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Davies, J. Glyn (John Glyn), 1870-1953
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Two notebooks in the autograph of John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd') containing transcripts of 'cywyddau', etc. by the following poets: Wiliam Llyn, Huw Llyn, Morys Dwyfech, Lewis Daron, Sion Wyn Owain, Kadwaladr Kesel, Huw Machno, Edmwnd Prys, Sion Philipp, Gruffydd Phylips, Huw Pennant, Lewis Menai, Wiliam Kynwal, Rissiart Philip, Richard Kynwal, Rhus Kain, Howel Reinallt, Sion Brwynog, Watkin Klewedog, Morgan ap Huw Lewis, Inco Brydydd, Dafydd Na[n]mor, Gruffudd Grug, Iolo Goch, Owain Waed da and Llywelyn Goch ap Meurig hên. Nearly all the poems are eulogies of, or elegies on , persons from Llŷn and Eifionydd. On the first page of MS 507 is the following note by J. H. Davies: 'Codwyd o lawysgrif Mr J. Glyn Davies ? Gan Myrddin Fardd' and it seems probable that the contents of MS 507 and the first ten items in MS 508 were transcribed from J. Glyn Davies MS 2 (though not in the same order), perhaps with a view to publication. The remaining poems appear to have been transcribed from various sources, including Cwrtmawr MS 454. Pasted in after the poems in MS 508 are two newspaper cuttings relating to 'Phylipiaid Ardudwy'.

Letters to the Reverend D. E. Jenkins,

Fifty-one letters, etc., from Edward Carey (registrar), University of Liverpool, 1932 (acknowledging receipt of an application for admission to the degree of Litt. D., and enclosing a receipt for the fee), [the Reverend] J[ohn] E[dward] Carey, Treverbyn Vicarage, St. Austell, 1906 ( replying to recipient's query relating to the incumbents of Otterham, the writer's previous parish), [the Reverend] Arthur Carter, Thrussington Vicarage, Leicester, 1903 (enclosing information concerning the descendants of the Rev[erend] John Owen, a former vicar of the parish), [the Reverend] Reginald A[rthur] Cayley, Stowell Rectory, Sherborne, [19]06 ( replying to a query concerning the Rev[erend] James Hooper, rector of the parish, 1820-1828), David R[ ] Charles, Hoylake, 1904 (acknowledging the return of letters, a little memorandum book of Mr. [Thomas] Charles of Bala in the writer's possession, enclosing a portrait of the writer (now kept in the Department of Prints, Drawings, and Maps)), C. A. Christie, Roydon, near Ware, [19]06 (requesting the return of 'the Rev. Jones's Diaries'), [Messrs.] R. and R. Clark, Limited (printers), Edinburgh, 1917- 1929 (6) (the disposal, by pulping, of part of the remaining stock of 'Charles of Bala' [recipient's Life of the Rev. Thomas Charles], financial matters, the binding of copies of recipient's work, Bedd Gelert, [its Facts, Fairies, and Folk Lore (Portmadoc, 1899)]), [the Reverend] G[erald] H[enry] Colvile, Weston Rectory, Shifnal, undated (a reply to recipients query re the Rev[erend] Robert Pugh, who, the writer suggests, had been curate of Weston under Redcastle, co. Salop), the Rev[erend] W[illiam] H [ ] Cooper (secretary of the Monmouthshire Presbytery), Abertysswg, [19] 36 (extending the Presbytery's official congratulations to recipient on completing fifty years service with the [Calvinistic Methodist] Connection), the Rev[erend] T[homas] G[eorge] Crippen (honorary secretary, the Congregational Historical Society), London, 1905-1906 (2) (replying to recipient's query concerning [the Reverend] Mr. [S.R.] Pittard [Congregational minister] at Somerton, co. Somerset, circa 1816-1830, a letter from [the Reverend] Thomas Charles to his son Thomas, 1807, in the writer's possession), Miss Frances M. Daniell, North Nibley, near Dursley, [19]08 (a reply to recipient's query concerning the Rev[erend] Charles Thomas [nephew of the Reverend Thomas Charles of Bala], minister at North Nibley, 1832-1838), D. C. Davies (general secretary, Welsh Council of the League of Nations Union), Cardiff, 1921 (a meeting to be held [in Denbigh], the possibility of a canvassing campaign to enrol members), [the Reverend] Daniel Davies, The Rectory, Denbigh, [19]06 (informing recipient that the Rev[erend] John Williams was curate of Denbigh in 1788), [the Reverend] D[ avid] Davies, Llangwm Vicarage, Corwen, [1]905 (a record of the burial of Dorothy Ffoulkes, 1742, and of Tho[ma]s Ffoulkes, 1744, in the Llangwm registers), [the Reverend] David Davies, The Rectory, Trawsfynydd, 1905-1906 ( 2) (searches in the Trawsfynydd registers, an extract re the burial of the Reverend John Pryse, ob. 1809 [curate of the parish]), [the Reverend] D[avid] W[illiam] Davies [vicar of Cilcennin with Llanbadarn Trefeglwys], [19]07 (an extract from the Llanbadarn parish register, recording the burial of the Rev[erend] Timothy Evans, ob. 1837, vicar of the parish), [the Reverend] E[dward] J[ames] Davies, Nantglyn Rectory, Denbigh, 1906 (information concerning the Rev[erend] Rice Pughe, vicar of Nantglyn, 1788- 1806), [the Reverend] E[dward] O[wen] Davies, Bangor, 1927 (advice to recipient on certain [Calvinistic Methodist] denominational matters), Ellis W[illiam] Davies [M.P. for the Eifion division of co. Caernarvon, 1906-1918, and for Denbigh, 1923-1929], House of Commons, 1924 (congratulations to recipient on receiving the degree [of M.A. of the University of Liverpool]), [the Reverend] J[enkin] Davies, Llanfair Rectory, Harlech, [19]06 (the writer's inability to trace the name of a Reverend R[ichar]d Morgan as incumbent of the parish), John Davies, Abergavenny, 1908 (a visit by the writer, in 1884, to ?George Thomas, then of Brynmawr, who claimed to be a nephew of [the Reverend Thomas] Charles of Bala, Thomas's story that his elder brother, Charles, had been sent to Cheshunt College by his uncle, and that he had subsequently been ordained at Dursley, the writer's inference that this was the Charles Thomas who had been a minister at North Nibley, near Dursley [see letter from Frances M. Daniell above], the writer's conversations with 'old people who listened to Thomas Richards preaching [the Reverend Thomas] Charle's Funeral Sermon at Crickhowell'), J[ohn] Glyn Davies (University of Liverpool), Denbigh, [19]28 (enquiries concerning a house in Denbigh), [the Reverend] John H[enry] Davies, St. Mary's Vicarage, H[averford] West, 1904 (the writer's inability to find any information about John Charles), J[ohn] H[umphreys] Davies [registrar, and later principal, University College of Wales, Aberystwyth], Aberystwyth and Cwrt Mawr, Llangeitho, 1905-1906 (3) (a note on some of the descendants of [the Reverend] Peter Williams [1723-1796, Methodist cleric], an inspection of books ? with a view to purchase by the college, a suggestion that a bust of Robert Roberts be placed in the National Library 'when it comes into existence', lack of further information about Tho[ma]s Charles and Marg[are]t Williams), [the Reverend] Joseph Davies, Goytre Rectory, Abergavenny, 1906 (2) (information concerning the Rev[erend] Joshua Davies (ob. 1820), one time curate in the parish of Goytre, and later vicar of Dingestow), L[eonard] Twiston Davies, Rockfield Park, Monmouth, [19]34 (a reply to recipient's query concerning John Davies, Maes y Groes, near Cilcain), R. Davies (town clerk), Denbigh, 1928-1932 (2) (the editing of the Official Guide to Denbigh, 1928, the town council's official congratulations to recipient on his receiving the degree of D. Litt., [of the University of Liverpool]), [the Reverend] F[rederick] W[yldbore] Wingfield Digby, The Vicarage, Charlton Horethorne, 1906 (enclosing a copy of a memorial inscription to [the Reverend] John Taylour (ob. 1785), a former vicar of the parish), and F. J. Dryhurst, Woking and [London], 1925-1929 (12) (genealogical research relating to the Dryhurst family in North Wales) (included with one of the letters is a typescript copy of a letter seeking information concerning the Dryhurst family, written by D. E. Jenkins (with suggested amendments by F. J. Dryhurst), for insertion in the Western Mail).

North Wales Temperance Federation, etc.,

  • NLW MS 10936C.
  • File
  • 1919-1928.

A group of papers of R. A. Jones, Beaumaris, 1919-1928, including holograph letters, receipts, and manuscript, typescript, and printed minutes, circulars, rules, etc. relating to the North Wales Temperance Federation and the North Wales Union of Evengelical Churches. The correspondents include J. Glyn Davies, 1927 and J. Talwrn Jones. The group also includes a letter, 1919, from D. J. Davies, Caernarvon to the Reverend H. P. Roberts, Beaumaris, relating to the rental of a room at Beaumaris for a tent of the Independent Order of Rechabites.


A draft letter on 'Tariff Reform and the Welsh Slate Trade' sent to the Manchester Guardian by Charles E. Breese, 1909; and correspondence, 1918-1923, by Horatio Bottomley, H. B. Randolph, Board of Agriculture and Fisheries, J. Glyn Davies (general secretary of the North Wales Temperance Association), D. Lloyd George and A. Bonar Law (recognition of Charles E. Breese as the Coalition candidate for Caernarvonshire, 1918), Willoughby Gardner, John E. Greaves, W. R. Hughes, Edward Jones, Llanllyfni, K. Jones, Portmadoc, the Marconi International Marine Communication Co. Ltd., J. Pritchard, Llanberis, Sidney Robinson, and Sir Robert J. Thomas.

General letters to O. M. Edwards

The file includes letters from John Ballinger, Alfred T. Davies, J. Glyn Davies, J. Kelt Edwards, J. Gwenogvryn Evans, J. Towyn Jones, Bishop John Owen (2), Owen Griffith Owen ('Alafon'), W. J. Parry, J. F. Rees (3), J. Machreth Rees, J. Herbert Roberts, Lord Clwyd (2), and Walter Runciman.

Ballinger, John, 1860-1933

Letters: Daltman-Davies, J.,

The correspondents include: D. R. Daniel (3), 1899-1912, Thomas Darlington, 1901, Sir Alfred T. Davies (3), 1908-1917, D. Cunllo Davies (7), 1913-1923, David Davies, Baron Davies of Llandinam (16), 1901-1925, E. Clement Davies (6), 1907-1909, Ellis W. Davies MP (3), 1909-1912, George M. Ll. Davies (3), 1904-1925, Gwilym Davies, 1923, J. Glyn Davies, 1905, J. Gwynoro Davies (8), 1894-1925, and J. T. Davies, 1915.

Daniel, David R. (David Robert), 1859-1931

Llythyrau amrywiol: 1922-1980

Llythyrau, 1922-1980, gan gynnwys rhai oddi wrth J. E. Daniel (2); Alun Oldfield-Davies (2); Aneirin Talfan Davies (12); Clement Davies (2); D. Jacob Davies (2); E. Tegla Davies (23, cyfeirir un at Dafydd); George M. Ll. Davies (19); J. Breese Davies (4); J. Glyn Davies (2); Leonard Twiston Davies (6); Nan Davies; R. H. Davies; Rhys J. Davies (2); William Ll. Davies; Myles Dillon; ac A. H. Dodd (4).

Llythyrau amrywiol: 1933-1953 a 1970

Llythyrau, 1933-1953 a 1970, a gyfeiriwyd at Iorwerth Peate yn yr Adran Ddiwylliant Gwerin, gan gynnwys rhai oddi wrth Alun Oldfield Davies; J. Glyn Davies; Nan Davies (3); D. Owen Evans; Gwynfor Evans (4); J. C. Wynne Finch; R. M. Fleming (2); Ll. Wyn Griffith; W. J. Gruffydd; D. R. Hughes (22); E. K. Jones; Gwilym R. Jones (3); Sam Jones (8); Ceri Lewis; R. Hopkin Morris (2); J. Dyfnallt Owen (3); Tom Parry (4); Ffransis G. Payne; T. K. Penniman; John Petts; Stewart Sanderson; J. Oliver Stephens; John Summerson; J. B. Willans; ac Ifor Williams. Yn eu plith ceir ymholiadau yn ymwneud â diwylliant gwerin a llythyrau ynghylch gweithiau Iorwerth Peate, megis Hen Gapel Llanbrynmair 1739-1939 (Llandysul, 1939), a Diwylliant gwerin Cymru (Lerpwl, 1942).

Oldfield-Davies, Alun, 1905-1988

The Bible in Wales,

Papers and correspondence relating to the exhibition of Welsh Bibles arranged in the Cardiff Reference Library in 1904 and to the publication of The Bible in Wales, 1906; an annotated draft list of Welsh Bibles, 1903; press cuttings of reviews; and letters by Alfred George Edwards, bishop of St. Asaph, William E. A. Axon, H. Arnold Bemrose, Derby; Joseph Bradney, F. J. Burgoyne, Lambeth Library; J. Glyn Davies, Aberystwyth; W. H. Davey, dean of Llandaff; Charles Morgan Davies, Merthyr Tydfil; D. S. Davies, Denbigh; J. H. Davies, Aberystwyth; John Davies, Pandy; E. S. Dodgson; D. A. Evans, Barry; Griffith Ellis, Bootle; Richard Ellis, Oxford; J. Gwenogvryn Evans; S. J. Evans, Llangefni; John Fisher, Cefn; Mrs. Alan Gough, Gelliwig; C. A. H. Green, Aberdare; Edward Griffith, Dolgelley; Alan Stepney-Gulston; William Haines, Penpergwm; Meredith J. Hughes, Colwyn Bay; Ivor James, Chester; D. E. Jenkins, Denbigh; Lewis D. Jones ('Llew Tegid'); R. J. Jones, Aberdare; R. Saunders Jones, Garston; T. W. Lyster, Dublin; Horace F. Moule, London; Thomas Powel, Penarth; R. A. Roberts, Public Record Office; R. Roberts, Sheffield; R. Gwylfa Roberts; Sidney Robinson, M. P.; Smith Brothers, London; D. R. Thomas, St. Asaph; Edmund Verney, Winslow; and G. J. Williams, Bangor.

Correspondence relating to the library of the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth,

  • NLW MS 12903B.
  • File
  • 1899-1906.

Twenty holograph letters and postcards, 1899-1906 and undated, from Lewis Angell, Eastbourne, Henry Blackwell, bookbinder, New York (2), A. W. Davies, secretary of 'Cymdeithas Dafydd ap Gwilym', Oxford [University], [the Reverend] E[van] Edwardes, Caerdeon Vicarage, Dolgelley (2), Geo[rge] Eyre Evans, Aberystwyth, R. Jenkin Jones, Aberdare, M. Mason, Greenwich, Helen Owen, Weston-super-mare, F. S. Price, Swansea, Tho[ma]s Prichard, Amlwch, J. [ ]. Reed, secretary of the Edward Lhuyd Society, Oxford [University] (2), [the Reverend] W[illiam] Rees, Llechryd, A. Roberts, Llanrwst, M. Roberts, Penrhyndeudraeth (2), and D[aniel] Lleufer Thomas, Swansea (2), all relating to the library, and more particularly the Welsh library, of the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth. Most of the letters contain offers to the library, by way of gift, sale, or exchange, of books, periodicals, and manuscript items (mainly correspondence), or suggestions as to persons who might be prepared to donate items. Addressees, where specified, include [Thomas Francis Roberts], principal, T. Mortimer Green, registrar, [Evan] Penllyn Jones, librarian [1872-1902], [J. D. Williams], librarian [1902- ], and J[ohn] Glyn Davies [all of University College, Aberystwyth].

Letters A-D

The file includes letters from D. R. Daniel (1), 1914, J. Glyn Davies (3), 1903-1907 and J. H. Davies (2), 1918.

Daniel, David R. (David Robert), 1859-1931

General letters to O. M. Edwards

The file includes letters from T. A. Archer, John Ballinger, Thomas E. Brigstocke, J. Glyn Davies (2), E. Vincent Evans, J. Spinther James, John Edward Lloyd (3), W. J. Parry, R. Silyn Roberts, Sir John Williams Bart, and Mallt Williams.

Ballinger, John, 1860-1933

Letters and papers of 'Dic Aberdaron',

A volume containing holograph manuscripts and letters of Richard Robert Jones ('Dic Aberdaron', 1780-1843) comprising portions of an autobiography and notes and letters containing much autobiographical material. Most of the letters, 1837-43, are written from poor lodging houses in Liverpool (many addresses, such as Chisenhale Street, located mainly in the Vauxhall Road area). They describe his misfortunes and deplorable living conditions and also his dreams. There are several references to his Welsh, Greek and Hebrew dictionary and attempts to get it published. A few of the letters, 1840 and 1841, are written from Caernarvon (to Mr Evan Griffith, a sailor, Waterloo Street). There is one letter, 1841, containing drawings and abuse addressed to Richard Robert Jones, Rose Court, No. 1 Chisenall [sic] Street, Liverpool. The other manuscripts include a short work entitled 'The ancient order of harps described according to Greek rules taken from Claudius Ptolemaius ... compared with the old harps of Great Britain by Richard Robert Jones ... of Aberdaron ... 1820', containing a drawing of a harp with descriptive notes in Greek, the text which describes the arrangement of various harps is also in Greek. The manuscript bears a note in pencil 'Presented to me by the writer R. J. at Llwynybrain 1827 St Geo A[rmstrong] W[illiams]'. There is another copy of the text and a similar description of the harp in note form, also in Greek, and a single sheet with a similar drawing of the harp and parallel texts in Latin and Greek of Luke X, 5-11, and an extract from Rabbinic teaching in English and Hebrew. The single sheet bears the note 'Richard Jones (Dic Aberdaron) 1820 - Given to me by Dic himself in the year 1827 St Geo A[rmstrong] Wms'. The other manuscripts consist of short notes, transcripts and translations, mainly in Latin, Greek, English and Hebrew, relating to the Greek and French calendar, 'Zoroastres the Prince of the Magi', the herb Hyoscyamus and its medical attributes, partly extracted from the works of Galen and Pliny, and an extract from [ ] Guerre de l'Amerique, Livre 3, pp. 27-8, relating to the Tories (Loyalists) (French, with an English translation), etc. There is a list, which includes most of the manuscripts, compiled by J. Glyn Davies, 19 November 1892, on which is written the following note by J. H. Davies: 'This list was drawn up by J. Glyn Davies when the MSS belonged to Mr. T. G. Williams I bought them from Mr. Williams & have added a few myself'. There are also letters (3) from Professor T. Witton Davies, 1915, to J. H. Davies, which refer to the manuscripts of 'Dic Aberdaron' and to a volume (Cwrtmawr 50(ii)) of press-cuttings relating to him which had been lent to the writer by J. H. Davies.

Llyfr o Hen Ganeuon ...

Two volumes entitled 'Llyfr o Hen Ganeuon wedi eu cyfansoddi ers 200 mlynedd. 1900'. The volumes are in the hand of J. H. Davies and contain transcripts, with annotations and collations, of 'carolau', 'cerddi', 'dyrïau', 'englynion' and 'awdlau' from the Welsh School and Cymmrodorion groups of manuscripts in the British Museum Additional Collection (MSS 14866-15089). Many of the poems are anonymous but the following authors are named: Richard (Dicc) Hughes, Ll'n ab Hwlkyn ('o Fon'), Cadwaladr Cesail, John Griffiths (Llanddyfnan), Huw Dafi ('o Wynedd') ('nage huw Dafi ap Robert'), Hugh Lloyd (Cynwal), Rolant Vychan ('o Gaer Gai'), H. Hughes ('or foel yn Llandyfrydog o Fon'), Rhys Gray, Davydd Lloyd ('of Sybylltir meddant'), Gwilym Tew ('meddai Llyfr Lewys Hopkin'), 'Gofalus' [Sion Morgan], Thomas Jones ['person Llan fair yn sir Fynwyl], Sion Prus, Lewis Morris, William Roberts ('clochydd Llannor or Llanfor yn Lleyn'), Morgan Evan ('the Bailiff to Thos. Jones Esqre one of His Majesties Just. of the Peace for ye County of Cardigan'), [Richard Morris?], Llywelyn ap Hywel ap Ieuan ap Gronwy, Risiart Parry?, Mathew Owen, Samson Edward ('y Gwehydd'), Hugh ap Ieuan ap Robt. ['o Dolgelleu'], Thomas Siencyn ap Ifan ('o Forganwg'), and Howel Thomas Dafydd. MS 167 also contains a prose text entitled 'Yr Ail Rhan o Bregeth Morgan y Gogrwr'. There are a list of contents and an index of first lines at the end of MS 166 and a list of contents at the end of MS 167. Among the insets are a folio from an eighteenth century manuscript containing an imperfect free-metre poem ('Can'), and transcripts of free-metre poems in the hands of J. Glyn Davies and E. A. Lewis of University College of Wales, Aberystwyth.


Includes letters from: D. R. Daniel (2); Alfred T. Davies (4); Ben Davies (6); J. Conway Davies (4); J. Glyn Davies (5); J. H. Davies (16); Mary Davies (5)

Llythyrau D

Llythyrau, 1925-1982, gan gynnwys rhai oddi wrth Kevin Danaher (5); Glyn Daniel (3); Aled Lloyd Davies; Alun Creunant Davies (7, rhai ohonynt yn ymwneud â Rhwng dau fyd); Alun Oldfield-Davies (3); Alun Talfan Davies (4); Catrin Puw Davies; Idris Davies (2); Ithel Davies (4); Eirian Davies (4); Jennie Eirian Davies (7); J. Glyn Davies (3); Pennar Davies (2); a Tomas de Bhaldraithe (3). Ymhlith yr ohebiaeth mae llythyrau yn ymwneud ag ewyllys Iorwerth Peate, a thir yn ymyl ei gartref, Maes-y-coed.

Danaher, Kevin

Letters A-D

The correspondents include Robert Bryan (7), Peter Crossley-Holland (3), E. T. Davies (13), Sir Walford Davies (12, including his correspondence with David de Lloyd, November 1926), Grace Gwyneddon Davies (4), J. Glyn Davies (3), Dr Mary Davies (5), and David de Lloyd (9).

Llythyrau at E. Pryce Jones,

  • NLW MS 21749D.
  • File
  • 1951-1969.

Letters to the Reverend Edwin Pryce Jones from J. Glyn Davies (1) 1952, D. Gwenallt Jones (2) 1962 and 1969, R. Hopkin Morris (1) 1953, and Kate Roberts (2) 1951 and 1953.

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