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Morris, Lewis, 1701-1765
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Triads; manuscript collections, &c.

A manuscript containing 'A translation of the Triads ... by Mr Lewis Morris out of Mr. Vaughan of Hengwrt's copy ...', transcribed and corrected by Ieuan Fardd, 12 October 1773 (pp. 3-47); and a list of collections of Welsh manuscripts (pp. 81-87).
The volume also includes a list of proverbs needing correction or insertion in John Davies, Mallwyd's Dictionary (pp. 50-59); a 'catalogue of the works' of Llywarch Hen, Myrddin, Taliesin and Aneirin 'out of Moses Williams's collection' (pp. 73-80); an elegy to Humphrey Llwyd, author of the Breviary of Britain, by Lewis ap Edwart (pp. 87-95); etc.

Morris, Lewis, 1701-1765

Chronicles, poetry, &c.

A composite volume in the hand of Evan Evans (Ieuan Fardd) containing notes on the Statute of Rhuddlan by Lewis Morris (pp. 1-11); Welsh poetry with Latin translations (pp. 12-32) and further Welsh poetry, by Iolo Goch, Lewis Glyn Cothi, Guto'r Glyn, Hywel ap Dafydd ab Ieuan ap Rhys (Hywel Dafi) and others (pp. 237-408); notes on musical notation (pp. 33-84) and on 'the music of the antient Britons' (pp. 90-99); a poem to 'J. W. Parry or twr gwyn' by Goronwy Owen (pp. 85-89); a list of manuscripts at Hengwrt in 1738, including Dr John Davies's Dictionary (p. 100); 'Vocabula Gallica' (pp. 101-116); chronicles, including an account of the British Princes by Bishop Humphreys (pp. 117-140) and a copy of 'Llyfr W. Llyn' (pp. 409-428); 'Gosodiad, Mesureu, Rhyfeddodeu etc. Ynys Brydein' (pp. 141-190); and 'The Saxon Heptarchy' (pp. 191-236); etc.

Morris, Lewis, 1701-1765

Mona Antiqua Restaurata

An interleaved copy of Henry Rowlands, Mona Antiqua Restaurata ... (Dublin, 1723, ESTC T139797), with manuscript notes by two former owners, Lewis Morris, [1740s], and Sir J. T. Stanley (later 1st Baron Stanley of Alderley), [1840s].
The notes are to be found on additional leaves inserted at the beginning of the volume (ff. i-ii, pp. 1-84 passim), at the end (pp. 85, 166-168) and on the interleaves, with annotations on some of the original printed leaves by Lewis Morris. The volume also includes a number of pen and wash drawings by Lewis Morris of churches, houses and other objects, including churches at Rhospeirio, Llanrhuddlad (pencil draft), Amlwch, Holyhead, Llanddona, Penrhôs Lligwy, Llanelian (pencil draft), Llanerchmedd, Bodedern, Llanfechell, Llanynghenedl, Llanfflewyn, Llanvair yn Neubwll, Llanddausant, Aberffraw and Bodewryd, the village of Llanfechell, and the seats of Brynddu, Caerau, Bodowen, Bodorgan and Penrhos; these are mostly to be found on the additional leaves at the end of the volume (pp. 85-143 passim).

Rowlands, Henry, 1655-1723

Letter from Lewis Morris, London

Subject: He is to survey the coast of Wales as far as Bristol and then perhaps Scotland, has no great inclination for the latter. Desires to do a map and history of Anglesey; discusses various books.

Morris, Lewis, 1701-1765


Transcripts by Walter Davies of Lewis Morris's 'Bonedd y Saint', of pedigrees of some of the saints and some Welsh chieftain families, of a long letter from Sir Samuel Rush Meyrick to Angharad Llwyd dealing with hereditary insignia, and of pedigrees from 'Llyfr Cae Cyriog' (now MS. 7008).

Morris, Lewis, 1701-1765

Antiquitates Parochiales, &c.

  • NLW MS 24126B.
  • File
  • 1809-1825

A notebook, 1809-1825, of the Rev. Peter Bailey Williams, Llanrug, containing a transcript, 1809, of Henry Rowlands's 'Antiquitates Parochiales' (pp. 1-107). The volume also contains a note (in Latin and English) concerning Mathew de Englefield, Bishop of Bangor's response to a writ of quo warranto (pp. 108-112); transcripts (in Latin and English) concerning the Merioneth Commission of the Peace for 1649 (pp. 113-119); part of a translation into English of the Statute of Rhuddlan of 1284 (pp. 121-122); 'A short account of Holyhead Church by L[ewis] Morris' (pp. 123-131); and a variety of transcripts and notes mostly concerning impropriations and other aspects of Church finances in the Dioceses of St Asaph and Bangor (pp. 132-182).
The 'Antiquitates Parochiales' was transcribed from a manuscript, apparently in the hand of Henry Rowlands, then in the possession of the Rev. J[ohn] Williams of Treffos, Anglesey (see p. 1); an additional section concerning Beaumaris, found in some manuscripts (see for instance NLW MS 115B), is not present. 'Antiquitates Parochiales' remained unpublished on Rowlands' death in 1723. The initial portions were first published in The Cambro-Briton, 2 (1820-21), 52-55 and 151-154, in an English translation by Peter Bailey Williams, possibly based on the present transcript (see the marks and marginal note on pp. 5 and 9, coinciding with the end points of the two articles), although the preamble (p. 1) differs significantly. The work was published in its entirety, in parallel Latin and English versions, in Archaeologia Cambrensis, 1 (1846), 126-135, 305-317, 389-396; 2 (1847), 6-13, 135-140, 215-222, 292-298; 3 (1848), 55-60, 164-169, 240-243, 291-301; 4 (1849), 36-44, 101-114, 176-193, 261-291. The names entered by Williams inside the covers and on pp. i-ii provide an informal, partial, index to the 'Antiquitates Parochiales'.

Williams, P. B. (Peter Bailey), 1763-1836

Goronwy Owen: Llythyr

  • NLW MS 5572D
  • File
  • [?1753]

An incomplete autograph letter, ?1753, from Goronwy Owen (1723-1769) to Lewis Morris (1701-1765), enclosing Cywydd y Calan.

Owen, Goronwy, 1723-1769?

Arnodiadau Morrisiaid Môn,

  • NLW MS 23966B.
  • file
  • 1603-1759

Copi anghyflawn o gyfrol William Middelton, 'Psalmae y brenhinol brophwyd Dafydh' (Llunden, 1603) [Libri Walliae 466-9, ESTC S90848], gyda'r chwe dalen gyntaf, a dalennau 1-30, 229-30, 233-87 ar goll (awgryma nodyn ar f. 118 verso iddynt gael eu colli cyn y ddeunawfed ganrif). Ceir yn y gyfrol nifer o fân nodiadau mewn inc yn dyddio o'r ail ganrif ar bymtheg (y mwyafrif wedi gwisgo neu wedi eu tocio), gan gynnwys enwau Richard Jones (ff. 45, 65 passim), Kadwalad[r] Wynn (f. 55), Hugh Jones (ff. 88 verso, 89 passim), ac Owen Parry, 1690 (f. 63). = Incomplete copy of William Middelton's 'Psalmae y brenhinol brophwyd Dafydh' (Llunden, 1603) [Libri Walliae 466-9, ESTC S90848], lacking the six preliminary leaves and ff. 1-30, 229-30, 233-87 (the note on f. 118 verso suggests that they were lost before the eighteenth century). The volume bears a number of minor annotations in ink of the seventeenth century (most faded or cropped), including the names of Richard Jones (ff. 45, 65 passim), Kadwalad[r] Wynn (f. 55), Hugh Jones (ff. 88 verso, 89 passim), and Owen Parry, 1690 (f. 63).
Yn gynnar yn y ddeunawfed ganrif, roedd y gyfrol yng ngogledd Môn, fel y tystia enwau Richard Owen, Llanfihangel-yn-Nhywyn, 1711 (ff. 81, 85 verso) a John Hughes o Lanfair-yn-neubwll (ff. 26, 36, a ddarlunnir efallai ar f. 112 verso). Bu wedyn ym Mhentreiriannell, Môn, lle'r ysgrifennwyd arno enwau Lewis Morris, 1721 (f. 62), Siôn Morris, 1721/2 (f. 49) a Rhisiart Morris, 1725 (f. 17), ac ychwanegodd Lewis Morris nifer o ddarnau o farddoniaeth, yn Gymraeg a Saesneg, ar ff. 90, 91, 111 verso, 114, 115 verso, a 116 verso. Wedi ei chludo i Benbryn, Ceredigion, cyflwynodd Lewis y gyfrol ym Medi 1759 i Siôn Bradford o Fetws Tir Iarll, Morgannwg (f. 17 verso). = Early in the eighteenth century, the volume was in the north of Anglesey, as witness the names of Richard Owen, Llanfihangel-yn-Nhywyn, 1711 (ff. 81, 85 verso) and John Hughes of Llanfair-yn-neubwll (ff. 26, 36, and possibly pictured on f. 112 verso). Subsequently at Pentreiriannell, Anglesey, it was inscribed with the names of Lewis Morris, 1721 (f. 62), John Morris, 1721/2 (f. 49) and Richard Morris, 1725 (f. 17), and Lewis Morris added numerous fragments of verse, in both Welsh and English, on ff. 90, 91, 111 verso, 114, 115 verso, and 116 verso. Having been transported to Penbryn, Cardiganshire, the volume was in September 1759 presented by Lewis to John Bradford, of Betws Tir Iarll, Glamorgan (f. 17 verso).

Morris, Lewis, 1701-1765

Lewis Morris's copy of Drayton's Poly-Olbion

  • NLW MS 24100C
  • File
  • [1622], 1755

A volume comprising Michael Drayton's Poly-Olbion, Part 1 (London, 1622, STC 7228, ESTC S121639), and Part 2 (London, 1622, STC 7229 or 7230, ESTC S121637 or S121634), extensively annotated, 1755, by the Welsh polymath Lewis Morris.
Part 1 appears to be the 1622 edition, omitting however that version's letterpress title page and binding the index after Part 2 (now pp. 169-176); the title page of Part 2 is also missing. Morris's annotations consist of marginal notes and occasional footnotes glossing the printed text, together with underlining of text and manicules. The annotations are mostly confined to the introduction by John Selden and the notes (or 'Illustrations') supplied by him to each song in Part 1 (pp. xi-xvi, 15-21, 34-36, 50-52, 54, 66-74, 83-85, 95-99, 108-110, 122-132, 143-156, 164-169, 182-189, 191, 193-194, 209-210, 224-225, 234-235, 244, 253-256, 267-272, 274-279, 281, 300-303). There are further annotations by Morris to Drayton's songs and elsewhere (Part 1, pp. i-iii, v, vii, ix-x, 1, 4, 29, 83, 87-89, 91, 95, 102-103, 158, 213, 250, 283, 295-297; Part 2, pp. i, iii-iv, 171). Morris's notes, partly in Welsh, mainly concern the Welsh language and Welsh and Ancient British history; he has also emended the text in line with the corrections listed in the errata (Part 1, p. xx).

Morris, Lewis, 1701-1765

Barddoniaeth Goronwy Owen,

  • File
  • [1756x1765] /

An incomplete transcript by Lewis Morris ('Llewelyn Ddu o Fôn') of 'Cywydd Hiraeth' by Goronwy Owen.

Morris, Lewis, 1701-1765

Lewis Morris Manuscripts

  • GB 0210 MSLEWMOR
  • Fonds
  • [17 cent.]-[19 cent.]

A collection of manuscripts which belonged to Lewis Morris, including a large collection of correspondence of the four brothers known as 'Morrisiaid Môn'.

Morris, Lewis, 1701-1765

Llyfr nodiadau

Llyfr nodiadau yn cynnwys hanes John Owen (1616-1683), y diwinydd Piwritanaidd, copi o'r 'Llythyr at Benllywydd y Cymmrodorion', wedi ei gyfieithu o Saesneg Dr Swift gan Lewis Morris, a barddoniaeth Gymraeg gan Lewis Morris a Goronwy Owen.

Morris, Lewis, 1701-1765

Lewis Morris on William Burton

'Remarks on the unfair manner Mr Burton in his Commentary on Antoninus's Itinerary has quoted and treated the British history which goes under the Name of Galfridus Monemuthensis. By Lewis Morris'.

Morris, Lewis, 1701-1765

Celtic Remains

A transcript of the introduction by Lewis Morris to his 'Celtic Remains'. The transcript was begun in 1775 by his grandson [? nephew] Lewis Morris.

Morris, Lewis, 1701-1765