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Bishop John Owen Papers,

  • GB 0210 JOHNOW
  • Fonds
  • 1872-1958 /

The collection comprises John Owen's diaries, 1889-1926; notebooks containing press cuttings, accounts, extracts from the Bible and historical notes; and an address book (box 1); the memoirs of John Owen entitled 'College Friends', letters, 1872-1894, including many letters concerning the tithe rent charge, papers on the 1889 Welsh Intermediate Education Bill (box 2); a catalogue of the books in the library of Bishop John Owen, 1908, speeches, draft speeches and sermons, letters and papers relating to the disestablishment and disendowment of the church in Wales, papers concerning educational matters, 1891-1895 (box 3); letters, 1893-1897, many on religious matters, including issues of church reform, some of family interest, some congratulating John Owen as Bishop of St Davids in 1897 (box 4); an incomplete manuscript, the final printers' copy and the typescript text of 'The Early Life of Bishop Owen' (box 5); letters, 1898-1905, some relating to sermons and prayers following the death of Gladstone, the 1902 Education Bill, church defence, the fire at the Bishop's Palace at Abergwili in 1903, the new Bishop of Llandaff in 1905, and matters of diocesan interest, and there are also papers, 1904-1905, concerning education, Lloyd George and the Western Mail (box 6); letters, 1897-1914, some relating to the proceedings of the Welsh Church Commission, diocesan matters, church defence etc. (box 7); correspondence and papers, 1914-1917, many relating to the disestablishment and disendowment of the Church in Wales, the Welsh Church Act, 1914, and related matters (box 8); letters, 1906-1915, some relating to the role of the church in politics, education, church defence, the Welsh Church Bill etc. (box 9); correspondence and printed material, 1914-1919, concerning disestablishment, the Welsh Church Act, the Postponement Bill and the war, the tithe and disendowment (box 10); letters and papers, 1910-1926, concerning the tithe and the Welsh Church Bill, the Welsh Church Act, the Church Commissioners, matters relating to the diocese of St Davids (box 11); bundles of letters, 1922-1926, relating to church and diocesan matters, disestablishment and finance (box 12); correspondence and papers, 1914-1926, relating to disendowment, the government of the Church in Wales, the constitutions of the Governing Body and the Representative Body of the Church in Wales, drafts, notes and correspondence concerning 'The Later Life of Bishop Owen' (box 13); papers, 1907-1918, concerning Bishop Owen's life and work, including the typescript draft of 'The Early Life of Bishop Owen' (box 14); typescript drafts of 'The early Life of Bishop Owen' (box 15); manuscript texts of 'The Later Life of Bishop Owen', and miscellaneous source materials relating to Bishop Owen's life and work (box 16); papers concerning church matters, 1889-1925, including material relating to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, the Representative Body of the Church in Wales, the 'Diocesan Board of Finance', the 'Million Pound Fund' appeal, commutation capital, the St Davids Board of Finance etc., together with the correspondence of Miss Eluned Owen, 1954-1965 (box 17); papers relating to voluntary and parochial contributions, 1905-1908, together with an extensive collection of press cuttings (box 18).
Additional papers (boxes 19-21) comprising the letters of Bishop John Owen, his wife Amelia Owen and their family, together with the recollections of their daughter, Gwenonwy Davies, and of her husband the Very Reverend J. T. Davies, Dean of Bangor, were received in August 2017.

Owen, John, 1854-1926.

E. A. Lewis Papers,

  • GB 0210 EALEWIS
  • Fonds
  • [c. 1910]-1941 /

Academic papers of Edward Arthur Lewis, [c.1910]-1941, comprising abstracts from medieval and modern public records, including Chancery, Exchequer, Star Chamber and Court of Requests Proceedings, Ministers' Accounts, Subsidies, Chamberlains' Accounts, Pleas before the Justice of North Wales, and Quarter Sessions and Great Sessions records; abstracts from the Powys, Wynnstay, Brogyntyn, and Bronwydd Archives, with schedules of manorial records contained in these deposits; memoranda on the Welsh records in the Public Record Office; abstracts of records and notes on the lordships of Cydewain, Arwystli, Cyfeiliog, Broniarth, and Ardudwy; material for the history of Welsh boroughs (supplementing that published in Lewis, E. A., Medieval Boroughs of Snowdonia (London, 1912)); collections for the study of Welsh trade, commerce, customs duties, industry, shipping and agriculture; drafts of studies on Welshmen in London and the Welsh Fair (Barnet) from the Sessions Records of Middlesex in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the Rebecca Movement, the Abbey of Strata Florida, claims of the study of Welsh History upon the attention of the University of Wales, country life in medieval Merioneth, the Kyffin family, the Raglawship of Cardiganshire, the coal and tobacco trade in Pembrokeshire; reports on theses and essays; and letters from Sir William Llewellyn Davies (1887-1952), Sir John Edward Lloyd (1861-1947), and others.

Lewis, E. A. (Edward Arthur), 1880-1942

Elwyn and Margaret Davies Papers,

  • GB 0210 ELWIES
  • Fonds
  • 1878-1986 /

Personal papers of Elwyn Davies, Margaret Davies and Ben Davies, 1878-1986; academic research notes, theses and publications concerning historic stock farming and field systems, [post-1902]-1985; papers relating to the University of Wales, 1937-1982, the Milford Haven Conservance Board, 1958-1982, the national parks, 1960-1983, the Countryside Commission, 1967-1982, and papers relating to the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, the National Library of Wales and the National Museum of Wales, 1962-1985; printed matter, 1937-1986; and papers relating to Alun Davies and the Historical Association, 1965-1977.

Davies, Elwyn, 1908-1986

Howell family correspondence,

Fifty-four holograph and ?autograph letters, 1836-1897 and undated, to or from members of the Howell family including: (a) Forty holograph letters to Abraham Howell, Welshpool, from Jane Bebb, W[elsh] Pool, 1836 (personal) (endorsed with comments by recipient), Henry T[obit] Evans (of Neuadd - Llanarth, Aberayron, co. Cardigan), London, 1887 (reminding recipient that they had met at S[amuel] R[oberts]'s funeral and discussed the possibility of obtaining a 'government annuity for Miss Roberts' [?Margaret Roberts, niece of Samuel Roberts], and suggesting that a memorial be sent to the authorities in connection therewith), David Howell [recipient's brother], Machynlleth, Aberdovey, and Wolverhampton, [?1839]-1885 and undated (21) (personal and family matters including the illness of [their brother] Samuel, legal matters, financial affairs especially in connection with [their brother] Evan, colliery shares, Llanfair Railway (1876), the Barry Dock and Railway Co[mpany] (1885), the death of Sir Watkin [Williams Wynn, 6th bart. of Wynnstay] in 1885), Edw[ar]d Howell, recipient's brother, Chertsey, 1852 (plans for building cottages, and financial arrangements in connection therewith), Evan Howell [recipient's brother], St. Paul's Church Yard, London, 1874-1883 (9) (the writer's activities as a manufacturer of silk and satin in London, financial matters in connection with the business, complaints about the 'dying away of the silk trade' and the ruin of 'all Silk Manufacturers in Spitalfields', a biographical note on [?the writer's deceased brother] William extracted from 'a little book called Dryorfa [sic] for June 1828', mention of the Welsh school [in London]), [Mary Howell], recipient's wife, undated (2) (personal and family matters), Mary [Jones, later Howell, recipient's wife], undated (3) (personal), R. Owen, Gelly, [18]39 (business matters), and Samuel Roberts ['S.R.'], Llanbrynmair, 1838 (a request to recipient to send on [copies of] the Patriot to the writer and his brother John). (b) Seven holograph and autograph letters (1 draft + 6 carbon copies) from Abraham Howell from Welchpool, to Mr. Benbow, Aberhavesp, Newtown, 1848 (financial matters), Henry T[obit] Evans, J.P., Neuadd-Llanarth, Aberayron, 1887 (the writer's political opinions, conjectures as to the opinions of S[amuel] R[oberts] and J[ohn] R[oberts] had they been alive, Cardiganshire's rejection of Mr. [David] Davies [of Llandinam] [at the parliamentary election for the county seat in 1886] because he would not follow Gladstone 'however often his views changed', the writer's response to the recipient's previous letter concerning a memorial [see section (a) above]), Edward Howell [the writer's brother], officer of excise, Chertsey, Surrey, 1852 (advice in respect of investing in house property), [Elinor and William Howell], the writer's parents [Llanbryn-mair], 1836 (financial matters) (one sheet barely legible), Lewis Jones, the writer's uncle, Castle Forgate, Salop, 1836 (the acceptance by Messrs. Griffithes and Jones [solicitors of Welshpool] of the writer as an articled clerk, his need of £130 to meet the expenses in connection therewith, the writer's financial account with recipient, and a request for a loan), Tho[ma]s Penson, 1837 (acknowledging the news of the appointment of the writer's brother [Edward Howell] to a post in the Oswestry excise district, thanking the recipient for the part he had played in securing the said appointment, and requesting him to convey the writer's thanks to Sir John Conroy for his help), and Sam[ue]l Roberts ['S.R.'], 1847 (financial and legal). (c) Seven miscellaneous holograph letters: David Howell, Llanbrynmair, to Mr. [ ] Howell [?son of Abraham Howell], 1897 (an ?imagined insult to recipient's father and uncle, David Howell, in a paper read at Machynlleth on the history of the Sunday school there, a proposal to publish in book form the story of the Sunday schools in the Llanbrynmair and Glan Dyfi districts, a paper prepared by the writer on the Sunday school at Bont [dolgadfan], the absence of religious bigotry at Llanbrynmair, mention of a picture of 'old Bont Chapel' [Bethel C.M. Chapel, Bontdolgadfan], and of 'a brief outline of the history of the cause here since 1739' by the writer in the Goleuad [9 December 1896], the writer's hopes that recipient would succeed in getting 'the University [of Wales] offices located at W[elsh] pool') (enclosed with the letter is a transcript of three eight-line stanzas from an elegy to William Howell of Bont[dolgadfan], [?recipient's uncle] by his cousin Richard Williams); David Howell, Machynlleth, to [his sister-in-law] Mrs. [Abraham] Howell, Welshpool, 1844-1845 (2) (personal and family news); Edward Howell, Lawley Bank [near Wellington, co. Salop], to his father Will[ia]m Powell, Bont Dolgadfan, Llanbrynmair. To the care of [his brother] David Howell, Machynlleth, 1838 (personal and family news, the writer's movements as an officer in the excise, comments on his various lodgings, etc.) (two letters, one to the writer's parents, the other to his brother, on one sheet; this was then forwarded by the recipient, David Powell, to [his brother] Abraham Howell at W[elsh] Pool, with added comments on personal, family, and business matters); E[van] Howell [London], to [his brother] Edw[ar]d Howell, Shrewsbury, 1838 (personal); John Howell, Portsmouth [America], to his brother Abraham Howell, Welch pool, 1840 (the writer's activities in America, details of the economic possibilities of a wool and cloth factory, the possibility of borrowing money from recipient, the death of an uncle Edw[ar]d Bebb, news of [their brother] Lewis, comments on the economic situation and on prices and wages, the presidential election to be held in November, some of the differences between the political parties, the economic policy of the party in power, the opposition party's success in state elections, and the possibility of a change of administration) (the letter, though directed to the writer's brother Abraham Howell, was written to his parents [William and Elinor Howell of Llanbrynmair]; a postscript intended for Abraham Howell states that the writer's original intention was to write two separate letters); and W[illia]m Loudan, London, to David Howells, Machynelleth [sic], 1839 (legal documents) (endorsed with a copy of recipient's reply).

Howell family and others.

Idris Foster Papers,

  • GB 0210 IDRTER
  • Fonds
  • 1924-1984 /

Papers of Sir Idris Foster comprising correspondence; personal papers, 1953-1978; papers, 1963-1978, relating to the Standing Commission on Museums and Galleries; radio and television scripts, [1949x1984]; notes and correspondence relating to his work on `Culhwch ac Olwen', including copies of his MA thesis, 1935-1961; scholarly and academic notes; papers relating to the National Eisteddfod, 1960-1985; material on Ireland and the Irish language, 1958-1982; copies of university dissertations, 1924-[1980]; drafts and typescript versions of articles, lectures and broadcasts received by Foster, 1949-1983; and index slips of Old and Middle Irish and Middle Welsh words; papers relating to the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion, 1947-1978, the University of Wales, 1936-1984, including the Board of Celtic Studies,1955-1975; Jesus College and Oxford University, 1960-1984, the Church in Wales, 1957-1983, archaeological bodies, the Ancient Monuments Board for England and Ancient Monuments Board for Wales, 1960-1985, the National Eisteddfod, 1960-1985, Cyngor yr Iaith Gymraeg, 1973-1977, and other councils, committees and societies, 1951-1984.

Foster, Idris, 1911-1984

John Bryn Roberts Collection,

  • Fonds
  • 1781-1928 /

Papers collected by John Bryn Roberts, including correspondence, 1830-1887; legal certificates, 1863-1897; diaries, 1838-1930, kept by Bryn Roberts and some other members of the Roberts family; photographs, [c. 1880]-1924; notes on legal cases and topics, [c. 1902]-[c. 1921]; letters, 1888-1926, from John Bryn Roberts to the press; newspaper reports transcribed, 1883-1905; notes for his speeches, 1885-1905; notes on political topics, [c.1892]-[1926]; general notes, [1860]-[1894]; election addresses, 1885-1924; political leaflets and pamphlets, 1880-1927; official publications, 1889-1927; legal publications, 1863-1930; miscellaneous printed matter, 1883-1925; Calvinistic Methodist papers, 1844-1928; papers relating to the University of Wales, mainly the University College of North Wales, Bangor, 1882-1926; newspaper and magazine cuttings, 1874-1929; newspapers and periodicals, 1902-1928; bills and receipts, 1781-1926; notebooks and account books, 1833-1900.

Roberts, J. Bryn (John Bryn), 1847-1931

Sir E. Vincent Evans Papers,

  • GB 0210 VINANS
  • Fonds
  • 1880-1933 /

Papers of Sir Evan Vincent Evans, 1880-1933, including correspondence, 1881-1927 (comprising general correspondence to Sir E. Vincent Evans, 1881-1927, letters relating to the Ignatius Williams manuscripts, 1906-1922, drafts and copies of letters from Vincent Evans, 1893-1927, letters addressed to others, 1892-1923; and miscellaneous letters, 1894-1927, mainly those with unrecognisable signatures); bibliography of Welsh printed books, 1701-1807; minutes of the Board of Celtic Studies, 1933; records of the Diphwys Slate Quarry, 1924-1927; papers relating to education in Wales, 1887-1888; the London Committee of the Cardiff Medical Society, 1890; the National Eisteddfod of Wales, 1887-1926; the National Library of Wales, 1924-1927; the National Museum of Wales, c. 1900-1928; the Royal Commission on Ancient Monuments in Wales, 1911-1933; Royal Commission on Public Records, 1914-1916; the Society for the Promotion of Nature Reserves, 1914; the University Board of Celtic Studies, 1922-1927; the University of Wales, c. 1893-1927; the Vincent Evans Testimonial Fund, 1898-1899; and the Welsh Club, 1893-1913; together with copies of speeches and addresses delivered by Vincent Evans; and miscellaneous papers, [c. 1880]-[1930].

Evans, Vincent, Sir, 1851-1934

T. George Davies Papers,

  • GB 0210 TGVIES
  • Fonds
  • 1846-1975 (accumulated [1918]-1975) /

Personal papers of T. George Davies, including college notebooks, 1918-1924; testimonials and curriculum vitae, 1925-1958; notes for sermons, lectures and broadcasts; drafts of articles; printed material, 1872-1975; college notebooks of his brother, the Rev. D. Herbert Davies, 1927-1929; correspondence relating to the Presbyterian College, Carmarthen, 1931-1975; records of the College, including administrative records, reports, examination papers, lists of examination results and printed material, 1846-1965; records relating to the University College of Wales including examination papers, pass lists and booklets, 1904-1963, and agenda and minutes of the Faculty of Theology, 1955-1968, correspondence between the University and the Presbyterian College, 1955-1964; records relating to the Presbyterian College Baptist Fund and Committee, 1943-1968; and general correspondence files of College Principals, 1900-1958.

Davies, T. George (Thomas George), 1900-1977.

University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, Old Students' Association Records,

  • GB 0210 ABEROSA
  • Fonds
  • 1872-1998 /

The collection comprises accounts, including annual accounts, 1925-1954, a letter, 1997, relating to investments, treasurer's correspondence, 1945-1997, memorandum on OSA finances, 1950, bank statements, 1959-1969, building society pass books, 1988-1989, reunion records, 1991-1997; fund-raising records, including material relating to the use of the Assembly Rooms, 1922-1970, New College Buildings Appeal brochures, 1933?-1964, New College Buildings Appeal, 1933-1964; New College Buildings Appeal correspondence, 1930-1973, New College Buildings Appeal donations, 1934-1962, New College Buildings Appeal 'memoranda and manuscripts', 1964-1966, 1993 Centenary Appeal sub-committee, 1991-1992, 1993 Centenary Appeal appeal committee, 1992-1995, 1993 Centenary Appeal administration, 1993-1994; Memorabilia, including papers relating to the centenary tie, 1989, 'dramatics', 1928-1952, drama programmes, 1888-1948, eisteddfodau programmes, 1924-1944, entertainment programmes, 1926-1935, St. David's Day celebrations, 1928-1933, media: press cuttings, 1899-1992, memorial services and memorial funds, 1923-1988, tree planting ceremony, March 1997, music concerts, 1920-1952, photographs, 1894-1992, other pictorial material, 1910-1959, student's diary for 1935-1936, speeches and toasts, 1908, college yell, 1924-1928, gymnastic cap for 1923-1926; organisation, including acquisitions, 1998, accommodation of OSA archives, 1998 and undated, Aberystwyth branch, 1934-1994, Bangor branch, 1966, Cardiff branch, 1966-1990, Hong Kong branch, undated, London branch of Old Aberystwythians, 1898-1981, Malaysia branch, 1988-1989, Midland branch, 1937-1969, Swansea and West Wales branch, 1967-1992, Aberystwyth business club, 1993, Cambridge Society of Old Aberystwythians, 1923-1929, Manchester branch, 1938, Aberystwyth College Club, Oxford, 1880-1883, general committee, 1907-1997, OSA development committee, 1992-1997, housing association sub-committee, 1968, revised constitution, 1998, earlier versions of the constitution, 1913-1994, secretary's correspondence, 1928-1982, OSA Centenary, 1992-1993, correspondence relating to the funding of the association, 1892, press reports concerning the founding of the association, 1892, annual general meetings, 1935-1975, Llandaff lectures, life membership, 1920s-1996, presidents of the OSA, 1951-1972, list of vice-presidents of the OSA, 1892-1998, secretaries, 1892-1998, treasurers, 1892-1998, flyers and leaflets, c. 1992, attendance at re-unions, 1936-1994, correspondence relating to re-unions, 1964-1982, re-union programmes, 1907-1997, travel club activities, 1994-1998, guidelines, 1994-1998; relations between the OSA and other bodies, including the University College of South Wales, 1909, the Guild of Graduates of the University of Wales, 1969, list of subscribers to the building fund of the National Library of Wales, 1924, OSA publications - series, 1908-1998, OSA publications - occasional, 1920-1992, OSA publications - articles, 1931, college publications - series, 1892-1992, college publications - occasional, 1932-1996, University of Wales Press, 1947-1961, other publications - series, 1944-1986, other publications - occasional, 1874-1988; links between the OSA and the UCW, inclding, ceremonial - anniversaries, 1922-1973, official openings, 1973-1998, consultation relating to the charter and statutes, 1968-1969, Court and Council, 1934-1977, new buildings committee, 1936, college and students joint committee, 1936-1939, Union House committee, 1938-1939, Principal, 1907-195?, account books of various societies, 1920-1936, activities of various societies, 1923-1959, heads of departments at UCW, 1988-1992; unclassified papers, 1901-1905 and undated. Additional records (1 box), [c. 1913]-2002, of the Aberystwyth Old Students' Association, including correspondence, tributes, photographs, membership lists, programmes and other miscellaneous papers, were deposited by Mr A. H. Clark, Aberystwyth, in December 2002, March 2008 and 2009 and in May 2012 (these remain unlisted).

Aberystwyth Old Students' Association.

University of Wales,

Mainly typescript and printed material, 1985-1993, concerning the University of Wales, including numerous reports of committees and working groups, minutes of meetings of the University Council, memoranda, newsletters published by the University of Wales, papers relating to the admission of new constituent institutions to the University, the proceedings of the Rosser working party, the 1992 Research Assessment Exercise, the role of the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales etc. The correspondents include James Callaghan, 1993, Lord Cledwyn of Penrhos (2), 1992-1993, Professor R. Geraint Gruffydd, 1993, Dr Brynley F. Roberts, 1993, Sir Wyn Roberts, 1992, Sir Melvyn Rosser (3), 1992-1993, George Thomas, 1989, and Sir John Meurig Thomas, 1992.

Callaghan, James, 1912-2005

Welsh language,

Printed items, typescripts, press cuttings, and some letters, 1963-1994, on the Welsh language. They include material on the 1963 Report of the Council for Wales and Monmouthshire, teaching through the medium of the Welsh language in the University of Wales, parliamentary debates on the status of the Welsh language, broadcasting, bilingual road signs, the use of the Welsh language in the law courts, the Welsh language and the education system, the 1971 Census, publishing in the Welsh language, and Welsh language television.

Papurau Alwyn D. Rees,

  • GB 0210 ADREES
  • fonds
  • [c. 1930]-1974 /

Papurau'r cymdeithasegydd Alwyn D. Rees, 1911-1974, yn cynnwys papurau'n ymwneud â Phrifysgol Cymru, yn bennaf â Choleg Prifysgol Cymru, Aberystwyth, 1920au-1974, gan gynnwys papurau'n ymwneud â'r comisiwn a sefydlwyd i archwilio strwythur ffederal Prifysgol Cymru yn y 1960au; papurau ynglŷn â lle'r Gymraeg yn y Brifysgol a'r ymgyrch i sefydlu neuadd Gymraeg i fyfyrwyr yn Aberystwyth,1967-1974; papurau'n ymwneud â llyfrau, erthyglau a darlithoedd Alwyn D. Rees, 1933-1973, a Chymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg, [c.1964]-1974; papurau'n ymwneud â Barn, 1966-1967; papurau'n ymwneud â darlledu yng Nghymru, 1938-1974; papurau'n ymwneud â'r diwydiant llechi yng Nghymru,1946; papurau'n ymwneud â gwleidyddiaeth yng Nghymru, 1911-1974; gohebiaeth gyffredinol, 1935-1974; a phapurau a gohebiaeth bersonol , 1930-1974 = Papers of the sociologist Alwyn D. Rees, 1911-1974, including papers relating to the University of Wales, mainly the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, 1930s-1974, including papers relating to the commission established to examine the federal structure of the University of Wales in the 1960s; papers concerning the place of the Welsh language in the University and the campaign to establish a Welsh student hostel at Aberystwyth, 1967-1974; papers relating to the University of Malta, 1940-1951; Alwyn D. Rees's research papers, 1933-1973; papers relating to Alwyn D. Rees's books, articles and lectures, and further related research papers assembled by him, 1925-1974; papers relating to the Welsh language, 1952-1974, and 'Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg', [c. 1964]-1974; papers relating to 'Barn', 1966-1975; papers relating to broadcasting in Wales, 1938-1974; papers relating to the Welsh slate industry, 1946; papers relating to politics in Wales, 1911-1974; general correspondence, 1935-1974; and personal papers and correspondence, 1930-1974.

Rees, Alwyn D.

Papurau Prosiect Addysg Ddwyieithog y Cyngor Ysgolion,

  • GB 0210 PADDCY
  • fonds
  • 1968-1977 /

Ffeilliau'n cynnwys gohebiaeth trefnwyr y prosiect a gwahanol sefydliadau a chyrff, 1968-1977, gan gynnwys y pwyllgor llywio,1969-1975; Pwyllgor Addysg Morgannwg, 1968-1977; awdurdodau addysg lleol, 1968-1974; Prifysgol Cymru, 1968-1974; Cyd-Bwyllgor Addysg Cymru, 1969-1973; ysgolion a gymerodd ran yn y prosiect, 1969-1975; Urdd Gobaith Cymru, 1970-1973; cwmnïau teledu, 1968-1973; cynlluniau eraill, 1970-1973; rheolau sefydlog a phapurau cyffredinol, 1969-1975; adroddiadau ar ysgolion unigol,1970-1974; cylchlythyrau, adroddiadau a phapurau ymchwil, 1968-1975; a phapurau'n ymwneud â phrofion, 1973-1974. = Files containing correspondence of the project organisers and various organisations and bodies, 1968-1977, including the steering committee, 1969-1975; Glamorgan Education Committee, 1968-1977; local education authorities, 1968-1974; the University of Wales, 1968-1974; the Welsh Joint Education Committee, 1969-1973; the schools involved with the project, 1969-1975; Urdd Gobaith Cymru, 1970-1973; television companies, 1968-1973; other schemes, 1970-1973; standing orders and general papers, 1969-1975; reports on individual schools, 1970-1974; circulars, reports and research papers, 1968-1975; and papers relating to tests, 1973-1974.

Prosiect Addysg Ddwyieithog y Cyngor Ysgolion.