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Ship's sight book,

A sight book of the ship 'Mermaid', 1843-1845, kept by D. W. Evans, together with some miscellaneous memoranda and accounts (e.g. particulars of clothing washed at Bombay, Singapore, etc., 1848 and undated).

D. W. Evans.

Sale book,

A sale book of Kille[wen], 25 September, 1833. Beginning at the end of the volume are particulars of disbursements by [ ] Evans, Cilau-wen, 1841-1843.

Account book,

An account book of receipts and disbursements by John Evans, Cilau-wen, 1785-1795. The accounts consist largely of agreements with, and payments to, servants.

John Evans.


Receipts of rents by John Evans, Cilau-wen, and statements of accounts with individual tenants, 1805-1812.

John Evans.

Rectory of Trefgarn,

Account book of John Evans and (later) David Evans, 1805-1825, recording receipts in respect of the tithes and glebe of Great Treffgarn, and disbursements by them on behalf of the rector, the Reverend Thomas Carmouls (Cormouls, Cormoulds, etc.).

John Evans and David Evans.

Transcript by David Thomas of Memo to Inspectors No 454 by [Sir] A[lfred] T. D[avies], Welsh Department of the Board ...,

Transcript by David Thomas of Memo to Inspectors No 454 by [Sir] A[lfred] T. D[avies], Welsh Department of the Board of Education. The Ministry of Reconstruction require information about village and rural industries capable of expansion as well as knowledge of any industries threatened with extinction owing to the War.

Letters A-H

Some fifty-seven letters, copy letters, draft letters and related papers, 1927-1950, addressed to J. Dyfnallt Owen or accumulated by him, either from Breton nationalists or relating to the situation in Brittany.
The correspondents include Leo Mill Arden, Killarney, December 1945-August 1946 (ff. 1-17), Herri Caouissin, Scrignac, 1933-1946 (ff. 20-27, 36-37), D. J. Davies, Pantybeilïau, 26 April 1950 (f. 43), Noelle Davies, Pantybeilïau, 14 December 1945 (f. 44), Pol Diverres, Swansea, 24 October 1945 (f. 63), Yann Fouéré (alias J. Moger), London and Swansea, July 1946-May 1947 (ff. 64-86), and Roparz Hemon, County Dublin, March-April 1949 (ff. 131-132). Dyfnallt's correspondence with Fanch Gourvil (ff. 90-125) comprises draft letters from Dyfnallt, [10 December 1945], 15 January 1946 (ff. 90-100, 126-128), and two typescript copies of Gourvil's reply, in French, 18 December 1945 (ff. 101-113), with a translation into English, in several hands (ff. 114-125) (see also NLW MS 23879E, ff. 12-14). Two letters are addressed to Geraint Dyfnallt Owen (ff. 2, 50). Also included are letters from Per [Denez] to D. J. Davies, [September]-November 1949 (ff. 46-62), copies of correspondence between Herri Caouissin and Sir Ifan ab Owen Edwards, May-August 1946 (ff. 28-35), and a letter from Hermann Bickler, Lorraine, to an unnamed woman, 27 December 1927 (ff. 18-19). A cloth badge for Urz Goanag Breiz is included with f. 27.

Arden, Leo Mill.

File headed 'Ideas and drafts for articles etc',.

File headed 'Ideas and drafts for articles etc', including:. 1. Notes for Mrs Delaney's Hortus Siccus. 2. 'The Pagan who went to Heaven' [draft of an article on a pagan British chieftain's reception in heaven]. 3. Appreciation of 'Hard Cash' by Charles Reade [incomplete]. 4. 'Crabbed Age and Youth' [incomplete article on the youth of the day]. 5. 'The Joys of Travel' [original and draft of an article based on an English-French phrase-book]. 6. 'Plymouth' [original and two carbon copies of an article on the history of the town]. 7. 'Extracts from Welsh Broth - Thomas Jones C.H. 1950'. 8. 'Borrow in Wales' [incomplete draft]. 9. Rough notes on Newcastle Emlyn [incomplete]. 10. 'Holiday Haunts' [two rough incomplete drafts of articles on the writing of Holiday Haunts. 11. 'Tickets Please' [draft of an incomplete article on her first-class 'All Stations' pass]. 12. 'Biographical Memoir of Morfydd Owen' [carbon copy of article]. 13. 'Drama' [draft article on drama in Wales, incomplete]. 14. 'Monmouthshire a Welsh County' [carbon copy of draft press article]. 15. 'Blackwood Authors at the International Arthurian Congress' [carbon copy of draft press-article]. 16. 'Pembrokeshire' and 'Little England Beyond Wales', two articles on Pembrokeshire [the first only incomplete draft, the second a complete draft article]. 17. 'Poet Close', draft of an article on Lakeland's Poet Close. 18. 'An Enchanting Pastime', draft of an article on Jane Williams' Paper People. 19. 'The Armless Wonder', rough draft of an article on William Kingston of Ditcheat. 20. 'Sarah Biffin', draft of an article on a woman born without arms or legs. 21. 'The School Treat', a description of a trip to Burnham Beeches. 22. 'Reading', a draft article [incomplete].

Will of John Williams of p. Llangunnider, co. Brec., innkeeper,

Devises a m. called Penlanfain including a field called Caeyrafallen or Pumpllath, p. Llangunnider, co. Brec., to his grandson William Jones for life, remainder to his grand-daughter, Ann Jones, for life, then to their heirs, but, in default, to testator's grandsons, John Roberts and David Roberts, as tenants in common. Devises a m. called Neuaddfach, p. Llangunnider, to Ann Jones for life, remainder to her heirs, but, in default, to William Jones, then to his heirs, but, in default, to John Roberts and David Roberts. Devises a m. called Tyr Allsorn and an orchard adjoining the road from Coedyrynnis Bridge to the Baptist Meeting House, p. Llangunnider, to John Roberts, remainder to heirs, but, in default, to David Roberts, then his heirs, but, in default to William and Ann Jones as tenants in common. Devises m's called Tyle and Maesclythen in p's Saint Michael Cwmdu and Cathedine, co. Brec., to David Roberts for life, remainder to his heirs, but in default, to John Roberts, then his heirs, but in default, to William Jones and Ann Jones. Devises houses and cottages in the town of Brecon to his daughter Ann Gunter, subject to a charge of £63. Bequeaths a m. called the Red Lion leased from the Duke of Beaufort, to his four grandchildren. A few other bequests to relatives. Appoints his son-in-law Thomas Gunter of p. Saint Michael Cwmdu, co. Brec., farmer, and his friend the Rev. John Evans of the town of Brecon, trustees and executors of his will. Endorsed: probate granted 30 Nov. 1840. Copy extracted from the District Probate Registry at Hereford.

Scrap books

Two scrap books of manuscript and printed material and press cuttings. The manuscript material consists of holograph 'englynion' entitled 'Pennillion i anerch yr Arglwyddes Hall: (sef Gwenynen Gwent)' by John Jones ('Tegid'), 1838; a transcript of an 'Epitaph. On the grave of "John", a Parish Clerk near Newbridge Glamorganshire' by Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg'); 'englynion' by John Davies ('Brychan'), Thomas Williams ('Gwilym Morganwg'), John William Thomas ('Arvonwyson'), Morgan Llewelyn, William Thomas ('Gwilym Teilo'), Rees Lewis, John L. Thomas ('Ieuan Ddu'), 'Gwilym Ddu Glan Cynon', Edward Williams ('Iolo Mynwy'), William Ellis Jones ('Cawrdaf'), William Williams ('Carw Coch'), Jonathan Reynolds ('Nathan Dyfed'), Robert Parry ('Robyn Ddu [Eryri]'), D[avid] Charles ('Sierlyn Tegid'), Trevecca, George Hwel [sic] ('Celer'), rector of Llangattock Crickhowell, William Thomas ('Islwyn'), and Jno. Jones ('Watcyn Fardd'), Llanerfyl; holograph letters to 'Caradawc y Fenni' from 'Cambrina', Newport [co. Monmouth], 1839 (requesting information about the 'Hirlas Horn', enclosing verses in praise of the recipient), William Thomas ('Gwilym Mai'), Carmarthen, 1848-1853 (poetry by the recipient, a request for Welsh flannel plaids, the distribution of Carmarthen eisteddfod compositions), John Jayne, Bayley [sic], 1863 (a school Exhibition for the writer's son), W. Hicks Owen ('Owain ap Bradwen'), Rhyllon, St. Asaph, 1862 (enclosing a portrait, etc., of Mrs. Hemans), Rowland Williams ('Hwfa Môn'), Bethesda, 1862 (2) (enclosing a portrait of the writer), Sarah Edith Wynne ('Eos Cymru'), undated (enclosing a portrait of the writer), and P. D. Phillip, Brynmawr, 1862 (enclosing two printed items for the recipient's album); an obituary of John Jones ('Tegid') by Alfred T. Hughes, with lines by 'Gwilym Mai'; a holograph letter from John Jones ('Tegid') (in the third person) to Col. [Charles Kemeys Kemeys Tynte] 1848 (requesting permission to recite stanzas); 'englynion' entitled 'Anerchiad i Gymreigyddion y Fenni', 1852, by 'Gwilym Mai'; a notice to Lewis Bevan [father of 'Caradawc y Fenni'] to serve in the Militia for co. Brecknock, 1807, and a certificate of the balloting of Thomas Bevan, shopkeeper, of the parish of Llanelly, co. Brecknock, into the Regular Militia of the county, 1826; and franks of John Jones ('Talhaiarn'), W. Downing Evans ('Leon'), Brinley Richards, William Jones ('Gwrgant'), Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd'), David Morgan ('Mynyddawc'), [Richard William Payne] Davies, Court-y-gollen, Crickhowell, archdeacon of Brecon, Joseph Hughes ('Carn Ingli'), William Ellis Jones ('Cawrdaf'), Charles Smith, Droitwich, Geo. Howell, rector of Llangattock Crickhowell, D. James, Pant-teg, Thomas G. Jones ('Tafalaw'), Morris Williams ('Nicander'), David Charles, Trevecca, Lewis Thomas, London, Eliza Hughes, London, Jno. Jayne, Jonathan Reynolds ('Nathan Dyfed'), Thos. Kerslake, bookseller, Bristol, Rowland Williams ('Hwfa Môn'), W. Morris ('Gwilym Tawe'), Swansea, Philip D. Phillips [sic], Brynmawr, William Williams ('Caledfryn'), Ellis Roberts, harpist, London, Edw. Williams (son of 'Taliesin ab Iolo Morganwg'), Jno. Thomas ('Ieuan Glantawe'), Llanelly, Edward Williams ('Iolo Mynwy') (from Pennsylvania, U. S.A.), [Jane Davies] daughter of 'Gwallter Mechain', etc. The printed items include a prospectus of a collection of Prize Poems and Essays of the Beaumaris Eisteddfodau and North Wales Literary Society, to be edited by W. Jones, London; a prospectus of J. A. Simons: Meddlings with the Muse, 1840, together with a manuscript list of subscribers; Anerchiad at Genedl yr Hen Gymry. (Oddiwrth Cymreigyddion [sic] Caerludd), 1832; a theatre bill of the Theatre, Abergavenny, 1838; Extract from the Merthyr Guardian . . . November 11, 1837, relating to the commission of the peace of John Frost [Chartist leader]; a programme of the third anniversary of Abergavenny Cymreigyddion Society, 1836; a circular letter by Thomas Bevan ('Caradawc') to 'Cymreigyddion y Fenni', 1840; Can, o Glod J.J. Guest, Yswain, Cynyrchiolwr [sic] Merthyr, a'i hamgylchoedd yn y Senedd, by William Davies ('[Gwilym] Grawerth'), 1835; Pigionach o Benillion Ymadawol a adroddwyd gan Eiddil Ifor, yn Nghyfrinfa'r Iforiaid Caredig, 1844; verses entitled Brenin y Canibalyddion by 'Talhaiarn'; Can Newydd yn dangos Ardderchogrwydd yr Ysgol Sabbothol by D. Evans, Pontypridd, with the music score; verses entitled Y Sabboth by I. J.; verses entitled The Feelings of the Heart, written on the death of General Sir W. Nott, G.C.B. January 1st, 1845, and General Nott. Verses written on the Arrival of General Nott at Carmarthen, Sept. 11th 1844 and Lines written on the emphatic Words of General Nott, when meeting his friends at Carmarthen . . . by W. Thomas ('Gwilym Mai'); Can o Glod i Mr. John Jones, Am ei nodweddiad rhinweddol - a'i fedrusrwydd cywreingamp - fel Peirianydd, ac Arolygwr Gwaith Haiarn Cwmbran, Swydd Fynwy by Edward Williams ('Iolo Mynwy'); Lines occasioned by the interment of the Reverend Timothy Thomas, of Islington . . .1827 by Stephen Davis, Clonmel; verses entitled Y Cymreigyddion by 'Cyfaill i'r Cymreigyddion' [John Davies, 'Brychan', Tredegar]; Statement of Account of the Caradawc Benefit Society . . . Llanwenarth . . ., 1859-1860; Galar-gan er coffadwriaeth am y diweddar Mr. Abel Lewis, Taliedydd, (Cashier,) Pen y-darran, 1845, by 'Galarwr' (J. Edwards, 'Meiriadog'); John Michael, Treasurer, in Account with the Abergavenny Cymreigyddion Society, 1836-1837; Ode on the Death of His Royal Highness Prince Albert by W. Downing Evans, Newport, co. Monmouth, 1861; verses entitled Hanes Ffair y Waun by 'Gwilym Grawerth'; a proof programme and a broadsheet of subjects and prizes of the Swansea National Eisteddfod, 1863; broadsheets announcing a National Token from South Wales to [Alexandra] Princess of Wales, together with a list of subscriptions and a receipt, 1863, from the Treasurer [Augusta Hall] Lady Llanover to 'Caradawc y Fenni' for his subscription; verses entitled A Christmas Piece by William Jones, Abergavenny, 1862; Anthem, composed in celebration of the marriage of the Prince of Wales and the Princess Alexandra by the Reverend William Pollock, M.A., vicar of Bowdon, 1863; verses entitled Y Chwech Englyn Buddygol i Arglwyddes Llanover (Gwenynen Gwent,) yn cynnwys diolch am ei nhawdd i Gymdeithas Lenyddol Gwenynen Gwent, Brynmawr and Tri Hir a Thoddaid i John Jayne, Ysw., Pantybailiau House, am ei Haeolrydedd yn rhoddi £20 tuag at gynorthwyo Tlodion Llanelli, pan safodd y Gweithfeydd y lle uchod yn 1861, both by John Thomas ('Ifor Cwm Gwys'); and H. Hughes ('Tegai'): Pregeth Angladdol David Williams, Ysw. (Alaw Goch ,) Miskin, gynt o Ynys Cynon, Aberdare (Caernarfon [1863]). The press cuttings are taken from a variety of local and national newspapers, e.g., Monmouthshire Merlin, Merthyr Guardian, Hereford Times, Seren Cymru, Seren Gomer, Illustrated Times, Morning Post, The Times, The Observer, etc., and items of Welsh interest include accounts of coronation festivities at Abergavenny, 1831, and of the loss of the 'Rothsay Castle', 1831; a list of literary and musical competitions arranged by 'Cymreigyddion yr Alarch', Merthyr Tydfil, undated; accounts of the opening of the Crumlin Viaduct, 1857, of the destruction of the South Wales Railway bridge over the river Usk at Newport, 1848, and of the colliery explosion at Risca, 1860; and a mass of poetry by contemporary local bards. NLW MS 12355F contains two engraved portraits of the Reverend Francis Hiley, Llanwenarth, and at the end of the same manuscript are some additional press cuttings mounted by Lady H. A. Robinson, relating largely to the death of King Edward VII. The outside upper covers are labelled respectively 'Caradawc's Scrap Book No. 1' and 'Caradawc's Scrap Book No. 2'.

Brawdy MSS,

  • NLW MSS 11790-11813, 12166-12174, 12918-12919.
  • Fonds
  • [1300]-1936.

Papers, [1300]-1936, from the library of Mrs Ethel Jones of Aberystwyth comprising material of Pembrokeshire interest, including estate rentals, farm accounts, correspondence relating to land tenure, rules of Milford Friendly Society and turnpike gate receipts at Haverfordwest; papers of or relating to the Goldwyer family of Marlborough and [?Bristol] which include a tour journal of 1799 and correspondence; together with miscellaneous accounts, legal precedents, correspondence and a volume of coats of arms, much of which material also relates to Pembrokeshire.


Illustrated transcripts of a treatise and notes on heraldry. The volume bears the name of Miss Jane Goldwyer, 25 March, 1819. Inset are a poem describing the equipage of knights riding in procession to a joust, and a stanza by Bishop [Benjamin] Hoadley entitled 'On a Spring near Stourton'.

Jane Goldwyer.

Recipes, &c.,

  • NLW MS 11792A.
  • File
  • [1732x1801] /
  • Part of Brawdy MSS,

A notebook containing medical and other recipes written largely in the same hand. Beginning at the end are entries of the birth of [his] children between 1727 and 1749/1750 (with some entries of death to 1801), and entries of the marriage of Frances Richmond Webb and Mr. T. Humphris at Swindon in 1734 and of the birth of their children between 1735 and 1754.

George Goldwyer.

Farm accounts,

An account book, with numerous insets, of Levi Griffiths of Rickeston and Pointz Castle, parish of Brawdy, co. Pembroke, 1836-1848, largely recording accounts with individual servants and tenants.

Levi Griffiths.


An eighteenth century blazon of the arms of the family of Knethel of co. Northumberland (ermine, a saltire gules) (mounted on a fragment of an early seventeenth century survey of the farm of properties in Iscoyd Gwynioneth, Aberustwith, Iscoyd Cardigan, Cruthin, Generglin, Diffrin Claragh, Llangeby, Cardigan, Mevennyth, Kilkennon, and Hanyniocke, co. Cardigan); a calligraphic exercise by Thomas Meyler, 1816; a passport issued to Edward Picton Phillips, 1843; a typescript carbon copy of a letter from J. W. Phillips to the press, 1933, relating to the building of the organs of St. Mary's and St. Martin's [Haverfordwest]; and a brief typescript description and history of Skomer Island.

Letters, &c.,

Miscellaneous letters:- Eunice Bellairs, Serampore, to [Emily] Phelps, Crawley, Sussex, 1856 (personal), Wm. Grey, Grays Inn, to Henry Rees, Haverfordwest, etc., 1811-1827 (2) (the action of Allen v. Gwynne), J. H. Harries, Trevaccoon, near Trevine, to Jas. Griffiths, 1847 (the receipt of a payment to the writer as a freeman of Haverfordwest), John James, Cov[en]t G[arde]n, London, to Wm. Evans, Haverfordwest, 1809 (a remittance of £30), Anne Gwynne to her brother 'Tom' Gwynne, Haverfordwest, undated (the occupation of land), [General Sir] Tho[mas] Picton, Carmarthen, to J. Philipps, Haverfordwest, 1815 (bills of exchange) (typescript copy), H. Res, Haverfordwest, to H. Goldwyer, Bristol, 1837 (a dispute concerning the title to a piece of ground [at Walton West] (together with the draft of a letter written two days previously by the recipient to the writer), and G. Starbuck, Priory Lodge, near Milford Haven, to the Reverend Frank Thomas, Harroldstone Glen, near Haverfordwest, 1853 (money matters); and a document in the hand of James Pugh, Horse and Jockey, Portfield, 1840, offering a sum of £8 for the lease of land at Portfield.

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