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Dynevor, George Rice Trevor, Baron, 1795-1869
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Album of franks,

  • NLW MS 12136F.
  • File
  • 1831-1840 /

An album compiled by Rees Goring Thomas, Llannonn, Llanelly, co. Carmarthen, in 1840, and containing mounted franks of letters of members of the House of Commons almost entirely of the period 1831-40. The writers include Henry Granville Fitzalan-Howard, aft. 14th duke of Norfolk, W. O. Stanley, Charles Hindley, Winthrop M. Praed, J. P. B. Chichester, H. W. Tancred, Fredk. Hodgson, W. H. Ludlow Bruges, John Hume Cust, viscount Alford, S. Crawley, C. J. F. Russell, R. Palmer, William Keppel Barrington, viscount Barrington, Jos[hua] Scholefield, Wm. Holmes, G. L. Fox, Wm. Turner, Wm. Feilden, J. S. Brownrigg, E. C. Lister, R. Pigot, P. Courtenay, Thos. Wood, Hy. Broadwood, F. Henry F. Berkeley, G. R. B. Pechell, P. W. S. Miles, Richard Plantagenet Temple Nugent Brydges Chandos Grenville, aft. 3rd. marquess of Buckingham, Frederick William Hervey, aft. 1st marquess of Bristol, Eliot [T.] Yorke, H. Verney, C. Fitz Roy, Henry Petty- Fitzmaurice, aft. 3rd marquess of Lansdowne, Richard J. Eaton, R. G. Townley, Chas E. Law, Henry Goulburn, Thomas Spring Rice, 1st baron Monteagle of Brandon, W. E. Powell, G. Rice Trevor, D. Morris, J. Jones, Wm. Bulkeley Hughes, C. F. Berkeley, [Sir Philip de Malpas Grey Egerton], E. J. Stanley, H. G. Boldero, [Lord] Arthur Lennox, Hugh Rose, John Fort, Edwd. Horseman, C. Lemon, H. A. Aglionby, R. Sanderson, Edward Granville Eliot, aft. 3rd earl of St. Germans, W. Williams, Edwd. Ellice, John Neeld, S. Irton, G. H. Cavendish, Geo. Crewe, F. Hunt, G. Grey, E. Strutt, Lewis Wm. Buck, M. E. N. Parker, R. Williams, H. C. Sturt, J. Yarde Buller, Anthony Ashley Cooper, aft. 7th earl of Shaftesbury, J. R. Reed, E. R. Rice, Arthur Hill Trevor, 3rd viscount Dungannon, J. T. Tyrell, T. W. Bramston, Charles G. Round, Edwd. Divett, Edwd. Kerrison, Tho. Duncombe, Library of Wales Wm. Follett, Stephen R. Glynne, Cuthbert Rippon, Edwin Richard Windham Wyndham-Quin, aft. 3rd earl of Dunraven, C. R. M. Talbot, Grantley F. Berkeley, J. Phillpotts, F. Tollemache, E. Barnard, C. B. Wall, Glynne E. Welby, C. Wood, Hen. C. Compton, J. Planta, ?R. B. P. Philipps, W. H. Scourfield, Robert Price, Ed. Foley, George John Frederick Sackville- West, viscount Cantelupe, E. B. Clive, Higford Burr, R. Alston, Philip Henry Stanhope, aft. 5th earl of Stanhope, James Walter Grimston, aft. 1st earl of Verulam, Abel Smith, W. Cowper, R. H. Hurst, Edw. Fellowes, Fred. Pollock, J. Peel, Fitz Roy Kelly, Wm. Geary, John P. Plumptree, W. T. Praed, Tho. Law Hodges, Rd. Godson, W. C. James, H. Rich, Stratford Canning, William Hutt, W. Wilberforce, H. Hardinge, Edward George Geoffrey Smith Stanley, aft. 14th earl of Derby, George Marton, Edw. B. Farnham, Charles Packe, S. Duckworth, Beaumont Hotham, 3rd baron Hotham, C. Greenaway, R. A. Christopher, G. Anson, Charles Anderson-Pelham, aft. 1st earl of Yarborough, G. J. Heathcote, H. Handley, Dudley Ryder, 1st earl of Harrowby and viscount Sandon, C. Cresswell, W. Crawford, J. Pattison, Edward Herbert, viscount Clive, Willm. Pinney, Jno. Stewart, John Brocklehurst, T. Grimsditch, Jno. Fector, John Round, Q. Dick, M. Philips, Ernest Bruce, Wm. Robt. Clayton, Fred Spencer, C. W. Williams Wynn, Thos. Wood, G. C. H. Somerset, J. Edwards, Granville George Leveson Gower, aft. 2nd earl Granville, Tho. Wilde, W. J. Blake, H. N. Burroughes, W. Bagge, Edmond Wodehouse, George James Finch-Hatton, aft. 11th earl of Winchilsea, Henry George Grey, aft. 3rd earl Grey, Charles Bennet, aft. 7th earl of Tankerville, Raikes Curry, Matt[hew] Bell, C. Blackett, H. Gally Knight, Lanc[elot] Rolleston, Arthur Richard Wellesley, marquess of Douro, Henry Pelham Fynes Pelham Clinton, aft. 5th duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne, John Hobhouse, G. G. Harcourt, Donald Maclean, T. G. Brunhall Estcourt, R. H. Inglis, W. Erle, John Owen, R. M. Rolfe, C. J. Hector, Hesketh Fleetwood, W. Wilkins, G. R. Philips, Geo. Thos. Staunton, R. Townley Parker, T. Dundas, Alex. Speirs, Thos. Pemberton, E. B. Sugden, R. Bernal, John Fenton, Thomas Hobhouse, E. T. Troubridge, F. W. Trench, J. Parker, H. G. Ward, W. Ormsby Gore, R. Hill, William Harry Vane, 4th earl of Darlington, R. H. Clive, Adam Duncan-Haldane, aft. 2nd earl of Camperdown, Wm. Gore Langton, A. R. Dottin, R. Ingham, E. Buller, Henry John Chetwynd Talbot, aft. gist earl of Shrewsbury, Dan. W. Harvey, [Lord] J[ohn] Russell, W. T. Copeland, Ed. Barnes, John Henniker-Major, 2nd baron Henniker, Rt. Rushbrooke, J. Bailey, Charles Broke Vere, R. Alsager, C. C. Cavendish, G. Darby, E. H. A'Court, Robert Peel, John Martin, J. Heathcoat, C. Barry Baldwin, Wm. Blount, Henry Fitzroy, aft. 5th duke of Grafton, Henry John Temple, 3rd viscount Palmerston, Edward Adolphus Seymour Seymour, aft. 12th duke of Somerset, J. Ennis Vivian, W. S. Lascelles, J. Eardley Wilmot, J. Mordaunt, Willm. Collins, W. Stratford Dugdale, E. J. Shirley, W. G. Hayter, J. Milnes Gaskell, G. W. Hope, M. Attwood, George Augustus Frederick Child-Villiers, aft. 6th earl of Jersey, Paulet St. J. Mildmay, Walter Long, J. B. East, J. Ramsbottom, George Spencer-Churchill, aft. 6th duke of Marlborough, Henry J. Winnington, R. Smith, Geo. Rob. Smith, Wm. Duncombe, W. Wilshere, E. S. Cayley, Henry Broadley, W. Gordon, J. Duff, Al[exander] Bannerman, [Patrick] Jas. [Herbert Crichton-] Stuart, Hope Johnstone, George Sinclair, Ja[mes] Colquhoun, Matt. Sharpe, J. Campbell, W. D. Gillon, A. Leith Hay, ?F. Maule, James Wemyss, R. Macleod, Robert Wallace, R. Steuart, J. Oswald, R[obey]t Ferguson, Fred. Dundas, R. Cutlar Fergusson, P. Chalmers, A. Kinnaird, Archibald Primrose, lord Dalmeny, J. McTaggart, W. Howard, J. Blair, ?J. O'Neill, Willm. Curry, J. D. Jackson, John Young, J. Stock, S. R. Maxwell, E. Litton, F. B. Beamish, Wm. M. Somerville, aft. baron Meredyth, William Brabazon, aft. 11th earl of Meath, Daniel O'Connell, F. Shaw, R. Hutton, Thos. Knox, aft. 1st earl of Ranfurly, Thomas Martin, A. H. Lynch, Mervyn Archdall, M. J. O'Connell, N. Fitz Simon, H. Thomas, Nathaniel Clements, aft. 2nd earl of Leitrim, William Roche, R. Bateson, R. A. Ferguson, ? John H. Talbot, J. W. Fitz Patrick, [Dennis O'Connor] 'O'Connor Don', C. H. Coote, J. P. Somers, H. Corry, James Power, etc. Among the recipients of the letters are J. B. Jeffreys (Jeffries, Jeffenes), solicitor, Carmarthen, Geo. T. Thomas, Gelliwernen, Llanelly, John Biddulph, Llanelly, etc., Eben[eze]r Morris, [vicar of] Llanelly, etc., Rees Goring Thomas, Llanon, etc., John Jeffereys, Swansea, David Lewis, Stradey, Llanelly, H. R. Downman, Tin Works, Carmarthen, John Davies, Guildhall Square, Carmarthen, R. J. Nevill, Llangennech, and W. Harris, Swansea. English and Welsh, Scottish, and Irish members are separately grouped, and the franks are arranged within each of the three groups in alphabetical order of constituencies. The initials 'R. G. T.' are lettered in gold on the upper cover, and 'House of Commons, 1840' likewise on the spine.

Thomas, Rees Goring.

Album of Richard Rees,

  • NLW MS 11138D
  • File
  • [1771x1857].

An album of 'memoranda, made to the year 1857', together with copious annotations and an index, by Richard Rees (born 1781) of Alltycham, Pontardawe, seventh child by the second marriage of Josiah Rees (1744-1804), Unitarian minister, of Gellionnen, parish of Llan-giwg (Llanguicke), Glamorgan. The volume consists largely of holograph letters addressed for the most part to Richard Rees, the writers including Josiah Rees, 1802-3 (relating partly to the church at Gellionnen); William Wyndham Grenville, baron Grenville, 1818 (a description of the writer's home at Dropmore, information concerning Neath Abbey); George Owen Rees, Guy's Hospital, London, 1846 (biographical notes on the writer's father, Josiah Rees); C[hristopher] R[ice] M[ansel] T[albot], London, 1848; C[onnop Thirlwall], bishop of St. Davids, 1848; Geo. Rice Trevor, aft. 4th baron Dynevor, 1838 (concerning Neath Abbey); John M. Traherne, Coedriglan, Cardiff, 1848; [Edward Copleston, bishop of Llandaff, 1848]; [Sir Thomas Phillipps, Middle Hill, 1848]; H[enry] Hussey Vivian, London, 1855 (the death of John Henry Vivian); etc. The miscellaneous documents contained in the volume include material towards a pedigree of the family of Rees of Gelligron; the certificate of ordination of Josiah Rees at Gellionnen, 6 August, 1767; poetry and ballads, including an epigram by Thomas Rees, fifth child of Josiah Rees by his second marriage and an 'englyn' to Richard Rees; newspaper cuttings, including obituary notices of Josiah Rees, 1804, Mary Rees, his widow, 1829, Owen Rees of Gelligron, 1837, and Sarah Rees, daughter of Josiah Rees, 1851; copies of letters of Richard Rees, 1846; etc.
Amongst the references are those to the election and admission of Richard Rees for Morden College, Blackheath; the Smith family of Castellau, Glamorgan; the Penllergaer estate, Swansea; and the experiences of an emigrant to Australia, 1843.

Autograph album,

An album of franks of letters and cut-away signatures, 1816-1837 and undated, of George Harry Grey, 5th earl of Stamford, Kenneth Alexander Howard, 1st earl of Effingham (2nd creation), Geo. Canning, prime minister, Felicia [Dorothea] Hemans, H[enry] Gastineau, water-colour painter, William Courtenay, 10th earl of Devon, George Harry Grey, 6th earl of Stamford, Arthur Wellesley, 1st duke of Wellington, Thomas Tynne, 2nd marquess of Bath, [Sir] J[ames] Mackintosh, philosopher, Henry FitzRoy, earl of Euston, aft. 5th duke of Grafton, Henry Conyngham, earl of Mount Charles and 1st marquess Conyngham, W[illiam Van Mildert], bishop of Durham, C. Greville, E[dward Copleston], bishop of Llandaff, G[eorge] H[enry Law], bishop of Bath and Wells, [Sir] Hugh Owen, I[lltid] Nicholl [of the Ham, Glamorgan], [Sir] Christ[ophe]r Cole, C[hristopher] R[ice] M[ansel] Talbot [of Margam, Glamorgan], R. Frankland, H[erbert Marsh], bishop of Peterborough, Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice, 3rd marquess of Lansdowne, H[enry Ryder], bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, Edward Harley, 5th earl of Oxford, W[illiam Howley ], archbishop of Canterbury, Wm. Cobbett, essayist, Daniel O'Connell, Irish politician, Richard Grosvenor, viscount Belgrave, aft. 2nd marquess of Westminster, W[illiam Carey], bishop of Exeter, Archibald Acheson, 2nd earl of Gosford, William Lowther, viscount Lowther, aft. 3rd earl of Lonsdale, Montagu Bertie, 5th earl of Abingdon, Henry Peyto Verney, 16th baron Willoughby de Broke, Sir Stapleton Cotton, 1st viscount Combermere, John Sommers Cocks, viscount Eastnor and 1st earl of Sommers, George Harry Grey, lord Grey of Groby, Henry Pelham Pelham-Clinton, 4th duke of Newcastle[-under-Lyne], Robert Edward King, viscount Lorton of Boyle, E[ dward Grey], bishop of Hereford, John Poulett, 5th earl Poulett, John Frederick Campbell, 1st earl Cawdor, Arthur James Plunkett, 8th earl of Fingall, John Crichton-Stuart, 2nd marquess of Bute, Frederick William Robert Stewart, viscount Castlereagh, aft. 4th marquess of Londonderry, John Charles Villiers, 3rd earl of Clarendon, R. W[illia]mes Vaughan [of Nannau], Dolgellu, G[eorge] Rice Trevor, aft. 4th baron Dynevor, Lord Will iam] Pitt Lennox, Edward Harbord, 3rd baron Suffield, George William Coventry, 8th earl of Coventry, Henry Stephen Fox-Strangways, 3rd earl of Ilchester, [Edward] Clive, aft. 2nd earl of Powis, Thomas Knox, 1st earl of Ranfurly, Henry Peter Brougham, 1st baron Brougham [and Vaux], Wm. Ewart, politician, [Sir] E[dward] H[yde] East, chief justice of Calcutta, J[ohn] E[velyn] Denison, 1st baron Ossington, H. W. Tancred, Jno. Wallace, J. Alexander, W. Mayhew, R. G. Townley, J. Barton, Wm. A. Williams, George Howard, viscount Morpeth, aft. 6th earl of Carlisle, Edw. Rogers, W. Egerton, J[ohn] H[enry] Vivian, Swansea, Edward Ellice [the elder], politician, J. Wedgwood, R. Grant, Jas. Knox, [Sir] John Owen [of Orielton ], Pembroke, L[ewis] W[eston] Dillwyn [of Penlle'r-gaer, Glamorgan], Sir William Knighton, etc., etc., together with a few engraved facsimiles of franks, letters, and autographs of Frederick Augustus, duke of York and Albany, H[enry] St. John, viscount Bolingbroke, Voltaire [Franqois Marie Arouet], Robert Harley, 1st earl of Oxford, Jonat[han] Swift, etc. Among the recipients of the franked letters are Mrs. G. Jenner, Bridge End, etc., Rowley Lascelles, Duffryn, Cardiff, etc., the Hon. Wm. Booth Grey, Duffryn, etc., Lady Louisa Grey, Duffryn, etc., Mrs. Taddy, Llantillio, Monmouth, etc., Miss Elinor Traherne, Coytrahen, Bridgend, etc., Mrs. Percy, Duffryn, the Rev. J. M. Traherne, Coedriglan, Cardiff, the Rev. W[illiam] Michell, Llantrissant, Cardiff, Robert F. Jenner, Wenvoe Castle, Cardiff, etc., the Rev. Chancellor [William Bruce] Knight, Margam, Miss Jane Traherne, Wenvoe Castle, Cardiff, etc., John S. Graves, Whitehall, Capt. H. Bloomfield, r ith Regt. [of Foot], Brecon, Lt.-Col. J. F. Love, 11th Regt., Cardiff, Richard Gardner, 11th Regt., Cardiff, Miss Hales, Wenvoe, Miss Morse, Bryn Garw, Bridgend, Llewellyn Treherne [sic], St. Hilary, Cowbridge, and Mrs. Hill, Llandaff House, Cardiff.

Autograph albums,

Two albums of franks of letters, cut-away signatures, and some holograph letters of Charles Howard, 11th duke of Norfolk, William Pitt Amherst, 2nd baron Amherst, Richard Buller, 1st viscount Caher, John Sydney, 6th earl of Leicester, Anthony Trollope, Warren Bulkeley, Beaumaris, Henry Stephen Fox-Strangways, 3rd earl of Ilchester, Henry George Bathurst, 4th earl of Bathurst, John Rolle, 2nd baron Rolle of Stevenstone, James Harris, 1st earl of Malmesbury, Edward Smith Stanley, 13th earl of Derby, George Capel, 5th earl of Essex, Richard Griffin Neville, 3rd baron Braybrooke, Henry Lascelles, 2nd earl of Harewood, Augustus Frederick Fitzgerald, 3rd duke of Leinster, George Augustus Frederick Fitzclarence, 1st earl of Munster, John Charles Villiers, 3rd earl of Clarendon, John Stuart, 1st marquess of Bute, George Kenyon, 2nd baron Kenyon, Henry Charles Somerset, 6th duke of Beaufort, John Crichton-Stuart, 2nd marquess of Bute, George Spencer, 4th duke of Marlborough, Ulick John de Burgh, 1st marquess of Clanricarde, Henry Somerset, 7th duke of Beaufort, 1840 (thanks for a sketch by Mrs. Traherne), Charles Manners-Sutton, 1st viscount Canterbury, Frederick Ponsonby, 3rd earl of Bessborough, Jacob Pleydell-Bouverie, 2nd earl of Radnor, Sylvester Douglas, baron Glenbervie, Thomas Villiers, 2nd earl of Clarendon, George Child-Villiers, 5th earl of Jersey, Windham Henry Wyndham-Quin, 2nd earl of Dunraven, Henry Fleming Lea Devereux, 14th viscount Hereford, Henry George Herbert, 2nd earl of Carnarvon, Charles Hanbury-Tracy, 1st baron Sudeley, William Eden, 1st baron Auckland, John Howe, 4th baron Chedworth, Charles Augustus Ellis, 4th baron Howard de Walden, Walter Francis Montagu-Douglas-Scott, 15th duke of Buccleuch, 1838 (the writer's compliance with a request in favour of E. Thomas, a reference to the recipient Captain Bassett Saunderson as the writer's athletics instructor), Thomas Moreton FitzHardinge Berkeley, 6th earl of Berkeley, [17]96 (information concerning the Hon. Henry Berkeley), [Thomas] Amyot (in the third person), undated (the presentation of an engraved portrait of Sir Lewis Dyve to the Society of Antiquaries), Sir Richard Kaye [dean of Lincoln Cathedral] (in the third person) c. 1801 ('Master Llewelin's reading'), T[homas] Rackett, antiquary, Taylor Combe, numismatist, Henry Drummond [politician], John Caley, antiquary, J. H. Todd, Trin[ity] College], Dublin, 1842 (the recipient's subscription to the Irish Archaeological Society, and the latter's publications), John Gough Nichols, St. Cloud, near Paris, 1843 (the identity of 'H.N.C.' who contributed to The [Gentleman's] Magazine, letters in the Magazine relating to Col. Ph[ ilip] Jones, the recipient's visit to Yorkshire, the writer's journey to St. Cloud), G. F. Beltz, Heralds College, London, 1834 (a sketch of the arms of the Princess Victoria, news of Mr. Rackett, declining an invitation to Wales), Edward Hawkins, provost of Oriel College, Oxford, Sam[uel] R. Meyrick, [Sir] R[ichard] C[olt] H[ogre], undated (the death of Sir Thomas Lawrence), Philip Bliss, antiquary, G. T. Clarke, antiquary, Sir C[harles] G[eorge] Young, Garter King of Arms, Edwd. Hawkins, Brit[ish] Mus[eum], 1842 (the value of an angel of Queen Elizabeth, the arrival of sculptured marbles from Lyria, personal), Nich[olas] Carlisle, antiquary, And[rew] Coltee Ducarel, Keeper of Lambeth Library, Edward S. Byam, Cheltenham, 1833 (a subscription to the eisteddfod to be held in Cardiff in 1834), James Raine, Crook Hall, Durham, 1843 (a valuable gift to the Durham Architectural Society), [the Hon.] A[lgernon] Herbert, Ickleton, Saffron Walden, undated (a pamphlet on the history of the writer's family, comments on the use of the word 'celain'), W. H. Smyth, undated (support for 'our Institution'), H. Cassini, Paris, 1827 (acknowledging the Diploma of the Linnean Society of London) (French), William R. Hamilton, Observatory [Dublin], 1837 (arrangements for the observation of the moon), Philip P. King, New Bond Street [London], 1831 (the audit of the accounts of the Linnean Society), Henry R. Palmer, civil engineer, Thos. Telford, engineer, T[homas] Drummond, Lieutenant, Royal Engineers, Charles Waterton, Walton Hall [Yorkshire], 1843 (thanks for a sketch of Walton Hall, instructions for the erection of a tower for starlings), James Sowerby, naturalist, Tho. Pennant, Downing, 1782 (the purchase of twelve numbers of the recipient's Dictionary).

R. Brown, Dean St[reet], [London], [18]32-1851 (an appointment, [Edward] Foster's action, the portrait of Bicheno by Eddis, news of excellent friend [Lewis Weston] Dillwyn), Charles L[ucien] Bonaparte, on board the Delaware, near Gibraltar, 1828 (thanks for the Diploma of the Linnean Society, an offer to the Society of a work by the writer on European birds, the appearance of swallows at sea), Jno. Hawkesworth, author, Shute Barrington, bishop of Durham, George Isaac Huntingford, bishop of Hereford, J. H. Addington, Under-Secretary of State, Thomas Clarkson, philanthropist, S[tephen] Lushington, M.P., judge of the High Court of Admiralty, J[ames] E[ndell] Tyler, divine, Thomas Cadell [the elder], publisher, P[hilip] S[tanhope] Dodd, divine, E[lijah] Waring, [Joseph] Goodall, provost of Eton (in the third person), 1832 (thanks for a gift of an engraved portrait of Sir Lewis Dyve, Wm. L[isle] Bowles, divine, Anthony Ashley Cooper, 7th earl of Shaftesbury [1856] (the writer's willingness to become a subscriber to 'Liber Landavensis'), Charles Dickens, Thomas Moore, Sloperton [Cottage, near Chippenham], 1834 (an invitation to [the Cardiff eisteddfod]), H. T. Colebrooke, Argyle Street [ London], undated (a request for a vote at the Athenaeum for the writer's son), W[illiam] Harness, Heathcote Street [London], 1843 (an invitation to dinner), Joseph Romilly, divine, W[illiam] Sewell, College of St. Columba [Rathfarnham, near Dublin], undated (a contribution to the College), J[ohn] Keble, from Oriel [College, Oxford], 1835 (enclosing a paper by [E. B.] Pusey), and from Hursley, Winchester, 1841 (a request for a vote for Mr. Williams of Trin[ity] Coll[ege], Oxford, as Professor of Poetry), E. B., Pusey, Christ Church, Oxford, undated (the recipient's papers, a proposed memorial of [John Keble] the author of the 'Christian Year'), S[amuel] Rogers, undated (the death of [the writer's nephew George Rogers]), [Sir] John Bowring, linguist, writer, and traveller, George James Welbore Agar- Ellis, 1st baron Dover, B[enjamin] H[eath] Malkin, miscellaneous writer, Colonel James Capper, Cardiff, B[enjamin] Travers [surgeon], Sir B[enjamin] C[ollins] Brodie [the elder], surgeon, [Sir John Sinclair, President of the Board of Agriculture] [1834] (currency system) (fragment), C[onnop Thirwall], bishop of St. Davids, Abergwili, 1840 (projected changes in Welsh orthography, with a reference to the writer's speech at the Cymreigyddion meeting at Abergavenny), D[avid] Garrick, Hampton, undated (the best information concerning 'you know who', a proposed visit to Hampton and Farnborough), Sydney Smith, 1798-1840 (excursions to the Highlands and to Wales), Wm. John Bankes, Kingston Hall, 1835 (lithographed prints of 'my Obelisk'), C[harles] J[ames] Mathews, actor and dramatist, J. Ebenezer Bicheno, Spring Gardens, 1817 (the immoral tendency of the great principle of the Poor Laws), J. C. Curwen, Vere Street, 1817 (Mr. Bicheno's inquiry into the operation of the Poor Laws), Capel Lofft [the elder], Froston [near Bury St. Edmunds], 1800 (the fate of their petition to the King), Walter Levett, Bray Vicarage, near Maidenhead, 1840 ( monuments to the Gordon family in the church at Bray), W. S. Goddard, undated (a card for Mr. Anderdon, the writer's tour through Wales), C[harles] Wellbeloved, York, 1843 (a copy of a will for the recipient, the recipient's visit to Yorkshire), Samuel Parr, 1814 ([Charles] Girdlestone's admission to Wadham [College, Oxford], etc.), A. Menzies, Ladbroke Terrace, [18]32 (an invitation to dinner), Dr. [John] Lindley, Gardener's Chronicle, Covent Garden (in the third person), undated (thanks for a note) (imperfect), [Sir] J[ames] E[dward] Smith, Norwich, 1827 (appointments to the [Linnean Society]), Dr. ?J. Fischer, St. Petersburgh, 1841 (a new catalogue of seeds), T[homas] Robt. Malthus, E[ast] I[ndia] [i.e., Haileybury] Coll[ege], 1817 (the recipient's pamphlet), P. B. Duncan [New College, Oxford], 1841 (the residence of the recipient's father [Llewellyn Turner] at New College), [Sir] H[enry] Ellis [Principal Librarian, British Museum], M[ichael] Faraday, natural philosopher, [Sir] W[illiam] R[obert] Grove, scientist, Chas. Hatchett, Belle Vue House, Chelsea, 1841 (information about bromide of iodine, the death of Mr. Rackett), H. F[ox] Talbot, Lacock, 1840 (the removal of pauper lunatics from Devizes, Welsh etymology, encloses photographs), [Sir] H[umphrey] Davy, undated (an invitation to a party, the election of the recipient as Fellow of the Royal Society).

Wm. Buckland, geologist, R[obert] Bakewell, geologist, Henry Warburton, M.P., J[ohn] Kidd, Oxford, 1842 (the recovery of [William] Buckland), Wm. H. Fitton, 53 Upper Harley Street [London], undated (an invitation to meet [Christian Leopold] von Buch, the veteran geologist), J. W. G. Gutch, Plymouth, 1840 (a portrait of a Welsh pony, the ensigns of nations, etc.), Henry S. Boaze, secretary, Royal Geological Society of Cornwall, Penzance, 1835 (an official resolution of thanks for two specimens of hatchettine from Merthyr Tydvill), Cha. Throckmorton, Coughton Court, 1840 (the publication of the ancient register of the cathedral of Llandaff, welcomes information concerning Cowbridge), Wm. Twopeny, Temple, 1843 ('slight memorials' to [John Gage] Rokewode, collections found by the writer), D[aniel] Murray [archbishop of Dublin], 1836 (an appointment), I[sambard] K[ingdom] Brunel, 1845 (South Wales Railway's powers of deviation), E[dward] H[odges] Baily, sculptor, J[ohn] Evan Thomas, sculptor, J[oseph] Nollekens, sculptor, G[eorge] P[erfect] Harding, Lambeth, [18]41 (an appointment to look over the writer's drawings), E[dwin Henry] Landseer, undated (an invitation), William Wilkins, Weymouth Street [London], 1818 (the completion of the cenotaph), C[harles] R[obert] Leslie, painter, 1845 (an appointment to view a picture), J[ohn] P[hilip] Davis, painter, John Conroy, Kensington Palace, 1834 (the Duchess of Kent's view on the use of arms), A[lan] Stevenson, engineer , [Sir] E[dward] M[ichael] Pakenham, major-general, [Sir] Edwd. Paget, general, [Sir] Frederick Adam, general, Fred[erick] Maitland, general, E. G. Lambert Perrott, The Mount, near Woolwich, Kent, 1844 (portraits of Sir John Perrott), King George III, King George IV, ?Frederick Augustus, duke of York and Albany, Ernest Augustus, duke of Cumberland, Adelaide, Queen of William IV, Augustus Frederick, duke of Sussex, William Frederick, 2nd duke of Gloucester, Adolphus Frederick, duke of Cambridge, Maria Louisa Victoria, duchess of Kent, undated (an invitation to dinner and the opera), Princess Sophia Matilda of Gloucester, 1824 (personal), Arthur Wellesley, 1st duke of Wellington, 1816 (a request for the writer's autograph), Sir Edward Pellew, 1st viscount Exmouth, 1826 (personal, naval appointments, navigating 'the Catholic Ocean'), A[ugustus] Keppel, 1st viscount Keppel, Adam Duncan, admiral, Tho. Foley, admiral, [Sir] R[ichard] Bickerton, admiral, [Sir] J[ohn] P[oo] Beresford, admiral, Baron [ ] Bülow [Prussian minister to Great Britain] undated (an engagement) (French), Baron [ ] Brunnoir, 1845 (the return of Admiral Putiatine to Russia), John Manners, marquess of Granby, John Pitt, 2nd earl of Chatham, [Charles- Frangois] Dumouriez, general, Fitzroy [James Henry] Somerset, 1st baron Raglan, undated (an appointment), Sir Thomas Picton, C[hristbpher] Hely- Hutchinson, Charles Lennox, 4th duke of Richmond, [Sir] R[obert] Brownrigg, general, Henry John George Herbert, 3rd earl of Carnarvon, George William Frederick Villiers, 4th earl of Clarendon, [Sir Richard] Hussey Vivian, 1st baron Vivian, [18]38-[1842] (the inclusion of Mr. Llewellyn [Traherne] on the list, the announcement of an income tax of £2/18/4 in the £), [ ] Vivian, Singleton [Swansea], undated (an enclosure 'interesting in marking the time', personal), C[harles Manners Sutton], archbishop of Canterbury, J[ames] H[enry Monk], bishop of Gloucester, R[ichard Bagot], bishop of Oxford, C[hristopher Bethell], bishop of Gloucester, W[illiam Warburton], bishop of Gloucester, John [Ewer], bishop of Llandaff, R[ichard Watson], bishop of Llandaff, A[shurst] T[urner] Gilbert, bishop of Chichester, [ Richard Beadon] bishop of Bath and Wells, 1812 (the ordination of candidates for holy orders, personal) (incomplete), W[illiam] Otter, bishop of Chichester, W[illiam Howley], archbishop of Canterbury, 1845 (an invitation to dinner), B[eilby Porteus], bishop of London, E[dward Venables Vernon Harcourt], archbishop of York, T[homas Burgess], bishop of Salisbury, G[eorge Pretyman], bishop of Lincoln, [Walker King, bishop of Rochester], J[ohn Fisher], bishop of Salisbury, G[eorge Pelham], bishop of Bristol, Geo[rge] H[enry Law], bishop of Bath and Wells, Edward [Grey], bishop of Hereford, C[harles] J[ames Blomfield], bishop of London, H[erbert Marsh], bishop of Peterborough, W[illiam van Mildert], bishop of Llandaff, C[harles Richard Summer], bishop of Llandaff, E[dward Copleston], bishop of Llandaff, J[ohn] B[arks Jenkinson], bishop of St. Davids.

D[aniel Wilson], bishop of Calcutta, J[ohn Luxmoore], bishop of Hereford, [Robert] J[ames Carr], bishop of Worcester, H[ugh Percy], bishop of Carlisle, J[ohn Graham], bishop of Chester, R[ichar]d [Whately], archbishop of Dublin, ?[18]35 (Irish poor laws), Edmond Thomas [M.P., Wenvoe Castle], 1759 (a commission ordered by the bishop of Llandaff), Thos. Wyndham [Dunraven Castle], [Sir] Benj[amin] Hall, 1st baron Llanover , [Sir] Chris[tophe]r Cole [Penrice Castle], John Edwards [Rheola], C. R. M. Talbot [Penrice Castle], Wyndham Lewis, Pantgwynlas, Wm. Gore Langton, W. Crawshay, Jr. [Cyfarthfa], Dudley [Long] North, politician, W[illiam] H[ enry] Lyttelton, 3rd baron Lyttelton, Pascoe Grenfell, politician, [Sir] Evan Nepean, 1st bart., ?Horatio Walpole, 1st baron Walpole of Wolterton, [Sir] W[atkin] Lewes [lord mayor of London], F[rancis] Homer, politician, H[enry] Bankes, politician, Nicholas] A[ylward] Vigors, zoologist, C[harles] W[atkin] Williams Wynn, Stratford Canning, 1st viscount Stratford de Redcliffe, Joseph Hume [radical politician], R[obert] A[glionby] Slaney, reformer, J[ames] S[ilk] Buckingham, author and traveller, [Sir] E[dward] Knatchbull, 9th bart., G[eorge] Rice Trevor, 4th baron Dynevor, Lord G[ ranville] C[harles] H[enry] Somerset, J[ohn] Jones [M.P., of Ystrad Lodge, co. Carmarthen, R[alph] Bernal, politician, E[dward] J[ohn] Stanley, 2nd baron Stanley of Alderley, 1839 (requesting the recipient's presence in the House of Commons), H[enry] Hobhouse, archivist, Rich. Hart Davis, Bristol, W[illiam] Pitt, 1st earl of Chatham, Henry Phipps, 1st earl Mulgrave, Charles Middleton, 1st baron Barham, Henry Addington, viscount Sidmouth, John Jeffreys Pratt, 1st marquess of Camden, William Henry Cavendish Bentinck, 3rd duke of Portland, N[icholas] Vansittart, 1st baron Bexley, Robert Stewart, viscount Castlereagh, Henry Goulburn, statesman, R[obert Saunders] Dundas, 2nd viscount Melville, Geo. Canning, statesman, John William Ward, 1st earl of Dudley, W[illiam] Huskisson, statesman, Charles Grey, 2nd viscount Grey and viscount Howick, William Lamb, 2nd viscount Melbourne, H[enry] P[eter] Brougham, baron Brougham and Vaux, John George Lambton, 1st earl of Durham, Henry John Temple, 3rd viscount Palmerston, Henry Richard Vassall Fox, 3rd baron Holland, Henry Petty- Fitzmaurice, 3rd marquess of Lansdowne [1834] (thanks for a volume of tracts on constitutional subjects), Sir G[eorge] Grey, 2nd baronet, T[ homas] Spring-Rice, 1st baron Monteagle, George Eden, 1st earl of Auckland, C[harles Edward] Poulett Thomson, baron Sydenham, C[harles] Yorke, lord chancellor, W[illiam] C[onyngham] Plunket, 1st baron Plunket, Sir James St. Clair Erskine, 2nd earl Rosslyn, Wm. Scott, baron Stowell, undated (the recipient's proposition ?to the Faculty of Advocates at Doctors' Commons), Thomas Denman, 1st baron Denman, H[enry Peter] B[rougham], lord chancellor, undated (a Great Seal's gift), [Francis] Bacon, lord chancellor, [Sir] J[ ohn] Leach, master of the rolls, [Sir] William] Grant, master of the rolls, Lloyd Kenyon, 1st baron Kenyon, undated (a legal question touching bodily impotence), Charles Stuart Aubrey, 3rd baron Tenterden, [Sir George] Pollock, 1st bart., Henry Bickersteth, baron Langdale, [Sir] S[amuel] Romilly, law reformer, [Sir] J[ohn] B[ernard] Bosanquet, judge, Charles Abbot, 1st baron Colchester, [Sir] G[eorge] Nares, judge, [George Hardinge, author] (in the form of poetry to Charles Manning, sculptor of the model for the monument of Capt. George N. Hardinge in St. Paul's Cathedral), James Scarlett, 1st baron Abinger, [Sir] J[ohn] Nicholl, judge, E[dward] B[urtenshaw] Sugden, baron St. Leonards, 1844 (appointments to the [Court of] Delegates), W. Nicholl, J[oseph] Phillimore [M.P.], [Sir] J[ohn] Jervis, lord chief justice of common pleas, [Sir] W[illiam] W[ebb] Follett, attorney general, 1842 (requesting a vote for the writer's brother at the Athenaeum Club), [Sir] Geo. Gilbert Scott, architect, 1857 (an appointment ), A[bel] Moysey [judge of the Brecknock circuit], Gryff. Price, Cardiff, W. Reader, Inner Temple, John Williams, Serjeants Inn, Thos. Caldecott ('Brecon Circuit'), Maurice O'Connell, undated (encloses a draft report), W. Hicks Beach, Lady [ ] Coffin Greenly, Ritley Court (in the third person ), 1833 (a subscription to the Cardiff eisteddfod), [Lady] C[harlotte] E[ lizabeth] Guest, L[ydia Rogers] W[hite], undated (an appointment).

Catherine Stephens, countess of Essex, Mary Fox, Kensington, 1840 (a publication by the writer for the benefit of infant schools and schools of industry in the writer's neighbourhood) (with an undated letter attached from M[ary] R[ussell] Mitford [novelist], with references to a continental tour, health, and friends), Magdalene Banks, Burhill, 1840 (a subscription due from the writer's husband), Lady Charlotte [Susan Maria] Bury, novelist (in the third person), undated (requesting a subscription towards a publication by the writer) (incomplete), Mary Howitt, author, Elizabeth Fry (in the third person), 1822 (the approaching anniversary meeting of the Prison-Discipline Society), Maria Edgeworth, novelist, Edgeworths Town, 1824 (the promise of a horse, an accident involving Judge Fletcher and the high sheriff, personal), L[ouisa] S[tuart] C[ostello], artist and author, undated (observations on Whigs and Tories, the writer's party, a proposed continental tour, personal), [Agnes Strickland, historian], undated ( personal, the character of Sir Lewis Dives) (incomplete), C. M. Yonge, Otterbourne, 1873 (an enclosure relating to [John] Keble), Edward Williams ['Iolo Morganwg'], Flimston, 1824 (relations with the 'doubly cursed rascal' William Rees of Court Coleman, Miss Wood's benefaction to the writer) (with a receipt for the twentieth annual benefaction, 1826, 'who now in the 81st year of his age has been for about three years confined to his house an absolute cripple . . .'), Henry Walters ('eccentric'), Cowbridge, Taliesin Williams ['Taliesin ab Iolo'], T[homas] Price ('Carnhuanawc'), Sophia Lee, novelist and dramatist [1803] (acknowledging a banker's bill for £78/3/2, personal), Edward Davies [author of Celtic Researches, 1804], Bishopston, near Swansea, 1824 (a benefaction for the widow of 'our late Minister'), W. J. Rees, Cascob Rectory, Presteign, Will[iam] Morgan, actuary, etc. The letters and franks are directed mainly to John Montgomery Traherne, Coedriglan, and other recipients include [William] Bruce Knight, Margam, Frederick Augustus, duke of York and Albany, T. [ recte Richard] Berens, All Souls College, Oxford, Lady Mary Talbot, Penrice Castle, etc., Chas. Barnard, St. Johns College, Cambridge, Henry Drake, London, Sir Christopher Cole, Mrs. Williams, Stone Street, Llandovery, R. Lascelles, Wenvoe Castle, Cardiff, Mrs. Morse, St. Hilary, Cowbridge, E. B. Pusey, Ch[rist] Ch[urch], Oxford, Miss Simkins, Cowbridge, Llewellyn Traherne, St. Hilary, Cowbridge, Lady Elizabeth Fielding, Penrice Castle, etc., Thomas Hulse, All Souls Coll[ege], Oxford, Mr. Salmon, surgeon, Cowbridge, Captain Bassett Saunderson, Lichfield, J. E. Bicheno, Rev. [William] Selwyn, Dr. [P.] Cadogan, Hanover Square [London], W. Strangways, [Sir] John Nicholl, Llewellyn Turner, Major Taynton, 64th Regiment, Lieut.-Col. Herbert Taylor ('Confidential Secretary to his Majesty'), Queen's Lodge, Windsor Castle, Lady Louisa Grey, Dunham Massey, Knutsford, Lady George Murray, Burnham Parsonage, Maidenhead, Mrs. Rd. Foley, Tythegston, Cardiff, W. Bennett, Dunraven Castle, John Wallington, Bridgenorth, Henry Banks, M.P., J. H. Vivian, Singleton, Swansea, John Charles Villiers, 3rd earl of Clarendon, Miss Rogers, Rectory, Weston- super-Mare, Major Croker, Cheltenham, Miss Louisa Traherne, St. Hilary, Geo. Jenner, Doctors' Commons, Rev. Wm. Michell at Duffryn, Cardiff, Rev. Dr. [James] Burton, canon of Christ Church, Oxford, Miss Nicholl, Merthyr Mawr, Rev. T. Selwyn, Melbury, Sherborne, Rev. John Walters, Landough, Rev. M. Davis, Abbotsbury, Lady Anne Lowther, Greetham, Miss M. D. Hill, Wenvoe Castle, Rev. Thomas Oliver Rogers, Weston-super-Mare, Rev. Rees Howel, [ curate of] Cowbridge, Fra[ncis] Staynton, Cowbridge, Miss Georgiana Raymond Barker, at Christ Church College, Oxford, Messrs. Haynes, Dillwyn & Co., Swansea, [Sir] Chas. Lyell, 1st bart., geologist, Hugh] Falconer, palaeontologist and botanist, Rich. Lougher, etc. There are also a few facsimiles of autographs of [Sir] George] Harbertt, Swansea, [Colonel] Phi[ lip] Jones, R[ice] Munxell [Mansell, of Margam], Mathyas Cradok, Ann Boleyn, Lady Jane Grey, Evan Seys [of Boverton], Ph. Melanchthon. NLW MS 11981E also contains a diploma of honorary membership of Société Franose de Statistique Universelle awarded to John Montgomery Traherne, 1838, and a letter announcing the election of J. M. Traherne to be a Fellow of the Royal Society of Northern Antiquaries, 1844.

Letters to J. M. Traherne, &c.,

Letters, 1853-[c. 1860], mainly to John Montgomery Traherne, from Lady Bute, J. H. Todd (Dublin), John Keble, W. H. Beaver (Cowbridge), Philip H. Howard, J. Dillwyn Llewelyn (Penllergaer), Francis Glennon (London), Connop Thirlwall (bishop of St. Davids), H. Albertson (London), H. Wellesley (Oxford), R. L. Cotten (Oxford), John Hussey (Blandford), J. M. Dyke, Madam Bunsen, J. R. Gower, Frederick, fourth baron Spencer, J. R. Planché (College of Arms), William Golding (Biddenham), Daniel Rock, Alwyne Compton, W. H. Turner (Trent), Thomas F. Luttrell, E. Jeffris Esdaile, Robert H. Inglis, W. D. Conybeare (dean of Llandaff), Henry M. Hawkins (London), J. Graham Vivian (Swansea), Joseph Joseph (Brecon), Thomas Hughes (Chester), Octavius Morgan, Thomas Jones (Chetham Library, Manchester), James Stuart (London), R. C. Nicholl Carne (Nash Manor), Lewis Thomas (Llandough), N. E. Vaughan, Sir George Gilbert Scott (architect), C. R. M. Talbot (Margam), W. Richardson (St. Davids), W. Salmon (Penllyne Court), H. Howard (Donington Rectory), J. Ponsonby Lucas (Rhosilly Rectory), George Rice, fourth baron Dynevor, Matthew Moggridge, H. Longueville Jones, J. Wilson, John C. Nicholl (Merthyr Mawr), John Phillips (York), Edward Hawkins (British Museum), Illtyd Nicholl (Usk), Edward Charlton (Newcastle), William Floyd (London), James Raine (Durham), W. H. Llewelyn (Tranmere), Henry Burgess (Newport Pagnell), R. F. Lascelles Jenner (Wenvoe), (Sir) Stephen R. Glynne (Hawarden Castle), Edwin Guest (Cambridge), W. Basil Jones (bishop of St. Davids), E. L. Barnwell (Ruthin), etc.

Merthyr Tydfil papers

Miscellaneous papers relating to the Merthyr Tydfil Subscription Library, of which Stephens was secretary, and to the Merthyr Tydfil eisteddfod, 1856; a letter from William Roberts ('Nefydd') to Stephens, 1859; addresses to Lord Dynevor and William Crawshay; press cuttings.