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Copies from the Red Book of Hergest,

Copies made from the Red Book of Hergest by David Parry in 1697 (see f. 202), written mostly on one side only. The volume contains De Carolo Magno (ff. 7-77); Historia Caroli Magni (ff. 78-91); Imago Mundi (ff. 91-98); Brief Chronicle (f. 98 = cols 516-518 of the Red Book of Hergest); Cato Cymraeg (ff. 100-104 = cols 520-527 of the Red Book of Hergest); Breuddwyt Ronabwy (ff. 104-113); Proffwydolyaeth Sibli Doeth (ff. 114-119); Kyvoessi Myrdin etc. (ff. 120-125 = cols 577-584 of the Red Book of Hergest); 'Proff: yr Eryr, Pan aeth llu i lychlyn, Enweu ynys prydein etc.' (ff. 125-129); Iarlles y Ffynnawn (ff. 130-147); Peredur (ff. 147-172); Amlyn ac Amic (ff. 172-187); poetry (ff. 188-199 = cols 1366-1396 of the Red Book of Hergest); and Y Mab Cric Iustus llwyt (ff. 200-202 = cols 1362-1367 of the Red Book of Hergest). This text is followed by sayings of 'Cattwn ddoeth', Taliesin, etc. (f. 203); 'Breuddwyd Gron: Ddu' (f. 203); triads (ff. 204-207); and poetry by Lewis Glyn Cothi, Lewys Morganwg and others (ff. 208-214).

David Parry.

Pedigrees and poetry,

A manuscript, 'ex Autographo D'ni H. Salesbury de Llan rwst penes dnm R. Salesbury de Rug', containing pedigrees and poetry.
Pp. 1-22 are in the hand of David Parry, and pp. 23-36 probably also in his hand. The poets cited include Taliesin, Sion Tudur and Dafydd ab Edmwnd.

David Parry.


A manuscript, probably in the hand of David Parry (certainly pp. 353-367 are in his writing, and cf. Llanstephan MSS 138, 147, 148) and written c. 1640 (see p. 360) containing Dares Phrygius; Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia; Brut y Tywysogion; Cantreds and Commotes of Wales; Brut y Saeson; 'O oes Gwrtheyrn', etc.; Imago mundi; Buchedd Silvester; and poetry (cols 1396-1442, 1357-1361). This is followed by 'Meddyginiaeth', etc.; 'Music Telyn a Chrwth'; 'Englynion i Dduw ar byd by W. Cynwal'; the names of the Lord Chancellors of England, of the Bishops of Bangor down to William Roberts (bishop from 1637 to 1665), and of the Lord Presidents of Wales to John Egerton, Earl of Bridgewater (President from 1631 to 1642); followed (pp. 362-368) by poetry from a manuscript in the possession of Roger Salesbury of Rhug, the poets cited including Taliesin and Rhys Fardd.
Pp. 1-351 are copied from the Red Book of Hergest.

David Parry.