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Major clients,

‘Major clients’ are generally those that had a continuing relationship with Roberts & Evans; where the solicitors acted, for example, as agents of a landed estate or trustees of a settlement. The papers of major clients will amount to several ...

University of Wales Press Board

Annual Reports, 1922-1956, minutes, 1922-1972, Secretary's agendas and papers, 1925-1968, Secretary's general papers and correspondence, 1921-1958, Registrar's subject files, 1924-1985, financial records, 1924-1952, and minutes of t...

University of Wales Press Board

University Board for Training Colleges

Annual reports of the Board, 1930-1948; minutes, 1929-1939; agendas and papers, 1929-1938; regulations and examination syllabuses, 1931-1950; and agendas and papers of the Finance and Standing Committees of the Board, 1930-1934.

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The Theological Senate

Minutes of the Theological Senate, 1904-1919, together with minutes of the Union of Theological Colleges of Wales, 1898-1899; of the Theological Board, 1920-1921; and of the Faculty of Theology, 1922-1936.

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Military Education Committee Records

Minutes of the Military Education committee, 1935-1937, and of its predecessor, the Nomination Board, 1929-1934, Registrar's papers and correspondence relating to committee meetings, 1935-1939, Registrar's correspondence with the War Off...

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Visual Arts Department papers

Papers relating to the visual arts in Wales, including papers relating to exhibitions serviced by Welsh Arts Council and Oriel gallery exhibitions, 1967-1998; biographical files compiled by the division relating to deceased artists and artists liv...

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