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Letters from Wystan Hugh Auden to Vernon Watkins,

  • NLW MS 21694D.
  • File
  • 1956-1957 /

Manuscript and typescript letters from Wystan Hugh Auden to Vernon Watkins, together with one poem by Auden, 1956-1957.

Auden, W. H. (Wystan Hugh), 1907-1973

Family correspondence of Vernon Watkins

  • NLW MS 23979D.
  • File
  • 1938-2004

Thirteen letters, 1957-1967 from Vernon Watkins to his wife, his mother and his sister, reflecting the poet's family and public life (ff. 1-25). Also included are 30 letters of the same nature, 1938-1967, addressed to Vernon Watkins from vari...

Watkins, Vernon Phillips, 1906-1967

Letters of Anglo-Welsh writers

  • NLW MS 22003E.
  • File
  • 1901-1991

Over a hundred letters, 1901-1991, of miscellaneous provenance from twentieth-century Anglo-Welsh writers to various recipients; the correspondents include Gillian Clarke (10, and three poems) 1986-1988, Rhys Davies (10) 1928-1929, 1975-1978, W. H...

Clarke, Gillian, 1937-

Vernon Watkins Manuscripts,

  • Fonds
  • [1920s]-1988

Papers, [1920s]-1988, of Vernon Watkins, comprising drafts of poems published in collections and elsewhere, 1934-1967, unpublished poems, [1920s]-1967, and verse translations from German, French, Greek, Italian, Spanish and Hungarian, [1920s]-1967...

Watkins, Vernon Phillips, 1906-1967

Dylan Thomas poems

  • NLW MS 23917D.
  • File
  • [1929]-[early 1940s]

A sample copy, [1929], of part of a projected printed book by Ezra Pound, to be called 'The Complete Works of Guido Cavalcanti', containing also four autograph poems and a prose fragment by Dylan Thomas, [1936]-[early 1940s], and two typ...

Thomas, Dylan, 1914-1953.

The Prose of Vernon Watkins,

  • NLW ex 2050
  • File
  • 1969.

A copy of Jane L. McCormick's MA thesis 'The Prose of Vernon Watkins' (Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada, 1969)

McCormick, Jane L.

Vernon Watkins letters,

  • NLW MS 23136D.
  • File
  • 1923-1950 /

Some fourteen letters, 1923-1950 (mostly 1923-1924), from Vernon Watkins to his schoolfriend, Eric V. Falk, chiefly concerned with life at Repton School and the poet's unhappiness after leaving, including two apparently unpublished poems (ff....

Watkins, Vernon Phillips, 1906-1967

Vernon Watkins family letters,

  • NLW MS 23185D.
  • File
  • 1948-1967 /

Forty-five letters and cards, 1948-1967 (mostly 1964-1967), from Vernon Watkins to his mother, Sarah Watkins, 1962-1967 (ff. 1-71), and to his sisters, Marjorie Watkins, 1964 (ff. 72-73), and Dorothy Watkins, 1948-1967 (ff. 74-94 verso), containin...

Watkins, Vernon Phillips, 1906-1967

Letters to John Davenport,

  • NLW MS 14934E.
  • File
  • 1939-1966.

Eighty letters, 1939-1966, to John Davenport, literary critic and friend of Dylan Thomas, much of the correspondence relating to literary matters (ff. 1-91). There are references to Thomas throughout, including detailed (and contrasting) accounts,...

Davenport, John, 1908-1966.