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James, J. Spinther (James Spinther), 1837-1914
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Autograph letters,

Autograph letters, mainly to 'Gwilym Cowlyd', from [?Avaon] Eryri (1872); 'Cynwal' (1879); 'Clwydfardd' (1875); 'Cyfanwy' (1882); 'Cadvan' (1862); 'Caerwyson' (1886); C. W. Jones (Secretary of the Cymmrodorion Society) (1883); 'Cymrygarwr' (1878); 'Crych Elen', Cyffdy; autograph letters to 'Gwilym Cowlyd' from 'Gwilym Dyfi' (1884); John M. Davies (1898); 'Druisim' (1884); 'Telynor y Gogledd' (1876); Elias Davies ('Ehedydd Arfon') (1889); William Davies (1862); I. I. Davies (1889); J. H. Davies (1904); 'Dewi Glan Ffrydlas' (1881); E. Ellis (1862); R. C. Evans, Dolgelley (1903); 'Elfyn' (1893); 'Eos Môn' (1876); 'Eos y Berth' (1880); 'Elldeyrn' (1876); Vincent Evans (1898); D. Silvan Evans (1881, 1884, 1882); 'Eos Llechid' (1862); David Francis, Gwrtherid (1888); 'Gwilym Ebrill' (1881); 'Glan Tecwyn' (1892); 'Granwllefab' (1879); 'Gwenllian' (1901); 'Gutyn Ebrill' (1878); 'Hugh Fylchi' (1869); John Hughes (1875); Ceiriog Hughes (1875); John Hughes, Tanygrisiau; 'Iolo Môn' (1877); 'Illtyd' (1892); William Jones ('Gwilym Meirion') (1897); R. Jones ('Trebor Aled') (1899); J. Jones (Dwdan) (1890); David Jones ('Dewi Padarn') (1863); 'Ieuan Eifion' (1863); T. James (1878); Richard James; R. H. Hugh Jones; Spinther James (1887); O. Jones, Rhuddlan (1893); Owen Jones, Llansantffraid (1896); Cynwal Jones, Conwy (1881); J. Jones ('Ogwenydd') (1881); David Jones ('Dafydd Morganwg') (1879); Owen Jones ('Telyn Seiriol') (1880); W. M. Jones, Bettws y Coed (1889); W. H. Jones ('Gwilym Dâr') (1878); John Jones ('Talhaiarn') (1869, 1863, 1868); E. Doged Jones, Lerpwl; Tudno Jones; Idris Fychan (1884); Iolo Trefaldwyn (1877); 'Llallawg' (1878); 'Llew Llwyfo' (1891); 'Llinos Moelwyn' (1899); 'Ap Myrddin' (1890); an autograph letter to R[ichar]d Hughes from Osborne Morgan (1878); autograph letters to 'Gwilym Cowlyd' from 'Machraeth Môn' (1896); 'Morien' (1894); Lord Mostyn (1898); H[uw] Machno (1875); W. Morgan ('Penfro') (1883); Alfred Moffat (1902); 'Mynyddog' (1879); 'Owain Alaw' (1873); Edw[ard] H. Owen, Tycoch; 'Pencerdd Eifion'; Robert Parry, Ruthin (1862); D. E. Phillips, Pontypridd (1893); 'Penfro' (1889); Tho[ma]s Powel, Penarth (1887, 1894); John Roberts, Ruthin; Robyn Wyn (1878); T. Herbert Roberts, Abergele (1900); Llywarch Reynolds (1884); 'Rhuddfryn' (1862); Ellis Roberts, Corwen (1878); T. F. Roberts, Aberystwyth (1895); John Rhys, Oxford (1895); John Roberts (Welsh Harper) (1878); Robin Delynor (1884); Evan Rees ('Dyfed') (1881, 1885); an autograph letter to Lord Mostyn from 'Gwilym Cowlyd' (1878); autograph letters to 'Gwilym Cowlyd' from 'Taliesin Hiraethog' (1884); 'Trebor Aled' (1899); Edw[ard] Thomas, Blaenau Ffestiniog; R. W. Tudor, Tanygrisiau (1894); 'Teibal Lleifiad' (1895); 'Taliesin o Eifion' (1876); Egerton Phillimore (1882); Cornwallis West (1886); R. Môn Williams; John Williams ('Eos Môn'); and miscellaneous papers containing poetry and adjudications.


Letters, mainly addressed to Evan Owen, on matters relating to Baptist churches and organizations. The writers include Alfred H. Baynes, London, 1878; Charles Davies, Bangor, 1877; T. Witton Davies, Haverfordwest, 1883; Griffith Ellis, Bootle, 1908; J. Spinther James, Llandudno, 1877-1905; L. W. Lewis, Liverpool ('Llew Llwyfo'), 1899; and Thomas Lewis, Pontymister, 1885.

Cronfa Spinther,

A collection, bound in two volumes, of holographs and some transcripts of letters by Welsh Baptists or of Welsh Baptist interest generally known as 'Cronfa Spinther'. The letters were originally brought together by, and, except where otherwise stated in the following description, were addressed to, the Reverend Ellis Evans (1786-1864), Baptist minister and historian, of Cefn-mawr, Denbighshire. Only four parts of the proposed Hanes y Bedyddwyr .... by Ellis Evans were published (Llangollen, 1860-4) and after his death the letters passed in turn to the Reverend William Roberts ('Nefydd'; 1813-72), Blaenau Gwent, who had contemplated a continuation of the History, the Reverend James (Spinther) James ('Spinther'; 1837-1914), author of Hanes y Bedyddwyr yn Nghymru, 4 vols (Caerfyrddin, 1893-1907), and Principal J. H. Davies. The writers include Miles Harri, Pont y Pool to [Howell Harris], 1739-40 (3) (enclosing copies for sale of 'the first thing printed at Pontypool', the distribution of other religious publications) (extracts in the hand of Richard Bennett, Llanbrynmair, with two covering letters from Richard Bennett to ['Spinther'], 1903) (see 'Spinther': op. cit., vol. III, p. xii, and James Ifano Jones, A History of Printing and Printers in Wales ... (Cardiff, 1925), pp. 215-16); Robert Edwards [from Ruthin] to the Reverend Richard Jones, Ruthin [1792] (the writer's renunciation of paedobaptism and his defection from the Anglican church) (with orthographical revisions by 'Spinther' for publication), Archibald McLean, Baptist minister, Edinburgh to William Richards, Baptist Minister, [King's] Lynn, 1783, and to and from Andrew Fuller, Baptist theologian, Cetering [sic], 1796 (the doctrines and church order of McLean and his followers) (Welsh translations, with extracts from the New Evangelical Magazine, 1816, 1824, and with annotations, all in the hand of Ellis Evans), W[illia]m Roberts, Garegfawr [Holyhead] to Robert Roberts, Glanwydden, minister of Salem Baptist Church, Glan Conwy, 1793 (the success of the recipient's church and greetings to members, the death of the writer's only son) (transcript, with annotations, by Ellis Evans, with additional notes by Ellis Evans on the Reverend John Pritchard, Llangollen, 1796), J[ohn] (aft. J[ohn] R[ichard]) Jones, Baptist minister, Ramoth, etc. to David Richards, Baptist minister, Caerphilly, etc., 1795-1822 (21) (news of the writer and of individual members of Baptist congregations in Caernarvonshire, preaching engagements for the recipient in North Wales and for his brother Joseph in South Wales, the writer's views on the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the ordination of Edm[un]d Francis in Anglesey and the forthcoming ordination of W[illia]m Roberts in Lleyn and of E[van] Evans in Garn, the writer's defence against the recipient's criticism of his doctrines, the writer's collections towards the meeting-house at Harlech, the abandonment of Association meetings in Gwynedd, the corruption of ministers, charges of Antinomianism against the recipient, replies to questions by the recipient on faith and church order, the writer's proposed meeting with Archibald McLean in Liverpool, the recipient's charge that the writer referred oftener to McLean than to Jesus Christ, comments on the faith and order of the writer's church and on his relationships with the recipient's brother Joseph, observations on the Arminian doctrine attributed to [the Reverend] Titus Lewis, the recipient's visit to Merioneth, a request for news of South Wales Baptists, a criticism of methods used by Bible Societies, critical observations on 'Geiriadur Ysgrythyrol Charles o'r Bala', the death of McLean, the progress of the cause at Harlech since the split of 1817, news of the writer's sister Elizabeth Jones in Steuben (New York), revulsion at the conduct of the recipient's brother Joseph towards his own ailing son, the writer's illness, deplores the movements of Nonconformist ministers from one church to another, the split at Harlech and the building of Rehoboth meeting-house, the success of disciples of John Wesley in North Wales, the recipient's request for publications by McLean, news of the recipient's mother and of others in Llanuwchllyn, greetings from the writer's church, the death of Miss E. Price of Pwllypant) (including two transcripts for Ellis Evans, and with some additions by Joseph Richards), John [R] Jones, Ramoth to Archibald McLean, 1796-1806 (5) (Welsh translations by the writer of the recipient's publications, recent developments among North Wales Baptists, the order of service in the writer's church, progress among the writer's adherents, the 'late separation' at Dolgelley, the death of the writer's sister Sara Jones, an account of [the Reverend] John Edwards and the church at Glyn[ceiriog], reports on the churches at Crickerth [sic], Ramoth and Harlech, scriptural interpretations, the loss of the writer's last letter) (transcripts and one Welsh translation in the hands of J. R. Jones and Ellis Evans), Archibald McLean, Edinburgh to [J. R. Jones], 1796-1800 (4) (the success of the writer's church, secession, the writer's publications, the recipient's declining health, exposition of scriptural passages, a dispute with Joseph Richards on account of the latter's alleged Sabellian beliefs) (Welsh translations in the hands of J. R. Jones and Ellis Evans, with one endorsement by Ellis Evans recording 'Y bedyddiadau yn Llanufydd', the first entry dated 1795), Christmas Evans, Hugh Williams, and Edmund Francis, Baptist ministers, from Llangefni to [Archibald McLean], 1796 (the foundation of Llangefni church on the basis of the recipient's doctrines) (Welsh translation in the hand of Ellis Evans), Christmas Evans, Casbach [Castleton] to David Richards, Glan-cam-ddwr [Llanafan, near Builth], [17]95 (a request for collections from the churches at Pan[t] y Celyn, 'y bont newydd' [Newbridge] and Builth ('Llanfair'), Christmas Evans to 'Eglwys yr Engine', near Swansea, c.1796 (greetings, an exposition of fourteen points of the writer's beliefs) (transcript in the hand of Ellis Evans, with additional annotations by Ellis Evans on the life of Christmas Evans and on the growth of the church at Llangefni), J. [R.] Jones, Ramoth to Thomas Parry, Chester, 1799 (the secession of the writer and his church) (two transcripts), J. [R.] Jones, Ramoth to William Jones, bookseller, Liverpool, 1799 (secession from the North Wales churches, the state of the writer's church) (transcript by the writer, with an incomplete transcript in another hand), David Davies, Dyfn Nant [Radnorshire] to David Richard, Wickfawr, near Bridgend, 1799 (the death of [Mary Davies] of Dyfn Nant, personal news) (in the hand of Abraham Jones 'or Bont Newydd'), J. [R.] Jones, Hafotty to John Roberts, Brynn deynydd issa, Llanufudd, 1799 (secession) (transcript by the writer, and another transcript for Ellis Evans), Joseph Richard, Llanywchlyn to his brother David Richard, Wick, near Bri[d]gend, 1799-1800 (2) (a proposed visit to the recipient, the state of the church at Lanywchlyn, an appeal to the recipient to use moderation in his theological beliefs, the secession of J. [R.] Jones and the writer's break with him, the erection of a meeting-house at Dolgelle) (with two transcripts, the one by and the other for Ellis Evans), Christmas Evans to John [R.] Jones, Ramoth, 1801 (a theological disputation, Welsh translation by the writer of a work by McLean), J. R. Jones (observations on 'Llythyrau a Sylwiadau' by John Roberts [senior] of Llanbrynmair), D[avid] Owen '(Dewi Wyn o Eifion'), Caerwen [sic] to [J. R. Jones], 1814-15 (2) (Welsh translations by the writer of hymns for the recipient, observations on the recipient's hymns), Peter Jones, Baptist minister, Llwyn-Cus [Llanlleonfel] to David Richards, Pantrhosley, near Bridge-end, 1804-05 (2) (the progress of the writer's church [at Pantycelyn], the writer's recent disputation with the Independents at Llwyn-non on the subject of paedobaptism, an accident to the wife of Tyn-y-bili), [J. R. Jones], Ramoth to [ ], 1806 (the death of H. D. Inglis, the effect of the writer's remarks on Mr Fuller's pamphlet, the publication by the writer of a collection of hymns, the state of the churches 'in our connection'), Tim[oth]y Thomas, Baptist minister, Islington to Edmund Francis, Carnarvon, 1802 (3) (the suspension of payment from the [Particular Baptist] Fund to the church at Rhosllanerchrugog, with reference to dissension in the church and their refusal of intercourse with other churches assisted by the Fund, to a suggested form of register of births and burials, and to the recipient's distribution of Fund money), John Blayney, Baptist minister, Llanberis to the Managers of the Particular Baptist's [sic] Fund (addressed to the Reverend W.

Button, bookseller, 24 Paternoster Row, London), 1805 (a petition for assistance to buy books) (with a recommendation on the dorse signed by th following Baptist ministers, - Titus Lewis, Carmarthen, Evan Evans, Horeb [Garn Dolbenmaen], Sam[ue]l Breeze, Aberystwyth and Tho[ma]s Jones, Glyn Cyiriog), Dafydd Saunders, Baptist minister [of Aberdyar, etc.] from Deptford to David Richards, near Bridgend (re-addressed to John [R.] Jones, Rhamoth), 1807 (the writer's mission among the Welsh Baptists in London), Joseph Harries ('Gomer') Swansea to David Richards, Corntown, 1808 (an urgent request to come to Swansea), Morgan Evans, Baptist minister, Ty'n y Cwm [Pantycelyn, Brecknockshire] to John R Jones, Gareg fawr, near Tan y bwlch Inn, 1808 (the recipient's secession from the Calvinistic Baptists, the writer's health, Baptist news from south-east Wales, the death of Mrs Joshua Thomas of Leominster), David Saunders, Baptist minister [of Aberdyar, etc], Undergrove, near Lampeter, to John R. Jones, Garreg fawr, 1808 (the recipient's conduct in 'leaving the South ... so short and tottally', a 'fatal fever' in Cardiganshire, the death of Gabriel Rees [of Rhydwilym] and David Evan of Cilfowyr, news of minister friends, 'tolerable' success of the Wesleyan Methodists in the Lampeter area, the writer's temporary charge of a Welsh church in London), John [P] Davies, Baptist minister [Holywell] to Evan Evans, Baptist minister, Cefn-mawr, 1810 (observations on a theological disputation [in the church at Cefn-mawr] ), Thomas Evans, Baptist minister, Aberystwyth to David Richard, Pit Cod, near Bridge End, 1810 (the writer's health, the recovery of a sick girl annointed with oil by the writer and the recipient, news of the writer's church), [Joseph Harries ('Gomer'), Baptist minister] Swansea to Evan Evans, Cefn-mawr, 1810 (dissension in the recipient's church, Arminian doctrines attributed to the writer and the recipient) (mutilated, signature cut away), Joseph Richard, Baptist minister, Dolgelle, 1811 (personal, urging the recipient to return [from the Academy at Abergavenny] to Merioneth), Ellis Robert(s), Dolgellau, 1811 (the dispatch of a box for the recipient [at Abergavenny], personal, the state of the cause at Dolgellau, news of Joseph [Richard]), David Cadwaledar Richard, Caerphilly to John [R] Jones, Ramoth, 1812 (the writer's theological problems, news of progress of the Baptists at Cowbridge, Bridgend, Caerphilly, etc. and of individual Baptist ministers and mutual acquaintances, the coming of Mr Fuller to Wales and the writer's fear of the consequences, a proposed visit to Pembrokeshire, greetings from friends), Jes[se] Jones, Llans[an]tffraid [Glan Conwy] and Steuben, ?1812-44 (2) (news of friends, the progress of the writer's church [Salem, Ffordd-las], the state of the [Baptist] cause at Roe [Wen], Baptist progress in Anglesey with a reference to the preaching and counter-preaching of John Ellias and Christmas Evans on baptism, a proposed visit to Pembrokeshire, the recipient's studies; a split among the Baptist churches in the neighbourhood of Steuben [New York] and a declaration of the articles of faith of Steuben church), [Micah Thomas, Baptist minister, Abergavenny, and president of the Baptist Academy, Abergavenny], [1817] (a recommendation by the writer for brother John Davies, no recollection of the books mentioned by the recipient, the erection of a 'comfortable' meeting-house by the writer's congregation and the progress of the cause, personal) (mutilated, signature cut away), Rich[ar]d Foulkes ('Silas Glan Dyfrdwy'), Baptist minister, ?1819 (the defection of Thomas [Rhys] Davies at Llansantffraid [Glan Conwy] and a request by the writer for the recipient to accompany him there), Tho[ma]s R[ees] Davies, Baptist minister, Glanwdden, 1844 and undated (2) (subscribing an appeal to the writer from Evan Prichard and Owen Owens on behalf of the Baptist church at Pwllhely, 1819, for preaching engagements, the writer's presence at the Association is unlikely), Evan Evans, Baptist minister, Carludd [London], 1819-26 (4) (hopes for the success of the recipient's church, inquiries about church members and about the churches at Harwt, Cefnbychan, Llangollen, etc., a request for the date of the writer's ordination and for the sermon texts from the Cefn-mawr church register, the progress of the writer's church, collections in London towards Baptist churches, the birth of a daughter to the writer, recommends writing to J[ohn] Jones of Ramoth for information about North Wales ministers, the writer's inability to procure books for the recipient, inquiring about the present position between Glyn [Ceiriog] church and Ed[war]d Morris, excommunications in Cefn-mawr church, the pamphlet of Tho[ma]s Jones of Denbigh in praise of C[hristmas] Evans, the marriage of the writer's daughter and her willingness to accept christening at the request of the curate of Ruabon, the importance of publishing correspondence in a similar case between [William] Williams, Cardigan and the bishop of St Davids, the success of the writer's collections towards defraying the Cefn-mawr church debt, news of the writer's church, the reconciliation of Anglesey Baptists, the recipient's request for a copy of the Baptist Register) (one letter, 1826, forming part of a letter addressed to Mr John Owens, Cefn Mawr), E[van] Evans, Caerludd to the Baptist church at Cefn Mawr (addressed to John Owens, Cefn Mawr), 1820 (instructions regarding individual petitions for assistance from 'War ffynd y Gweddwon gweinidogion', justification for the writer's action in not recommending Tho[ma]s R. Davies to the ministry at Cefn Mawr, reports of the Pwllheli Association and of the progress of the Baptist cause there), William Davies, Deerfield, near Utica, Onida County, New York State, 1821-2 (2) (news of the family of the wife's uncle Owen Owens from Llansaint Fraid [Glan Conwy], autobiographical information by the writer, an account of Welsh Baptist and other churches and ministers in Steuben and in Utica, contemporary economic conditions in America, greetings to relatives and friends in Wales) (one letter annotated by "Spinther": 'Dyma'r William Davis [sic] y darniodd ei fam ei ddillad â'r fwyell ar y plocyn rhag iddo fyned i gael ei fedyddio'), J[oseph] Harris ('Gomer'), Swansea, 1821-4 (2) (offence caused by the writer to Jno. Roberts by his request for the payment of money, the distribution of Seren [Gomer], a request to John Evans of Minerva [sic] near Wrexham for the payment of £7.6.9 with a receipt to Elis Evans for £4.13.0 signed by Rich[ar]d Owens), Ioan Richards, Llanuwchllyn to his uncle [? David Richards], 1821 (the writer's departure from his employment at Towyn, an account of the church and chapel of the writer's uncle [J. R. Jones] at Harlech, W[illia]m Davies at present ministering [to the Baptist church] at Dolgelley, dissension in the [Baptist] church at Llanuwchllyn, references to uncles Cadwalader and Benjamin, greetings from family members, the resumption of preaching by old R[obert] Roberts ['Y Sandeman'], several sudden deaths in the Bala area), Owen Owens, Trenton, Onida County, New York State, 1821 (detailed news of the writer and his family and of Welsh Baptist churches and members in his area) (with a brief addition by Lucy Maurice, with whom Owen Owens lived at the time) (addressed to the writer's nephew and niece and directed to Ellis Evans), Tim[oth]y Thomas, Baptist minister [of Islington], 1823 (a form of receipt for assistance for the widow of the Reverend William Roberts of Cefn Mawr), B[enjamin] Jones ['P. A. Môn'], Holyhead to [John Jones, Baptist minister, Pwllheli], 1824 (transcript by 'Spinther', 1902, of the original letter in 'Llythyrau Llenorion', vol. IV, of 'Myrddin Fardd', i.e.

Cwrtmawr MS 412), John Pritchard, Baptist minister and Principal of the Baptist College, Llangollen, [18]24 (a report that an infant child of one of the recipient's members is to be baptised at Llangollen by John Elias, condolence [on the death of the recipient's son]), Rob[er]t Williams, Baptist minister, Glyn [Ceiriog] and Ruthin, 1824-40 (3) (a preaching engagement at Pen y Cae, enclosing a confession of faith of Llanfwrog Baptist Church transcribed from the church register, exchange of pulpits, the progress of the cause at Ruthyn), Rich[ar]d Hughes [Baptist minister subsequently at Llanfair Caereinion, Llanuwchllyn, Pantycelyn, Llwyngwril and Ferwig] from Abergavenny [Academy], 1825 and undated [?1826] (3) (greetings to Cefn Mawr church and to the recipient, deploring the Fullerian-Calvinistic rift in South Wales, kindness shown to the writer by Mr and Mrs [Micah] Thomas, enclosing an extract on Wrexham Baptist church, news of Baptist causes and ministers in South Wales with reference to [Thomas] Morris of Newport [Monmouthshire] ('Twm Deg Capel') who continually bedevilled relationships between ministers, a book received from James Michael for the recipient, the refusal of churches to make collections for the School, admissions to and departures from the School, preaching engagements by the writer and others, the unusual success of the two factions at Blanafon, the lack of unity among ministers), John Davies, Baptist minister, Holywell, 1825 (invitations to the recipient and to Abel Vaughan to preach at Holywell with a view to healing the rift between the church and the Reverend J[ohn] B]reeze] Roberts), Hugh [H.] Williams, Baptist minister, Cheltenham to John Thomas, Baptist minister, Llanrwst, 1826 (a full account of the beginning of the Baptist cause at Llanrwst, personal news, greetings to old friends, suggestions for the schooling of the recipient's son Timothy [subsequently Baptist minister at Maesaleg]), Ellis Evans [Cefn-mawr] from Llanerchmedd and from Caerphili to his wife [Mary Evans], 1826-9 (2) (the reconciliation of factions among Anglesey Baptists [following the departure of Christmas Evans], the sales of the writer's publications in South Wales, the writer's inability to glean information on the subject of Sunday Schools, no Sunday School seen during his tour to compare with Cefn Mawr either in numbers or in organisation, reports on individual Baptist causes and ministers in South Wales), C[hristmas] Evans to the Baptist Monthly Meeting at Llanfair [Mathafarn Eithaf] [?1824] (dissension among Anglesey Baptists and the writer's recommendations) (transcript in the hand of Ellis Evans, 1835), Ann Williams, London, 1836 (personal, collections by the Reverend D[avid] Rees towards the debt upon [Moorfields] church), Evan Evans, Baptist minister, London to John Owens, Cefn Mawr (and partly to Ellis Evans), 1826 (employment for the writer's son, references to Cefn-mawr members, the delay in submitting the Rhos petition), John Jenkins, Baptist minister, Maesycwmwr, 1827-36 (3) (the circulation of Cyfrinach [y Bedyddwyr], the recipient's proposed History of the Baptists, a request for the recipient's recommendation for the writer's publication of a Welsh translation of the Ecclesiastical History of Dr [Johann Lorenz von] Mosheim, support from the Glamorgan Quarterly Meeting for the recipient's proposed History of the Baptists and an offer by the writer and his son to print the work), Jo[hn Blayney], Baptist minister, from Wrexham, to [ ], 1827 (the writer's preaching engagements, pressure on the writer to print 2000 copies in Welsh of the 'Jachin a Bo[az]' [Jacin a Boaz published in Llanrwst in 1828] ), W[illia]m Jones, Llangefni ('Person Nefin ar ol hyn'), 1828 (the recipient's preaching engagements at Llangefni), Joshua M. Thomas, Cardigan, 1828-32 (2) (requesting a list of North Wales Associations from 1797 onwards for publication in Greal [y Bedyddwyr], suggesting a postponement until next year of the recipient's collecting tour, a 'call' to Cardigan extended to W[illiam] Jones of Holywell and the consequent seccession of the writer and other church members), John Edwards, Baptist minister, Holywell and Bryn Mawr, 1828-39 (2) (enclosing £5 for Mary Griffiths, condolence on the death of recipient's wife, the progress of religion in Cefn Mawr and in Denbighshire and from Rhymni to Blaenafon), Edmund Francis, Carnarvon 'at David Lloyd Llanystumdwy', 1829 (annotated transcript by 'Spinther', 1902, of the original letter in Cwrtmawr MS 412, [ ] ('distadl gyfaill ac ewyllysiwr da'), Cefnmawr, 1830 (comments on a printed sermon by the recipient on baptism), Tho[ma]s Edwards, Bute Shop, near Abergavenny, 1830 (a request to purchase copies of the recipient's sermon on baptism for distribution among the writer's friends in Bala and Llanuwchllyn), John Roberts ('Fawr'), Baptist minister, 'Gynt o Llanrwst' and from Tredegar, 1830-9 (2) (accusations against the writer by the members of his church at Llanrwst, a proposed visit to the recipient's Association), John Roberts ('Fawr') to Baptist ministers assembled at Llanrwst, 1830 (the writer's defence against the accusations of Llanrwst church), Ellis Evans, Cefn Mawr to his brother William Evans, farmer, Ramson parish, near Stuben, State of New York, 1831 (personal, a desire by brother Edward to emigrate to America and an appeal on his behalf, the present industrial depression and an account of riots by the colliers at Rhosllanerchrygog and Ruabon, disturbances in European countries, an account of the writer's family), John Jenkins, junior [printer, of Cardiff] from Cardigan, to J[ohn] Pritchard, Llangollen, 1831 (an appeal for copies of Northern Association letters), Rob[er]t Williams, Ruthin to John Pritchard, Llangollen, 1831 (the Quarterly meeting at Denbigh) (re-addressed to Ellis Evans, with a list of personal names numbered 54-99 endorsed in the latter's hand), Benjamin Jones ['P. A. Môn'], Machynlleth, 1831 (essays by the writer and the recipient in reply to [John] Munro on baptisms, debts incurred on the writer's first book), Daniel Jones, Baptist minister, Liverpool, Cowbridge and Tongwynlas, 1833-57 (3) (the writer's victory over his enemies in the church [at Great Crosshall Street], the progress of the writer's pastorate at Cowbridge, the reasons for the writer's departure from Liverpool, the Isaac [Griffiths] incident in Caernarvon, the writer's collection in North Wales towards 'Trysorfa Jubilee Pontypool' [Pontypool Baptist College Jubilee Fund], personal, greetings), William Evans, Baptist minister [Aberystwyth], from Manchester, 1833 (an investigation by the writer of charges by members of Princess Street Church at Manchester against the minister George Williams), Geo[rge] Williams, Baptist Minister, Salford, Manchester [1833] (dispute with the writer's church, an offer of a suit of clothes), William Cheshire, Liverpool, 1834 (personal, the writer's health, the search for a book for the recipient, reference to T[homas] R[ees] Davies's book) (endorsed with expository notes, etc. by Ellis Evans), Thomas Bevan, carrier, Llanwenarth, 1834 (dissension at Abergavenny Academy and an appeal for support for a new institution), Joseph Davies, Baptist minister, Denbigh, 1835 (an invitation to preach at the writer's induction service at Denbigh), [Edward Williams, aft. Baptist minister, Aberystwyth, from Abergavenny Academy] to the Reverend Edward [Evans], C[ynwyd, aft. Dowlais] [1835] (the present state of the Academy, an appeal on behalf of the writer's uncle [John Edwards] rejected by the church at Nant y Glo) (mutilated), W[illia]m Jones, Cardiff, on behalf of the Committee of the Auxiliary Baptist Continental Missionary Society, 1835 (requesting the attention of the forthcoming Association to the Mission to Britany [sic] (autograph, addressed to Elis [sic] Evans but also directed to John Pritchard, John Evans, Robert Williams, William Morgan, Hugh Williams and Daniel Jones), W[illiam] Jones, Baptist minister, Cardiff, from Llandrindod and Cardiff, 1836-8 (2) (an inquiry concerning the church membership of John Jones, minister of Landogo and elsewhere, requesting information on the circulation of Ystorfa [y Bedyddwyr] in the recipient's neighbourhood), Robert Morgan, Baptist minister, Llanfair [-iuxta-Harlech] to [William Jones, Baptist minister, London, author of History of the Waldenses, 1811), 1836 (covering 'a list of churches in our quarter') ('both ....

copied by David Roberts of 11 Chapel Street, Liverpool and sent to Ellis Evans at his request') (together with a 'List of the Sandemanian Churches, their Elders & Number of members in June, 1809', and observations in the hand of 'Spinther'), David Roberts, Liverpool, 1839 (covering the writer's transcripts of the Robert Morgan letter of 1836 and the enclosure, also urging a reply to a publication from Llanrwst ?on baptism), Owen Michael, Baptist minister, Glyn [Ceiriog] and Blaenavon, [18]36-42 (2) (incidents in the early history of the Baptist church at Glyn, a synopsis of the 'system', otherwise the theological views and methods of sermon preparation of the Reverend John Evans of Llanwydden) (the latter incomplete, with emendations by 'Spinther' for publication), John Roberts, Baptist minister, Llansilin, [18]37-46 (3) (preaching services at Llansilin and Llanfyllin) (with two 'englynion' by David Pugh, and an addition to one letter by Richard Pugh, Llanfyllin), Jona Roberts, Cefnmawr to the Reverend J[ohn] Williams, Llansilin, c. 1836 (consoling the writer on his 'fall') ('i gysuro John Williams yn ei gwymp') (partly in verse form), Jon[a]th[an] Jones, Cefn Mawr to the Reverend John Williams, Llansilin, 1836 (terms offered by the Rhos and Brymbo churches and a general expectation of the recipient's acceptance), Thomas Jones, Baptist minister, Chepstow, 1836 (a request on behalf of the recipient to the Committee of Bristol Education Society for the loan of the manuscript histories of Joshua Thomas], W[illiam] Davies, Baptist minister, Eglwyserw [sic], Merthyr Tydvil and Dowlais, 1836-45 (3) (a request for the recipient's views on the qualifications of John Williams of Llansilin as tutor in the proposed Baptist Academy at Haverfordwest, a request for information on the recipient's proposed History of the Baptists, urging the circulation of Y Cenhadydd in North Wales, industrial depression in the writer's area and increasing emigration to America, John Jones of Llangollen [a Paedobaptist] has done more to promote the Baptist cause in the writer's area than anything else in this age, preaching engagements by the recipient in Ynysfelin, personal, the recipient's bereavements, the purchase of books), H[ugh] W[illiam] Hughes ('Arwystl'), Baptist minister, Mold, 1837-c. 1859 (2) (requesting support for the writer's application for admission to Pontypool Academy, covering an exhaustive account of the writer's ministerial career at Mold and Penyfron and at Stanhope Street, Liverpool) (the latter with emendations by 'Spinther' for publication), Edward Humphreys, Baptist minister [Llanuwchllyn] ['cousin' of Ellis Evans], 1837-49 (2) (the recipient's proposed History of the Baptists and other publications, the success of the Total Abstinence movement in Llanuwchllyn, news of and greetings to relatives, encloses material on Hugh Owen of Bronclydwr, proposes to collect a parish history of Llanuwchllyn), W[illia]m Roberts ('Nefydd'), Baptist minister, Liverpool, [18]38 (the purchase of a book, the writer's proposed visit to Ruthin, requesting advice on the matter of [? an invitation to the writer to] the Academy), Morgan Evans, Baptist minister, Caerffili, 1838 (a request for information in writing on the foundation of Christianity in Britain towards an essay at the next 'Cylchwyl .... Caerdydd'), David Jones, Carmarthen and from the Borough Gaol, Carmarthen, 1838-40 (2) (the writer will be completing his Hanes y Bedyddwyr towards the end of the year (1838) and recommends that the recipient should begin to publish his own History immediately in order to secure the support of the writer's subscibers, suggests that the work be printed like his own at Carmarthen, has heard a rumour that the recipient does not propose to continue with the work and offers to buy the copy; an appeal for the payment in the Cefn Mawr district of subscriptions to the writer's Hanes, advice to the recipient in connection with the proposed printing of the latter's History), D[avid Rhys] Jones, Baptist minister [London] [1838] (a preaching invitation) (endorsed is a letter from Eliz[abe]th Evans, London, [18]38, urging the recipient to accept the invitation), Jno. Thomas, Carmarthen, [18]39 (an application for the printing of the recipient's proposed History of the Baptist Churches in N[orth] Wales) (endorsed by [the Reverend] J[oshua] Watkins, Carmarthen), John Edwards, Baptist minister, Bryn Mawr, 1839 (condolence on the death of the recipient's wife, the progress of religion in Cefn Mawr and in Denbighshire and from Rhymni to Blaenafon), H[enr]y Parry, [Ruthin] to [ ] Obury' [the Reverend Thomas Aubrey, Wesleyan Methodist minister], undated (a proposed disputation at Ruthin on the subject of baptism) (draft), Jno. James, Baptist minister, Bridgend, 1839-[40] (2) (unfavourable comments on Hanes [y Bedyddwyr] published at Carmarthen, exhaustive accounts of the first Baptist mission to North Wales and of the writer's annual preaching tours especially in Merioneth and Montgomeryshire), Mary Sion [Jones] Llanuwchllyn, 1839, to her brother Ellis Evans and to be submitted by him to the Association at Denbigh, 1839 (an appeal for regular preaching at Llanuwchllyn) (in the hand of, and with a covering letter by, her son-in-law Edward Humphreys), J[ohn] Jones, Baptist minister, Merthyr [Tudful] to J[onathan] Jones, grocer, Cefn Mawr, [18]39 (the writer's proposed visit to the recipient's Association, the writer's 'hiraeth' for Blaenafon) (re-addressed, with a covering letter by the recipient, to Ellis Evans), W[illiam] Evans, Baptist minister, Aberystwyth to the Reverend Samuel Williams, Dolgelley, 1840 (the selection of a home missionary [for Cardiganshire and Merioneth] ), with observations subscribed by the recipient and re-addressed to the Reverend John Richard, Llangollen), F[rancis] Hiley, Baptist minister, Lanwenarth, 1840 (declining an invitation to the annual Association), Hugh H Williams, Baptist minister, Gloucester, 1840 (an offer of information to the recipient on the history of North Wales Baptist, 'there are now but few living who know the history ... better than myself,' the progress of Pont-y-pool Academy and the donation to it by the writer of 1550 books), Owen Williams, Baptist minister, Holywell, 1840-2 (3) (invitations to the recipient to preaching services, the progress of the Baptist causes at Holywell, Rhuddlan and St Asaph, the publication of Thomas Aubrey's book, observations on the excessive welcome by the Baptists to converts from other denominations, dissension following the building of a Baptist chapel at Milwr), Edward Roberts ('Iorwerth Glan Aled'), Denbigh, 1841 (an invitation to Denbigh to deliver a lecture on baptism and to conduct a baptismal service), Sarah Wright, Cefn Farm, 1841 (a protest against the mode of election of two deacons [at Cefn-mawr Baptist church] ), Edward Williams, Baptist minister, Manchester and Aberystwyth, 1841-50 (3) (the writer's removal to Aberystwyth due to the enmity of the 'Gadsbyites' but opposed to a proposal to excommunicate them from the Baptist church in Manchester, requesting advice in the matter of writing an Association letter, requesting material for a proposed biography of the Reverend Thomas Jones of Rhydwilym by the Reverend Henry Price of Carmel, [Pembrokeshire]), David Jones, Baptist minister, Middle Mill, Solva, [18]41 (a request by H. H.

Williams of Gloucester for a reply to a letter to the recipient, the progress of the Baptists in Pembrokeshire, recent disputations in the County on paedobaptism and the need for a retort to the book of John Jones of Llangollen, an offer to collect subscribers to the recipient's proposed History of the Baptists), D[avid] Jones, Baptist minister, Cardiff, [18]41 (a request to include statistics of North Wales churches in the writer's 'Hanes flyneddol''), W[illiam] Roberts ('Nefydd'), L[iver]pool to the Reverend H[ugh] Jo[nes, Baptist minister, Cefnbychan], [18]41-2 (2) (copious observations on the activities of the 'faction' in Great Crosshall Street church, enclosing statistics of Stanhope Street church for the Association), Samuel Williams, Baptist minister, Dolgellau (to Baptist members ('Annwyl Frodyr a Chwaeriorydd') at Llanuwchllyn 1841 (a letter of dismission to incorporate as an independent church), Samuel Morgan, Newtown, [18]41 (replies to a questionnaire on the history of the Baptists in Newtown and the neighbourhood, the writer has mislaid a holograph letter of Joshua Thomas and a catechism of his own on the subject), John Roberts, Baptist minister [Liverpool], [18]41 (a proposed address in Liverpool by [John] Jones [Independent minister] of Llangollen on [paedo]baptists), Tho[ma]s Evans, Baptist minister, Argoed, 1841 ('Dadl fawr Rhymni' - the great disputation at Rhymni on baptism between John Jones of Llangollen and Tho[ma]s Jones of Beula in Pembrokeshire) (endorsed, in the hand of Ellis Evans, with a list of contents of Y Darllenydd Beirniadol .... ), Hugh Williams, Baptist minister, Bettws [Amlwch] 1841-59 (4) (dissension in the Baptist church at Llanerchymedd, the writer's dissension with Christmas Evans in connection with the writer's pastorate at Amlwch, the burial of Ben. Jones ('P. A. Môn'), a request on behalf of Ebenezer church at Llangefni for assistance to arrange the Association, a history of the writer's pastorate at Amlwch), William Pritchard, Baptist minister, [Llandudno] [1841] (the writer's health, the progress of the writer's church, the imminent death of John Thomas [a young preacher in Llandudno], encloses a letter from New York), R. Jones, Llandudno, 1841, (baptisms at Llandudno, the death of John Thomas, greetings), John Jones, Isaac Minshull, W[illia]m Williams ('Creuddynfab'), Joseph Hughes, John Edwards, W[illia]m Mathias and John Pierce, on behalf of Manchester Baptist church, 1841 (urging the recipient to persuade [Edward] Williams not to leave the pastorate) (in the hand of 'Creuddynfab'), John Evans, Baptist minister, Llanwydden to [the Baptist Association at Cefn-mawr] (addressed to the Reverend John Edwards, Holywell), 1828 (announcing the writer's reconciliation with the Reverend Thomas [Rhys] Davies of Bettws [Abergele] and approving the restoration of the latter to his full Baptist rights) (with annotations by 'Spinther'), R. Jones [? 'Robin Goch'] [secretary of the Baptist church at St Thomas's Buildings], Liverpool, 1841 (the recipient's inability to visit the church may be regarded as disapproval of their action, the state of the new church and the writer's undertaking to write for the recipient a history of the Liverpool Baptists, the departure of [the Reverend] D[aniel] Jones) (with annotations by 'Spinther') (bound after the letter is a history entitled 'Ychydig o Hanes Eglwys y Bedyddwyr Llynlleifiad wedi ei gopio o lyfr y Eglwys'), Joel Jones, President ('Cymedrolwr') of the Caernarvonshire Baptist Monthly Meeting, from Garn [Dolbenmaen] to the Reverend Hugh Jones, Cefnbychan, 1842 (the action of the Monthly Meeting in renouncing the Reverend Isaac Griffith[s] and his faction [at Caernarvon] ), I[saac] W. Griffiths, Baptist minister, from Northampton, Leeds, Carnarvon, etc. to Hugh Jones and to Ellis Evans, 1842-4 (5) (dissension arising from the Caernarvon Baptist chapel debt, with references to collections by the writer, the writer's agreement with the Reverend Daniel Jones, a discussion at the Association on the faction at Caernarvon, and the recovery of legal costs arranged to be paid to the writer by Caernarvonshire ministers), Thomas Evans, on behalf of Caernarvonshire Baptist church, 1842 (regretting the possibility of a fresh investigation into the matter of the chapel debt), Abel Jones, Ebenezer, Merthyr, [18]42 (an appeal for support for Y Cenhadydd [Cymreig]), H. Evans ('Myllin'), London, [18]42 (the recipient's visit to London), Edward Evans (described as 'Esgob Penygarn'), progress of the writer's church, deploring [a sermon by Robert Ellis] 'Cynddelw' [at Cefn-mawr] and commenting on the possible movements of other ministers of the same 'stamp', the ordination of Edward Roberts at Denbigh and the need for a precise acceptance of the Confession of Faith, enclosing donations from Mr Phillips of ?Pont y ?Moil, proceedings against the writer in connection with money paid to John Davies the missionary, a split in Trosnant church, a meeting of the writer's church members called to oppose the Maynooth grant, news of Ellis Evans the Younger's studies and health, Baptist news, what is happening to the recipient's History of the Baptists, recommends the 'Cymdeithas Gweinidogion Hen a Methedig' [the Old and Infirm Baptist Ministers' Society], a proposed chapel at Mold, the alarming decline of the Welsh language in the writer's district, a lecture by the 'Normal College deputation' on the 'Voluntary Principal', the departure of Baptist Noel from the established church), J[ohn] Jones, Baptist minister, Bancyffynnon, near Llandyssil to Mrs Anne Hughes, Bola'r fron, Verwig, 1843 (Ellis Evans's proposal to write a biography of the recipient's husband [Richard Hughes, Baptist minister] and the writer's reminiscences and assessment of the pastoral work of the subject), Thomas E[van] James ('T. Ab Ieuan'), Cardigan, 1843 (the death of the Reverend Richard Hughes of Ferwig and a request to the recipient to write a biography), Edw[ar]d Roberts, Baptist minister, Rock Cottage, near Mold [18]43 (arranging a collecting tour for the recipient at Pen y Fron and Licswm, copious observations on Campbellian views attributed to the writer), Benjamin Evans, Baptist minister, Hirwaen Iron Works, [18]43 (requesting information about Isaac Evans, a lay preacher from Cefn Mawr, who had settled in Hirwaen), William Roberts, Baptist minister, Fforddlas, Llans[an]tffraid Conwy, 1843 (a preaching engagement for the recipient), David Rees, Baptist minister, Cardigan [18]43 (a tribute to the Reverend Rich[ar]d Hughes [of Ferwig] ), John Evans, Baptist minister, Bangor to John Pritchard, Llangollen, [18]45 (declining responsibility for payment to Isaac Griffith[s] ), John Ricketts, Newport, Monmouthshire,

1844 (the death of the recipient's wife, the writer's health, a request for books, including a Welsh-English and English-Welsh dictionary for the writer's Welsh-speaking son), Dan Davies, Baptist minister, Ruthin, 1844 (urging the publication of a biography of the writer's co-pastor R[obert] Williams), S[tephen] Price, Baptist minister [of Abersychan], secretary of [Pontypool] Academy, from Pontnewydd 1844 (agreement for the admission of the recipient's son into the Academy), Ellis Evans [the Younger], Pontypool, 1844 (2) (the writer's arrival at Pontypool, accounts of the Academy annual meeting and preaching services, an exchange of a book for a dictionary, the writer's studies, news of [the Reverend] Edward Evans and [the Reverend] Owen Michael, personal), Ellis Evans [the elder], Cefn Mawr to his son Ellis Evans, 'Student', Baptist College, Pont y Pool, 1844 (the recipient's studies and the writer's advice, personal and family news) (with endorsements by the recipient, including a prayer and an incomplete draft of a petition to [Pontypool Academy]), J[ohn] Robinson, Baptist minister, Rhydwyn [Anglesey], 1844 (the writer's inability to attend the quarterly meeting at Cefn Mawr, the writer's letter from the recipient's son, personal, the state of religion in Anglesey, 'Morgans Caergybi' [William Morgan, Baptist minister, Holyhead] in distress over the Caernarvon chapel debt), Tho[ma]s R[hys] Davies [of Glanwydden] from Manchester, 1844 (the writer's presence at the Association is unlikely), Hugh Jones ('Hugh Machraeth'), Baptist minister, Llanfachreth, Anglesey, 1845-7 (4) (the writer's removal from Llanfachreth, the state of the writer's church, an evil faction in the recipient's church, the writer's views on Baptist congregations in Anglesey, greetings to friends, the publication of Y Tyst Apostolaidd, the writer's refusal to observe a day of prayer ordered by the Queen [on the subject of Irish famine], news of Anglesey ministers and churches, the possibility of the writer's return to Denbighshire) (three of the letters carry emendations by 'Spinther' for publication), William James, Tredegar, 1845 (dissension between [the Reverend] David Roberts and the church at Sirhowi) (with an addition by R[obert] Ellis ('Cynddelw') referring to the writer's collecting tour, the recipient's preaching engagements at Glyn [Ceiriog], the writer's purchase of a book, and the dissension at Sirhowi), Owen Michael, Baptist minister, Blaenafon to 'Hugo' [Hugh Jones, Baptist minister, Cefnbychan] [18]45 (the dissension at Syrywi, the possibility of a 'call' to D. Roberts to the pastorate of Cefn[bychan] and Pen y cae), Isaac Williams, Fron Frian [Cefnbychan] to [ ], 1845 (news of Thomas Roberts, the strike of colliers, a religious awakening in the district, the affair of D. Roberts of Sirhowy and disagreement over the possibility of a call to Cefn Bychan and Penycae, a lecture at Cefn bychan chapel by Captain Dan Jones on the 'Latter Day Saints'), Edward Hughes, Baptist minister, Lixwm, [18]45 (the excommunication of E[dward] Roberts from the pastorate of Pen y fron), D[avid] Price, Baptist minister, Great Cross Hall St[reet], L[iver]pool to H[ugh] Williams, Baptist minister, Amlwch, [18]45 (enclosing statistics of the church and requesting membership of the Anglesey Association), Sam[ue]l Williams, Baptist minister, Nant y Glo [previously of Dolgellau], 1845 (the affair of D. Roberts and the church at Sirhowy), E. D. Jones, on behalf of Penybryn [English Baptist] church, Llangollen, 1846 (an invitation to preach at the Christmas service on the subject of the Sunday School), J[ohn] Hiley, Baptist minister [of Llanwenarth], Pilgrims' Rest, Pontypool, 1846 (offering the support of the writer's Quarterly Meeting in compiling the recipient's History of the Baptists), Robert Roberts, Baptist minister, Plas yn bonwm [Llansantffraid Glyndyfrdwy], [18]46 (the excommunication of John Jones from the pastorate of Llansantffraid [Glyndyfrdwy] ), Tho[ma]s Thomas, [President] Baptist College, Pontypool, [18]47 (the application of E[dward] Williams, [of Cefn-mawr] for admission, prophesying the imminent collapse of the Roman Catholic church, adverse comments on the writer's former pastor R[obert] Pritchard [of Cardiff, etc.] ), David Morris, lithographer, Newport, Monmouthshire to Mr W[illia]m Davies, carpenter [? of Newport, Monmouthshire], 1847 (the publication of a biography of the writer's father the Reverend Thomas Morris ('Twm Deg Capel') (lithographed circular), Jno. Thomas, Machynlleth, 1847 (enclosing material and replying to a questionnaire on the history of the Baptist church at Machynlleth), W. Jones, Llanfair Gate, Anglesey ['tad Iolo Mon' according to an annotation by 'Spinther'], 1847 (requesting a contribution from the recipient to a proposed publication by the writer of a volume of sermons by Welsh Baptist ministers, inquiring about the recipient's History of the Baptists, requesting the return of a book), Nath[anie]l Thomas, Penallt llyn, near Cilfowyr to J[onathon] Jones [Cefn-mawr], [18]47 (thanks to Ellis Evans for a letter, the writer's proposed visit to the recipient, news of the church at Blaenyffos, news of J. M. Thomas of Cardigan and others, observations on the writings of 'Brutus' in Yr Haul, greetings to friends), Tho[ma]s Richards [aft. Baptist minister, Bryntroedgam] from Llanddylas to J[onathan] Jones, 'Blaenor yn Eglwys Cefen Mawr', 1847 (an appeal for a collection to [Pontypool] College), John R[hys] Morgan ('Lleurwg'), Baptist minister, Bangor, [18]47 (a preaching invitation to Bangor), William Jones, Brynhyfryd, Pwllheli, 1848 (an invitation to a preaching tour as far as Pwllheli, the health of Mr Morris Williams, the 'diabolic conduct' of [the Reverend] Owen Owen of 'Rosllanerchgaregog'), J[ohn] Williams [translator of Yr Oraclau Bywiol], Baptist minister, of Newtown, 1848 (an exposition of the heresies of the Pelagians ('Pauliciaid'), Manicheans and Bogomiles, the progress of the writer's church, the writer's health), Henry Davies [Baptist minister of Llangloffan], Panteirig, 1849 (the admission of Edward Williams of Cefn Mawr to Haverfordwest Baptist College, Baptist news from Pembrokeshire, the writer's experiences in the ministry, greetings to Baptist ministers in North Wales), Tho[ma]s Lewis, Baptist minister, Llanddewi, near Abergavenny, 1849 (subscribers to the recipient's proposed History of the Baptists, the decline of the Welsh language in the writer's church), Rob[er]t Pritchard, Baptist minister, Denbigh to Jon[atha]n Jones, stone merchant, Cefn Mawr, 1850 (the writer's religious experiences, a request for the assistance of E[llis] Evans in arranging a preaching tour of Lleyn and for financial help from Cefn Mawr towards Carmel chapel at Aberdaron), John Jones, Baptist minister, Llandyssil, near Carmarthen, 1850 (a request for news of relatives of the Reverend Richard Hughes [of Ferwig], bereavements in the writer's and the recipient's families, the low state of religion in Llandyssil), Jonathan Jones, Cefn Mawr, 1850, and London, 1851 (2) (urging the recipient to extend the proposed History of the Baptists to include South Wales, the emigration of the recipient's brother to America, news from Cefn[-mawr] church, collecting Nonconformists statistics in the parish for John Williams the member for Macclesfield, a report on the writer's attendance at the Peace Congress and his visits to Bunhillsfield Cemetery, Moorfield Baptist Church, etc.), Edw[ard] B[ean] Underhill, London, 1851 (replies to inquiries concerning the Zwiccau prophets and the Munster affair), Owen Owen, Baptist minister, Brymbo, 1851 (exchange of pulpits with the recipient, a collection for the cause at Mold, the writer's recovery of health), W[illia]m Thomas, Baptist minister, Newport, Monmouthshire, 1851 (requesting information on the character of the recipient's co-pastor John Morris who had received a 'call' to Llanhyddel), J[ohn] G.

Owen, Baptist minister, Pandy'r Capel, 1851 (arranging collections for the missionary movement in specified churches in Denbighshire), John Hughes, Factory, Llangollen, 1852 (a preaching invitation to Penybryn and Glyndyfrdwy churches), Ellis Evans [Cefn-mawr] to his brother John Evans, Ceunant Isaf, Lanuwchlyn [1834] (condolence, illness in the writer's family), Richard Hughes, Baptist minister, Maesteg, 1857 (the publication of a sermon by the writer), R[obert] Foulkes, Denbigh, [18]57 (the debt on the chapel at Llanfair [Dyffryn Clwyd] ), Thomas Rees Davies, Baptist minister, Glanwddan to Jon[atha]n Jones [Cefn Mawr], 1857 (personal, preaching engagements), Edw[ar]d Roberts, Baptist minister, Pontypridd, 1861 (the appearance and the circulation of the first part of the recipient's Hanes y Bedyddwyr), H[enry] Morgan, Baptist minister, Dolgellau, [18]61 (information on the writer's pastorate at Dolgellau towards the recipient's History), Ll[ewelyn] Jenkins], 'Trysorfa y Goffadwraeth' [1662 Memorial Fund], Maesycwmwr, 1862 (requesting the recipient's views on present trends within the Baptist denomination in Wales and on the Memorial Fund, enclosing a transcript by the writer from the Llanwenarth church register), and Rob[er]t Williams ('Robert ap Gwilym Ddu')] to John Thomas ('Siôn Wyn o Eifion'), 'Bard', Chwilog, undated (requesting the return of an essay ('traethawd') by the writer) (with an annotation in the hand of John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd')). Miscellaneous documents bound into the volume include a letter of dismission from the [Baptist] church at Aberystwith and Penrhyncoch, 9 September 1800, authorising specified members to be incorporated as a separate church at Machynlleth, together with a report of the incorporation on 14 September and a copy of the Confession of Faith; a facsimile of 'Testimonials to the Character and the Case of the Bearer Mr Evan Evans ...' by, and in the hand of [the Reverend] Tim[oth]y Thomas, Islington, 2 October 1823 (in praise of the efforts of Evan Evans to establish a Welsh Baptist church in London); a postcard from E[van] W[ycliffe] Davies, B[aptist] minister, Ton Pentre to J. H. Davies, Cwrt-Mawr, 1915 (requesting the sight of letters written from prison by David Jones, author of Hanes y Bedyddwyr yn Neheubarth Cymru); an abstract by 'Spinther', from a copy lent to John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd'), 19 March 1902, of the will, 3 June 1837, and codicil, 21 November 1837, of David Owen ('Dewi Wyn o Eifion'), Gaerwen [parish of Llanystumdwy]; a petition, 1841, signed by thirty-three members of Cefn Mawr [Baptist Church] to Ellis Evans for permission for John Roberts ['Fawr'] to preach at the afternoon service; a letter of dismission, 1842, for Tho[ma]s Roberts from Tabor [Baptist Church], Nant y Glo to Cefn Mawr in the hand of, and signed by, John Edwards, minister; a letter, 1843, signed by John Pritchard, [Baptist minister] Llangollen and Hugh Jones, [Baptist minister] Cefnbychan, and in the hand of the former, recommending the bearer, Ellis Evans, Junior, to undertake a preaching tour; and a letter of dismission, [18]45, to John Edwards from Moelfre [Baptist Church, near Llansilin] to Cefn Mawr Church in the hand of, and signed by, D[avid] Rees. Bound into the beginning of the first volume are two holograph lists (one list very incomplete) by J. Spinther James; and at the end of the second volume are six holograph letters from J. Spinther James, Llandudno to J. H. Davies, 1910 (negotiations for the sale to the recipient of the letters and of other material, largely of Baptist interest, in the writer's possession). The volumes are lettered 'Llythyrau Bedyddwyr. Cronfa "Spinther"'.

Drafft o lyfr emynau'r Bedyddwyr Cymraeg,

  • NLW MS 16881D.
  • file
  • 19 gan.

Drafft pedwaredd ganrif ar bymtheg o lyfr emynau'r Bedyddwyr Cymraeg, sy'n cynnwys emynau llawysgrif a theipysgrif gan Joseph Harris ('Gomer'), William Rees ('Gwilym Hiraethog'), Morgan Rhys, William Williams, Pantycelyn, Christmas Evans, Titus Lewis, James Spinther James, Ann Griffiths, Benjamin Francis ac eraill, yr oll o'r emynau wedi'u pastio'i mewn i'r gyfrol. Ceir hefyd gyfieithiadau i'r Gymraeg, rhai ohonynt gan Gethin Davies, o emynau gan Isaac Watts, Charles Wesley, Bernard o Clairvaux, James Montgomery, Sarah Flower Adams ac eraill. Yn rhydd yn y gyfrol ceir copi o bryddest yn dwyn y teitl 'Gerddi y Beibl' gan ac yn llaw Robert Jones ('Meigant'), a ddyfarnwyd yn ail orau yn Eisteddfod Aberhosan, Nadolig 1880, ynghyd â beirniadaeth gan ac yn llaw Richard Davies ('Cyfeiliog') = A nineteenth century draft of a Welsh Baptist hymn book, containing manuscript and typescript hymns by Joseph Harris ('Gomer'), William Rees ('Gwilym Hiraethog'), Morgan Rhys, William Williams, Pantycelyn, Christmas Evans, Titus Lewis, James Spinther James, Ann Griffiths, Benjamin Francis and others, all of which are pasted into the volume. There are also translations into Welsh, some by Gethin Davies, of hymns by Isaac Watts, Charles Wesley, Bernard of Clairvaux, James Montgomery, Sarah Flower Adams and others. Loose in the volume is a copy of an autograph pryddest entitled 'Gerddi y Beibl' by Robert Jones ('Meigant'), judged second best at Aberhosan Eisteddfod, Christmas 1880, together with an autograph adjudication by Richard Davies ('Cyfeiliog').

Enwogion Sir Gaernarfon material,

Miscellaneous papers relating mainly to John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd'), Enwogion Sir Gaernarfon (Caernarfon, 1922) comprising letters to Principal J. H. Davies from R. Evans ('Cybi'), Llangybi, Chwilog, 1922 (1), John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd'), Chwilog, 1921 (1), W. A. Lewis, Liverpool, 1921 (1), W. H. Roberts ('Iseifion'), Fourcrosses, Chwilog, 1921 (3 and one undated), and H. J. Williams, Llyfrfa y Cyfundeb, Caernarfon, 1922-3 (5); corrected page-proofs of Enwogion Sir Gaernarfon, pp. 288a, 288b and 313-363, with a typewritten copy and a draft of the preface; notes and scraps in the autograph of 'Myrddin Fardd'; and part of the manuscript of 'Enwogion Sir Gaernarfon', pp. 313-77, in the autograph of 'Myrddin Fardd', with one or two items in the autograph of J. H. Davies. Unrelated items include part of an article (see also Cwrtmawr MS 892B) on Hugh Hughes the artist and author in the autograph of [J. Spinther James].

General letters to O. M. Edwards

The file includes letters from T. A. Archer, John Ballinger, Thomas E. Brigstocke, J. Glyn Davies (2), E. Vincent Evans, J. Spinther James, John Edward Lloyd (3), W. J. Parry, R. Silyn Roberts, Sir John Williams Bart, and Mallt Williams.

Ballinger, John, 1860-1933

General letters to O. M. Edwards

The file includes letters from Edward Anwyl, O. H. Fynes-Clinton (2), Alfred T. Davies, Ellis W. Davies, David de Lloyd, Bishop A. G. Edwards, Francis Edwards, J. Kelt Edwards (2), E. W. Evans, Frondirion, Alfred Perceval Graves, J. Spinther James, Henry Haydn Jones (5), John Morris-Jones, T. E. Nicholas, Ernest Rhys, J. Herbert Roberts, afterwards Lord Clwyd (3), T. J. Thomas ('Sarnicol'), and W. Llewelyn Williams.

Anwyl, E. (Edward), 1866-1914

Letters to J. H. Davies, etc,

Miscellaneous papers, including letters to J. H. Davies from Evan William Edwards, Llandefeilog, [1922] (1) (thanking him for his correction regarding the date of P[eter] W[illiams]'s birth), W. J. Hemp, Ancient Monuments Board for Wales, 1922 and undated (2) (enclosing notes of the 19th, 20th and 21st meetings, circulars), P. Jones, Cynfal fawr, Festiniog [sic], 1902 (1) (Cynfal and Garth field names), Edward Owen, Royal Commission on Ancient Monuments, London, 1917 (1) (asking whether a certain tract among the BM MSS was printed), J. Owens, Chester, 1922 (1) (a committee to be held at Chester), Alfred Neobard Palmer, Wrexham, 1903 (1) (quoting lines of verse which Dr Spinther James sent him in which the names Cadi Rownd and Morgan Llwyd occur), Muriel Rees, Aberystwyth, 1922 (1) (thanking him for the testimonial), Thomas Richards, Maesteg, 1923 (2) (mention of 'Hanes Plwy' Bodedern', the sons of Morgan Llwyd, Dr Michael Roberts, etc.), David Thomas, Aberystwyth, 1922 (1) (the outline of a paper for the Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society), G. J. Williams, Bangor, 1921 (the names of Caleb Lloyd, 1660, has been found on the wall of the old building at Cynfal), and [Sir] John Williams, Aberystwyth, 1922 (2) (Friday will suit him just as well); a letter, 1903, to J. Jones [?'Myrddin Fardd'] from D. R. Jones, Cambria, Wis[consin] (thanking him for the notes on his 'cywydd', mention of sending a copy of Y Drych, he left Wales at the age of 13 in 1845); miscellaneous notes (fragments), some in the autograph of John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd'); part of an account of Cadwgan (draft); the title-page, introduction and pp. 483-490 of a (?) proof copy of The Life and Opinions of Robert Roberts, A Wondering Scholar, ed. J. H. Davies (the imprint is dated 1922 whereas the work was published in 1923); and 'Notes on Field Archaeology' (duplicated).

Letters to John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd'), etc.,

Letters, etc. addressed mainly to John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd'), the correspondents being E[benezer] Thomas ('Eben Fardd'), Clynnog to John Thomas ('Sion Wyn o Eifion'), Chwilog, 1842 (the health of the addressee's sister, mention of the Memoir) and to the Reverend Hugh Owen, Treveilir, Aberffro [sic], 1849 (re adjudicating at the Aberffro Eisteddfod (holograph copies)), D. R. Daniel, London, 1920 (submitting a short article on 'Y Clochydd', etc.), [John Daniel] 'Rhab[anian]', Rheithordy Llandudwen, 1908 (he intends to visit the addressee), ? E. L. Davies [with Archdeacon Burney], undated (personal matters, asking the addressee to write giving an account of Clynnog and N[orth] Wales generally (beginning wanting)), T. Witton Davies, Bangor, 1916 (returning the card with the handwriting of Dic Aberdaron, the writer's own researches), John Edwards ('Meiriadog'), Llanfair, [18]63 and 1883 (the earlier one possibly to [Owen Jones ('Manoethwy')], addressed here as 'Myfyr Lleyn') (items of news, he knows nothing of Angharad Lloyd, reference to his 70th birthday), D. G. Goodwin, Uffington, Shrewsbury, 1904 (the addressee's new book), T. Hopwood, Treuddyn, [19]18 (the inscription on the memorial column to the Reverend W. Williams, 'Gwilym ap Gwilym Lleyn'), E. Gurnos Jones, Newport, [18]89 (postcard), John D. Jones, Llandudno, 1914 (the manuscript 'Notes upon Carnarvonshire' by Edmund Hyde Hall), [L. D. Jones], 'Llew Tegid', Bangor, [19]20 (sending two books or booklets, 'Yr Orgraff' and a book of stories), [Owen Jones ('Manoethwy')], Llundain, 1865 (observations on the addressee's essays on the parish of Llanystumdwy (incomplete)), Owen Jones, Trefriw and Llandudno, 1875 and [18]78 (2) (he does not remember seeing the addressee's letter, a certain manuscript), R. J. Jones, Aberdare, [1921] (an expression of good wishes, his own date of birth (postcard)), T. Tudno Jones, Llandudno, 1872 (re publishing a chair awdl), W. O. Jones, Lerpwl, 1913-20 (5) (Llais Rhyddid), [? M. T. Morris], 'Meurig Wyn', undated (sending a volume for presentation to an unnamed benefactor), T. F. Roberts, Aberystwyth, 1905 (Gleanings from God's Acre, reference to the National Library), T. Shankland, Bangor, 1913 (queries concerning William Elias), Richard Williams, Glasfryn, Festiniog [sic], undated (acknowledging a letter, mention of an old book (? manuscript)), W. W., undated (genealogical matters), [ ], 'Mynyddawc', undated (Adgof Uwch Anghof), part of an elegy on [? John Jones, Llanfair Caereinion] c. 1858, by 'Teithiwr Galarus' (beginning wanting), verses and scriptural notes written on the back of two letters to Thomas Jones, 1856 and 1863, from Owen Evans, Tynycoed and Rich[ar]d Jones, Pwllheli respectively (? estate matters), 'englynion' to 'Hafan St Tudwal (St Tudwell's Roads)' by 'Seithenyn', a note by 'G-d' ['William Thomas Edwards ('Gwilym Deudraeth')] concerning D. Sion Jâms, a fragment of a letter in the autograph of [? Morris Williams ('Nicander')], 'Marwnad er Coffadwriaeth am y diweddar Milwriad Wynne Garthewyn un o Destynau Eisteddfod Llanfairtalhaiarn y dydd cyntaf o Ionawr 1855' by 'Megido', and part of an article (see also Cwrtmawr MS 932D) on 'Hugh Hughes yr Arlunydd' in the autograph of J. Spinther James.

Letters to the Reverend D. E. Jenkins,

Thirty-four letters, etc., from [the Reverend] J[ames] Spinther James [Baptist minister and historian], Llandudno, 1906 (3) (information concerning [the Reverend] David Jones [Baptist minister], ob. 1792, his wife Hannah, and his connection with [the Reverend] P[eter] W[illiams, Methodist cleric, ob. 1796] and the publication of the 'Beibl bach' [a Welsh edition of the 'Little Bible' of John Canne] in 1790, biographical notes on Lewis Richards of Llanbadarnfawr [co. ], who emigrated to America, and became co-founder and pastor of a Baptist church in Baltimore, 1785), [the Reverend] J[ohn] D[aniel] James, Cadoxton Vicarage, Neath, 1906 (a record of the burial at Cadoxton in 1820 of the Rev[erend] W[illia]m Williams, vicar of the parish, 1814-1820), R[obert] T[homas] Jenkins [head of the Department (aft. professor) of Welsh History], University College of North Wales, Bangor, 1936 (information required by the writer concerning the connection between [the Reverend] Peter Williams [Methodist cleric, ob. 1796] and Pibwr [Lwyd, co. Carmarthen], and concerning a supposed biography of [the Reverend] William Williams [ob. 1820, curate of St. Gennys, Cornwall, in the late 18th century], the writer's work on the Moravians in North Wales [The Moravian Brethren in North Wales, being vol. XLV of Y Cymmrodor, 1938]), Catherine Jones, Aberdovey, [19]03 (2) (information concerning the descendants of Jane Thomas of Lower Court Farm [parish of Llanfihangel Abercywyn, co. Carmarthen], sister of the Reverend Thomas Charles), Charles W. F. Jones [London] and Ipswich, 1907 (2) ( information concerning the Rev[erend] Hezekiah Jones [ob. 1833], the writer's grandfather), [the Reverend] D[avid] Jones [Calvinistic Methodist minister], Rhuddlan, 1911 (financial matters relating to the writer's church at Rhuddlan), E. Clwyd Jones, Rhyl, [19]26 (matters relating to recipient's superannuation benefit), [the Reverend] Edward Jones, Llangynhafal Rectory, 1906 (the date of burial of the Rev[erend] David Hughes (ob. 1817), one time rector of Llangynhafal), Eirene [Lloyd Jones, later White], St. Nicholas-at-Wade, Thanet, [19]25 (the writer's illness, books read during her illness, her opinion that 'Winston [Churchill] can write magnificently', the illness of [her brother] Elphin, the start made by her father [Dr. Thomas Jones, C. H. See below] on 'his history of Wales during the war', an invitation to her father to write 4000 words on Ll[oyd] G[eorge] in the Encyclopaedia Britannica), Eirene T[heodora] Jones [mother of the previous correspondent], St. Nicholas-at-Wade, Westminster, and Gregynog (Newtown), [19]33 (3) (the illness of the writer's husband [Dr. Thomas Jones, C.H. See below] and his stay at Ruthin Castle, their daughter Eirene's travels in the United States of America and Canada, their son Tristan's activities at Balliol [College], Oxford, a meeting of the trustees of the Elphin Memorial Scholarship, a visit by Thomas Jones to Bargoed to see the newly formed occupational centre for the unemployed, the Pilgrim Trust and its connection with the Nat[iona]l Council of Social Service, the undertaking by [Sir] Percy Watkins [Secretary, Welsh Department of the National Council of Social Service, 1933-1938] of visits to the unemployment areas previously undertaken by Thomas Jones, the appointment of new controllers of the Gregynog Press, plans for temporary expansion at Coleg Harlech to accommodate 30 to 40 additional students from amongst the unemployed to be trained as leaders of occupational centres), [the Reverend] J[ohn] Jones, Llandegla Rectory, Mold, 1905 (2) (a note on [the Reverend] Simon Lloyd, curate of Llandegla, 1783-1788), John Jones, Minffordd, Penrhyndeudraeth, 1930 (the illness of the writer's niece), the Rev[erend] J[ohn] D[avid] Jones [Calvinistic Methodist minister], Gellifor, Ruthin, 1913 (2) (plans ? in connection with church buildings), Kitty Idwal Jones, Swansea, undated (personal, the disappearance of the literary MSS. of [the Reverend] Thomas Jones [1756- 1820, Calvinistic Methodist minister]), [the Reverend] M[organ] H[ugh] Jones, Trevecca College, Talgarth, 1907 (enclosing a copy of a letter from [the Reverend] Peter Williams [Methodist cleric], from Caerfyrddyn, to Messures Roberts, Moses, & Co., Trevecca, 1789, relating to the proofs, etc. [of the edition of the Bible which the writer was preparing in conjunction with the Reverend David Jones. See letter from the Reverend James Spinther James above]) (the original Peter Williams letter is now Trevecka Letter 2760 amongst the C.M. archives in the National Library of Wales), the Rev[erend] Richard E. Jones [Calvinistic Methodist minister], from Porthcawl, [19]25 (attempts to build up a Sunday School library in the writer's church at Clydach, near Swansea, the possibility of help from the Rebecca Hussey charity, congratulations to recipient on his great biography [of the Reverend Thomas Charles]), T. Griffith Jones, Llansantffraid, [co.] Mont[gomery], 1916 (a query the writer had received concerning the diary of Richard Tibbott [1719-1798, Calvinistic Methodist exhorter and Congregational minister], which he had sold to recipient), Tom Jones [Dr. Thomas Jones, C.H., Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet, 1916- 1930, Secretary of the Pilgrim Trust, 1930-1945], London, 1924-1932 (4) (personal, family news, an offer to recipient of a grant from the Civil List, the distinction [degree of D.Litt.] which the University of Liverpool was about to confer upon recipient in 1932), Tom and Eirene T. Jones [Dr. Thomas Jones, as in the four preceding letters, and his wife], [London] and Sandwich, 1928-1929 (2) (personal), and W[illiam] Garmon Jones, [associate professor of History and] librarian, The University of Liverpool, 1932 (3) (recipient's application to be admitted to the degree of DLitt. of the University).


Letters, 1879-1920, to David Samuel from Sir Edward Anwyl, J[ames] F[ranklin] Bethune-Baker, D[avid] H[enry] Davies (Cenarth), Sir Owen M[organ] Edwards, Thomas Edwards ('Gwynedd'), D[avid] Tecwyn Evans, Gruffydd Evans (Newcastle Emlyn), John Young Evans, S[amuel] J[ames] Evans (Llangefni), C[harles] L[ett] Feltoe, E[dmund] Tyrrell-Green, [James] Rendel Harris, David Howell ('Llawdden'), J[ames] Spinther James ('Spinther'), Edward Jenkins (Llandrindod Wells), Evan Jones (Caernarvon), Gwilym Hywel Jones, J[ohn] Cynddylan Jones, John Morgan Jones (Cardiff), Sir John Morris-Jones, T[homas] Gwynn Jones, T. Wolseley Lewis, Thomas Lloyd (Liverpool), William Morgan (Pant, Dowlais), Sir Hugh Owen, O[wen] G[riffith] Owen ('Alafon'), E. Wynne Parry (Bala), T[homas] Mordaf Pierce, Thomas Powel, Evan Rees ('Dyfed'), Sir John Rhys, Eleazar Roberts, L[ewis] J[ones] Roberts, Robert Arthur Williams ('Berw'), W[illiam] Gilbert Williams, etc.

Llyfr lloffion 'Myrddin Fardd',

A scrap-book of John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd') containing cuttings from Welsh and Welsh American newspapers, with occasional manuscript annotations by the compiler. The titles include 'Llenoriaeth Geltaidd' by [John Peters] 'Ioan Pedr', 'Cyfraith a Chyfreithwyr yr Hen Gymry', 'Prydain yn yr Hen Amser', 'Beirniadaeth Feiblaidd' by L. E. Lewis, Lisle, New York, 'Llosgi Llyfrau' by 'Thalamus', New Straitsville, Ohio, 'Gwahanfodaeth y Genedl Gymreig' by W. Morris ('Rhosynog'), Treorci, 'Y Mabinogion', 'Y Llyfr Gweddi Cyffredin' by [John Jones] 'Tegid', Oxford, 'Eisteddfod Salt Lake City. Beirniadaeth Pryddestau y Gadair .....' by T. C. Edwards ('Cynonfardd'), 'Bedyddwyr Cymru: eu dyled i'w haneswyr' by E. T. Jones, Llanelli, 'Hanes yr Hen Eglwys Brydeinig' translated by Herbert Jones, 'Noson gyda'r Llyfr Emynau' by E. M. Evans ('Morfryn'), Liverpool, 'Geiriau Saesneg diarfer wedi aros yn y Gymraeg' by J. Hammond, Scranton, 'Gwerin-eiriau Sir Gaernarfon', etc., by [Owen Griffith Owen] 'Alafon' (1907), 'Llen Gwerin Sir Fon' by [Morien Môn Huws] 'Morien', 'Gwerin-eiriau Sir Gaernarfon' by [James Spinther James] 'Spinther', 'Myrddin Fardd a Llenyddiaeth Lleyn' by J[ohn] Daniel [rector of Llandudwen] (1907), 'Pererindod i Lanilltyd Fawr (Llantwit Major)' by 'Caron', 'Y modd y daethym o hyd i fedd Goronwy Owen o Fon' by David Lloyd, Maine, 'Taith i Glynnog' by 'Llwyd y Gwrych', 'Taliesin Benbeirdd' by [Ellis Pierce] 'Ellis o'r Nant', 'Poblogrwydd Ysbrydegaeth, a barn dynion mawr ar y pwnc' by Joseph Roberts, DD [of New York, etc.].

Llyfr torion,

An album of miscellaneous press cuttings from Welsh and Welsh American newspapers compiled by John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd'). The titles include 'Y Diweddar Dr Spinther James, Llandudno', 'Y Parch. W. Elvad Davies, DD, Clydach Vale', 'Y Gwir Anrhyd[eddus Alfred Thomas] Arglwydd Pontypridd', 'Matho Dafydd. Stori fer Seiliedig ar Ffeithiau' (by the Reverend T[homas] Morgan, Skewen), 'Marwolaeth D. R. Jones, Cambria, Wis.', 'Yr Athraw J[ohn] M[orris] Jones a'i Feirniaid Americanaidd', 'Schubert, Papyr a Ddarllenwyd yn Nghyfarfod Cymdeithas y Cymreigyddion, Utica, N.Y...... Gan Proff. Samuel Evans' 'Gosod Carreg Sylfaen Eglwys St Iago, yn Llawr y Bettws ....', 'Yr Athro Kuno Meyer. Llythyr Pigog oddiwrth Nofelydd', 'Hawddgaraf Hedd y Geiriog', 'Hynafiaethau Plwyf Llanrhaiadr-yn-Nghinmeirch', 'Adgofion am Waen Gynfi, Arfon, Gc' (by Humphrey Griffith, Utica, N.Y.), 'Pererindod i Fynachdy Llanthony', 'David F. Lewis, Cleveland, O.' (by Edward Blythin), 'Cwm Ucha' [in the parish of Llanberis] (by O. W. Rowlands, Ipswich, S[outh] D[akota] ), 'Llyfrau a Llenorion. Cyrnol John Jones [Maesygarnedd]', etc.

Llyfr torion,

An album of miscellaneous press cuttings from Welsh and Welsh American newspapers, compiled by John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd'). The titles include 'Anerchiad Llewelyn Williams oddiar y Maen Llog, Mehefin 17eg 1909', 'Hen Hymnau', 'Hanes Blaenywaun. Gan B. Rees, YH' (review by J. Spinther James), 'Eisteddfod Gadeiriol Caernarfon, Nadolig, 1902' (adjudication by J. Spinther James), 'Enwogion Cymreig America', 'Crwydriadau Llyfrbryf', 'Bedd Howel Harris', 'Drws Coed, yn mhlwyf Beddgelert' (by O[wen] W[illiams], Waunfawr), 'Seren Foreu' (prospectus; to begin publication July 1846), etc. The volume also includes draft notes and extracts mainly in the hand of 'Myrddin Fardd' and largely on Welsh biographies, including an introduction ('Rhagfynegiad') to a work entitles 'Llenorion Lleyn'.


Letters addressed to David Lewis, mainly on matters relating to Welsh music, 'eisteddfodau' and the bibliography and biography of music. The correspondents are Messrs Hughes & Son, Wrexham, 1872, Charles and Eleanor James, Tregaron, 1893-1904, J[ames] Spinther James, 1876-1905, David Jenkins, Aberystwyth, 1876-1912, J[abez] Edmund Jenkins ('Creidiol'), 1899, William Jenkins, Treorci, 1887, D. Jones, Swyddffynnon, 1901, David Jones, Aberystwyth, 1868, D[avid] R[obert] Jones ('Alaw Madog'), 1880, J[oseph] D[avid] Jones, Ruthin, 1866, J[ohn] Emlyn Jones ['Ioan Emlyn'], Merthyr Tydfil, 1865, Lewis Jones, Treherbert, 1871-1872 (with a letter to him by R[ichard] Mills), M[oses] O[wen] Jones, Treherbert, 1886, R. Jones, Porthmadog, 1898-1899, R[obert] Meigant Jones, 1890-1897, Thomas Jones, Llanengan, 1866, and T[homas] Jones ('Canrhawdfardd'), 1887.

Llythyrau a phapurau,

Letters, press cuttings and other papers, most of them relating to The Welsh Colonising and General Trading Co. Ltd (Cwmni Ymfudol a Masnachol y Wladfa Gymreig) and to Congregational affairs in Wales, etc. The papers include a list of subscribers in the U.S.A., mainly Welshmen, for shares in the Colonising Company, and letters, 1871-1911, from [R. D. Edwards] ('Derfel'), E. Herber Evans ('Herber'), H. Tobit Evans, Thomas Gee, William Grifth (Holyhead), Walter D. Jeremy, D. Ll. Jones (Ruthin, secretary of the Colonising Company), George James Jones (Findlay, Ohio, U.S.A.), J. Spinther James ('Spinther'), Lewis Jones, Michael D. Jones, R. Gwesyn Jones (Utica, U.S.A.), Wm. S. Jones (Swyddfa Baner America, Scranton, U.S.A.), Job Miles (Aberystwyth), Thomas Nicholas, Joseph Parry (Mus. Doc.), Thomas Rees (Swansea), Daniel Rowlands (Normal College, Bangor), Edward Stephen ('Tanymarian'), John Thomas (Liverpool), Robert Thomas ('Ap Vychan'), etc.


Letters mainly addressed to Robert Ellis ('Cynddelw'). The correspondents include Thomas Essile Davies ('Dewi Wyn o Essyllt'); John Edwards ('Meiriadog') (1881); Richard Foulkes Edwards ('Rhisiart Ddu o Wynedd') (1860); David Howell ('Llawdden'); John Ceiriog Hughes ('Ceiriog') (1871); James Spinther James (1875); Lewis William Lewis ('Llew Llwyfo') (1872); Richard Parry ('Gwalchmai') (1858); Robert John Pryse ('Gweirydd ap Rhys') (1870); William Rees ('Gwilym Hiraethog') (1867); Jonathan Reynolds ('Nathan Dyfed') (1869); William Roberts ('Nefydd') (1862); David Thomas ('Dafydd Ddu Eryri') (1820-1821); Williams Thomas ('Islwyn') (1874); Griffith Williams ('Gutyn Peris') ([1816]); John Davies ('Brychan') (1862); Hugh Brython Hughes ('Brython') (1871); and Thomas Gwallter Price ('Cuhelyn') (1856); together with copies of testimonials in support of Robert Ellis junior's application for the classical tutorship at Llangollen Baptist College, 1870.

Llythyrau, J-K

Letters addressed to John Ceiriog Hughes mainly on literary and eisteddfodic matters. The correspondents (J-K) include Daniel James (Gwyrosydd), 1886, J. Spinther James, 1870, David Watkin Jones (Dafydd Morganwg), 1871-1880, John Athanasius Jones (Athan Fardd), 1867, Humphrey Bradley Jones (Garmonydd), 1867, John Jones (Idris Fychan), 1865-1886, John Bowen Jones, 1867, Owen Wynne Jones (Glasynys), Robert Jones, Rotherhithe, 1875-1877, Robert Isaac Jones (Alltud Eifion), 1867, Robert Jones Derfel, 1863-1866, Thomas Gruffydd Jones (Tafalaw Bencerdd), 1862, Thomas Jones (Taliesin o Eifion), Thomas Tudno Jones (Tudno), 1870, William Jones (Gwrgant), 1860-1870, and James Kenward (Elfynydd), 1862.

Press cuttings and letters,

A scrap-book of J. H. Davies containing cuttings of numerous articles on Morgan John Rhys, Baptist minister and author, by T. Shankland, Rhyl, John T. Griffiths, Lansford, Pa., E. K. Jones, Brymbo, and [J.] Spinther [James], and cuttings entitled 'Hen Lyfrau ar Fedydd' by T. Valentine Evans, Clydach, 'Ymholiad yn nghylch Catecism Abel Morgan' by [J.] Spinther [James], 'Morris Griffiths, Prendergast, Hwlffordd' by T. Shankland, 'Swp o Hen Farwnadau' by E. K. Jones, 'Rival Historians in Wales' (critical of Beriah Gwynfe Evans, Diwygwyr Cymru) by J. Morgan Jones [1838-1921; co-author of Y Tadau Methodistaidd], 'Yr Encilion' (on the text and authorship of Welsh hymns) by T. Shankland, etc.; and holograph letters to J. H. Davies from T. Shankland, Rhyl, [18]99-1903 (7) (bibliography of Morgan John Rhys, a search of St Asaph diocesan records for material on the family of Morgan Llwyd, a study by the writer of 'Thomas Charles a'r Feibl Gymdeithas', publications on the SPCK in Wales, etc.), D. H. Davies, Cenarth Vicarage, 1901 (ballads, etc., in the writer's library), J. Spinther James, Llandudno, 1901 (information on D. Risiart, issues of Seren Gomer), and R. Davies, Liverpool, 1898 (the dispatch of books to the recipient).

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