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Traditional medicine -- Formulae, receipts, prescriptions
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Medical prescriptions, etc.

A late eighteenth and early nineteenth century manuscript of Thomas Davies containing medical recipes and prescriptions, notes on the treatment of diseases and on the virtues of herbs, and a few miscellaneous notes and extracts. The contents have been taken for the most part from printed sources but a few isolated prescriptions are ascribed to Jno. Morgans, surgeon, of St Davids, 1808 (p. 346) and Mr [Thomas] Jones, Neuaddfawr [Lampeter, Cardiganshire] (pp. 349, 357). Among some extraneous matter in the volume are 'Trioedd Offeiriaid' in 'triban' metre by Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg') (pp. 351-4) and a transcript of a Carmarthen Bank note, 1802. There is an incomplete index at the end of the volume.


A volume of sermon notes bearing the name 'Richard Foulkes Dimbuch (crossed out) Ebrill 12 1813', above which J. H. Davies has written in pencil 'Richard Foulkes (1784-1823)' [i.e. 'Silas Glandyfrdwy', Baptist minister]. Other items include a few medical and veterinary recipes and some music.


A notebook partly in the hand of Mary Richards containing miscellaneous material e.g. Welsh and English verses, one series being by 'R[ichard] Richards Vicar Meifod', 1820; medical recipes; 'A List of Subscribers towards paying Rents for Rooms to keep a Charity School in the Parish of Berriew in 1819 -1820' (blank); and 'Enwau y rhai a fu yn ym weled a Theulu P. T. Richard Darowen pan ddaethant o Feifod i Lan Erful'.

Prescription book of John Harries,

A prescription book of John Harri[e]s (d. 1839), astrologer, medicine-man, and 'conjurer' ('dyn hysbys'), of Pant-coy, Cwrtycadno, Carmarthenshire. The contents are based partly, if not wholly, on what the writer describes as 'Edinborg Gulen' [sic] [i.e. an Edinburgh edition of the works of Claudius Galen].

Poetry and prose,

  • Brogyntyn MS II.57i-ii [RESTRICTED ACCESS].
  • Ffeil
  • [1640s]-[19 cent., first ½].
  • Rhan oBrogyntyn manuscripts

Poetry and prose compiled at Brogyntyn for an album (cf. Brogyntyn MS I.29), but left unbound. The items, in various hands, are mainly in English but with a few in Latin, Welsh and French, and consist of political, satirical and occasional verse, both published and apparently unpublished (ff. 1-212 verso), together with a few letters (ff. 214-228), miscellaneous prose and commonplace entries (ff. 229-306), and printed material including song-sheets, pamphlets and newspaper cuttings (ff. 307-390). A number of items relate to Brogyntyn or Wynnstay or are addressed to family members.


A manuscript containing poetry (pp. 17-42), the poets including Taliesin, Iolo Goch, Dafydd ab Edmwnt and others, with poetry included also within other sections of the text; triads attributed to Taliesin (p. 16); the Rood legend (pp. 97-103); apocryphal gospels (pp. 104-153, 259-269, 272, 274-276); the Purgatory of Patrick (pp. 202-212); lives of saints (pp. 161-187); proverbs and adages, etc. (pp. 10-12, 14-15, 299-300); prayers (pp. 13, 238-250, 255); vocabulary (pp. 95-96); a planisphere, calendar, planetary tables and other astrological material (pp. 43-86, 89-90, 281-291); interpretation of dreams (pp. 91, 94); palmistry (pp. 92-93); directions concerning bleeding, medical recipes, etc. (pp. 1-9, 87-88, 236, 277-280, 300c-301); &c. A note on p. 221 states that 'Ieuan ap William ap dd: ap ejnws ajysgrivenodd yllyvr hwn i gyd ari gost ihvn i gael o bobyl ddifyrwch o hono alles yw heneidiav o hwn'; there are, however, a few pages (pp. 139-142, etc.) in other hands. There is a table of contents at the beginning in the hand of Richard Morris, 1784-1785, and another at the end by ?William Jones, who states that the manuscript was 'procured me by Mr. Holmes of the Tower'.
The dates appended to many of the subjects in the text show that the binder is responsible for the present derangement of the folios.

Ieuan ap William and others.

Pedigrees, genealogies of saints, &c.,

A manuscript written c. 1634 (see p. 165) containing pedigrees (pp. 164-166, 189-215, 217-243); Bonedd y Saint (pp. 87, 216); 'Dosbarth Arveu' (pp. 167-188); proverbs (pp. 160-162); triads (pp. 259-260); 'Cantrevyd a chymydeu Cymru' (pp. 244-245); medical recipes (pp. 249-258); &c.
The manuscript is in the same hand as Llanstephan MSS 122-125 and may be that of John Pryce, rector of Mellteyrn (see p. 103).

[?John Pryce].

Theology, cerdd dafod, &c.,

A manuscript which includes theological passages (pp. 1-9); a treatise on Cerdd Dafod (pp. 10-16); Cyfrinach y Beirdd (pp. 33-68); Bonedd y Saint (pp. 69-79); pedigrees (pp. 80-84); Cynghorau Catwn Ddoeth (pp. 98-99); medical recipes (112); astronomy (pp. 123-124); Daniel's interpretation of dreams (pp. 126-133); the Book of Fate (pp. 186-212); the Lives of Saints Margaret (p. 145-167, 177-178, 183-184) and Catherine (pp. 167-176, 179-182); etc. The manuscript was written by Gutun Owain (fl. 1450-1498) (see p. 33) in two styles: pp. 33-101, l. 9 and p. 125, ll. 1-6 are in a formal book hand, and the remainder of the text is in cursive writing; however, a combination of both hands occurs on p. 142. The text on p. 94 is imperfect.
For pp. 98-99 (Kynghorav kadw ddoeth ...) cf. Peniarth MS 27, p. 16; for pp. 101-111, 134-135 (Si deus est animus nobilis ...) cf. ibid., p. 17. For the missing folio before p. 213 see Peniarth MS 86, p. 187. For p. 222 (Llyma vrrevddwyd Grono ddv ...) see Mostyn MS 110, p. 215, which has a transcript of this manuscript.

Gutun Owain.


A manuscript containing Welsh poetry, including the work of Edmwnd Prys, Sion Brwynog, Guto'r Glyn, Sion Phylip, Sion Tudur, Taliesin, Iolo Goch and others. Pp. 7-58, 61-66, 171-210 are in the hand of Roger Williams, assistant to Bishop William Morgan (1545-1604); pp. 131-137 are in the hand of Dr John David Rhys; and pp. 67-112, 139-152 are in the hand of John Powel of Talgarth, Breconshire (see pp. 67, 139; see also Peniarth MSS 27 and 45). P. 58 contains a note, 1611, in the hand of Roger Williams concerning 'the fees that goeth vpon any person in suinge owt his lyveryes', and on p. 61 is a note, 1617, in the same hand concerning the 'benefactors of the Cathedrall church of Landaphe'. Also included in the manuscript is a sermon 'in praise of theves' (p. 197), triads (pp. 200-201) and medical and veterinary recipes (pp. 199, 210b).

Roger Williams, Dr John David Rhys and John Powell.

A treatise descriptive of arms

A manuscript in three hands containing a treatise on arms addressed to Morgan Elfael (fl. c. 1528-1541) from Hywel ap Syr Mathew (d. 1581); also poetry, etc. Pp. 1-165 are in the autograph of Hywel ap Syr Mathew and were written in 1557 (cf. the writing in Peniarth MS 138 and Cardiff MS 51); pp. 167-194 are in a second hand and written about 1598; pp. 195-204 are in a third hand and were written about 1600. The poets whose works are cited include Dafydd ab Edmwnt, Siôn Cent, Gruffudd Hiraethog and Iolo Goch. The volume also contains medical recipes (pp. 166-170) and a chronicle of the reign of British rulers (p. 198).

Hywel ap Syr Mathew and others.

Llyfr Gutyn Peris,

Miscellaneous transcripts by Griffith Williams ('Gutyn Peris'): 'Brut y Tywysogion' (680-1070) from a copy by Richard ap Hywel from a copy by Evan Evans ('Bardd ac Offeiriad'), 1800; an account of the opening of Llanddeiniolen eisteddfod, 1802, with a list of poets present; poems by 'Gutyn Peris' ('Awdl ar Ddedwyddwch', 1802; 'Penillion ar Bilile March, i annerch milwyr cartrefol swydd Gaernarfon pan ddarfu iddynt flaenori holl filwyr Brydain ... yn Iwerddon, a chynnyg myned yn erbyn y Ffrangcod i'r Hispaen ... 1812 ...'); notes on syntax; 'eglurhâd ar gân Merfyn ... Wyllt ... yn ... Ffrwyth Awen'; 'Cân Juvencus'; poems upon the marriage of David Thomas ('Dafydd Ddu Eryri'), 1803; an account of the red book of Angharad James and its contents, circa 1707; medical recipes; 'Cywydd i ofyn Gwddi' by 'Gutyn Peris'; 'englynion Bonedd a Chynheddfau'r Awen' by David Owen ('Dafydd Wynn o Eifion'), with answers by 'Gutyn Peris'; remarks on some passages in Plato's dialogue of the Immortality of the Soul; 'englynion' by Peter Evans; land measures from the Welsh laws; a note of books lent to Owen Jones, Tros y Waun; 'Awdl marwnad ein diweddar Frenhines Siarlod'; 'Rhandiroedd y Dyledogion' transcribed in 1833 from a manuscript written in 1623; 'englynion' exchanged between Richard Hughes and 'Gutyn Peris', and between William Edward, Llanberis, and 'Gutyn Peris'; 'englynion' by John Roberts '('Siôn Lleyn'); a note on an inscribed stone discovered at Ty Coch, Bangor, 1806; 'englynion' upon the death of 'Robyn Ddu o Feirion', 1805, by 'Gutyn Peris', 'Dafydd Ddu', and 'Siôn Lleyn'; 'englynion' by Thomas Edwards ('Twm o'r Nant'), 1809, and Robert Davies, Nantglyn; 'penillion' by 'Gutyn Peris', 1804; a note on a manuscript by Robert Hughes ('Robyn Ddu o Fôn'); 'Cywydd i Gras Lewis merch John Lewis, marsiandwr o Gaernarfon, 1803', by David Thomas ('Dafydd Ddu Eryri'); 'englynion a gant Dafydd Ddu o Eryri a Robyn Ddu o Feirion [a 'Gutyn Peris'] i Robert Thomas, Abercegin, Llandegai ... gwr o'r Edeirnion'; 'Cân newydd ystyriaethau ar waith amryw feirdd o Gymru yn goganu'r byd ... gan D. Ddu o Eryri 1801'; a poem upon the same subject by Griffith Williams, 1802; and accounts of the distribution of Gemwaith Awen Beirdd Collen.

Griffith Williams ('Gutyn Peris').

Barddoniaeth, etc.,

  • NLW MS 10893E.
  • Ffeil
  • [1650x1725].

A seventeenth and early eighteenth century manuscript of Welsh and English poetry, medical recipes, prophecies attributed to Myrddin and Taliesin, triads, and later additions of a miscellaneous nature. The volume is in several hands, and some of the additions seem to be in the autograph of Richard Wiliams, soap boiler, of Abergavenny. According to a note on the cover (see 561, below) it belonged to the Catholic Chapel, Abergavenny, and much of the contents is of Catholic interest. The free-metre poems include a satire upon legal proceedings (in a mixture of Welsh and English), a dialogue in two hundred and twenty-three stanzas of 'triban' metre between a Catholic and a Protestant, a poem consoling members of the Holy Church in persecution, a poem in 'triban' metre by Henry Williams, a Christmas carol, and an elegy on the death of David Lewis, Catholic martyr, 1679. The poems in strict metres contain 'cywyddau' by Sion y Kent, Ievan Deylwyn, Lewis Glynn Kothi, Ievan Tew Brydydd, Robin Du o Fon, Rys Nanmor and others, and a number of 'englynion' in Welsh and English, including satires upon Puritans. The English poems include 'An Hymne on our Saviour Christ's Ascension' and 'An Epitaph vpon the Death of John Pym'. The miscellaneous material at the beginning of the volume includes material of Brecknockshire interest; a presentment of Popish recusants in Monkstreet ward in the town of Abergavenny, 1709; medical recipes; and a precept relating to the House of Correction in Brecknockshire, 1670.

Tracts and recipes,

An account of proceedings against [ ] Wrainham for presenting to the King a book called 'Revewe and Revivor of the Report of the Mr. of Rolls Phillips and the decree of my lord Chancellor', c. 1610; veterinary and medical recipes; and a tract entitled 'Shorte Articles by way of Instruccon concerninge the Dutye Office and Jurisdiction of the High Admirall of England collected out of the Lettres Pattents of that Office'.

?Thomas Edwards.


A notebook containing medical, culinary, veterinary and other recipes, together with some farming memoranda of the period 1832-1833.

Accounts, &c.,

A notebook containing accounts with Mrs. Ann Evans, Glastyr [parish of Nevern, Pembrokeshire], and others, in respect of household requirements, 1816-1821 and undated; medical and other recipes; and particulars of sermons preached at Newport and St. Dogwells, Pembrokeshire, 1819.

Medical lectures, &c.,

An incomplete volume containing notes and transcripts of printed lectures and papers on medical subjects, 1814-1837 and undated, and medical prescriptions.

Patients' day books,

Fragments of day books, 1815-1829 (with gaps), recording prescriptions for individual patients.


Miscellaneous papers, including numerous draft horoscopes compiled in response to individual requests (e.g. Margaret Davies, 'Cerigcadarn', Jane Jenkins, Gwenddwr, Elizabeth Jones, Devil's Bridge, etc.); a holograph letter to 'Mr. Harris' from J. Williams, The Court, Brecon, [18]63 (a request for a horoscope); medical prescriptions; a fragment of a Welsh carol; and a line-and-wash drawing of (or by?) John Lloyd Jones, Brecon College [afterwards minister successively of St. Davids and of Crwys and Pen-clawdd Congregational Churches] (endorsed 'Thos. Davies, Froodvale Academy, Carmarthenshire').

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