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John, Augustus, 1878-1961 -- Correspondence
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Augustus John letters

Three letters, 1916-1918, relating to Augustus John, including one letter sent by John, at the Canadian Corps HQ, [France], to the artist [Peter] Harrison, 21 February 1918, commenting on John's exhibition at the Alpine Club, London, and his current work as a war artist with the Canadian War Memorials Fund (f. 4).
Also included are two letters from George Moore, London, the first to Henry Tonks, 1 December 1916, discussing John's portrait of [Admiral] Lord Fisher [of Kilverston] (f. 2), and the second to Harrison, 5 February 1918, concerning the Alpine Club exhibition (f. 3).

John, Augustus, 1878-1961

Letters of Augustus John, Ida John and Gwen John,

  • NLW MS 23549C.
  • File
  • 1903-1931

Some fifty letters and cards, 1903-1931, to Margaret Sampson (née Sprunt), wife of Dr John Sampson (1862-1931), Librarian of the University of Liverpool, from Augustus John, 1903-1931 (ff. 1-25 verso), his first wife Ida John (née Nettleship), 1903-1906 (ff. 30-85), and his sister Gwen John, 1911-1913 (ff. 26-29). The letters contain mainly family and personal news.

John, Augustus, 1878-1961

Letters to Edwin John

Over a hundred letters, 1934-1956, addressed to Edwin John, nephew of Gwen John, from various correspondents (surnames B-J), including his father, Augustus John (48) 1938-1956, and other members of the John family; many of the letters are concerned with the 1946 Gwen John memorial exhibition.

John, Augustus, 1878-1961

Augustus John letters

Some fifty letters and postcards, [1904]-1958, from Augustus John to various correspondents, containing mainly personal news.
The correspondents include Lady Margot Asquith, [?1925]-1929 (ff. 1-3), Simon Asquith, [1948]-1958 (ff. 4-19), Nicandra McCarthy (later Hood), 1946-1953 (ff. 21-34 verso), Dorelia McNeill, [July 1904]-1923 (ff. 35-40), John Quinn, [1909]-1910 (ff. 41-48), Margaret Sampson, [March 1907] (ff. 49-50), and Stuart Wilson, [1949]-[?1958] (ff. 53-67). The volume contains poetry by John, [1904]-[1930s] (ff. 36-39 verso, 51, 68-69), including a ballad and sonnets addressed to Dorelia, [July 1904] (ff. 36-38). There are references to a visit, with John Sampson, to the family of Matthew Wood, the Welsh Gypsy (ff. 41 verso-44 verso), and to the death of Ida John (ff. 49 verso-50). For extracts from three of the letters (ff. 35-36, 42-43, 49-50) see Michael Holroyd, Augustus John (London, 1996), pp. 151, 158, 231, 233, 289-290.

Augustus John.

Augustus John letters to Emerich Teltsch.

  • NLW MS 24053D.
  • File
  • 1960-1961

Ten letters, February 1960-April 1961, from the painter Augustus John, Fordingbridge, Hampshire, to the art collector [Emerich (Emo)] Telt[s]ch, mostly concerning John's work (ff. 1-3, 5-10, 13); together with one letter from Dorelia John to Teltsch, 19 August 1960 (f. 4), and one from the painter Jo[sette] Jones to Teltsch, [February 1961] (ff. 11-12).
The letters contain references to work on John's triptych 'Les Saintes-Maries de la Mer with Sainte Sara, l'Egyptienne' (ff. 3, 5-9, 13); Teltsch offered him up to £8000 for the work (see NLW MS 22786D, f. 68, and Michael Holroyd, Augustus John: The New Biography (London, 1996), p. 597). There are two letters, from John (f. 10) and Josette Jones (ff. 11-12), concerning John's apology for an ill-advised letter (not present) to Teltsch, criticizing drawings by Teltsch's God-child (unidentified).

John, Augustus, 1878-1961

Letters to Edwin John

Some fifty letters, 1934-1961, to Edwin John from various correspondents, including over forty letters from his father, Augustus John, relating mainly to the estate of Gwen John and the disposal of her works after her death but also containing personal news and comments; and four letters, 1948-1949, from Madame Louise Roche, Gwen John's nearest neighbour in Meudon, together with manuscript and typescript recollections of Gwen John by Madame Roche.

John, Augustus, 1878-1961

Augustus John letters,

  • NLW MS 22022C.
  • File
  • 1941-1969

Three letters and a card, 1941-1958, from Augustus John to his son-in-law, Villiers Bergne, together with five letters and cards, 1968-1969, to Bergne from Michael Holroyd concerning the latter's biography of Augustus John.

Bergne, Villiers A'Court

Letters to Edwin John

Some thirty-three letters and postcards, 1928-1975, addressed to Edwin John, mainly from family members.
The correspondents include his father Augustus John, 1932-1946 (ff. 9-11), his aunt Gwen John, 1928-1933 (ff. 15-25), and his step-mother Dorelia McNeill, 1963-1967 (ff. 31-47). Also included are two letters from Edwin to his wife Betty John, [?1933] (ff. 48-51), and two postcards addressed to Gwen John from her father, Edwin William John, 1911 (ff. 13-14).

John, Gwen, 1876-1939

Letters to Augustus John

Twelve letters, [1910]-1959, to Augustus John from various correspondents, concerning both personal matters and work.
The correspondents include Lord Beaverbrook, 26 August 1959 (f. 1), [Nora] Brownsword, [late 1920s] (f. 2), Daniel George, 10 June 1957 (f. 3), Elmer Gertz, 3 December 1932 (f. 4), Wyndham Lewis, [1910]-1952 (ff. 5-7, 12, 14-16), Dorelia McNeill, 12 November 1928 (f. 18), the Royal Academy of Arts, 6 December 1928 (f. 19), and Homer Saint-Gaudens, 7 November 1938 (f. 20). Also included are draft contracts with Little, Brown & Co., Boston, 1938, for the publication of Augustus John's reminiscences (ff. 22-33); and four letters, [1931]-1935, from Mrs Vera Fearing (later Stubbs) to her mother and husband, concerning her extended stays at Fryern Court in order for John to paint her portrait (ff. 34-46), with another brief note by her concerning John, [?1950s] (f. 47). Transcripts and notes [by Michael Holroyd], [?1970s], relating to the Wyndham Lewis letters are ff. 8-11, 13, 17. The letters contain references to Frank Harris (f. 4 recto-verso) and Henry Lamb (f. 6).

Augustus John Papers

  • Fonds
  • [1880s]-1980

Papers, [1880s]-1980, of or relating to the artist Augustus John comprising letters from Augustus John to miscellaneous recipients, including over eight hundred and forty letters to his second wife Dorelia McNeill; letters to Augustus John from family, friends and miscellaneous individuals; letters from Ida John (née Nettleship), first wife of Augustus John, mainly to relatives and friends; letters to Dorelia McNeill from miscellaneous correspondents; and other correspondence of the John and Nettleship families; sketchbooks, 1908-[mid 1920s], of Augustus John; drafts of autobiographical writings by Augustus John which would later be published as Chiaroscuro (London, 1952) and the posthumous Finishing Touches (London, 1964); miscellaneous family papers of the John and Nettleship families; catalogues of Augustus John's papers; and a volume of poems, [c. 1909], of Arthur Symons, composed during his period of madness and transcribed by his amanuensis Agnes Tobin.

John, Augustus, 1878-1961

Miscellaneous letters from artists,

  • NLW MS 23874C.
  • File
  • 1904-1988

Eighty-four letters, 1904-1988, from various artists, addressed to various recipients, and seemingly brought together as examples of autographs.
Among the correspondents are Edward Bawden, 1967 (f. 12), Clive Bell, [?1920s] (f. 85), George Bissill, 1956-1961 (ff. 14-56), Mark Gertler, 1916 (f. 86), Duncan Grant, 1942 (f. 87), Augustus John, 1953-1958 (ff. 4-7, 88), Gwen John, [?1904] (ff. 89-90), Clare Leighton, 1934 (ff. 9-11), Lord Methuen, 1972-1973 (ff. 67-70), Henry Moore, 1950-1951, 1961 (ff. 1-2, 91), John Nash, 1967 (f. 71), Paul Nash, [early 1940s] (f. 92), Sir William Nicholson, 1904-1906 (ff. 93-94), John Piper, 1941-1943 (ff. 72-75), Sir William Rothenstein, 1932 (ff. 96-97), Kenneth Rowntree, 1957 (ff. 78-82), and Sir Matthew Smith, 1950, 1957 (ff. 3, 99). The main recipients are Daniel George, 1953-1962 (ff. 4-8), Cyril Lakin, 1934 (ff. 9-11), Peter Rhodes (ff. 12-56, 58, 65-71, 83-84) and his wife Felicity Rhodes (ff. 57, 59-64, 72-82). The letters include references to the sale of pictures by Peter De Wint (ff. 16, 22-29, 37-40, 44-47) and comments by Augustus John on Caitlin Thomas’s autobiography (f. 6).

Letters to Sara John

Some eighty-two letters, cards and postcards, 1959-1994, to Sara John from family members, relating to family matters with occasional references to art.
The correspondents include Amaryllis Fleming, [1990s] (ff. 4-8), Augustus John, 1959-[1961] (ff. 12-25), Sir Caspar John, 1970-1983 (ff. 26-38), David John, [?1970s] (ff. 39-40), Poppet Pol (formerly Elizabeth Ann John), 1970-1994 (ff. 41-52), Vivien White (née John), 1987-1994 (ff. 53-66), and Dorelia McNeill, 1962-1969 (ff. 67-97).

Fleming, Amaryllis, 1925-1999

Other Augustus John letters

The series comprises photocopies of letters, mainly written by Augustus John to his friends and sitters relating to his artwork and family matters and also to works on him such as Lillian Browse, Augustus John Drawings (London, 1941) and David Cecil (ed.), Fifty-two Drawings (London, 1957).

John, Augustus, 1878-1961

Extracts from Augustus John letters, exhibitions and articles

The series comprises extracts from letters mainly from Augustus John relating to his writings, arrangements for portraits and exhibitions, with personal and family news; photocopies from John Quinn's diary, 1911, and his diaries, 1917-1923; together with articles about the artist and papers relating to his exhibitions held in Britain and America.

John, Augustus, 1878-1961

Tristan de Vere Cole (Augustus John) Manuscripts

  • Fonds
  • [?1912]-2017 (mostly [?1912]-1969)

Letters and related papers of Augustus John and Dorelia McNeill, [?1912]-2017 (mostly [?1912]-1969), sent to, or collected by, Tristan de Vere Cole. The collection includes letters of Augustus John to Mavis de Vere Cole, 1934-1959, and to her son Tristan de Vere Cole, [1947]-1961, together with letters of Dorelia McNeill to Mavis de Vere Cole, [?1949]-1961, and to Tristan de Vere Cole, 1951-1968. Also included are letters addressed to, or sent by, Augustus and Dorelia John and other members of their family, [?1912]-1969, including several from Michael Holroyd, 1966-1969, together with miscellaneous items, 1928-[?1961], in the hand of Augustus John.

John, Augustus, 1878-1961

Letters to Gwen John,

Some sixty-five letters, 1904-1938, to Gwen John from various correspondents (surnames B-J), including Tom Burns (4) 1927-1929, Father Martin D'Arcy (1) 1933, Jeanne Robert Foster (13) [1920]-1925, Maud Gonne (1) 1915, and Augustus John (27) 1904-1938.

Twenty-eight holograph letters from Augustus John plus other items,

  • NLW MS 21570E.
  • File
  • 1913-1954 /

Twenty-eight holograph letters from Augustus John to the following addressees: 'Laura' (Dame Laura Knight, 2 letters, 1938, concerning John's resignation from the Royal Academy), 'Kassie' (3 letters, 1939, 1940 and May 11), Miss Stevenson (Frances Stevenson, later Countess Lloyd George of Dwyfor, 7 letters, 1919, Feb. 13 and n.d. [probably mostly, if not all, 1919], several of these letters contain interesting details concerning John's commission to paint the Paris Peace Conference in 1919) 'Haddon' (2 letters, 1927 and 12 July [?1927], concerning Jack Knewstub), [Chaloner] Dowdall (1 letter, 1914), Miss Lion (1 letter, 1935, John's inability to contribute a work to the exhibition of disabled ex-servicemen's industries), Mr. Sadler (2 letters, 1913 and 1918), Mr. Russell (2 letters, 1947 and 1953, book reviewing), 'Castle' and Mrs. Castle (1 letter, 'Sunday' [c. Oct. 1915]), Mrs. Madden (2 letters, 1934 and June 23, this second letter has mounted on its dorse a press cutting containing a reproduction of a sketch of John by Ivan Opffer), Mr. Unwin (1 letter, 1941, the publication of 'The book' [John's autobiography]), Miss Phelps (1 letter, n.d.), 'Dear Sir' (2 letters, Nov. 7 and 1954) and Warner E. Colville (signed and dated card, 1939); together with other items, 1913-1954, in the hand of Augustus John: holograph manuscript and typescript of an article by John entitled 'Ecole de Paris'; holograph description by John, with diagrams, of what appears to be a sea creature; press cuttings and other items concerning the exhibition 'Augustus John in Liverpool', held at the Walker Art Gallery Liverpool, in 1954; proofs and typescripts of articles by John entitled 'Elephants with Beards' (concerning Wyndham Lewis), 'Dylan Thomas & Company', and 'Roy Campbell under the Caryatids' [all included in Finishing Touches (London, 1964)]; and various miscellaneous items.

John, Augustus, 1878-1961

Augustus John letter,

A typescript copy, [20 cent., third ¼], of a letter, [Summer 1930], from Augustus John, Renvyle, County Galway, to Will [?Rothenstein], in which John explains his presence in Ireland to paint W. B. Yeats' portrait.
The typescript has the date supplied in the hand of [?Michael Holroyd] and resembles typescripts of other letters to Rothenstein to be found in NLW, Michael Holroyd (Augustus John) Research Papers 4/6.

John, Augustus, 1878-1961

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