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Buying and selling property

Papers relating to the purchase and sale of property by the Tredegar estate in Breconshire. Most of the papers relate to the series of Breconshire sales of 1915.

Glamorgan collection books,

Collection books record money as it is received. This information is later transferred to the appropriate audit books, rent ledgers and other accounts. Consequently collecton books do not usually contain any unique information, and frequently do not survive as complete series.

Monmouthshire tithe administration records

The tithe records mainly relate to the Basaleg rectory tithe collection, 1743-1804, including the Basaleg hamlets of Dyffryn Lower, Dyffryn Higher, Graig and Rogerstone, and the parishes of Coedcernyw, Henllys, Risca and St Brides, and the Mynyddislwyn and Bedwellte tithe collection, 1790-1839. The two collections appear to have been merged in about 1862. -- The Basaleg, Mynyddislwyn and Bedwellty tithe rental for 1844 (formerly Tredegar MSS 465), is not found.

Woodland management records

Records relating to the management of the estate's woodlands, and the sale of trees and coppice for timber, cordwood, bark, poles and smart hoops. Although individual sales often related to woodlands within a single county, the woodlands appear to have been at least semi-detatched from the administration of the individual county-based estates, at least in the case of Monmouthshire and Glamorgan. All records relating specifically to the estate's woodlands have therefore been gathered together here for convenience.

Breconshire estate financial records

Financial records of the Breconshire estate, comprising rentals (called audit books by the Tredegar estate), 1758-1927, draft and copy audit books, 1872-1915, farm rent ledgers, 1867-1921, Palleg, Brecon and Dderw estate rent ledgers, 1867-1941, rent collection books, 1868-1937, cash books, 1864-1940, surveyor's bills, 1862-1890, employee records, 1889-1935, taxation records, 1910-c.1936, and vouchers, 1850-1938.

Breconshire estate letting records

Leases and related papers relating to leasehold properties in the Breconshire estate, including in Brecon and in the parishes of Bronllys, Cantref, Defynnog, Garthbrengi, Glasbury (co. Rad.), Hay-on-Wye, Llandyfaelog Fach, Llanddew, Llan-faes, Llanfihangel Nant Bran, Llanfilo, Llansbyddyd, Llys-wen, Llywel, Maesmynys, Merthyr Cynog, Penderyn, St David, and Vaynor.

Tredegar home farm,

Records of the Tredegar demense, which before the development of the Rhiwderyn estate works c.1900 (see ADY) was accounted responsible for at least some of the landlord's work on tenanted properties. Also records of the Tredegar granary, 1816-1848 (ADU /4, 6), Lord Tredegar's stud farm at Coedcernyw, 1825-1901 (ADU /7), and estate employees, 1882-1907 (ADU /11).


Tredegar estate correspondence, arranged into copy letter books, 1869-1905 (AEC 1), two series of letters received, 1794-1939 (AEC 2-3), and a series of notices of assignments of leases, mortgages etc., 1900-1906 (AEC 4).

Manor or borough of Llanfyllin,

The precincts or jurisdiction of the manor or borough leet up to Chas. I (the date of the grant of its governing charter) coincided with the area of the medieval borough of Llanfyllin, i.e. seemingly the old maerdref section of the commote of Mechain Uwchcoed, and was divided into four wards or townships. The charter made the borough co-extensive with the parish of Llanfyllin, and accordingly incorporated four additional rural townships, formerly owing suit to the Manor of Mechain Uwchcoed. These were (1) Bodyddon; (2) Globwll and Bachie; (3) Bodfoch, Garthgell and Brinelltine; and (4) Bodran, Nanthallen, Rhiwachor and Camen. Also the township of Rhiscog that continued to do suit to the leet of the manor of Nant y Meichiad. Thus from about 1672 to 1846 the jurisdiction of the leet coincided with the area of the parish of Llanfyllin, less the township of Rhiscog. The latter township, moreover, was subject to the jurisdiction of the quarter sessions of the borough of Llanfyllin. The leet courts were held at the local guild or town hall, 1662-1846, except Michaelmas 1776-Easter 1793 (pending the repair or reconstruction of the guildhall after a disastrous fire that took place between Easter and Michaelmas 1776), when the courts were held alternately at two local inns, the 'Black Boy' and the 'King and Crown', with one adjounment, Easter 1790, to the house of one Richard Davies 'at the sign of the Lion'. The records comprise court leet proceedings, 1653-1846 (including, estreat proceedings and alienation accounts, 1675-1835), and quarter and borough sessions, 1674-1820. For the court leets for Easter 1710, Easter 1714, Easter and Michaelmas 1716, Michaelmas 1718, Easter 1721, Easter 1729, Easter 1737, Easter 1739, Easter 1744 and Michaelmas 1750, see the borough and quarter sessions records. The reference MA 677 was not used. MA 510 and 511 (Easter), listed in the original schedule, are now missing.

Manor of Cydewain,

According to a 17 cent. list in NLW, Powys Castle Estate Records, the manor of Cydewain comprised the following thirty seven townships: Aberhavesp; Aberhaley, Llanvechan, Pullan; Penymes, Treganol, Pencoed; Manavon Llan, Manavon Llys, Manavon Gaynog, Donyrhiw; Ffreeth and Penywern, Keele, Allt ucha, Allt yssa, Vaynore yssa, Vaynor ucha, Beriow, Llivior, Penthryn, Keelkuchwyn, Garthmil, Trustllewelyn, Bryn Kkaymisu; Ucheldre yr Bettus, Garthgellyn, Dolevoryn, Aberbechan, Llanythom, and Keelcowan; Gwestid, Henhudle; Rhandir, Bolbro, Bryntalch, Llamerewige aliasKillgurgan, Dyffryn Llanvayre, and the Town or Borough of Newtown [? Pentre Llanvayre]. The township of Llanlligar appears in some of the earlier view of frankpledge returns, eg 1660(B). Vaynor ucha sometimes has "and Vacheere" added, eg (1660(e)). Bryn Kkaymisu, ?incorporating a former separate township "Keven Gwernia". The leet courts were held at the following locations: 1525-1533 (not indicated); 1660-1718 mainly at Tregynon, frequently at Berriew (from 1666) and occasionally at Glanhavren, Abermule, and Llanwyddelam; 1719-1730, alternatively at Berriew and Newtown (last at Berriew: 1730 Michaelmas, first at Newtown: 1719 Easter; 1731-1841 at Newtown. The records comprise court rolls, 1525-1724 (MA 678-682), court books, 1603-1722 (MA 683-686), and court leet proceedings, 1660-1841 (MA 687-985). From 1824 the estreats were often divided under the three parishes of Newtown, Tregynon and Llanllwchaearn.

Manor of Caereinion,

The manor comprised 32 townships: 20 in Caereinion Iscoed and 12 in Caereinion Uwchcoed. The Iscoed townships are Pentyrch, Mathrafal, Llangyniew, Gwaenynog ucha, Gwaenynog issa, Cynhinfa, Henniarth, Brynglas Rhosaflo, Rhiwhiriaeth, Pennarth, Nantforch, Llanfair, Llanllothian ucha, Llanllothian issa, Kylyruch, Gellygasson, Dolgoed, Cwmgorror [and Castle] and Brynelen. The Uwchcoed townships are Bryngwaddan, Blowty, Cyffin, Cefnllys issa, Crane, Coedtalog, Garthbeibio, Kenewyll, Llandybo, Llangadfan, Moelfeliarth and Maeslemistin. The Leet for both the Lower and the Over or Upper division of the manor were held at Llanfair [The Goat Inn], but as from 1802 leets were held at Llanfair and the Can Office for the respective sub-divisions, and the proceedings appear in separate files. The extant proceedings in the following list include: (a) court leet proceedings, 1662-1819, (b) estreats, 1670-1846, (c) alienation fee accounts, 1811-1846, (d) bailiff's account of the fines and amercements of the local courts, 1807-1810. Two court baron files comprising declarations, pleadings, particulars of costs etc., mainly for the years 1717-1731 and 1734-1735 respectively, with some undated process papers in each file. MA 26, 29, 58-59, 128 and 184, listed in the old schedule are now (April 2007) not found. 8 Boxes.

Hundred of Chirbury,

Comprises Court leet records, 1373-1846 (MA 242-441), Court baron rolls, 1373-1827 (MA 442-474), Court baron papers, 1697-1795 (MA 475-500), and miscellanea, 1533-1652 (MA 501-509). MA 248, 253, 259, 274, 281-282, 287-288, 290 and 293, listed in the old schedule are now (April 2007) not found.

Manor of Halcetor,

The records comprise court leet files, 1525-1699 (including two court rolls), 1700-1774, 1802-1845; court leet estreats, 1701-1756, 1812-1828; court baron proceedings, 1525-1638 (including court book, 1617-1625, and file of court baron precepts etc., 1631-1638); and court baron files, 1699-1720. Three boxes containing c.300 files.

Manor of Llannerchudol,

The records comprise proceedings of court leet, 1655-1819 (with gaps), and estreats, accounts and court baron files, 1655-1834. Six boxes containing c.324 files. For 1698-1709, see MA 2020, Strata Marcella "The Book of the Estrayes".

The manor of Strata Marcella,

The records of the manor (also called Street Marshall) comprise proceedings of the court leet, 1662-1850, 'The Booke of the Estrayes' of the manors of Strata Marcella and Llanerchudol, 1689-1710, proceedings of the court baron:,1675-1709 (precepts, 1675-1676, court baron file, 1701-1708, court baron file, 1703-1709), estreats, 1670-1819, and alienation fee accounts, 1795-1815. Fifteen boxes ca. 160 files.

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