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Latin poetry
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Edward Herbert of Cherbury: For a Dyal

  • NLW MS 22829D
  • Ffeil
  • 1612

An autograph Latin poem (8 lines) by Edward Lord Herbert of Cherbury and Castleisland, written on the end-paper (p. 818) of his copy of Antonio de Herrara, Tercera parte de la historia general del mvndo ... (Madrid: por Alonso Martin de Balboa, 1612). The poem begins 'Discurrens dubiae placidus, compendia vitae' and is signed 'E. H: 12. Sept. 1612'. Published posthumously with the title 'For a Dyal' and with some textual differences in Occasional verse of Edward Lord Herbert, baron of Cherbery and Castle-Island, deceased in August, 1648 (London, 1665).

Herbert of Cherbury, Edward Herbert, Baron, 1583-1648