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A catalogue of all the Earls of Pembroke

  • NLW MS 24076B
  • File
  • [?1624]

'A catalogue of all the Earles of Penbroke that have been sythence the Conquest in order as they succeeded…', a volume of genealogy compiled, [?1624], in the hand of the herald George Owen the younger (1595-1665), based on the work of his father George Owen of Henllys (1552-1613), and presented to their kinsman William Herbert, 3rd Earl of Pembroke.
George Owen the elder's original intention was to catalogue the earls 'with their proper coat armour' and his son's stated aim (f. 9 recto-verso) was to complete his father's work. The main text (ff. 11-15 and 16-44 rectos only) is mostly that of George Owen of Henllys's 'Catalogue of all the Earles of Penbroke' (1601x1603) (later incorporated by him into chapter 2 of the Description of Pembrokeshire: see George Owen of Henllys, The Description of Penbrokshire, ed. by Henry Owen, 4 vols (London, 1892-1936), I (1892), 14-33; and B. G. Charles, George Owen of Henllys: A Welsh Elizabethan (Aberystwyth, 1973), pp. 160-1). The final two paragraphs (ff. 42, 43, 44), relating to the second and third earls, continue the narrative to about 1624 and were presumably written by George Owen the younger. Each section begins with a decorated initial of varying height. The pedigree, by George Owen the younger (ff. 15 verso-43 verso, versos only), runs in parallel with the main text and traces the descent of William Herbert, in relation to the Earls of Pembroke of the various previous creations only. It is arranged in two columns, with the earls represented in the left hand column and other family shown on the right, and includes fifty-eight coats of arms, fully emblazoned and painted. Also included is the full armorial achievement of William Herbert (f. 8 verso) and the scribe's dedicatory address to Herbert (ff. 9-10). There are marginal notes in pencil, [?19 cent.], on ff. 8 verso and 9 verso (erased). For George Owen the younger see H. Stanford Owen, 'George Owen, York Herald 1633-1663', Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion, 1943 and 1944 [1946], 78-107.

Owen, George, 1595-1665

George Owen : Fragmentes of Wales

'Fragmentes of Wales Contayneinge Resolutions and reasons of diverse men touching certaine questions and matters as well the aunciente as moderne state of Wales', by, and in the autograph of, George Owen, Henllys.

Owen, George, 1552-1613

George Owen and William Sargeant papers

  • GB 0210 MSOWNSRG
  • Fonds
  • 1600-1614, [1809x1813]

A collection which includes George Owen's Description of Wales, Arms of Pembrokeshire Families, and Genealogical Notes, John Jones's History of Brecknock, and William Sargeant's Glamorganshire Collectanea; also a note on Owen's map of Pembrokeshire by John Browne.

Owen, George, 1552-1613

George Owen's 'Description of Penbrokeshire',

  • NLW MS 13212D.
  • File
  • [1602x1603]

An early seventeenth century manuscript containing the first book of the 'Description of Penbrokeshire' by George Owen of Henllys. The date at the beginning of the text, following the list of contents, is 'Lune 13 Decembr' 1602' and at the end is the inscription 'finis 18 Maij 1603' followed by 'Opus iij Mensu[m] Magna per Intervalla'. There are a number of directions to the copyist and Harleian MS 6250, the text edited by Henry Owen in the Cymmrodorion Record Series, No. I (1892), is probably a fair-copy of the present manuscript. There are also marks indicating that George Owen checked the copy in late July-August 1603. Comparison with the text edited by Henry Owen shows that a few sections (underlined or crossed out, etc.) in the present manuscript have been omitted in Harleian MS 6250, viz. the passage in chapter 1 which is quoted by Henry Owen on p. 239 of his edition, n. 1, a paragraph on ff. 23 verso-24 recto (anc. 13 verso- 14 recto) of the present manuscript beginning 'Giraldus Cambrensis writinge of the nature of the people of this Countrye hath these wordes', a list of fish on ff. 65 verso-66 verso (anc. 56 verso-57 verso), and a section in chapter 21, ff. 95 verso- 96 verso (anc. 87 verso-88 verso), beginning '& gave them his said deputies his absolute power to execute all thinges in his absens . . . by the kinges maties [sic] that nowe is kinge James kinge of England Scotland Fraunce & Ireland &c' (cf. Henry Owen, op. cit., p. 167, n. 2). Loose inside is a description of the manuscript by 'H.G .' [? Henry Gough], 19 Dec. 1871.

Owen, George, 1552-1613

Pembrock and Kemes

The original manuscript of 'Pembrock and Kemes so called for that in this Booke there are conteyned diverse Notes touchinge the Auncient and Moderne State of both these Seignioryes and diverse other Matters touchinge the same Lordshippes' by George Owen, Henllys, partly printed in The Description of Pembrokeshire, Part II, pp. 325-498.

Owen, George, 1552-1613

The Council in the Marches of Wales

  • NLW MS 2377B
  • File
  • [late 16 cent.]

A contemporary copy of Queen Elizabeth's Instructions, 1586, to the Earl of Pembroke, Lord President of the Council in the Marches of Wales [?in the hand of George Owen, the historian of Pembrokeshire].

Elizabeth I, Queen of England, 1533-1603

The description of Milford Haven

'A Pamphlet conteyninge The description of Mylforde Havon ... servinge cheefelye for the explaining and perfecte understandinge of a Mappe Made of the sayde Havon of Mylforde. By George Owen ... 1595', being an incomplete copy of Owen's description of Milford Haven.

Owen, George, 1552-1613

The description of Pembrokeshire

A transcript of the first book and of a portion of the second book of The Description of Pembrokeshire by George Owen as contained in British Museum Harleian MS 5250.

Owen, George, 1552-1613

The Present Government of Wales

Transcripts of 'A Dialogue of the praesent Government of Wales ... 1594' (from British Museum Harleian MS. 141) and of Cruell Laws against Welshmen (from Phillipps MS 21769 at the Cardiff Public Library) by George Owen (see The Description of Pembrokeshire, Part III. pp. 1-126).

Owen, George, 1552-1613

Welsh historical tracts

A volume, probably written 1730-1740, containing Welsh historical tracts, including a Dissertation concerning the Literature of the Antient Britons (pp. 2-70), written after 1730 (date on p. 63), a treatise (imperfect) on the superstition of the Welsh (pp. 71-106), an account of the Lordships Marchers (pp. 117-74) and a dissertation on the Welsh Laws (pp. 175-217). All the tracts seem to have been written by a clergyman holding a benefice in the diocese of St Asaph (pp. 82, 90) and some of them were addressed to a son or grandson of Baron Price (1655-1733) (pp. 82, 90). Also included is A Treatise of Lordshipps Marchers in Wales ... (early 17 cent.) (pp. 221-339) written by George Owen of Henllys and is the original treatise in George Owen's autograph which was reprinted, with very full annotations, in Owen's 'Pembrokeshire', Part III (Cymmrodorion Record Series, No. 1, pp. 127-205; George Owen's autograph, p. 133).

Owen, George, 1552-1613