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Transcripts, etc.

A manuscript containing transcripts by Angharad Llwyd (1780-1866) of Welsh chronicles, pedigrees, etc.; a fragment of a 16th cent. Welsh manuscript containing a chronicle of the reign, 1422-1461, of Henry VI (1421-1471) and a list of Welsh poets a...

Llwyd, Angharad

Egerton Grenville Bagot Phillimore: Achau Cymreig

A volume containing a copy of Cardiff MS 59 made by Egerton Grenville Bagot Phillimore (1856-1937), antiquary, at various dates between 1886 and 1891. The copy ends on p. 75 of the original manuscript and the rest of the original manuscript was co...

Phillimore, Egerton, 1856-1937


Miscellaneous notes broadly relating to Welsh and Glamorgan history, Welsh literature and related subjects. They comprise: bundles of loose papers (T3/1-2) and notebooks (T3/3-14) containing notes and memoranda on a variety of historical subjects,...


Miscellaneous notes and papers of Iolo Morganwg, [18 cent., last ¼]-[1830s], on a variety of subjects, including (mainly Welsh) history (E8/1), religion (E8/2), Welsh and English literature, including Dr Johnson (E8/3), Bardism (E8/4) and biograph...

Pedigree of John Bowen of Bath

  • NLW MS 24111G.
  • File
  • [1810x1819]

Pedigree roll, [1810x1819], of, and probably in the hand of, the Rev. John Bowen of Bath, incorporating seventy-five coats of arms, nearly all impaled and most fully painted by an unnamed artist, some surmounted with crests or crowns and all set w...

Bowen, John, 1747-1835

Wynn family notes

Notes in the hand of Chancellor Wynne, comprising notes on Anglesey and on Welsh genealogies (pp. 1-8); a genealogical table of the pedigree of Edward Wynn of Bodewryd (pp. 9-15); abstracts of deeds relating to Bodewryd and Tyndryvol, and copies o...

Hughes, Hugh, 1706-1774


A transcript of pp. 1029-1035 of Robert Vaughan's Book of Pedigrees (Peniarth MS 287).

Vaughan, Robert, 1592-1667

Penty Park pedigree book

  • NLW MS 22386B
  • File
  • [c. 1663]

A volume of pedigrees in Welsh and English, evidently compiled in Carmarthenshire about 1663 (see f. 193). The collection is poorly organised. Carmarthenshire families predominate; Cardiganshire and Pembrokeshire are well represented; some pedigre...

Mr Langford's Book of Genealogies

A miscellaneous collection of pedigrees made by Thomas Langford between 1611 and 1625, partly out of the collections of other Welsh genealogists. There are several tables of the Langford family, with the remainder of the volume containing pedigree...

Langford, Thomas, active 1611-1625

Pedigree of Francis Vaughan of Yorkshire

  • NLW MS 24125G.
  • File
  • 1591

Pedigree and achievement, 1591, of Francis Vaughan (Vychan or Vichan, d. 1597), of [Sutton-upon-Derwent], Yorkshire, compiled by Thomas Jones (Twm Siôn Cati) of Fountain Gate, Cardiganshire, and probably executed by Richard Adams 'paynter of ...

Jones, Thomas, approximately 1530-approximately 1620

Pedigree of Gawen Goodman of Ruthin

  • NLW MS 24106G.
  • File
  • 1584

Pedigree and achievement, 1584, of Gawen Goodman of Ruthin, compiled by Simwnt Fychan and drawn by Richard Thomlyns of Denbigh, with eighty-eight other coats of arms, nearly all fully painted.The pedigree shows Goodman's descent, through the ...

Thomlyns, Richard


A notebook entitled 'Stemmata Britannica' containing genealogical notes and pedigrees of Welsh families in the hand of W. W. E. Wynne. 'Peniarth MS No. 19' is on p. ii.

W. W. E. Wynne.

Llyfr Cedwyn

A transcript made in 1828 by John Jenkins of 'The Manafon Manuscript of [Welsh] Pedigrees ... belonging to ... Walter Davies ...'.

Jenkins, John, 1770-1829

Index to pedigrees

An alphabetical index to North Wales pedigrees in British Museum Harleian MSS 1974, 1936 and 1969, together with a list of British Museum manuscripts containing Welsh pedigrees.

Morgan pedigree roll

Pedigree roll of the Morgan family of Ystradfellte, Dderw and Tredegar. The pedigree begins with Maymark, lord of Brecknock, Gwrgan, prince of Glamorgan, Rees ap Theodor, king of south Wales, Griffith ap Conan, king of north Wales, and king Willia...

Drury pedigree roll

Armorial pedigree roll showing the descent from Drury, "a Norman gent. came in with William ye Conquerour", to Elizabeth (d. 1788), wife of William Byron, lord Byron, and her cousins Sir Charles Gould Morgan (d. 1806) and Paston Gould (d...

Extracts from Harleian manuscripts,

Transcripts of 'A Genealogicall History of the Antient and Present Nobility and Gentry of all Wales ... by H. T.' [i.e. Hugh Thomas, antiquary] from British Museum Harleian MS 6831 and of other material relating to Wales in Harleian MSS ...


A fragment of a transcript of Gutun Owain's genealogies of Welsh families.

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