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Merioneth miscellanea,

Transcripts of documents relating mainly to Merioneth: Instructions from the Council in the Marches to suppress felonies; charges to juries; a letter, with answer, to a gentleman in Wales touching suits in the Court of Star Chamber, 1598; a letter of recommendation of John Vaughan of Cair gay, 1601; a petition of the freeholders of Estymaner and Talpont; instructions to the Council in the Marches, 1606; a letter of Enianus, bishop of Bangor, to Lord John de Grey, 1310; orders for securing the peace of the Commonwealth; orders at Quarter Sessions, 1673; sentences against Hugh Nanney for incontinence, 1588, 1594; observations on tenures in Englefleld, Flintshire, and concerning a court held by Mr Mackworth; an order in the suit of Robert Lloyd v. Griffith Nanney, 1603; the opinion of George Lee concerning a Portuguese ship wrecked on the Merioneth coast, 1746; a draft petition for an Act to enclose Traeth Mawr and Traeth Bychan; a contract to erect a shire hall at Dolgelley, 1606; the divisions of Merioneth with their proportional assessments, 1689; a canvass for Mr Vaughan and a copy of R. W. Vaughan's address to Merioneth electors, 1796; a rental of Robert Morgan's estate; and the petition of Sir Robert Heath to Charles I.

Instructions to Sir William Bowes, Robert Bowes, and Lord Eure (Scottish border, 1589-1599), Sir George Carey in Ireland with the Earl of Essex, 1598, Mr Carrow Raleigh concerning musters, and Sir Thomas Shirley, Lord Sheffield, Dr Dale, and Mr Bodley (Low Countries, 1586-1598); instructions concerning the expedition to Spain, 1596; papers relating to the proposed Spanish marriage, 1623; speeches and petitions in Parliament, 1623-1626; a list of grants to the Duke of Buckingham and proceedings relating to his impeachment, 1626; and a letter by Ra: Eure, John Harbert, and Daniell Dunn from Breme, 1602.

Printed proclamations of the assumption of the style of King of Great Brittaine by James I, 1604, and of the calling in of testons, 2 Edward VI.
On the back of the former is a fragment of a Welsh poem beginning - 'a fi'n eiste'n obrydd...'

Various fragments,

Fragments of manuscripts found with MS 540B, possibly once part of Peniarth MS 326 (see D. Huws, 'A Welsh manuscript of Bede's De natura rerum', Bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies, XXVII, p. 492). They comprise a leaf from Gerard of Cremona's Latin translation of Aristotle, De Caelo et terra, XIII cent. (f. l); a leaf of the Middle English Dives and Pauper, XV cent. (see NLWJ, xxii, p. 347) (f. 2); a fragment of a petition in Chancery of [ ] of 'Kellilyfday' [Gellilyfdy] concerning a book borrowed in 1643 by Thomas Jones of Kirchynan [Flintshire] and not returned, the petitioner no doubt being John Jones, Gellilyfdy (f. 3); a flyleaf of a book with Latin tags, an englyn and the name Richard Mores, XVII cent. (f. 4); a bon mot of Dr John Wilkins, Bishop of Chester, XVIII cent. (f. 5); a theological treatise entitled Circa generaliores regulas moralis Christianae sententiae aliquot quibus passim se opponit Schola Theologica Louanensis, XVII cent. (ff. 6-11); and an inventory of the goods of Thomas Wilkins, papermaker, of the parish of West Drayton, Middlesex, 1729, including the stock of a paper-mill (f. 12).

Diaries and notebooks (18 volumes),

Eighteen diaries and notebooks containing memoranda and accounts by Howell Vaughan, 1663, Katherine, widow of Griffith Wynn of Bodfean, and later wife of Colonel Hugh Nanney, 1692, Hugh Evans, agent to the said Katherine, 1682-1690, Lumley Williams of Ystumcolwyn, 1696, Robert Vaughan of Hengwrt, 1745 , and others.
Several of the diaries, which include almanacks by Trigge, Gallen, and Rider and the Daily Journal, contain entries relating to the Nannau estate. Rider's British Merlin for 1698 contains a few englynion in manuscript, and in one notebook there are inventories of linen and utensils at Nannau, 1692.

Catherine Nanney, Robert Vaughan and others.

Mysteria Kabalae Bardicae,

A manuscript in the hand of Lewis Morris ('Llewelyn Ddu o Fôn; 1701-65) based on a volume entitled 'Mysteria Kabalae Bardicae' and on other sources quoted by the scribe. It contains poetry by Taliesyn, Merddin, Rhys fardd, Gronw ddu o Fon, Ll'n ap Owain, Y Bardd Cwsg, Y Ffreier Bacwn, Robin Ddu, Davydd ap Gwilim, Llowarch Offeiriad, Iolo Goch, Sr Roger y ffeiriad, Huw ap Rhisiart ap Dld, Bleddyn Fardd, Gronwy Gyrriog, Gruffyth Gryg, Alis verch Gryffyth ap Ieuan, Iefan ap Rhydderch ap Ievan Llwyd, D'd Nanmor, Gvttor Glyn, Tvdvr Aled, Sion Brwynog, Gyttvn Owain, Tvdvr Penllyn, Gruffydd Llwyd ap Davydd ap Einion, Simwnt Vychan, Sion Keri, Ieuan ap Tudur Penllyn, Llewelyn ap Guttyn, Lewis Mon, Sion ap Howel ap Ll'n Vychan, Gruff. ap Ieuan ap Ll'n V'n, Rhys Meigen, Deio ap Ieuan Du, Lewis ab Edwart, Gronw ap Ednyfed, Sion Tudr, Bedo Eurddrem, Huw Arwystl, Ll'n Brydydd Hodnant, Robt. Puw, Edward Morris (Perthi Llwydion), Huw Morys, Lewis Morris, Rhys Cain, and anonymous poetry; 'Llyma freuddwyd Grono ddu o fôn'; 'Prophwydoliaeth Ddewi'; 'Prophwydoliaeth yr Eryr o Gaer Septon'; 'Prophwydoliaeth y Doctor Banystr'; 'Prophwydoliaethau Robin ddu'; a list of, and extracts from poems, by Dafydd Lloyd ap Llewelyn ap Gryffydd; 'Araith Iolo Goch'; notes from a manuscript in the hand of Thomas Prys of Plas Iolyn; 'The British Triades' translated from a copy in the hand of Mr [Robert] Vaughan of Hengwrt; 'Achau'r Cwrw a'i Fonedd a'i Hanes'; 'Some Remarks upon the Commodities of Anglesey, & Quaere wh. ye Laziness of the Inhabitants be not a great Cause of their Poverty & Want of Trade'; 'Achau Elsbeth Brenhines Lloegr'; etc. The volume was begun in 1726, and there are some additions to the year 1759. There are a few entries by Peter Bailey Williams (1821), and also by St Geo[rge] Armstrong Williams, who has included a short biography of Lewis Morris.

Llyfr Michael Prichard,

A manuscript described as 'Llyfr o hen areithiau a Chywyddau' in the hand of Michael Prichard of Llan Llyfni. It contains poetry, largely in the form of 'cywyddau', by Michael Prichard, Sion Phylipp, Sion Tydur, Rhys Cain, Huw Llwyd Cynfel, Robert ab Howel ab Morgan, William Llyn, Dafydd ab Euan ab Owen, y Rhys ab Ednyfed, Owen Griffith, Thomas Lloyd [recte Prys] (Plas Iolyn), Dafydd Manuel, Wmphrey Dafydd ab Ifan ('Clochydd Llann brenn Mair'), Elis Rowland, Gryffydd ap Llywelyn Fychan, Wiliam Cynwal, Edward ap Rhys, and Thomas Llwyd (Penmen), and anonymous poems; 'Hanes y Twrstan, neu araith S. Tudyr', 'Breuddwyd Sion Tudur', and 'Prognosticasiwn Sion Tydur'; and a mediaeval Welsh glossary ('Llymma bart o'r hen Gymraeg; ar iaith arferedig wrthi') extracted from a book of Thomas Price of Plas Jolyn. The volume was compiled during the period 1726-9. There are a few additions in other hands, among them 'englynion' in praise and in memory of Michael Prichard by William Elias, [Griffith Williams] ('Gutyn Peris'), etc. At the end are two incomplete indexes, the one by Michael Prichard and the other by Owen Williams, Waunfawr. The spine is lettered 'Michael Prichard MS'.

Barddoniaeth, etc.

An imperfect volume in the hand of Edward Lhuyd containing ['Araith Siôn Tudur']; 'cywyddau' largely by Tomas Prys and D[afydd] ab G[wilym], but with a few by Sion Dafydd Lâs, Wiliam Llun, William Fylip, Sion Filip, Sion Tudur, Sion Morgan (1689), and Owain Gwynedd, and '[Araith] Wgon'. Laid down on the fly-leaf is a note in the hand of E. G. B. Phillimore identifying the scribe.


An imperfect volume containing 'cywyddau', etc. by Thomas Prys, Robt. Lewis, Iolo Goch, Gutto or Glynn, Richard Kynwal, Robt ap Rees Wynn ('o Arianog'), Rowland Vychan, Richard Kynfol, Y Prydydd Hael, Evan Deulwyn, Doctor Sion Kent, Edward Mayelor, D'd ap Gwilim, Tudur Aled, Risiart Gele, Sion Tudur, Simwnt Vychan, Ievan Gethin ap Ie'nn ap Lleision, Evan Lloyd brydydd, Madog Benfras, Howel Gethin, Llowdden, Sion Phillip, Robt. Clidro, Sion Brwynog, Dafydd ap Rys ap Evenni?, D'd ap Edmund, Gruffydd Grvg, Mredydd ap Rees, William Llyn, and Rees Wynne, and anonymous poems; and poems in free metres by Rydderch Roberts and Ifan Llwyd Sieffrey. Later additions include a few medical recipes and copious marginal arithmetical calculations. The text, according to a note by J. H. Davies on the fly-leaf, was used by the writer of NLW MS 717, and the manuscript in fact bears an example of his hand. The spine is lettered 'Poetry'.


An incomplete and badly mutilated manuscript of the early seventeenth century containing 'cywyddau' by Gruffith ap Ieuan, Ifann Deulwyn, Bedo Aerddrain, Llywelyn ap D'd Fychan, Sion Tudur, Lewis Mon, Dafydd ap Gwilim, etc., and anonymous 'englynion'. The poems are written on the dorse of folded late sixteenth century answers to interrogatories in legal actions.

Llawysgrif David Samwell,

A holograph manuscript of David (Dafydd) Samwell ('Dafydd Ddu Feddyg', 1751-98). The volume was compiled during and immediately after the period 1788-9 and contains a draft of 'A short Account of the Life and Writings of Hugh (Huw) Morris [of Pontymeibion, Llansilin]'; poetry in strict and free metres by Huw Morys, Edward Samuel (Llangar), Thomas Edwards ('Twm o'r Nant'), Edward Llwyd, Elis Edwards, William Wynne (Llanganhafal), Hugh Jones (Llangwm), David Samwell, John Lloyd ('Vicar Llandrillo'), Daniel Davies (London), [John Roderick] 'Sion Rhydderch', Gryffydd ap Ivan ap Llewelyn Fychan, and Edwd. Morris; 'Memoranda' recording the death and burial, 1748-80, of members of the family of Samuel; a transcript of a letter from Thos. Edwards ('Twm o'r Nant'), Denbigh, to David Samwell, Fetter Lane, London, 1789 (see 'Myrddin Fardd' : Adgof uwch Anghof (Pen y Groes, 1883), pp. 6-11); 'Persian Song, translated by Sir William Jones'; etc.


A volume of sermons, including funeral sermons, preached during the period 1642-1663 at Mold ('apud Montem Altum'), Llangynocke, Llaneurgayn, Llanvyllyn, Pennant, Langwm, Lann Rayder?, Beryw (Berew), Gwyddelwern, Llanwythyn, and Llwydiarth, together with prayers, among them being 'A prayer & Thanksgivinge [for the success of Prince Rupert] to bee vsed in the churches of North Wales 1644', and some later additions. On one of the fly-leaves is a stanza in 'triban' metre to the curate of Llan Gwstennyn.

Barddoniaeth a rhyddiaith,

An imperfect interleaved manuscript containing prayers, psalms and Scripture readings; 'Ystori Peilat'; 'Bychedd Saint Margred', 1642; poetry in strict metres by Sion Reithar, John Brwynog, Huw ap Dafid Lloyd, Ifan Brydydd Hir, Rhys Pennardd, Sypyn Kyfeiliog, ('yr hwn a gyfieithir dafydd bach am hadog wladaidd'), Sion Kain (1609) (holograph), Dogtor John Kemp, Robert Mredydd, Mathew Brwmffild, Rhobert ap D'd Llwyd, Dafid ap Gwilim, William Llyn, Syr Dafid Trefor, Ierwerth Fynglwyd, John Tvdyr, Huw ap Richard ap Dafid, Morys Dwyfech, Richard John Brwynog, Morgan ap Huw Lewis, John Ffylipp, Huw Machno, Gr[u]ffuth Grvg, Grvffvth ap Ieuan ap Llewelvn Fychan, Dafydd Ddv o hir addig, D'd ap Edmwnd, and Ri'd ap Hoell; 'Penillion', for the most part anonymous, but with occasional stanzas by Gwen Williams, William Phillip, Sr Huw Robert, [Rob]ert Lewis, etc.; prognostications of Erra Pater based on the incidence of New Year's Day, and weather prognostications based on the phases of the moon; 'Ymddiddan tydyr ag Ronw'; 'Y rhif euraid'; and a few accounts for clothes; etc. An incident during the Second Civil War, on 5 June 1648, is recorded on p. 85 ('y pvmed dydd or mihefin y bv yr maes Rhwng syr John owen a gwyr y parlmant yn llandygai ag yn Rhayth yr lafan ...'), and it is probable that the manuscript was compiled about the period 1642-8.

Gweithiau Lewis Morris ...

A volume entitled 'Gweithiau Lewis Morris. Llywelyn Ddu o Fôn', being transcripts and extracts made by J. H. Davies, c. 1902, from manuscripts in the British Museum and the National Library of Wales. The collection also contains poetry in strict and free metres by Sion Tomas Owen ('y Gwehydd o Fodedern'), Michael Prichard ('mab chochydd [sic] Llanllyfni'), Sion Rhydderch, Rhist. Roberts ('clochydd Llanddeusant'), Huw Huws ('o Lwydiarth Esgob ym Mon'), and W. Wynn; 'Rhybudd i Wenno [Translation of Darby & Joan]' by Roger Edwards ('offeiriad Llanaber ym Meirionydd'); a calendar of the Lewis Morris MS designated NLW MS 604; and 'Young Mends the Clothier's Sermon', a satire by Lewis Morris on Methodist preachers, from NLW MS 67, pp. 51-70. Inset is a reduced photograph of pp. 32-3 of NLW MS 604.

Vavasor Powell: Poetry,

Transcripts by J. H. Davies from NLW MS 366 of 'englynion', 'The Real Round head', 'The Lamentation of Jeremiah', and an elegy to Daniel Lloyd [of Wrexham], by Vavasor Powell (1617-70), Puritan divine.

Cerddi Huw ac Edward Morris,

A volume entitled 'Cerddi Huw ac Edward Morris' containing transcripts by J. H. Davies mainly from NLW Add. MS 9 of 'cerddi', 'carolau', etc. in free metres by Edward Morris ([1607]-89), Perthillwydion, Cerrigydrudion and Huw Morys ('Eos Ceiriog'; 1622-1709), Pontymeibion, Llansilin. At the beginning of the volume is a list of titles, with sources, of printed poems by Edward Morris.

Trysor-Gell Barddoniaeth ...,

A volume of poetry and some prose texts in the hand of Lewis Morris ('Llywelyn Ddu o Fôn, 1701-65) entitled 'Trysor-Gell Barddoniaeth Neu Gynhulliad o ddisgleiriaf waith yr Hyglod Feirdd Cymreig yr hwn yn hywir a ellir ei alw Lepor Museus h.y. Melysdra Barddoniaeth ... Gan Lewis Morris, Philomath. o Lanvihangel ymhenrhos yn Môn-ynys. Bl.'r Arg. 1724,' together with the addition 'yn Ieuanc ac yn ddigon diwybodaeth, medd yr un L. M. yn y flwyddyn 1759' which contains 'Tri thlws a'r ddeg o Frenindlysau ynys Brydain ...'; 'Drygioni Medddod'; Welsh poetry, almost entirely 'cywyddau', by Lewis Glyn Cothi, Sr. Davydd Trefor, Gruffydd Hiraethog, Howel ap Reinalld, Davydd ap Gwilym, Simwnt Vychan, Aneuryn Wawdrydd, Sion Tudur, Maer Glas?, Mabclaf ap Llywarch, Mredydd ap Rhys, Tudur Aled, Huw Pennant, Gruffudd D'd ap howel, Rhisiart ap howel Da. Beinion, Huw Arwystl, Morys ap Ifan ap Einion, Dafydd Nanmor, Rhys Goch o Eryri, Bedo Phylip bach, Sion y Kent, Ifan tew Brydydd, Mr Harri ap Hoel alias Harri Hir, William Cynwal, Rhydderch ap Sion ('Poor Poetry. L.M.'), Edward Maelor ('Mae'n debig mae Edward ap rhys maelor ydyw ...'), Iolo Goch, Sr. Huw Jones ('Bicar Llanvair ynyffryn Clwyd'), Morus Dwyfech, Sr. Dafydd Lloyd ysgolhaig; Gutto'r Glyn, Davydd ap Edmwnt, Dafydd Llwyd ap Lle'n ap Gruff., Llywelyn ap Gytyn, Hywel D'd Bevan ap rhys, Wiliam Lyn, Sion Brwynog, Iorwerth fynglwyd, and Taliesyn, with copious marginal variants and annotations by Lewis Morris; 'Taliesyn a ddowaid mae dewisa gwr oedd fal hyn. 1 Gwr a fo athro'n ei dy ...'; 'Dewis Bethau Howel lygad Cwsg'; 'Twrsneiddrwydd Gruffydd ap Adda ap D'd'; 'Sidanen, or a Song In Praise of the Glorious Queen Elizabeth' by Edward ap Rhys Wynne ap William Prys of Clygyrog in Anglesey, Fellow of Wadham Coll., Oxon.; 'Cronigl Cymru a Lloegr' transcribed, with annotations, by Lewis Morris, Dulas, September 1727, from a manuscript written in 1571 by Rice Jones [BM Add. MS 14894]; 'Ymddiddanion ffraethion Cymhengras a fu rhwng y Pawn bach o Wickwair yn y rhôs Is Conwy a Gwgon o Gaer einion ymhowys a elwir yn Gyffredin Araith Wgon'; a treatise, being 'a Preface to a Book Composd by me L. M. Entitul'd Yswelediad Byr or Holl Gelfyddydau a gwybodaethau Enwogcaf yn y Byd. June 1729' ('A poor preface indeed says L. M. 1759'); 'The Most Noted Poems in Mr. Bulkeley of Brynddu's Collection [i.e., 'Llyfr Gwyn Mechell', now NLW MS 832]; and 'Achau Llewelyn ap Gruffudd y Twysog diwaethaf o'r Cymru', transcribed in 1725 ('... allan o Lyfr Scrifen hen ddihennydd ... Llyfr fy hendaid'). Preceding the texts are a list of contents ('Taflen o gynhwysiad y Llyfr') and a list of names of the poets represented in the volume ('Enwau'r Awdwyr a Sgrifenasant y Caniadau yn y Llyfr hwn'). There are notes and memoranda on the fly-leaves by Lewis Morris and John Morgan. Inside the lower cover is a bill-head of the Wynnstay Arms Hotel or Eagles Inn, Machynlleth. Mary Richards [presumably of Darowen], whose bookplate appears inside the upper cover of the volume, has subsequently added transcripts of 'awdlau' and 'cywyddau' by Sion Tudur, Lewis Glynn Kothi, Tudu[r] Aled, Iorwerth Fynglwyd, Gruffudd ap Jenkin ap Llywelyn Vychan, [William Llyn] pp. 352-51, Iolo Goch, Raff ab Robert, Henri Humphreys, and Dafydd ap Gwilim.

Gorchestion Beirdd Cymru

A copy of Rhys Jones (ed.): Gorchestion Beirdd Cymru ... (Amwythig, 1773), with copious late eighteenth century manuscript additions entered partly in the margin and partly (largely) on bound-in leaves at the beginning and the end. The majority of the additions are in the hand of Jacob Jones, recipient of the volume (see note, below). These consist mainly of prose texts of 'a Letter written by our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and found 18 miles from Iconium 65 years after Our Saviour's Crucifixion ...', 'King Agbarus's Letter' and 'Our Saviour's Answer', and 'Sentulius's Epistle to the Senate of Rome'; culinary and medical recipes ('Receipts of Sundries'); and 'cywyddau', 'englynion', 'cerddi', metrical psalms, etc. by William Edward, W. Evans, Mr Goronwy Owen, Jacob Jones, Dafydd Davies ('Llongwr', 'ai Dwedod yn Aberdyfi Meirion 1773'), 'Tad gwehydd Sychnant sir feirion', [David Jones] ('Dewi Fardd'), Hu Jones (Llangwm), J. Jenkins, Taliesin, Ann Fochan [sic], ?Hugh Jones (Glan Conwy), Mathew Owen ('o Langar'), [Thomas Edwards] ('Twm o'r Nant'), Mr Risiart Rhys ('Or Gwerllwyn, Ym Merthyr Tydfil, yn Swydd Trefaldwyn'), Jno. Roberts ('Almanaccwr Caer Gybimon'), Huw ap Huw, Dafydd Jones ('or Penrhyn deudraeth'), Mr Jones ('Ficcar Llanbryn Mair'), Elis Rowland, Ellis Roberts ('y Cowper'), Ioan ab William, T. ab G., Hugh ab Sion, Edmund Prys, Robert Jones, John Peters, Wm. Griffiths, Thos. Jones, Huw Rob[erts], Edward Jones, Ierwerth Fynglwyd, Howel Daf[ydd] ap Ieuan ap Rhys, Tudur Aled, William Llun, John Phillip, Lewis Morys ('Llywelyn ddu'), Llywarch hen, Dafydd Nanmor, Bleddyn Fardd, Gruffydd ap yr Ynad Coch, 'one of the Parry's of Newmarket', Dafydd Brydydd Hir ('o Lanfair' dôl Haearn'), William Williams, Aneuryn Gwawdrydd, [David Thomas ('Dafydd Ddu Eryri')] and Jonathn Hughes, and from printed sources.


A scrap-book compiled, with a holograph introduction and table of authors, by David Evans, Llanrwst containing press cuttings, largely from Llais y Wlad, 1875-?81, of 'cywyddau' and 'awdlau', with annotations. The poetry consists mainly of the flyting 'cywyddau' of Edmwnd Prys and William Cynwal ('Yr Ymrysonfeydd rhwng Edmwnd Prys, Archddiacon Meirionydd, a William Cynwal, Prydydd ac Arwyddfardd') and 'cywyddau' ('Cyfansoddiadau') by Dafydd Llwyd ab Llywelyn ab Gruffydd Fychan. Other poets represented in the volume are John Williams ('Athraw Ysgol Trawsfynydd') (1779), Huw Arwystl, Gruffydd Rys (1706) ('Benjamin Simon a'i 'sgrifennodd'), Rhaph ab Conwy, Tudur Penllyn, Hywel ap Daf[ydd] ap Ieuan ap Rhys (1450), Thomas Prys (Plas Iolyn), Ieuan Môn, Simwnt Fychan, Gruffydd Llwyd ap D[afydd] ap Einon, Hywel Dafi, William Llŷn, William Phillip, Ffowc Prys ('Offeiriad Celynog'), John Owens (1671), Thomas Derllysg, Ieuan Dyfi, Ieuan o Gydweli, Dafydd Elis ('o Griccieth'), Gwerfil Mechain (1400), Harri Howel(l) (1661), [Edward Williams] 'Iolo Morganwg' (1799), Sion Brwynog, Sion Tudur, Lewis Morganwg, Sion Ceri, Hywel ap Syr Mathew, Huw Lleyn, Dafydd Nanmor, Lewis Morris ('Llywelyn Ddu o Fôn'), Morus ap Ifan ap Einion [Morus Dwyfech], Dafydd Hopkin ('o'r Coed-du') (1735) and Mathew Owen ('Llangarwgwyn, swydd Feirionydd').


A collection in several hands of 'cerddi', 'penillion', 'dyrïau' and 'englynion' by Moris Roberts (Morris A Pro[bert]), Hugh Morris, Lewis o Rydonen ('y Mhlwy Llantysilio'), [William Roberts] 'Clochydd Llannor' (1747) and John Edwards (1747), and anonymous poems. A part of the volume may be in the hand of John Jones, 1747. Bound into the volume is a notice, 20 June 1828, from the church-wardens and overseers of the poor of the parish of Llanfihangel, Montgomeryshire to the churchwardens and overseers of the poor of the parish of Llangyniew of a proposed appeal against a removal order by the Court of Quarter Sessions. Mounted on the blank dorse of one leaf is a printed prospectus of Y Gwyliedydd [1822].

Barddoniaeth Huw Morys a Roger Jones, etc.

A collection of 'cerddi', 'carolau', 'penillion', etc. in free metres by Hugh Moris and Rogiar Jones and numerous anonymous poems and scraps of verse. Also included are a rental of chief rents of Cynlleth yr Iarll and a rental of the tithe of Llangadwalader, Denbighshire, both undated, and a medical recipe. A note by Dafydd Marpole in Cwrtmawr MS 225, p. 86 attributes the present manuscript to the last quarter of the seventeenth century. Among later additions to the volume are holograph 'englynion' by Joseph Marpole ('yn llegys'), 1779. The spine is lettered 'Gwaith H. Morys a Roger Jones'.

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