert Davies, Llannerch (ff. 204-219), and of a letter from Thomas Price, Llanfyllin to Robert Davies, Llannerch (ff. 220 verso-225); extracts; etc.

Wynn, John, Sir, 1553-1627

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