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Brenda Chamberlain papers
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Brenda Chamberlain papers

  • NLW MS 24065E.
  • Ffeil
  • [1950s]-2013

A collection of papers, [1950s]-2013, relating to Brenda Chamberlain, comprising three letters, 1955-[?1964], from Chamberlain on Bardsey Island and Ydra, Greece, to her friend Henry [Mitchell], concerning personal news and her work (ff. 1-6), together with one letter, 27 September 1971, from Joan Rees, Bangor, to Mitchell, belatedly informing him of Chamberlain's death (ff. 7-8); and manuscript fair copies, probably in Chamberlain's hand, [?1950s], of four poems, 'Endymion's Sleep', 'Midwinter', 'Islandman' and 'What the old man said' (ff. 9-13).
The letters discuss Chamberlain's painting 'The Acrobats at Practice', then recently purchased by Mitchell (ff. 1-2 verso), and a funeral on Ydra (ff. 3-4). A version of 'Islandman' was published in The Green Heart (London, 1958), p. 27; drafts of 'Midwinter' are NLW MS 21508B, ff. 1-6. Also included are newsletters, 2011-2013, of Cyfeillion Murluniau Brenda Chamberlain ar Enlli / The Friends of the Brenda Chamberlain Bardsey Murals (ff. 15-22) and a cutting from The Times, 21 September 1955, p. 3 (f. 14).

Chamberlain, Brenda