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Public welfare -- Wales -- Darowen
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Transcripts by Mary Richards, etc.

A volume originally used by Thomas Richards, Darowen to record the rules of Darowen Church Sunday School ('Rheolau perthynol i Ysgol Sabbothol Eglwys Darowen') [1824]. Beginning at the end, also in the hand of Thomas Richards, are 'Cadwaen Iachawdwriaeth', a list of subscribers (among them Thomas Richards) to Welsh Bibles, and 'Crefyddau', being statistics of religious membership of European countries. The remainder, and by far the greater part, of the volume was afterwards used largely by Mary Richards to record transcripts of letters from Thomas Gerrard, Chamberlain['s] office, Counsel [sic] House, Bristol to T[homas] Richard[s], Darowen, 1836 (an annuity payable at Bristol to Mary Evans, a blind resident of Darowen), Griffith Williams, Dolgelleu to Mair Richard[s], Darowen, 1838 (the death of the recipient's father), Moris Jones ('Meurig Idris') from Manafon to Mair Richards, 1841 (the death of the recipient's mother), Edward Hughes, Cambridge to [Mary] Richard[s] [1841] (the death of the writer's mother), J[ohn Luxmore], bishop of St Asaph, from London to [Thomas] Richards, Darowen, 1826 (the writer's decision to waive the living [of Llangynyw] in favour of his son [Thomas Richards]), R. Brougham, London to T[homas] Richards, Darowen, ?1818 (a return by the recipient), T[homas] Richard[s], Llan y Mowddwy to the Reverend [ ], 1787 (a gift of dry fish in acknowledgement of services in signing Bounty papers), Morris Jones, Darowen Villa, Lancaster Road, N.W. to M[ary] Richards, Llan Erful, [1870] (the London School Board, the Franco-Prussian War, a tribute to the recipient's father, enclosing an 'englyn', personal), John Jones, vicar of Llandderfel, to [?Thomas Richards, Llangynyw], 1840 (the death of the recipient's sister [Elizabeth Richards]), [Reverend] W. Lewis, Abergregan to T[homas] Richards, Llangynyw, 1841 (the death of the recipient's mother), Elizabeth Davies, Trewylan Hall to [Thomas Richards, Llangynyw], 1841 (the death of the recipient's mother), Arthur James Johnes, Garthmyl to [Thomas Richards, Llangynyw], 1841 (the death of the recipient's mother, the writer's pamphlet on the prospect of the Welsh Church), etc.; a list of texts of the sermons of T[homas] Richards, Darowen; biographical and other memoranda relating to the family of Richards of Darowen; poetry in strict and free metres, largely addressed to, or in memory of, members of the Richards family by William Williams ('Gwilym ab Iorwerth') (Darowen), W[illiam] Roberts ('Gwilim Aran') (Dolgellau), [Morris Jones] ('Meurig Idris') (Dolgellau), Hugh Hughes (Darowen) Dafydd Elis ('hen Of o Fowddwy'), Thomas Owain ('Ysgol Feist[r]') (Tal y llyn), Owen Roberts (1795), Walter Davies ('Gwallter Mechain'), [Rowland Parry] ('Ieuan Carn Dochan'), William Williams (Pantycelyn), T[homas] Richard[s] [Darowen], Evan Evans ('Arwydd'r Arth', Welshpool), Robert Parry ('Robyn Ddu Eryri'), [William Edwards] ('Gwilym Padarn'), ?Richard Richards (Caerwys) ('yn ysgrifenlaw R.R. Caerwys') a list, compiled in 1837, of books in the library of T[homas] Richards, Darowen; etc. Among the insets and papers mounted on the fly-leaves and inside covers are an acknowledgement, 1820, of the receipt by T[homas] Richards, vicar of Darowen to Thomas Williams of Llanfihangel [yng Ngwynfa], Montgomeryshire of seven books of Psalms called Telyn Dafydd for disposal to his neighbours and parishioners, and a prayer in the hand of Thomas Richards, Darowen. The outside upper cover is inscribed 'Ysgol Sul Eglwys Darowen 1824'.

Transcripts by Mary Richards,

A manuscript almost entirely in the hand of Mary Richards, Darowen containing transcripts of the opinion of Sir William Jones [orientalist and jurist] on the Scriptures ('Barn Syr William Jones y Tra dysgedig Ysgolhaig Am yr Ysgrythyrau Sanctaidd Yr Hon a ysgrifenodd ar ddalen wen yn ei Feibl ei hun'); prayers by Thomas Richards, Darowen; copious biographical memoranda relating to the family of Richards of Darowen; letters from Thomas Richards, Darowen to members of his family, 1814-37 and undated (the appointment of Lewis Richards to the rectorship of Llanerful, local and family news, the writer's health, news of friends, a new school for Hugh Jone[s] Maesglase, a Christmas service, the receipt of tithes), to [John Luxmore, bishop of St Asaph] [1829] (jealousy arising from a meeting at Darowen) (incomplete), to [ ], 1809 (Darowen charities), to [ ], 1814 (enclosing [bishop's] transcripts), to Mrs Lewis, Post Office, Machynlleth, 1817 (a debt due to the recipient), to the Reverend [ ], undated (thanks for a benefaction), to Mr [Daniel?] Crosthwaite, portrait painter, Liverpool, 1837 (personal, a proposed visit by R[ichard] Richard[s]), and to Baron [Sir Richard] Richard[s], Caer Ynwch, 1796 (personal, conveying a gift of a Dovey salmon); letters from [Mary Richards] to Thomas, Lewis and Jane [Richards], 1837 (the health of the writer's father), L[ewis] Richards, Jes[us] Coll[ege], Oxford to D[avid] Richard[s], Llansilin, 1842 [recte 1824] (the writer's ordination), Adam Sedgwick, Cambridge to Mary Richards, Llangynyw, 1855 (the death of the recipient's brother Thomas) (two copies; see also MS 284), Charles Meyer, Pen Main to [?Thomas Richards] undated (a visit to the recipient), D. R. Thomas, Cefn Rectory, S[t] Asaph to [Mary] Richard[s], 1876 (the death of the recipient's sister Jane), Walter Davies ['Gwallter Mechain'], Manafon to D[avid] Richar[ds], Llansilin, undated (a visit to the recipient, a collection of musical compositions) and to T[homas] Richards, Llangynyw, 1837 (the death of Thomas Richards, Darowen), Griffith Williams, Dolgellau to Mair Richards, Darowen, 1838 (the death of the recipient's father), Moris Jones ('Meurig Idris'), Dolgellau to Mair Richards, 1841 (the death of the recipient's mother), William Pughe, Mallwyd to T[homas] Richard[s], Darowen, 1810 (a benefaction for the writer), Roderic Lewis, Llanbryn Mair to T[homas] Richar[ds], Darowen, 1833 (a petition for the better observation of the Sabbath), R. Brougham, London to T[homas] Richards, Darowen, 1848 [sic] (a return by the recipient), J. J. Muncher, Bristol to T[homas] Richard[s], Darowen, 1837 (an annuity for Mary Evan, a blind person of Darowen), Augustus [Pemberton] Salisbury, Exeter College [Oxford] to T[homas] Richards, Llangynyw, 1848 (the death of the writer's 'poor friend'), Evan Evans ['Ieuan Glan Geirionydd'], Aberrhyw to the Richards family [at Darowen], 1823 (the writer's arrival at Aberrhyw and his impressions of the place, news of friends and greetings to friends) (original letter in Cwrtmawr MS 534), Robert Davies ('Bardd Nantglyn') to T[homas] Richard[s], Darowen, c. 1820 (the writer's stay at Nannau and proposed visit to Carmarthen, enclosing poetry), Thos Charles, Bala to [Thomas Richards at Llan-ym-Mawddwy], 1796 (the payment of a draft), William Farre, Carno to T[homas] Richards, Darowen, 1837 (accepting an invitation, Mr Crossthait [sic] and a likeness of the recipient and Mrs Richard[s]), (Lewis Hughes, bishop of St Davids] to [ ], 1791 (the receipt of Darowen annual and lactual), Arthur Gardener [London] to [T[homas] Richards, Darowen], 1834 (Church Influence Society), David Jones, Penant to T[homas] Richards, Llan y Mowddy, 1787 (the ordination of the writer as a deacon), etc.; poetry in strict and free metres by Robert Dafydd (Nantglyn), D. Davies ('Pruddfab'), [William Roberts] ('Gwilim Aran') (Dolgellau), William Williams ('Gwilim ab Iorwerth') (Darowen), Morris Jones ('Meirig Idris') (Dolgellau), Edward Davies ('Heddgeidwad', Llan Erful), Walter Davies ['Gwallter Mechain'], Evan Evans (['Ieuan] Glan Geirionydd'), [Benjamin Jones] ('P. A. Mon'), Robert Parry ('Robin Ddu Eryri'), Aneurin Owen, [William Edwards] ('Gwilym Padarn'), Roger Butler Clough, Sion Powel, (Llansannan), Owan Robert, [T.] Richard[s] (Darowen), [Rowland Parry] ('[Ieuan] Carn Dochan'), [John] Athelystan Owen ('Bardd Meirion'), etc., and anonymous poems; a list of subscriptions at Llan y Mowddwy for Welsh Bibles and New Testaments, 1899 [recte 1799]; an appeal by T[homas] Richards on behalf of S.P.C.K. to the churchwarden and overseers of the poor of Darowen for subscriptions towards the distribution of Bibles, 1835; accounts of 'plygain' and Christmas services at Darowen Church, 1826-36; a voucher of T[homas] Richards for books, 1804-5; an application to the Governors of Christ Church Hospital on behalf of Evan Jones, Darowen for assistance from the Reverend William Heathrington's Charity to the Blind, 1815; a petition on behalf of Mary, daughter of John Jones and Mary, his wife, a blind person resident in Llanbrynmair, for an annuity from the Charity of John Merlot, Bristol, 1820; a message of thanks to [Ashley Cooper, 6th] earl of Shaftesbury for a gift of three fringed mantles to Mary, Jane and Elizabeth Richards ('Copi or diol[ch]garwch a anfonwyd ir gwir Anrhydeddus Iarll Chafsbury am ei rodd o dair ffaling o ledr Woodstock a ridens Gwyrdd ... un i Mary a Jane ag Elizabeth Richards ar ol ei arosfa yn Nhy ei Brawd Par. T. Richards ... fe ddanfonwyd y diolch yn y llythyrenau Coelbren y Beirdd); a list of subscriptions in the parish of Darowen towards the celebration of the wedding of Colonel [Sir John] Edwards, [Plas] Machynlleth and Mrs [Harriet] Herbert of Dolforgan [Kerry], 1825; an appeal by Angharad Llwyd, Caerwys to the bards and gentry of Cydewen for subscriptions towards a gift of a silver cup to each of the two wardens of Llan Beblig, Caer Arfon for their opposition to an English incumbent ('yn erbyn Sais i wasanaethu'r Eglwys'), 1843; a notice to John L. Richard[s] to quit Froncoch, parish of Llan Owddyn, 1828, a deposition of Evan Jones[s], Unicorn Inn, Darowen touching the boundaries between Gwern y Bwlch and Ffridd fawr, parish of Cemes, 1830; medical recipes; etc.

Transcripts by Mary Richards,

A volume of transcripts by Mary Richards, Darowen, including letters from Adam Sedgwick, Cambridge to M[ary] Richard[s], Llangynyw, 1855 (the death of the addressee's brother [Thomas], personal), Rich[ar]d Richards, Meifod to John Jones, Llanfair [Caereinion], 1857 (a meeting of the B[ritish] and F[oreign] Bible Society), Edward Lewis, Llanidloes to T[homas] Richard[s], Llangynyw, 1830 (a North Wales meeting of the diocese of St Asaph [Auxiliary] of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts), to L[ewis] Richards, Llan Erful, 1859 (requesting Llan Erful to join the Society), Robert Morris, Meifod to R[ichard] Richards, Meifod, 1850 (the local branch of the British and Foreign Bible Society), Charles Meyer, Llanrhaiadr to [Richard Richards, Caerwys], 1845 (thanks for hospitality, greetings to friends, the writer's study of Welsh language and literature), Sir Stephen R[ichard] Glynne, Hawarden to R[ichard] Richard[s], Caerwys, 1848 (a subscription to the Flintshire Church Missionary Society), L[ewis] Richards to [ ], 1838 (dilapidation at Llan Erful), [Richard Richards], Tremeirchion to his family, 1834 (the writer's activities) (incomplete), David Hughes, Llanfyllin Rectory to Thomas Richard[s], Berryw and to R[ichard]Richard[s], Caerwys, ?1818-19 (anniversaries of the Montgomeryshire Auxiliary of the British and Foreign Bible Society), Jane Davies, Ben Main Dovey to Mary Richards, Darowen, 1869 (a proposed visit to Pen yr Aran, a visit to Llan Ofer), R. W. Lloyd ('brawd Angharad [Llwyd]') Tamworth to Richard Richards, Caerwys, 1843 (a proposed visit to Leamington for health reasons, personal, business) (two copies), Margaret Isabella Sedgwick, [Cambridge] to the Reverend [ ], 1873 (the death of the writer's uncle [Adam Sedgwick]), Tho[ma]s Beckwith, Nun Moncton to John Llwyd Richard[s], Llanowddyn, 1825 (addressee's departure from Nun Monkton), J[ohn] Ll[oyd] R[ichards] to [ ], undated (an Infirmary ticket), M. Ellis (aft. wife of [Hugh] Wynne Jones, vicar of Meifod) to Thomas Richard[s], Llangynyw, 1811 (personal), Richard Thomas, London to [ ], 1833 (a petition to Parliament by the London Welsh), J[ohn] Mostyn, Segroyt to Watkin Jones, curate of Llangadfan, 1771 (recommending an application for Mr Bruse's donation), John Gerrard, Chamberlain, 'Counsill', Bristol to T[homas] Richard[s], Darowen, 1835 (the election of Jane Jones, a blind woman of Darowen, to receive an annuity of £10), John Thomas, Caerwys to [Mary] Richard[s], 1875 (personal), C. Williams, Chirbury to T[homas] Richard[s], Llangynyw, 1819 (prayers at the House of Correction), etc.; poetry, 'englynion', etc. by [John Williams] ('Ab Ithel'), William Philip, Rowland Parry, Dafydd Richard ('[Dewi] Silin'), 'Erasmus Bardd Wddyn', R[ichard] Richards, Evan Evans (Trallwm), Robert Parry ('Robin Ddu [Eryri]'), Robert Parry (Eglwys-fach), [John William Hughes] ('Edeyrn o Fon'), W[alter] D[avies] ['Gwallter Mechain'], Evan Jones, Evan Breese [Llangadfan] and [Morris Jones] ('Meurig Idris'), and anonymous poems; a certificate by T[homas] R[ichards, Darowen], circa 1835, recommending the petition of Jane Jones, Darowen for assistance from the City of Bristol Charity for Blind Persons; a petition of Richard Rowland of Dinas Mowddwy to Madam [Rebecca?] Mytton of Halston, 1[7]86, to be relieved of the cost of proceedings against two of his children for killing game in the manor of Mowddwy; an obituary notice of William Robert, Wernyberau, Darowen, 1871; a sermon translated by Lewis Richard[s] which won the prize of £10 offered by Sir Watkin Williams Wynne at Oxford to the best translator, 1822; extracts from 'Llyfr Moelyrch'; etc.