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Anwyl family, of Park
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An account of the Vaughans of Corsygedol,

The manuscript is in two parts. The first contains an English poem entitled 'Faction Display'd', temp. Queen Anne; an account of the Vaughan family of Corsygedol mainly transcribed by Angharad Llwyd, with an original rental of the Corsygedol estate, 1637; a transcript by W. W. E. Wynne of Powell of Ednope's 'Pentarchia' from a manuscript at Brogyntyn, with a letter by the Rev. Robert Williams, Rhydycroesau. The second part comprises a booklet of extracts from a manuscript at Porkington (now Brogyntyn MS 14) in the hand of Lewis Anwyl relating to the families of Anwyl of Park and Owen of Porkington and Clenennau. Peniarth MS 440ii was published by W. W. E. Wynne in Montgomeryshire Collections Vol. IX (1876), pp. 357-64.

Wynne, William Watkin Edward, 1801-1880

Anwyl miscellanea,

  • NLW MS 12296E.
  • File
  • [1846x1856].

A transcript of the will, 26 June 1846, of Mary Senhouse Anwyl of Charlotte Town in Prince Edward Island, spinster, together with a case relating thereto and the opinion, 3 May 1850, of R. Hodgson, Ch[arlotte] Town; an attested power of attorney, 30 January 1850, from Mary Senhouse Annwyl to Isaac Gilbertson of Bryney groes, Bala, co. Merioneth, for the management of her estate in co. Merioneth; three letters from the Inland Revenue Office, London, to Thomas P. Anwyl, Llanycil, 1852-1854 (legacy duties payable under the will of Mary Senhouse Anwyl), and three similar letters to Rice Hugh Anwyl, Llanycil, Bala, and Isaac Gilbertson, solicitor, Corwen, 1856 (duties payable under the will of Thomas Pryse Anwyl); a holograph letter from Messrs. Townsend & Roberts, Doctors Commons, to I. Gilbertson, solicitor, Bala, 1850 (the next-of-kin of Miss [Mary Senhouse] Anwyl); five holograph letters from John Barrow, Prince Edw[ar]d Island, to Isaac Gilbertson, Bala, 1851-1853 (a proposed tablet in Bala Church, the Anwyl estate, the weather, the Protestants' noble stand in the British Dominions, an offer of a likeness of Robt. Anwyl, references to relatives) (enclosed is a form of the tablet inscription, in memory of members of the Anwyl family); a holograph letter from Jno. Jones, W[elsh] Pool, to I. Gilbertson, Bala, 1855 (an offer to buy Lane Farm); bills of exchange, 1850-1853, from John Barrow, Charlottetown, P. E. Island, to Isaac Gilbertson, Bala; the escutcheon of John Barrow (in the form of a bookplate); etc.

Barddoniaeth a rhyddiaith,

  • Brogyntyn MS II.55 [RESTRICTED ACCESS].
  • File
  • [late 16 cent.]-[18 cent., first ½].
  • Part of Brogyntyn manuscripts

A composite manuscript of loose papers and fragments of manuscript volumes. It contains poetry and prose, mostly in Welsh, much of the poetry being addressed to the Owen family of Brogyntyn and Clenennau and other related families. Apart from a late-sixteenth century awdl by Wiliam Llŷn (ff. 57-58), the other items all belong between the first half of the seventeenth century and the first half of the eighteenth century.
Fragments apparently once part of books, some of which perhaps were never bound, are: a narrow folio of cywyddau and englynion by Mathew Owen, in the hand of Nathanael Jones (ff. 20-26), written not before 1656 (see ff. 24 verso-25), with autograph englynion added by Harri Howel (f. 20 verso) and by Nathanael Jones (f. 20 verso, 23); a folio manuscript containing cywyddau to Lewis Anwyl of Parc and his family, dated 1627-1636 (ff. 38-55), written by two good hands of the first half of the seventeenth century, one responsible for ff. 38-50 verso, the other ff. 51-55; a quarto manuscript with transcripts of poetry of the Gogynfeirdd (ff. 113-122; paginated 1-20), by a seventeenth-century hand similar to that of Morris Evans (cf. ff. 93-94, 123-141); pedigrees of Welsh royal lines, the Maurices of Clenennau, etc., in English (ff. 123-141; original foliation 1-12 survives), in the hand of Morris Evans (ff. 123-127 verso, 129-134 verso) and a second hand (ff. 128 recto-verso, 135-141); a narrow folio of canu brud attributed to Myrddin, Taliesin, etc. (ff. 178-186), written by Nathanael Jones, not before 1651 (ff. 182 verso, 183 verso 'aetatis suae a 21o Feb: 1650 27'); a folio manuscript of canu brud, mainly cywyddau, by Dafydd Llwyd and others (ff. 189-207), in a poor hand of the mid seventeenth century, probably that of Thomas Edwards to judge by pentrials on f. 196 verso, who refers to Tregeiriog (f. 199 verso) and 'Llanfylling fairings' (f. 207 verso); an octavo manuscript containing poems by Robin Clidro, etc., in a seventeenth or eighteenth century hand (ff. 210-219); and a folio manuscript of autograph cywyddau and englynion by Huw Morys, some addressed to William Owen and Sir Robert Owen (ff. 222-226 verso). Poetry written on loose papers includes autograph poems by Huw Morys (ff. 12-18), John Owens (ff. 59-71; f. 69 recto-verso may be his italic hand), Harri Howel (ff. 75-76 verso, 90 recto-verso), Owen Gruffydd (ff. 84-89, 230-231), William Phylip (ff. 97-98 verso), John Morgan, later vicar of Conwy (f. 101 recto-verso, the poem incomplete and anonymous, dated 1688, the hand his), Siôn Rhydderch, 1732 (ff. 104-105, 227-228), and Edward Lloyd, Brewis (f. 221 recto-verso). There are probable autograph poems by Edward Rowlant (ff. 72-74 verso, 79-80) and John Richard (f. 81), and possible autograph poems by 'J. Ll.' (f. 26 verso), Mathew Owen (ff. 77-78, 232 recto-verso), Siôn Roberts (ff. 91-92), Huw Cadwaladr (ff. 106-108) and 'R.C.' (f. 163). Other poetry is in the hands of Morris Evans (ff. 93-94) and 'Theo: Ro:' (ff. 152-154 verso). Also included is a letter, 1652, from the antiquary Meredith Lloyd to Thomas Vaughan, the alchemist and poet (ff. 1-3 verso), followed by a copy of Hanes Taliesin (ff. 5-10 verso). The 'Cywydd Marwnad i Mr William Owen o Borkynton' by Huw Morys, beginning 'Mae gwaedd oer lem Gweddw [yw'r wlad]', discussed in E. D. Jones, 'The Brogyntyn Welsh Manuscripts', National Library of Wales Journal, 7 (1951-2), 165-198 (pp. 186-189, 196-197), has not been found.

Barddoniaeth, etc.,

A folio volume, the contents of which consists mainly of transcripts, in a variety of hands, of Welsh verse in strict metre, including 'cywyddau' and 'englynion' by Tho[mas] lloyd Ienga, Cad[wala]dr Thomas, W[illia]m Phillip, Huw Lloyd Cynfel, John Davies, Owain Griffith, Robert Humphrey (y prydydd bach), John Richart, Davydd lloyd llewelyn ap Gruffyth (o fathafarn), Gutto'r Glynn, Davyd Nanmor, Lewis Môn, Theodor (Tydur) Aled, Robin ddu ap sianckin Bledrydd, Hugh Machno, John Phylyp, Gruffyth Phylip, Richard Kynwal, Ievan llwyd, John Owenes, Philip Jo[h]n Philip, Rys Cain, Jo[h]n V[ augha]n (Caergai), David Davies, Edm[wnd] Prys, and D[avi]d Lloyd ap Will[ ia]m. There is also some Welsh verse in free metre by Rowland Vaughan (Caer Gai). Other items include copies of a rental of chief rents issuing to the crown out of the hundred of Ardydwy ywch artro, and out of Isartro [co. Merioneth], 1623, and of a rental of assize rents in the vill of Llanaber [co. Merioneth], 1637; pedigrees of the families of Anwyll [of Park, parish of Llanfrothen, co. Merioneth], Wynn [of Gwydir, co. Caernarvon], and Wynn [of Maesyneuadd, parish of Llandecwyn, co. Merioneth ]; maternal pedigrees of several North Wales families; a copy of 'The message of king Hen[ry] the seventh, as he was on his march to Bosworth field, to John ap Meredith, as it is in Edward Puleston's Bk.'; a memorandum, 1676, by Robert Wynne, of a lease of lands called Moel y Glo to Gruff Owen; and a few lines of English and Latin verse.

Brogyntyn manuscripts

  • GB 0210 MSBROG
  • Fonds
  • [12 cent, first ½]-[1960s]

Important mediæval manuscripts and later literary and historical manuscripts, [12 cent, first ½]-[late 19 cent.], reflecting the collecting interests of the Maurice and Owen families of Clenennau and Brogyntyn.
They include an important mid-fifteenth century miscellany of prose and verse in Middle English (Brogyntyn MS II.1); English and Welsh poetry; plays; astrology and prophecies; chronicles of the history of Britain, one of which is a thirteenth century version of Historia Regum Britanniæ of Geoffrey of Monmouth (Brogyntyn MS I.7); a lute book, [c. 1595] (Brogyntyn MS I.27); a copy of the laws of Hywel Dda [1625x1632] (Brogyntyn MS I.12); legal precedents and other papers of legal interest in Latin and English; pedigrees, genealogy and heraldry of North and South Wales families; religious treatises, prayers, devotions and sermons; a seventeenth-century Latin-Welsh dictionary and other manuscripts of linguistic interest; extracts from classical literature; commonplace books; academic notes; copies of significant historical letters and documents; political tracts; moralistic and philosophical works; memoranda, journals and private papers of members of the Anwyl and Owen families; a few Brogyntyn estate and trust papers, 1727-1792; and notes on public offices and official papers deriving from the administration of Oswestry Corporation, 1660, 1673. Some ancilliary materials, [19 cent, second ½]-[1960s], mostly correspondence and notes relating to individual manuscripts, are also included (MSS I.27a, II.1a, II.10a, II.22a, II.42a, II.54(h), II.56a).


Cemais title deeds,

A small number of title deeds for properties belonging to the Cemais estate in Montgomeryshire, gained through the marriage of William Lewis Anwyl of Parke to Elizabeth Herbert at the end of the sixteenth century. The surviving deeds relate to properties situated in the parishes of Berriw, 1577, Cemais, 1690, Kerry, 1591-1596, Llanbryn-mair, 1545-1585, and Llanfair Caereinion, 1675-1679.

Cemais Estate (Powys, Wales)

Clenennau Letters and Papers,

Letters exchanged between members of the Maurice and Owen families of Clenennau and Brogyntyn, and other correspondence from friends or associates in Wales and England, together with a number of important official documents deriving from county administration in Caernarfonshire during the Tudor and Stuart periods, 1485, 1573-1698. Many of the early letters and papers, 1580-1622, relate to the joint deputy lieutenancy in Caernarfonshire of Sir William Maurice and Sir John Wynn, showing their preoccupation with the raising and organisation of militia troops for the defence of Caernarfonshire and for despatch to Ireland. Other topics include Sir William Maurice's position as deputy vice-admiral of North Wales and the protracted civil lawsuits in which he was engaged. The collection also constitutes an important historical source for the conduct of the Civil War in North Wales. Items from that period primarily concern Sir John Owen and his brother, Col. William Owen, Royalist commanders at Conwy and Harlech respectively, and their subsequent treatment under the Commonwealth and Restoration, 1643-1666. Many of the letters from 1678 to 1698 reveal the life of Sir Robert Owen, his debts, estate business, cultural interests and attachment to the Jacobite cause, together with contemporary political news. Apart from individuals already mentioned, prominent correspondents include the Privy Council of Elizabeth I, mostly through Henry Herbert, President of the Council in the Marches of Wales, 1587-1600; Sir Henry Johnes of Abermarlais, 1605-1616; Ralph, Lord Eure, 1607-1617; members of the Brynker family, 1603-1681; the Wynn family of Glyn and Sylfaen, 1625-1697; the Anwyl family of Park, 1636-1693; Charles I, Prince Rupert and Prince Maurice, 1642-1647; Lord Byron, 1644-1648; John Williams, Archbishop of York, 1645-1646; George Twisleton, 1649-1660; the Godolphin family of Abertanat, 1658-1698; John Gadbury, 1679-1688; and Edward Lhuyd, 1696-1697.

Maurice, William, Sir, 1542-1622.


  • NLW MS 12295E.
  • File
  • [18 cent., second ½].

A holograph letter from [Walter Davies, 'Gwallter Mechain'] to [ ], undated (the alliance of the Lloyds of Hendre'r Mur to the Anwyls) (mutilated); a holograph letter from T. Price to Mr. Pryse, undated (the political systems of Europe); an obituary notice of Evan Lloyd, vicar of Llanfair [Dyffryn Clwyd], 1776, directed to the printer of the London Evening Post; an incomplete and mutilated text of Evan Lloyd: The Methodist (London, 1766); three poems, in the same hand, entitled 'An Apology for Capn. S . . .y' (1780), 'A Riddle for Mrs. Grose', and 'A New Song'; etc.


A volume in the hand of W. W. E. Wynne comprising pedigrees of the families of Anwyl of Park and Lloyd of Aberllevenny, Merionethshire; and copies of documents from the 'painted' Salusbury Manuscript at Wynnstay relating to the Puleston family.
Tipped in are a number of original documents and correspondence, including the marriage certificate, dated 31 December 1618, of Richard Anwill and Margaret Lloyd of Chester (f. 34).

Personal memoranda of Lewis Anwyl, Parc

A volume containing memoranda, 1627-1639, in the hand of Lewis Anwyl of Parc, Merionethshire, and Cemais, Montgomeryshire, with additions, 1648-1656, in the hands of his daughter Catherine Owen (née Anwyl) (f. 12) and her husband William Owen of Brogyntyn, Shropshire, and Clenennau, Caernarvonshire (ff. 11 verso-12, 13), recording family births, marriages and deaths, and other events, and including an account by Lewis Anwyl of the death, 14 May 1637, of his first wife Frances, daughter of Sir William Jones, Castellmarch, Caernarvonshire, with a description of her virtues (ff. 7-11).
Notes in the hand of W. W. E. Wynne of Peniarth, identifying the writers of the additional memoranda, occur in pencil on ff. 11 verso-12, 13; a note in ink by him questioning the age given on f. 158 verso of Edward Herbert, Cemais, is tipped in as f. 159a. A transcript of the manuscript was published by Wynne in 'The Anwill Manuscript', Montgomeryshire Collections, 9 (1876), 357-364.

Anwyl, Lewis, 1596-1641.