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Disgrifiadau lefel uchaf yn unig Thomas, Dylan, 1914-1953.
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Papers relating to Fatal neglect,

  • NLW ex 2681(i & ii).
  • Ffeil
  • [2006]-[2008].

Research papers, [2006]-[2008], of the donor David N. Thomas for his book Fatal neglect : who killed Dylan Thomas? published by Seren in 2008, concerning the circumstances of the poet's death, including material photocopied mainly from sources at the Special Collections, University of Delaware Library, and also at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center at the University of Texas at Austin.

Thomas, David N.

Wynford Vaughan-Thomas Papers,

  • GB 0210 WYNMAS
  • Fonds
  • 1850-1986 (accumulated [1908]-1986) /

Papers of Wynford Vaughan Thomas, 1850-1986, including war despatches, 1943-1945; papers realting to India independence, 1947; scripts of radio programmes on the Middle East, 1956; papers relating to state occasions, 1950-1956; notes for a proposed book on the river Niger, 1961-1963; manuscript and typescript copies of stories, articles, lectures, etc., 1947-1964; scripts of radio and TV programmes and proposed programmes, 1946-[1980s]; notes for proposed works on autobiography, 'Journeys', the River Niger, and Welsh history, [1950s]-1984; manuscripts, notes and typescripts for the published works Anzio, Madly in all directions, Shell Guide to Wales, Portrait of Gower, and Trust to talk, 1958-1980; travel journals, 1947-1964, recording visits to India, West Indies, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Hong Kong and Singapore; notebooks contining notes, drawings and miscellenea, [1947]-[1960s]; financial papers, 1945-1973; correspondence, 1936-1986; papers relating to wine, 1980-1984; papers relating to Dylan Thomas and his literary estate, 1955-1974; family papers, 1895-1950; press cuttings relating to his broadcasting career, 1937-1978; papers relating to Botticelli's painting, 'Primavera', 1945-1988; and miscellaneous papers, mainly printed, 1850-1974.

Vaughan-Thomas, Wynford, 1908-1987

J. Seymour Rees Collection

  • GB 0210 JSEYREES
  • Fonds
  • 1817-1965

A collection of over 200 books and pamphlets from the library of the donor's husband, the late Rev J. Seymour Rees, Seven Sisters, most of these being typescript volumes (NLW MSS 18628-707). The collection consists of some original work by J. Seymour Rees and his father, John Rees, such as poetry, short stories, essays, biographies, and guide books, much of which was submitted for competition at various national and local eisteddfodau, and volumes of collected material on various topics, including essays, articles and other material on such eminent Welshmen as W. Llewelyn Williams, Daniel Silvan Evans, Sir John Morris Jones, and Rev William Edwards, Groeswen, and on Welsh hymnology, and collections of poetry by D. Emrys James ('Dewi Emrys'), I. D. Hooson, R. Williams Parry, and T. J. Thomas ('Sarnicol'), of prose by 'Sarnicol', W. Llewelyn Williams, O. M. Edwards, and W. J. Gruffydd, and of hymns by H. Elvet Lewis ('Elfed'), J. D. Vernon Lewis, J. R. Davies, Pentyrch, and others, and selections of prose and verse compiled for competition at various national eisteddfodau. In addition to the collection of Elfed's Welsh and English hymns, there are twelve volumes containing some of his prose and verse and material on his life and work. There are also indexes to Y Beirniad, Y Geninen, and Y Geiriadur Bywgraphyddol; typescript copies and cuttings, from periodicals and newspapers, of articles and essays by various persons, and by 'Sarnicol' and J. Seymour Rees in particular; typescript transcripts of several printed books, in particular of collections of hymns published in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; and scrapbooks of newspaper cuttings relating to D. Lloyd George, Dylan Thomas, 'Dewi Emrys', W. Llewelyn Williams, Sir John Morris Jones, 'Elfed', Rev John Evans, Brecon, Rev Jubilee Young, and others. The collection also contains letters to J. Seymour Rees and Mrs. Seymour Rees and a small group of other correspondence. The largest donation of printed books received during the current year was that which the Library was invited to select from the very extensive library of Rev J. Seymour Rees (Dept of Printed Books). It numbered several hundreds of volumes primarily of literary, historical, and theological interest, all in very good condition, and many having been bound by Mr. Rees himself. Additional material from the library of the donor's husband, the late Rev J. Seymour Rees, Seven Sisters. It includes typescript collections of 'Cyfansoddiadau sydd yn fy modloni i' and 'A short anthology of the world's greatest Christian prayers' (NLW MS 19384B); three scrapbooks of typescripts and newspaper cuttings (NLW MSS 19385A, 19386B, 19387C); a typescript copy of 'Casgliad o gyfarwyddiadau i wneuthur hen fwydydd nodweddiadol Gymraeg' by Miss Mati Thomas ('Mati'r Ddôl'), Nanternis, New Quay (awarded the prize at the Treorchy National Eisteddfod, 1928) (NLW MS 19383B); Evan Thomas: Galareb S. Griffiths o Horeb (Castellnewydd-Emlyn, 1960), and J. Lloyd Williams: Byd Natur (Caerdydd, 1924) (Dept of Printed Books). A holograph letter of David Jones (1856-1937), Aberdare, afterwards Independent minister at New Quay, co. Cardigan, and at Scranton, Pa., U.S.A. (NLW MS 18866E, No 246C); and a printed postcard to the donor from the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, [March 1965], acknowledging a message of sympathy and good wishes (NLW MS 16726A).

Rees, J. Seymour (John Seymour), 1887-1963.

Rev. B. G. Rees papers

  • NLW MS 24059E.
  • Ffeil
  • 1935-1945

Papers, 1935-1945, of the Rev. B. George Rees, Curate of Llangynwyd, Maesteg (1936-38), and Laleston (1938-44), Rector of Llansannor (1944-48), and a WEA lecturer on literature at the Maesteg Unemployed Centre and elsewhere. The papers include letters, 1939-1940, from a number of authors and poets, responding to requests by Rees for their thoughts on lecture subjects such as 'Life and Literature'.
The respondents include W. H. Auden, [1939] (ff. 2-3), Winston Churchill, 17 January 1939 (f. 8), C. Day Lewis, [?1939]-1940 (ff. 10-12), Aldous Huxley, 27 March 1940 (f. 16), Glyn Jones, April 1939-February 1940 (ff. 19-27), Herbert E. Palmer, February-March 1940 (ff. 35-44), John Cowper Powys, February-March 1940 (ff. 45-47), J. B. Priestley, 10 January 1939 (f. 48), Dylan Thomas, September 1939-February 1940 (ff. 56-60), and Emlyn Williams, 8 February 1940 (f. 63); a few respondents, such as Glyn Jones (f. 25) and Dylan Thomas (ff. 59-60), supplied Rees with brief essays. Also included are notes, newspaper cuttings and other papers relating to Rees's lectures (ff. 66-91); and papers, 1935-1945, relating to his Church career, including letters and telegrams concerning his Institution at Llansannor, August-September 1944 (ff. 92-100), sermon notes (ff. 102-109), and parish magazines and pages from annual reports relating to Laleston, 1935-1944 (ff. 110-120).

Rees, B. G. (Benjamin George), 1910-1948

William Killick,

  • NLW Facs 999.
  • Ffeil
  • 2001, [2005].

Papers relating to the incident when SOE commando William Killick fired bullets into Majoda, New Quay, in 1945 and was later charged with, but acquitted, of the attempted murder of Dylan Thomas and friends. Also included are papers from the Foreign Office relating to William Killick and his own account of his war experiences in Greece, from where he had just returned when the shooting happened.

Caitlin Thomas letters to Mary Keene,

  • NLW MS 23764E.
  • Ffeil
  • 1944-1957 /

Thirty-five letters, 1944-1957, to the artists' model Mary Keene, comprising twenty-three from her friend Caitlin Thomas, 1945-1954 (ff. 1-30), six from the latter's sister Brigit Marnier, 1944-1949 (ff. 33-43), and six from Florence Thomas, mother of Dylan Thomas, 1954-1957 (ff. 44-53), all containing personal and family news.
Also included is a letter, 11 October 1950, to Caitlin Thomas from her domestic help, Dolly Long of Laugharne (ff. 31-32). There are numerous references to Dylan Thomas (ff. 1 verso-10 passim, 19, 20 27 verso) and his funeral (ff. 43-44) and to Caitlin (in addition to her own letters) (ff. 36 verso, 44-54 passim). There are also references to Laurie Lee (f. 16 verso), Anthony Devas (f. 23 verso), Louis MacNeice (f. 45 verso) and Daniel Jones (f. 47 verso).

Thomas, Caitlin

Dylan Thomas miscellanea,

  • NLW MS 21979D.
  • Ffeil
  • 1971-1983.

Miscellaneous printed material, 1971-1983, relating to Dylan Thomas, in particular to the laying of the memorial stone in Westminster Abbey, 1982, including photographs of the unveiling ceremony, and to the opening of the Dylan Thomas Theatre in Swansea, 1983.

Letters to John Davenport

  • NLW MS 14934E.
  • Ffeil
  • 1939-1966

Eighty letters, 1939-1966, to John Davenport, literary critic and friend of Dylan Thomas, much of the correspondence relating to literary matters (ff. 1-91). There are references to Thomas throughout, including detailed (and contrasting) accounts, by John Malcolm Brinnin (ff. 12-13) and George Reavey (ff. 71-72 verso), of events surrounding his death.
The correspondents include Kingsley Amis, 1955-1965 (ff. 1-6), John Malcolm Brinnin, 1952-1953 (ff. 11-13), Walford Davies, 1963-1965 (ff. 16-23), Constantine FitzGibbon, 1950-1966 (ff. 27-52), Glyn Jones, March-April 1965 (ff. 57-59), T. H. Jones, 9 November 1961 (f. 60), George Reavey, [November 1953] (ff. 71-72), Roger Roughton, 1939-1940 (ff. 73-80), Caitlin Thomas, 1947-[?1952] (ff. 81-85, including a postcard also signed by Dylan Thomas), and Vernon Watkins, 1956-1965 (ff. 86-90). Also included are further papers relating to Dylan Thomas, comprising manuscript notes by Davenport, [1956x1966] (ff. 92-100); a postcard, [?1950], to Thomas from Jack Lindsay in Prague (f. 101); a typescript, 10 November 1953, of a radio obituary to Thomas by Davenport (ff. 102-104); a typescript article, [mid-1950s], on Thomas by Davenport (ff. 105-114); and press cuttings, 1954-1965 (ff. 115-121). A typescript table of contents is ff. i-iii. Three of the Kingsley Amis letters (ff. 1, 2, 4) are published in The Letters of Kingsley Amis, ed. by Zachary Leader (London, 2000) (pp. 448-50, 464-5, 527-8).

Davenport, John, 1908-1966.

Country Magazine script,

  • NLW ex 2759.
  • Ffeil
  • 1948.

A script, 1948, featuring the Isle of Thanet in the 'Country Magazine' series, a BBC Home Service transmission, with Dylan Thomas introducing the programme.

Dylan Thomas Trust Manuscripts,

  • Fonds
  • [1944x1947]-1975 /

Papers relating to Dylan Thomas and to the Dylan Thomas Trust, [1944x1947]-1975, comprising miscellaneous personal items of Dylan Thomas, 1948-1953, letters addressed to him, 1952-1953, contracts, 1951-1953, and his manuscript map of Llareggub, [1944x1951]; passports of Dylan, Caitlin and Colm Thomas, 1947-[1961]; a fragment of a memoir by Caitlin Thomas, [?1957]; and letters relating to the Trust, mainly addressed to Stuart Thomas, 1953-1975.

Trustees for the Copyrights of Dylan Thomas.

Dylan Thomas papers,

  • NLW MS 21978E.
  • Ffeil
  • 1964-1983.

Correspondence and papers, 1980-1982, relating to the laying of a memorial stone to Dylan Thomas in Poets' Corner at Westminster Abbey, together with papers relating to the presentation of the first Dylan Thomas Award, 1983 (ff. 130-3) and two letters, 1964, to Mervyn Levy concerning the poet (ff. 134-6). The correspondents include Daniel Jones (3) 1982, John Ormond (4) 1981, Aeronwy Thomas-Ellis (15 draft and copy letters) 1981-1982, and Llewelyn Thomas (2) 1982.

Leftover life to kill : : typescript draft,

  • NLW MS 21710C.
  • Ffeil
  • [1957] /

A typescript draft of Caitlin Thomas's autobiography, Leftover Life to Kill (London, 1957), apparently typed from tape or dictation (see, for instance, ff. 64-65), bearing her more or less final autograph revision, and containing some passages which do not appear in the published work, e.g. the summary of Dylan's usual domestic small talk (f. 39), and his inability to cope with the pestilent 'Bible manglers' of New York (f. 83).

Thomas, Caitlin