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Edwards, Alfred George, 1848-1937.
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Correspondence and papers,

Letters from Frank Morgan, C. A. H. Green, A. G. Edwards and others to Viscount Sankey concerning the disestablishment and the reconstruction of the Church in Wales and other subjects; also included in the files are various papers, pamphlets, drafts and minutes, 1914-1948.

Morgan, Frank, 1868-1935.


Letters mainly addressed to E. W. Evans, with some to William Williams, Dolgellau, and others largely in connection with contributions to Y Goleuad and other publications.
The correspondents include Alfred George Edwards, bishop of St. Asaph, 1890; Griffith Ellis, Bootle, 1886, with copies of letters of E. W. Evans, 1885-1886 (a controversy over the publication of the writer's Hanes Methodistiaeth Corris); Thomas E[dward] Ellis, Cynlas, Llandderfel, etc., 1884-1896, with copies and drafts of letters of E. W. Evans (contributions to Y Goleuad, the editorship of Cymru Fydd, the publication of Merionethshire News, the eviction of the recipient's father David Evans, Cae Einion, Dolgellau, and other tenants of H. J. Ellis Nanney, Liberal nominations in local government elections); De Charles Evans, Conway, 1901 (the case of W. O. Jones); D. Silvan Evans, Llanwrin Rectory, 1888-1898 (hymnology, editions of the Welsh Prayer Book, the publication of the writer's Welsh Dictionary?); J. Daniel Evans, Garston, 1901; John Evans, Aber Rectory, 1889; Thomas John Evans, Llanfynydd School, Mold, 1867 (personal); William Evans, Liverpool, 1901-1902 (the case of W. O. Jones); W. Wynn Evans, solicitor, Wrexham, 1901 (proceedings against the recipient); Thomas Gee, Denbigh, 1891 (contributions to Y Gwyddoniadur Cymreig); J. Monro Gibson, South Hampstead, 1907; Richard Glover, Bristol, 1908; and Ellis Griffith, Cambridge, 1887 (the editorship of Cymru Fydd).

General correspondence,

Includes letters from D. Rhys Jones, J. Viriamu Jones, Henry Owen, W. A. Craigie (6), John Lloyd Warden Page (3), A. S. Green (enclosing a letter from Lord Dillon), Augusta Herbert, Llewellyn N. V. Lloyd-Mostyn (4), J. Romilly Allen (3), E. W. B. Nicholson (6), Rudolf Thurneysen, A. M. Fairbairn, Alfred G. Edwards (4), John R. Mowbray (9), John Owen (9), Francis J. Jayne (4), William Jones (2), Sidney Herbert (Earl of Pembroke) (7), Edward B. Tylor, John T. D. Llewelyn, G. O. Morgan (3), A. C. Humphreys-Owen (3), William N. Bruce, W. Tudor Howell, J. Herbert Lewis, William Abraham ('Mabon'), J. Bryn Roberts, D. Brynmor Jones (2), Edward Jenkins, Frederick York Powell, Daniel Rees (2), Betha Hills-Johnes, Watkin Williams ('Watcyn Wyn'), H. W. Williams (5), James Hamlyn Williams-Drummond, E. Sidney Hartland (2), Magnus Maclean (2), Malcolm Macfarlane, A. G. Boscawen (2), Robert Gascoyne-Cecil (Viscount Cranborne), John Hobson Matthews, Owen Owen, J. H. Rose, F. Victor Dickins, Frederick T. Elworthy (2), Charles Roeder (4), Lewis Morris, H. Augusta Mostyn, Edward Laws, S. A. D'Arcy, P. M. C. Kermode, John Griffiths, Ellis Pierce ('Elis o'r Nant'), Eduard Wölfflin, Fanny Bulkeley-Owen (3), R. Williams, John Williams, and C. H. Firth.

General correspondence,

Includes letters from T. F. Tout (4), Mary Davies (3), Almeric W. FitzRoy, Edward Anwyl, Edith F. Carey, E. Ch. Babut, W. H. Clark (2), W. A. Craigie, J. G. Frazer, Kuno Meyer (6), E. W. B. Nicholson (7), E. Vincent Evans (2), Salomon Reinach (3), Henry Owen (9), Edward Clodd (2), F. Haverfield (2), A. H. Sayce (3), John Ballinger, Henri Lechat (6), A. S. Green (12), Bertram C. A. Windle, Johannes Hoops, W. Boyd Dawkins (2), Alfred P Graves (2), Alfred Daniell, D. Rhys Phillips, Arthur L. Smith, Alfred E. Hudd, R. A. Stewart Macalister (2), G. L. Barstow (2), A. S. Napier, Edward Laws, J. E. de Hirsch Davies, James H. Cousins, C. P. Molhuysen, T. A. Glenn, T. Mansel Franklen (2), Émile Espérandieu, George Eyre Evans (6), D. Lleufer Thomas (2), Marie Henri d’Arbois de Jubainville (2), Michel Jouve, Patrick Lyons (2), Thomas Powel, J. Glyn Davies, Alfred G. Edwards, W. A. Henderson, Robert Cochrane (2), H. R. Reichel, John Edward Lloyd, I. Gollancz, P. M. C. Kermode (2), Henri Gaidoz (2), Julius Pokorny, Richard Lydekker, Charles Plummer, and J. P. Mahaffy.

General correspondence,

Includes letters from J. T. Davies, H. R. Reichel (3), I. Gollancz (5), Kuno Meyer (2), Fritz Jecklin (2), W. A. Raleigh, R. Hughes, E. Walter Rees ('Gwallter Dyfi'), E. H. Goodman Roberts, E. Vincent Evans (5), William B. Halhed (13), J. G. Frazer, H. W. C. Davis, Alice B. Gomme, R. A. Stewart Macalister (5), Frederick G. Wynn (5), Horace Hart (4), Donald A. Mackenzie (3), P. M. C. Kermode (2), Robert Cochrane, Watkin H. Williams, Paul Vinogradoff (2), J. Herbert Lewis (2), Bertram C. A. Windle (4), Edward Owen, W. J. Watson (2), F. Haverfield (2), Christopher Williams, George G. T. Treherne, R. S. Conway, A. H. Sayce (4), E. C. Quiggin, Henri Gaidoz, Earnest A. Hooton, E. S. Dodgson (6), E. Lorimer Thomas, E. Sidney Hartland, Camille Jullian, O. A. Danielsson, W. Boyd Dawkins, M. R. James, Henry Owen, Gwenllian E. F. Morgan (4), Sophia Morrison, Thomas Powel, W. M. Flinders Petrie, J. P. Mahaffy (2), J. Mortimer Angus, Goddard H. Orpen, W. R. Lethaby, Patrick Lyons, Owen Edwards (3), H. J. Fleure, Alfred G. Edwards, George Curzon, George Eyre Evans, Kuno Meyer, Alexander Bugge, and T. E. Lawrence.

General correspondence,

Includes letters from Percy Gardner, T. H. Thomas, Edward Owen (2), Frederic Seebohm, J. G. O'Keeffe (2), Henry Bradley, F. Haverfield, Salomon Reinach, L. Matruchot (2), P. M. C. Kermode (3), Émile Espérandieu (2), Donald A. Mackenzie, Osborn J. Bergin (2), Goddard H. Orpen (5), J. K. Fotheringham (5), W. H. Stevenson, Henry Jackson, William B. Halhead (3), F. Madan, Edward Anwyl, Camille Jullian, George Curzon, Thomas Shankland, Paul Meyer, Henri Gaidoz, Andrew Lang, A. H. Sayce, E. C. Quiggin, Kuno Meyer (3), Walter Runciman (2), E. Ch. Babut, H. H. Asquith, Charles Dalrymple-Hay, William Jones (5), Alice Jones ('Ceridwen Peris'), Robert Windsor-Clive (Earl of Plymouth), Almeric W. FitzRoy (2), Henry Owen (4), Christopher Palles, John Owen, Patrick Lyons (3), Christopher Williams, Alfred G. Edwards, D. Brynmor Jones, Michel Jouve (6), D. Rhys Phillips, H. J. Fleure, John Abercromby, Horace Hart (2), Isaac Criagfryn Hughes, I. Gollancz, A. O. Vaughan ('Owen Rhoscomyl'), George Coffey, R. S. Conway, R. I. Best, Paul Vinogradoff, E. S. Dodgson (5), Arthur J. Evans, and Felix Mazauric.

General correspondence,

Includes letters from James Bryce (3), John Lloyd Warden Page, John Joly (2), J. P. Mahaffy (3), H. M. White (3), W. H. Stevenson (2), Owen Owen, John Ward (2), Richard Ellis (2), Osborn J. Bergin, Ifor Williams, S. J. Evans, Solomon Solomon, George Eyre Evans, Edward Owen (22), J. Glyn Davies (3), R. A. Stewart Macalister (3), D. Brynmor Jones (4), Charles Robert Wynn-Carrington (Earl Carrington), F. Haverfield (3), Alfred G. Edwards, T. F. Roberts, J. H. Davies, Ellis Davies, J. L. Strachan-Davidson, E. C. Quiggin, E. S. Dodgson (7), Rupert H. Morris, A. H. Sayce (2), Willoughby Gardner (3), George G. T. Treherne (2), Arthur J. Evans, William Evans Hoyle, E. Vincent Evans, O. A. Danielsson, C. Hercules Read, and Henry Bradley.

General correspondence,

Includes letters from P. M. C. Kermode (3), Alexander MacBain, Frederic Seebohm (3), J. E. Rogers (2), J. H. Davies, John Young Evans (3), John Hobson Matthews, William C. Borlase (3), J. Fisher (3, enclosing 3 letters from Watcyn Wyn), Howel Walters, Betha Hills-Johnes (3), D. Long Price (2), Thomas Davies (2), Alan Stepney-Gulston, Henry Austin Bruce, G. O. Morgan (2), James R. Thursfield, John Owen (4), D. B. Monro, Emilia F. S. Dilke, E. B. Cowell, Isaac Foulkes ('Llyfrbryf'), E. K. Jones (2), G. Hartwell Jones, Augusta Hall (dictated), W. P. Ker, J. Hugh Edwards, Francis J. Jayne (3), Alfred G. Edwards (4), Charles Plummer, John Jones ('Ivon'), Thomas Powel, Watkin Williams ('Watcyn Wyn') (3), Thomas Levi, John Owen (3), W. A. Craigie (3), W. R. Morfill (2), J. W. Mackail, J. Romilly Allen (3, enclosing a letter from Edward Owen), Malcolm MacFarlane, George Kenyon, Henry Owen (2), J. Herbert Lewis, Samuel Smith, J. Lloyd Morgan, W. Rathbone, J. Herbert Roberts, A. C. Humphreys-Owen, D. A. Thomas, J. Bryn Roberts, D. R. Thomas, Alexander Hugh Bruce, T. K. Cheyne, John Lloyd Warden Page, D. Rhys Jones (3), Edward Laws (4), Arthur J. Evans, William Jones (2), H. W. Williams (6), G. Bowen Jones (2), H. Morse Stephens, Charles Roeder (2), A. W. Moore, Sidney Herbert (Earl of Pembroke), Edward Stanley (3), W. Cadwaladr Davies, H. R. Reichel (2), Frank Harris, Llewellyn Thomas, John Beddoe, Theodor Mommsen (2), Rudolf Thurneysen, A. H. D. Acland, Elias Owen (2), Hugh Williams (2), Ivor James, J. Viriamu Jones, Llywarch Reynolds, and Isaac Taylor.

Letters 1918,

Letters regarding the disestablishment of the Church in Wales and its various aspects from W. G. F. Phillimore, Frank Morgan (14), A. G. Edwards (5), W. S. de Winton and others. Also included in the file are an agenda of the Standing Committee of the GB, and a press cutting from the Church Times, 1918, concerning meetings of the GB, 1918.

De Winton, Wilfred Seymour, 1856-1929.

Letters to David Lloyd George,

General correspondence, 1909-10, of David Lloyd George, including letters to him from Alfred George Edwards, bishop of St Asaph (1), Sir Henry Jones (1), Sir John Herbert Lewis (1), Alexander Murray, the Master of Elibank (1), and Richard Webster, 1st viscount Alverstone (1).

Letters to David Lloyd George,

General correspondence, 1912-13, of David Lloyd George, including letters to him from Alfred George Edwards (1), Sir John Herbert Lewis (2), Sir John Rhŷs (1), Sir Ernest Shackleton (1), George Macaulay Trevelyan (1), and William Llewelyn Williams (1).

Letters to T. Huws Davies,

  • NLW MS 16354D.
  • File
  • 1906-1930.

Some thirty-eight letters, 1906-1930, in English and Welsh, addressed to Thomas Huws Davies, relating to the work of the Welsh Church Commission (of which he was secretary, 1914-1940) and to other religious bodies in Wales and the Welsh Church Acts.
Among the correspondents are J. H. Davies, 1913 (ff. 5-10), A. G. Edwards, Archbishop of Wales, 1909-1923 (ff. 13-15, 17), E. T. John, 1930 (ff. 21-24), Frank Morgan, 1920 (f. 27), Sir H[enry] W. Primrose, 1918-1919 (ff. 28-41), Alfred Thomas, Baron Pontypridd, 1913 (ff. 48-49), R[ichard] M[acaulay] Thomas, 1909-1911 (ff. 50-57), Sir John Williams, 1909 (f. 58), and W. Llewelyn Williams, 1910-1917 (ff. 61-70). Also included are one letter each from Davies, 1919 (ff. 42-45), and A. G. Edwards, 1920 (f. 16), to Sir H. W. Primrose; a letter from C[harles] P[restwich] Scott to J. Arthur Price, 1912 (f. 47); and two drafts of a letter by Davies, on behalf of the Home Secretary, published in The Times, 17 June 1912, p. 4 (ff. 71-77).

Davies, T. Huws (Thomas Huws), 1882-1940.

Letters to the Reverend D. E. Jenkins,

Forty letters, etc., from Henry Lambert (for the Under Secretary of State, Colonial Office), Downing Street, 1914 (a reply to a query relating to Samuel Shute [1662-1742], Governor of New England), Audrey S. Lee, Kew Gardens, undated (personal, thanks for a book about Wales), [the Reverend] Robert M[cClellan] L[auriston] Lee, Yetminster Vicarage, Sherborne, 1906 (2) (information relating to [the Reverend] Edward and [the Reverend] Blakely Cooper, father and son, successively vicars of Yetminster, and a copy of a memorial inscription to the former, ob. 1810), C[harles] Leudesdorf (registrar), University Registry, Oxford, 1923 (extracts from University records relating to four persons named Thomas Beynon, who had been members of the University), [the Reverend] J[ohn] Morgan Lewis, Llanddeiniol, 1906 (searches in the Llanddeiniol parish registers), [the Reverend] J[ohn] T[imothy] Lewis, The Rectory, Llanfyrnach, 1906 (an extract from the Llanfyrnach parish register recording the burial of the Rev[eren]d David Davies, rector of the parish, 1820, and a copy of the inscription on his tombstone), [the Reverend] W[illiam] R[ichardson] Linton, Shirley Vicarage, Derby, 1906 (2) (information relating to [the Reverend] W[alter] Shirley, ob. 1859, and [the Reverend] W[alter] A[ugustus] Shirley, ob. 1847 [father and son], both former vicars of Shirley), [the Reverend] E[van] D[avid] Lloyd, Mallwyd Rectory, 1906 (the Rev[erend] Thomas Morgan's curacy at Mallwyd, 1783-1800 ), John Edward Lloyd (professor of History, University College of North Wales), Bangor, 1915 (enclosing a testimonial in support of recipient's application for a teaching post), [the Reverend] J[ohn] S[mith] Longdon, The Rectory, Cadoxton - Barry, [19]60 (a list of the rectors of Cadoxton, 1626-1902), the Rev[erend] A. Macdonald (pastor of the Congregational church), Milborne Port, 1904 (the pastors of the church, 1754-1785, an appeal for a financial contribution towards the church), Arthur J. Mackey (diocesan registrar), Diocesan Registry, Exeter, 1905 (information relating to the Rev[erend] W[illia]m Williams, curate of St. Gennys [co. Cornwall], circa 1794), John E[yton] B[ickersteth] Mayor, [Kennedy Professor of Latin, University of] Cambridge, 1904 (information regarding the Rev[erend] John Mayor, vicar of Shawbury, ob. 1826, ? the writer's grandfather, the writer's opinion that Mr. [Thomas] Charles's letters, ? to the Reverend John Mayor, must have been destroyed years ago in a great holocaust at Cossington parsonage, drawing recipient's attention to an analysis of the story of Mary Jones and her Bible in W[illia]m Canton: [A] Hist[ory] of the [British and Foreign] Bible Soc[iety (London, 1904)], vol. I, appendix i), K. A. Mayor, ? sister of the previous writer, [London], undated (enclosing sketches of Shawbury church and village (missing), and extracts from letters sent by the Rev[eren]d John Mayor, from Shawbury, to his son, William Henry Mayor, in Bermuda, 1825 (personal and family news), by Lieut[ enant] John Mayor, R.N. [son of the aforementioned Reverend John Mayor], from Shawbury, to [his brother] W. H. Mayor, 1826 (the death of their father), and by the Rev[eren]d Robert Mayor [another son of the said Reverend John Mayor] to his brother, W. H. Mayor, at Madeley, 1829 (the writer's return from Ceylon, personal and family affairs, the settlement of the Catholic emancipation question)), [the Reverend] Cha[rle]s Morgan, Rhoscrowther Rectory, 1904 (a record in the Rhoscrowther parish register of the marriage of John Charles and Alice Gwyther, 1811), [the Reverend] Dan[ie]l Morgan, Llantrisant Rectory, Anglesey, 1907 (a copy of a memorial inscription to John Jones of Bodynolwyn wen, parish of Llantrisant, ob. 1813), Evan E[dward] Morgan, Brecon, 1914-1915 (6) (information relating to members of the Cook or Coke family having connections with the Brecon and Llanfrynach areas, mention of Joseph Harris [1704-1764, brother of Howel Harris], his book on optics [A Treatise on Optics (London, 1775)], his astronomical observations at Trevecka 'which he proposed to read before the Royal Society in London', his essay on money [An Essay Upon Money and Coins (1757)], and his mission to the West Indies, references to 'Poole's History of Breconshire' [Edwin Poole: The Illustrated History and Biography of Brecknockshire (Brecknock,1886)], an elderly resident of Brecon (circa 1902-1904), who had seen Eliz[abeth] Prichard, née Harris [daughter of Howel Harris], the doubts about publishing the 'Historical Magazine' [Cylchgrawn Cymdeithas Hanes y Methodistiaid Calfinaidd, the first part of which appeared in March 1916], a list of the shareholders of the Brecknock and Abergavenny Canal in 1840 which included the name of Prichard Howell Harries, extracts from [Edwin] Poole [:History . . . of Brecknockshire] relating to T[homas] J[effery] Llewelyn Prichard, author of [The Adventures and Vagaries of] Twm Shon Catti [(Aberystwyth, 1828)], the possibility that Prichard was 'of the Harris breed', thanks for a copy of Bishop [aft. Archbishop Alfred George] Edwards: Landmarks [in the History of the Welsh Church (London, 1912)], with comments on the work), W. Morgan, Ilford, [19]20 (property transactions), A. Morris, Newport, [co.] Mon[mouth], [19]15 (the writer's intended work on Methodism in Monmouthshire), Lewis Morris, Carmarthen, [19]06 (the writer's grandmother, Mary Anne Morris, née Reynolds, ob. 1839), A[ndrew] Munro (bursar), Queen' s College, Cambridge, [19]32 (information relating to Robert Humphreys, B. A., of Queen's College, 1805, and Robert Humphreys, B.A., of the same college, 1843), F[rederick] J[ohn] North, National Museum of Wales, Cardiff, 1937 (a query concerning the brothers Hugh and Robert Owen, who were connected with the publication of the maps of Humphrey Lhuyd [1527-1568, physician and antiquary. See F. J. North: Humphrey Lhuyd's Maps of England and of Wales (Cardiff, 1937), pp. 11-12]), W. T. Ottewill, India Office, Whitehall, 1935 (a note on the Reverend Josiah Woodward who had been appointed 'to the Chapel of Poplar' by the East India Company in 1690) ( attached is a copy of a letter addressed by Josiah Woodward to the secretary of the said Company, 1710), Owen J. Owen, West Kirby, 1918 (the writer's interest in any source-material relating to Thomas Charles and the Methodist cause in Liverpool), Frederick Pane, Abergele, [19]11 (inviting recipient to deliver an address to a class of young men), A. Parnell, Littlehampton, 1907 (the writer's great-uncle, Thomas Parnell), [the Reverend] David Phillips, Radyr Rectory, Cardiff, 1907 (2) (the Rev[erend] Daniel Jones, curate of Radyr, circa 1787-1821, the communion plate presented to the parish in 1784), Andrew Picken (secretary), Queen's University, Belfast, 1932 (recipient's request to be admitted as a candidate for a doctor's degree, and his gift of three books to the University), K[enneth] Povey (librarian), Queen's University, Belfast, 1932 (acknowledging receipt of a copy of recipient's biography of Thomas Charles), and A[rthur] Ivor Pryce (diocesan registrar), Diocesan Registry, Bangor, 1905-1907 (3) (searches in the diocesan records on behalf of recipient, recipient's book on Beddgelert, good wishes for the success of recipient's magnum opus [on Thomas Charles], general comments on church restoration, the writing of biography, the 18th century church's policy of moderating enthusiasm, and the wisdom of the steps taken by [Thomas] Charles and his friends).

Letters to William George Arthur Ormsby-Gore : correspondents A-H,

Correspondents include General Sir Ronald Forbes Adam, 1941, John Anderson, 1939, Sir Evelyn Baring, 1943, Henry Cavendish Bentinck, Gwendolen Cecil, 1932, General Sir Gilbert Falkingham Clayton, 1917, Lord David Davies, 1918-1943, the Duke of Devonshire, 1942, Sir Patrick Duff., 1938, Sir Patrick Duncan, 1942, Sir Lionel Earle, 1933, Alfred George Edwards, Bishop of St Asaph, 1914, Sir Cyril Fox, 1938, Sir Ernest Basil Gibson, 1942, Sir Ronald Graham, 1917, Maurice Pascal Alers Hankey, 1918-1936, David George Hogarth, 1917, and Sir Charles John Holmes, 1907. Letters of particular interest are from Thomas Hopper Alderson on his receipt of the George Cross, 1940; the Earl of Crawford and Balcarres concerning London galleries and the British Museum, preservation of valuable pictures and manuscripts, and wartime forestry damage to Chequers, 1942; the Earl of Cromer on the silver jubilee celebration of George V, 1935; and Beatrice ('Mima') Ormsby-Gore on a royal tour of South Africa, 1947.

Adam, Ronald Forbes, Sir, 1885-1982.

Letters to William Richard Ormsby-Gore : : correspondents C-F,

Correspondents include Lord Clanricarde, 1871-1873, Edward Cooper, 1845, Sir Ralph Cusack, 1875, Alfred George Edwards, Bishop of St Asaph, 1895, and George Lane Fox, 1875. Also of interest are accounts of events at the Victorian royal court by Horatia Erskine and Mary Egerton; and the latter 's description of Heinrich Schliemann during a tour of Greece, 1872.

Clanricarde, Ulick John De-Burgh, Marquis of, 1802-1874.

Letters, &c.,

Seventeen holograph letters addressed to Mrs. (aft. Lady) [Mary Louisa] Ramsay. The writers include A[lfred] G[eorge Edwards], bishop of St. Asaph, 1893-1900 (Boswell Smith's letters, the recipient's leaflet, with comments on its revision and its translation into Welsh), James Geikie, Jedburgh, 1874 (the recipient's paper on the Upper Rhine Valley, the writer's visit to 'the country of Dandie Dinmont', - the head of the Rule Water), W[illiam] Basil [Tickell Jones], bishop of St. Davids, 1893 (Boswell Smith's letters, comments on the Welsh Suspensory Bill and on a meeting of Nonconformists at Amlwch), M[ary] E. Lyell [from London], 1861 (comments on Mrs. [S. M.] Hall's letter) (see NLW MS 11588D) J[ohn] Owen, St. David's College, Lampeter [aft. bishop of St. Davids], [18]95 (the recipient's letter, an attack on Anglesey clergy by the Reverend Daniel Rowlands of the Normal College, Bangor, the remark about Mr. Lloyd George's 'mendacious audacity', the recipient's comments on the Welsh clergy of sixty or seventy years ago), J[ohn] Rhys (loan Rhys), Rhosybol, Jes[us] Col[lege], Oxford, etc., 1865-1871 (thanks for offer to show the writer's papers to friends, etymology, the writer's candidature for an exhibition at Jesus College, Oxford, and his subsequent petitions to the City Companies for exhibitions, the writer's Celtic studies, comments on Scottish Lowland names, the writer's acquaintances in Oxford, the writer's choice of a profession), Lucy Tait, Lambeth Palace, on behalf of [Archibald Campbell Tait], archbishop of Canterbury, 1895 (a request by the Church Literature Committee for permission to print part of the recipient's letter to The Times), Charles Williams [Principal of Jesus College], Oxford, [18]72 (the Marquis of Bute’ s secession to the Roman Catholic faith, references to Miss De Bunsen and Miss Johnes and to the coming-of-age festivities of Mr. Herbert, grandson of Lady Llanover [aft. 1st baron Treowen], the beauties of Oban, the price of coals), W[illiam] Wynn Williams, Menaifron, Caernarvon, 1862 (the writer's visit to Cefn cave, the Madocian discovery of America, news of the family and of friends, an execution at Beaumaris, Caernarvonshire assizes) (with an enclosure entitled 'Welsh Indians' transcribed by the writer from the Cambrian Register, 1795, pp. 377-80); together with verses entitled 'Glynirvon, a lifelong memory' and signed 'Feb. 8th 1850. Montgomery'.

Llythyrau at H. Cernyw Williams,

  • NLW MS 10440C.
  • File
  • 1875-1933.

Letters addressed to H. Cernyw Williams, the correspondents including Joseph Angus, London, 1892; Alfred George Edwards, Archbishop of Wales, 1933; Owen M. Edwards, Oxford, 1899-1905; William Hobley, Caernarvon, 1904; Benjamin Humphreys, Llanelli, 1933; Henry Jones, Llangernyw and Glasgow, 1905-1919; Robert Jones, Llanllyfni, 1905; Robert Jones, Rotherhithe, 1898; Wilfrid Lawson, House of Commons, 1889; Daniel Lewis Lloyd, Bishop of Bangor, 1897; Ellis Roberts ('Elis Wyn o Wyrfai'), Llangwm, 1886; Thomas Shankland, Bangor, 1904; Edward B. Underhill, London, 1892; and Peter Williams ('Pedr Hir'), Tredegar, 1895.

Notes on the bishop of St Asaph's landmarks,

A typescript, ?printer's copy of D. E. Jenkins's pamphlet Notes on the Bishop of St. Asaph's Landmarks (Chapters XII, XIII) (Denbigh, 1913), containing a critical analysis of chapters 12-13 of Alfred George Edwards [ bishop of St. Asaph, aft. archbishop of Wales]: Landmarks in the History of the Welsh Church (London, 1912).

D. E. Jenkins.

The Bible in Wales,

Papers and correspondence relating to the exhibition of Welsh Bibles arranged in the Cardiff Reference Library in 1904 and to the publication of The Bible in Wales, 1906; an annotated draft list of Welsh Bibles, 1903; press cuttings of reviews; and letters by Alfred George Edwards, bishop of St. Asaph, William E. A. Axon, H. Arnold Bemrose, Derby; Joseph Bradney, F. J. Burgoyne, Lambeth Library; J. Glyn Davies, Aberystwyth; W. H. Davey, dean of Llandaff; Charles Morgan Davies, Merthyr Tydfil; D. S. Davies, Denbigh; J. H. Davies, Aberystwyth; John Davies, Pandy; E. S. Dodgson; D. A. Evans, Barry; Griffith Ellis, Bootle; Richard Ellis, Oxford; J. Gwenogvryn Evans; S. J. Evans, Llangefni; John Fisher, Cefn; Mrs. Alan Gough, Gelliwig; C. A. H. Green, Aberdare; Edward Griffith, Dolgelley; Alan Stepney-Gulston; William Haines, Penpergwm; Meredith J. Hughes, Colwyn Bay; Ivor James, Chester; D. E. Jenkins, Denbigh; Lewis D. Jones ('Llew Tegid'); R. J. Jones, Aberdare; R. Saunders Jones, Garston; T. W. Lyster, Dublin; Horace F. Moule, London; Thomas Powel, Penarth; R. A. Roberts, Public Record Office; R. Roberts, Sheffield; R. Gwylfa Roberts; Sidney Robinson, M. P.; Smith Brothers, London; D. R. Thomas, St. Asaph; Edmund Verney, Winslow; and G. J. Williams, Bangor.