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Letters found loose have been gathered together to form C 1. Series C 2 and C 4 contain original files found loose, gathered together according to whether the original references on the letters is ‘D 2’ or E 2’ respectively. Series C 3 comprises an original bundle of letter files with various original references.

Irish estate,

According to the schedule to the 1888 Montague mortgage (see W 2), the Ormathwaite estates included properties in Ballygroman, Classis, Coolaclarig, Fergus, Grange and Knockane, Co. Cork, and in Ballydubrig, Ballyhaurigan, Ballyrehan, Cloggercannon, Clonsillagh, Derirehand, Derrimlaught, Derrindaff, Derriorin, Forehan, Fullamore, Gortshannavor, Inchinagulleragh, Lessihane, Kiltean, Killaridd, Knockburrane and Pouldelly, Co. Kerry. The schedule includes the names of the tenants in 1858. Ormathwaite appears to have sold his estate at Ballygroman Lower, Fergus and Grange, all in the barony of Muskerry East, Co. Cork, in 1912, with some at least of the purchase money coming from the Land Purchase Aid Fund under the Irish Land Act 1903. The estate in Co. Kerry appears to have been sold in 1913, when Ormathwaite was credited by the Irish Land Commission with £38,743 2¾% stock and £896 3% stock. Some Irish stock had later to be sold, as it was considered an unauthorised holding by the (British) Public Trustee. A set of observations and answers to the Estate Duty Office of the (British) Inland Revenue, 1922, includes “it [the real estate in Ireland] has all been sold except a few unsaleable holdings value at say £150. All southern Ireland”, and an Irish Free State probate of Ormathwaite’s will (F 5/4) certifies that his estate in the Irish Free State amounted to £71.

Whole estate,

Papers relating to the Ormathwaite estate as a whole, or to indeterminable constituent estates, consisting of drafts and copies of deeds, and memorandums, notes, accounts and receipts. Many of the loose notes are undated, and have been included in the bundle for the most recent year mentioned in the text. Papers relating solely to individual estates will be found with the papers of those estates.

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