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Brut y Brenhined,

A composite, imperfect text made up of parts of two independent manuscripts, with the early chapters by a third hand; all three hands belong to the same type or school of writing, and cannot be separated by many years.Hand A (pp. i, 1-25) has 21 l...

Medical precepts and prescriptions, &c.,

A manuscript in the hand of 'David ap Griffith effyriad' (see pp. 13, 14) containing medical precepts and prescriptions (pp. 15-27, 54-92), material of botanological (pp. 28-40), physiological (pp. 41-49) and theological (pp. 1-12) inter...

David ap Griffith and others.

Pedigrees, Brut y Tywysogion, &c.,

A manuscript containing Brut y Tywysogion; measurements of Britain; the Twenty-four Knights of King Arthur's court; the pedigrees of British kings and rulers; etc.

Y Groclith and Rybud Gabriel at Veir,

A manuscript in the hand of Moses Williams containing 'Y Groclith' (ff. 1-22) and 'Rybud Gabriel at Veir' (ff. 23-26) (Luke i, 26-38), both of which are written in two columns, the one in mediæval, the other in modern orthography.

Moses Williams.

Lives of Saints, &c.,

A manuscript containing lives of saints, etc. An index is included on p. i.Pp. i, 427-433 are in the hand of Moses Williams. A note - 'Pretium £1 . 4 . 6 An. 1715' - on the fly-leaf is in the same hand as most of the manuscript. At the e...

Moses Williams and another.

Dychymmygjon Dynjon yn Addoliad Duw,

A manuscript containing 'Traethawd ynghylch Dychymmygjon Dynjon yn Addoliad Duw', being a translation of the work of William King, lord bishop of Dublin. At the beginning of the volume are prefixed two leaves containing a list of Welsh p...

Addysg i fodlonrwydd,

A manuscript containing ''The Art of Contentment' or Addysc i foddlonrwydd', translated into Welsh apparently by 'Nathanael Jones Esq. anno ætatis suæ 57' (p. 130).

Nathanael Jones.

Taylor's Daily Rule,

A manuscript containing 'Taylors Daily Rule in Welsh' rendered by 'Nathanael Jones'.

Nathanael Jones.


An imperfect manuscript in several hands containing Welsh poetry, including the works of Tudur Aled, Siôn Brwynog, Simwnt Fychan and others.

Balm of Gilead,

A manuscript containing a translation into Welsh of Bishop Hall's Balm of Gilead or Comforter by Robert Jones, curate of Gyffylliog near Ruthin.The work was translated by the order of W. Salisbury of Rûg.

Reverend Robert Jones.

Prawf fod Degymmeu yn ddyledus wrth Ordinhad Duw,

A manuscript in the hand of Moses Williams containing 'Prawf fod Degymmeu yn ddyledus wrth Ordinhad Duw', being a translation into Welsh. A note by Moses Williams states: 'Gorphènwyd ei gyfieithu y 19 Chwefror 1720/1'.

Moses Williams.

Llyfr o Venegnieth,

A manuscript entitled 'Llyfr o Venegnieth', being medical recipes copied from a manuscript written in 1608 by John Jones, Gellilyfdy, who had, in turn, copied parts (ff. 20-27) 'o law Roger Morris'.

Ymddiddan and Elucidarium,

A manuscript in the hand of John Jones, Gellilifdy, who in turn had copied from a manuscript dated 1531 (see f. 20), containing 'Ymddiddan rwng y verch aniwair ar gwr ieuangc o waith Grasmws o Rodam', and the Elucidarium.

John Jones, Gellilyfdy.

A Welsh grammar,

A manuscript containing a Welsh grammar. A note in the hand of Moses Williams reads: 'This copy is out of a MS. lent me by R. Mostyn of Penbedw Esqr., which MS. formerly belong'd to Thomas ap Ivan of Hendre Forfydd [i.e. Peniarth MS 157]...

Moses Williams and another.


A manuscript containing poetry (pp. 17-42), the poets including Taliesin, Iolo Goch, Dafydd ab Edmwnt and others, with poetry included also within other sections of the text; triads attributed to Taliesin (p. 16); the Rood legend (pp. 97-103); apo...

Ieuan ap William and others.


A manuscript entitled 'Carpiog Aber Llyfeni', i.e. the 'Tattered [Book] of Aberllefenni, containing poetry, the poets cited including Iolo Goch, Huw Machno, Siôn Mawddwy, Siôn Brwynog, Guto'r Glyn, Rhisiart Phylip, Siôn Phylip ...


A miscellaneous collection of prophecies, etc. in prose and verse (including those of Myrddin and Taliesin), probably in the hand of William Phylip. There is a table of contents by Richard Morris at the beginning, written April 1748 for William Jo...

William Phylip and others.

Chronology, arms, pedigrees and poetry,

A manuscript containing a chronology, mainly of kings and rulers of Wales (pp. 1, 33-37, 43-48, 49-60, 100, 111-113); arms, mainly of kings and rulers of Wales (pp. 2-8, 9, 99); pedigrees, mainly of kings and rulers of Wales and England (pp. 9b-88...

The Book of Jaspar Griffith,

The 'book of Jaspar Griffith', containing poetry by Dafydd ap Gwilym, Rhys Fardd, Iolo Goch, Taliesin, Dafydd Llwyd ap Llywelyn ap Gruffudd [Dafydd Llwyd, Mathafarn] and others. Item 1 is a series of complaints between several parties &#...

[Jaspar Griffith].

Welsh Laws and 'Elucidations',

A manuscript containing Welsh laws (pp. 1-96) and the 'Elucidations' (pp. 97-535), written in the hand of John Jones, Gellilyfdy prior to 25 September 1619 (see pp. 67, 535). Where the text is imperfect Moses Williams has written its con...

John Jones, Gellilyfdy and Moses Williams.

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