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Davies, J. H. (John Humphreys), 1871-1926
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Accumulated manuscript volumes

Manuscript volumes, previously in the possession of musicians, collectors or precentors, and accumulated by Dr J. Lloyd Williams. Many were evidently acquired by him from J. H. Davies, Cwrt-mawr, and contain mainly folk songs and hymn tunes, recorded in eighteenth and nineteenth century Wales.

Autograph letters,

Autograph letters, 1901, to Daniel Lleufer Thomas from Sir Lewis Morris and J[ohn] H[umphreys] Davies, editor of The Letters of Lewis, Richard, William and John Morris of Anglesey ... (Aberystwyth, 1907-9), relating to the Morris brothers.

Sir Lewis Morris and John Humphreys Davies.

Caerwys historical notes,

Manuscript and typescript material relating to the history of the parish of Caerwys co. Flint, including 'Caerwys Historical Notes by Sir J. Herbert Lewis (based on the Reminiscences of R. Lewis, John Brunnan and other natives of Caerwys, interviewed by him, and on documentary evidence of Caerwyson, author of a prize-essay on 'Caerwys ei Hynafiaethau a'i Heisteddfodau' and various MSS.' (incomplete); 'The Eisteddfodau of Caerwys (A.D. 1523 and 1568)'; 'Caerwys during the Roman Occupation'; 'Queries re doubtful forms & locations of certain places'; bibliographical references; an inscribed presentation copy by the editor to J. Herbert Lewis of J. H. Davies (ed.): The Roll of the Caerwys Eisteddfod of 1523 [Liverpool, 1910]; etc. Also included is a holograph letter from J. Herbert Lewis, Penucha, Caerwys, to [E.] Stanton Roberts, [19]32 (comments on a manuscript left for the writer's perusal).

E. Stanton Roberts and others.

Cardiganshire Liberal Association,

Correspondence and other papers relating to the activities of the Cardiganshire Liberal Association, 1917-1923, in particular the selection of a parliamentary candidate, and reflecting the schism in the ranks of local Asquithian and Lloyd Georgian supporters. The correspondents include J. H. Davies (2) 1917, Captain Ernest Evans (1) 1921, Professor T. A. Levi (2) 1921-1923, Sir Rhys Hopkin Morris (2) 1922, and W. Llewelyn Williams (3) 1918-1921.


Letters addressed to Evan Owen by Thomas Ayre, Rhyl, 1880; John Ballinger, Aberystwyth, 1913-1921; William C. Boulding, Liverpool, 1913-1914; Ben Davies, Ruthin, 1897-1898; D. Davies, Seacombe, 1880; John Humphreys Davies, 1914; Thomas Witton Davies, London, 1878; John Edwards, Harlech, 1898; W. Edwards, Cardiff, 1912-1914; W. Edwards, Ruabon, 1879; Hugh Evans, Liverpool, 1916; R. C. Evans, Llanuwchllyn, 1881; J. Griffiths, Llanfairfechan, 1914; William Evans Hoyle, Cardiff, 1914; Robert Hughes, London, 1882; E. K. Jones, Brymbo, 1897-1899; Humphrey Jones, chemist, Llangollen, 1877; Hugh Jones, Llangollen, 1878; J. H. Jones, Y Brython, 1907; R. T. Llwydwyn Jones, Bootle, 1898; Emily Matthews, Amlwch, 1906; J. A. Morris, Aberystwyth, 1879; John J. Morris, Nottingham, 1906; Moses Roberts, Blaenau Ffestiniog, 1899; T. Salusbury, Llangerniew, 1899; Mrs S. M. Saunders, Bridgend, 1906; Thomas Shankland, Bangor, 1905-1920; W. Williams, printer, Llangollen, 1877; and others. Much of the correspondence relates to Evan Owen's activities in connection with Baptist Churches in Liverpool and with the temperance movement in Liverpool and North Wales.

Cywyddau a baledi,

Transcripts by John Humphreys Davies, [Sir] Owen M. Edwards and Henry Rowlands, Llangollen of poetry by Hugh Cadwaladr, Dafydd Nanmor, Gruffudd Hiraethog, Hywel Cilan, Iolo Goch, Mr William Lloyd, Thomas Llwyd, Owain ap Llywelyn Moel y Pantri, Owain Gwynedd, Siôn Mawddwy, Gwerfyl Mechain, William Phylip, Rhys Goch Eryri, Rowland Huw, Tudur Aled, Tudur Penllyn, Siôn Tudur, John Vaughan, Rowland Vaughan, Margaret Rowland, Watcyn Clywedog and Wiliam Llŷn.

O. M. Edwards, J. H. Davies and Henry Rowlands.


Includes letters from: D. R. Daniel (2); Alfred T. Davies (4); Ben Davies (6); J. Conway Davies (4); J. Glyn Davies (5); J. H. Davies (16); Mary Davies (5)

Davies and Charles families

Papers of Mari Ellis, 1924-[c. 2004], all relating in some way to her husband T. I. Ellis's maternal ancestors, the Davies and Charles families, comprising press cuttings, printed matter, a letter and other original materials relating to Annie Hughes-Griffiths's trip to the USA in 1924 as part of the Welsh Women's Peace Memorial, 1924-1925, together with ME's notes and typescripts concerning the trip, [c. 1988] (ME 22/1); a notebook containing transcripts, [?1960s], from various sources, including letters of the Davies and Charles families, J. H. Davies and Eliza Davies (ME 22/2); notes, speeches, a photograph and other material, [1960s]-[1997], relating to Annie J. Davies's sister Sarah Maria Saunders (ME 22/3); transcripts, [?1970s], of correspondence of J. H. Davies with Myrddin Fardd (ME 22/4); incomplete bibliographies by ME of T. I. Ellis, [?1976], and J. H. Davies (ME 22/5-6); and various notes, [c. 2004], mainly relating to David Davies, Castle Green, and to Cardigan Castle (ME 22/7).

General letters to O. M. Edwards

The file includes letters from J. Mortimer Angus, J. H. Davies, J. Gwenogvryn Evans, H. J. Fleure, Annie J. Hughes Griffiths, John Hinds (2), J. Seymour Rees (2), and D. J. Williams.

Angus, J. Mortimer (John Mortimer), 1850-1945

Hen gerddi Cymru,

  • NLW MS 10570B.
  • File
  • 1911 /

An essay entitled 'Hen Gerddi Cymru, eu nodwedd a'u dylanwad ar y genedl' by H. A. Jones, Cynwyd, which was awarded the prize at the Corwen Chair Eisteddfod, 1911, with the adjudication by John Humphreys Davies, Aberystwyth.

Jones, H. A., Cynwyd

Letters A-D

The file includes letters from D. R. Daniel (1), 1914, J. Glyn Davies (3), 1903-1907 and J. H. Davies (2), 1918.

Daniel, David R. (David Robert), 1859-1931

Letters from J. Lloyd Williams

The addressees include Grace Gwyneddon Davies (1), J. H. Davies (1), Prof. David Evans (2), A. G. Gilchrist (1), E. J. Grutchfield (3), Ruth Lewis (3), Myfanwy Morris (2), Thomas Parry (2), Iorwerth Peate (1), and D. E. Parry Williams (1).

Letters to T. Huws Davies,

  • NLW MS 16354D.
  • File
  • 1906-1930.

Some thirty-eight letters, 1906-1930, in English and Welsh, addressed to Thomas Huws Davies, relating to the work of the Welsh Church Commission (of which he was secretary, 1914-1940) and to other religious bodies in Wales and the Welsh Church Acts.
Among the correspondents are J. H. Davies, 1913 (ff. 5-10), A. G. Edwards, Archbishop of Wales, 1909-1923 (ff. 13-15, 17), E. T. John, 1930 (ff. 21-24), Frank Morgan, 1920 (f. 27), Sir H[enry] W. Primrose, 1918-1919 (ff. 28-41), Alfred Thomas, Baron Pontypridd, 1913 (ff. 48-49), R[ichard] M[acaulay] Thomas, 1909-1911 (ff. 50-57), Sir John Williams, 1909 (f. 58), and W. Llewelyn Williams, 1910-1917 (ff. 61-70). Also included are one letter each from Davies, 1919 (ff. 42-45), and A. G. Edwards, 1920 (f. 16), to Sir H. W. Primrose; a letter from C[harles] P[restwich] Scott to J. Arthur Price, 1912 (f. 47); and two drafts of a letter by Davies, on behalf of the Home Secretary, published in The Times, 17 June 1912, p. 4 (ff. 71-77).

Davies, T. Huws (Thomas Huws), 1882-1940.

Letters to the Reverend D. E. Jenkins,

Fifty-one letters, etc., from Edward Carey (registrar), University of Liverpool, 1932 (acknowledging receipt of an application for admission to the degree of Litt. D., and enclosing a receipt for the fee), [the Reverend] J[ohn] E[dward] Carey, Treverbyn Vicarage, St. Austell, 1906 ( replying to recipient's query relating to the incumbents of Otterham, the writer's previous parish), [the Reverend] Arthur Carter, Thrussington Vicarage, Leicester, 1903 (enclosing information concerning the descendants of the Rev[erend] John Owen, a former vicar of the parish), [the Reverend] Reginald A[rthur] Cayley, Stowell Rectory, Sherborne, [19]06 ( replying to a query concerning the Rev[erend] James Hooper, rector of the parish, 1820-1828), David R[ ] Charles, Hoylake, 1904 (acknowledging the return of letters, a little memorandum book of Mr. [Thomas] Charles of Bala in the writer's possession, enclosing a portrait of the writer (now kept in the Department of Prints, Drawings, and Maps)), C. A. Christie, Roydon, near Ware, [19]06 (requesting the return of 'the Rev. Jones's Diaries'), [Messrs.] R. and R. Clark, Limited (printers), Edinburgh, 1917- 1929 (6) (the disposal, by pulping, of part of the remaining stock of 'Charles of Bala' [recipient's Life of the Rev. Thomas Charles], financial matters, the binding of copies of recipient's work, Bedd Gelert, [its Facts, Fairies, and Folk Lore (Portmadoc, 1899)]), [the Reverend] G[erald] H[enry] Colvile, Weston Rectory, Shifnal, undated (a reply to recipients query re the Rev[erend] Robert Pugh, who, the writer suggests, had been curate of Weston under Redcastle, co. Salop), the Rev[erend] W[illiam] H [ ] Cooper (secretary of the Monmouthshire Presbytery), Abertysswg, [19] 36 (extending the Presbytery's official congratulations to recipient on completing fifty years service with the [Calvinistic Methodist] Connection), the Rev[erend] T[homas] G[eorge] Crippen (honorary secretary, the Congregational Historical Society), London, 1905-1906 (2) (replying to recipient's query concerning [the Reverend] Mr. [S.R.] Pittard [Congregational minister] at Somerton, co. Somerset, circa 1816-1830, a letter from [the Reverend] Thomas Charles to his son Thomas, 1807, in the writer's possession), Miss Frances M. Daniell, North Nibley, near Dursley, [19]08 (a reply to recipient's query concerning the Rev[erend] Charles Thomas [nephew of the Reverend Thomas Charles of Bala], minister at North Nibley, 1832-1838), D. C. Davies (general secretary, Welsh Council of the League of Nations Union), Cardiff, 1921 (a meeting to be held [in Denbigh], the possibility of a canvassing campaign to enrol members), [the Reverend] Daniel Davies, The Rectory, Denbigh, [19]06 (informing recipient that the Rev[erend] John Williams was curate of Denbigh in 1788), [the Reverend] D[ avid] Davies, Llangwm Vicarage, Corwen, [1]905 (a record of the burial of Dorothy Ffoulkes, 1742, and of Tho[ma]s Ffoulkes, 1744, in the Llangwm registers), [the Reverend] David Davies, The Rectory, Trawsfynydd, 1905-1906 ( 2) (searches in the Trawsfynydd registers, an extract re the burial of the Reverend John Pryse, ob. 1809 [curate of the parish]), [the Reverend] D[avid] W[illiam] Davies [vicar of Cilcennin with Llanbadarn Trefeglwys], [19]07 (an extract from the Llanbadarn parish register, recording the burial of the Rev[erend] Timothy Evans, ob. 1837, vicar of the parish), [the Reverend] E[dward] J[ames] Davies, Nantglyn Rectory, Denbigh, 1906 (information concerning the Rev[erend] Rice Pughe, vicar of Nantglyn, 1788- 1806), [the Reverend] E[dward] O[wen] Davies, Bangor, 1927 (advice to recipient on certain [Calvinistic Methodist] denominational matters), Ellis W[illiam] Davies [M.P. for the Eifion division of co. Caernarvon, 1906-1918, and for Denbigh, 1923-1929], House of Commons, 1924 (congratulations to recipient on receiving the degree [of M.A. of the University of Liverpool]), [the Reverend] J[enkin] Davies, Llanfair Rectory, Harlech, [19]06 (the writer's inability to trace the name of a Reverend R[ichar]d Morgan as incumbent of the parish), John Davies, Abergavenny, 1908 (a visit by the writer, in 1884, to ?George Thomas, then of Brynmawr, who claimed to be a nephew of [the Reverend Thomas] Charles of Bala, Thomas's story that his elder brother, Charles, had been sent to Cheshunt College by his uncle, and that he had subsequently been ordained at Dursley, the writer's inference that this was the Charles Thomas who had been a minister at North Nibley, near Dursley [see letter from Frances M. Daniell above], the writer's conversations with 'old people who listened to Thomas Richards preaching [the Reverend Thomas] Charle's Funeral Sermon at Crickhowell'), J[ohn] Glyn Davies (University of Liverpool), Denbigh, [19]28 (enquiries concerning a house in Denbigh), [the Reverend] John H[enry] Davies, St. Mary's Vicarage, H[averford] West, 1904 (the writer's inability to find any information about John Charles), J[ohn] H[umphreys] Davies [registrar, and later principal, University College of Wales, Aberystwyth], Aberystwyth and Cwrt Mawr, Llangeitho, 1905-1906 (3) (a note on some of the descendants of [the Reverend] Peter Williams [1723-1796, Methodist cleric], an inspection of books ? with a view to purchase by the college, a suggestion that a bust of Robert Roberts be placed in the National Library 'when it comes into existence', lack of further information about Tho[ma]s Charles and Marg[are]t Williams), [the Reverend] Joseph Davies, Goytre Rectory, Abergavenny, 1906 (2) (information concerning the Rev[erend] Joshua Davies (ob. 1820), one time curate in the parish of Goytre, and later vicar of Dingestow), L[eonard] Twiston Davies, Rockfield Park, Monmouth, [19]34 (a reply to recipient's query concerning John Davies, Maes y Groes, near Cilcain), R. Davies (town clerk), Denbigh, 1928-1932 (2) (the editing of the Official Guide to Denbigh, 1928, the town council's official congratulations to recipient on his receiving the degree of D. Litt., [of the University of Liverpool]), [the Reverend] F[rederick] W[yldbore] Wingfield Digby, The Vicarage, Charlton Horethorne, 1906 (enclosing a copy of a memorial inscription to [the Reverend] John Taylour (ob. 1785), a former vicar of the parish), and F. J. Dryhurst, Woking and [London], 1925-1929 (12) (genealogical research relating to the Dryhurst family in North Wales) (included with one of the letters is a typescript copy of a letter seeking information concerning the Dryhurst family, written by D. E. Jenkins (with suggested amendments by F. J. Dryhurst), for insertion in the Western Mail).

Llenorion sir Aberteifi

A list of Cardiganshire authors containing brief biographies and complete lists, with biographical details, of their printed works, 1600-1900, which was compiled by John Davies for the National Eisteddfod of Wales held at Aberystwyth in 1916, with some additions by John Humphreys Davies.

Llythyrau at William Hobley, &c.,

Letters addressed to William Hobley and others by Frederick Dally, Wolverhampton, 1900; R. Davies, Treborth, 1889; John R. Davies, Bangor, 1924; J. H. Davies, Aberystwyth, 1912; Ellis Edwards, Bala, 1905-1910, Thomas Charles Edwards, Liverpool, Aberystwyth and Bala, 1872-1894; Roger Edwards, Mold, 1881; Thomas Edward Ellis, 1898; J. R. Furness, Conway, 1893; T. W. Griffith, Llandudno, 1897; John H. Hobley, New York and Chicago, 1886-1899; R. Humphreys, Liverpool; W. H. Hume Humphreys, Australia, 1927; E. Penllyn Jones, Aberystwyth, 1897; Francis H. Jones, London, 1900; T. M. Jones, Prestatyn, 1930; J. T. A. Jones, Bala, 1901; John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd'), 1910; J. Puleston Jones, 1902-1924; Richard Jones, Llaneurgain, 1905; R[hys] B[evan] Jones, Porth, 1919; [Sir] Henry Lewis, 1904; E. I. Lloyd, Aberystwyth, 1905; John Lloyd, Wallaroo, 1898; Owen Lloyd, Caergwrle, 1898; Hugh Hughes, 1823; T. G. Crippen, London, 1904; A. Hobley, Randolph, 1891; John Davies, London, 1883; R. M. Davies, Bagillt; R. Ellis ('Cynddelw'), 1870; J. Gwenogvryn Evans; John Hughes, Islington, 1887; Selina, Countess of Huntington (autograph signature) to the congregation at Ely Chapel, 19 May 1790; Thomas Hughes, Chester, 1883; David Jenkins, Islington, 1878; Evan Doged Jones; Robert Jones, Llanfair, 1833; James Rhys Kilsby Jones, London, 1864; Howell Elvet Lewis, Hull; Mary Manuel, Llanover, 1878; M. F. Lloyd, Nannerch, 1879; S. A. Maude, Ruthin; R. Morgan, Beaumaris, 1872; Sir Lewis Morris, 1889; John Owen, Southport, 1916-1919; Robert O. Owens, Caernarvon, 1799, (concerning the distribution of Bibles); Alice Gray Jones ('Ceridwen Peris'); Eben Rees, Liverpool, 1883; Morgan John Rhys, Washington, 1795 (a copy of a part of a letter relating to John Evans and his journey up the Missouri); David Roberts, Wrexham, 1872; J. Ll. Roberts, Llanrwst, 1907; John Roberts, Tyddyn Willim, 1859; J. J. Roberts, Portmadoc; Samuel Roberts, 1881; R. R. Richards, Caerwys, 1829, with a copy of 'englynion Llys Ifor Hael' by Evan Evans ('Ieuan Brydydd Hir'); William Roberts, Timmalin, 1799; J. R. Williams, Pwllheli, 1898; W. J. Williams, Salford, 1871; Griffith Williams, Llannor, 1834; William Williams, Llangollen, 1898; Peter Williams, to David Jones, Llangan; L. P. Wynne Yorke, Dyffryn Aled; Thomas Thomas, Pontypridd, 1885; Owen Thomas, Liverpool, Tregeiriog, 1880; John Owen, Bala, 1906; John Owen, West Kirby, 1925; Owen J. Owen, Birkenhead, 1908; John Owens ('Ap Glaslyn'); J. Pritchard, Birmingham, 1908; H. Morgan Pugh, Carmel, 1906; J. E. Quinn, Bangor, 1921; D. Gwynedd Roberts, Conway, 1910; Robert Roberts, Llanbeblig, 1920; John Roberts, Bangor, 1895-1896; Morris Thomas, Bangor, 1910; John Thomas ('Eifionydd'), 1902; John Owen Thomas, Menai Bridge, 1902; R. Thomas, Talsarnau, 1909; [Sir] Ifor Williams, 1908; Isaac Jones Williams, Llandderfel, 1908; Hugh Williams, Bala, 1900; M. Williams, Bala-deulyn; W. Elias Williams, Pen-y-groes, 1922; H. Cernyw Williams, Corwen, 1904; Henry Jones Williams ('Plenydd'), 1910-1921; John Richard Williams ('Tryfanwy'), and others.

Montgomeryshire pedigrees, &c.,

Draft pedigrees and miscellaneous genealogical extracts and notes from parish registers and other manuscript sources and from printed publications relating largely to individual Montgomeryshire families, e.g., Jervis of Llanbryn-mair, Burton of Darowen, Bennett of Trefeglwys, etc., Bowen of Trefeglwys and Llanwnnog, Swancott of Trefeglwys and Llanwnnog, Kinsey of Llandinam, Savage of Trefeglwys and Llanwnnog, Goodwyn of Trefeglwys, Worthington of Trefeglwys, Mills of Trefeglwys, Jerman of Trefeglwys, Ashton of Trefeglwys, Pughe of Darowen and Penegoes, Pugh of Aberffrydlan [in Llanwrin] and Abergwydol [in Darowen], etc. Among other items included in the extracts are some nineteenth century statistics of Calvinistic Methodist churches and Sunday Schools in the Llanidloes area; material relating to Llanbryn-mair from parochial records, 1663-1821, and from records of the Court of Great Sessions, 1662-85/6; abstracts of probate records of Quakers in Trefeglwys, 1708-76; and a pedigree chart of Principal J. H. Davies, University College of Wales, Aberystwyth.

Richard Bennett.


Awdlau and cywyddau to George Owen, transcribed partly by J. Gwenogvryn Evans from Llanstephan MS 38, with English summaries of them by J.H. Davies.

Evans, J. Gwenogvryn (John Gwenogvryn), 1852-1930

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