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Thomas, Gwyn, 1913-1981
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Articles by Glyn Jones

The file comprises manuscript and typescript drafts together with printed copies of articles by Glyn Jones, 1953-1993 (with gaps), a number of which were published in Poetry Wales and Bulletin of the Welsh Academy. Included is a review of poetry readings at the Casson Theatre, Cardiff, 1973; articles on John Elwyn, 1976, 'The Beach of Falesá', 1977, John Petts, 1977, and 'Some letters of Idris Davies', 1980; the foreword to Elwyn Davies, Mild majesty (Llandysul, 1987); tributes to Gwyn Thomas, 1981, Keidrych Rhys, 1987, George Ewart Evans, 1988, and John Ormond, 1990; and a draft, notes and correspondence, 1980-1982, relating to an article on Gwyn Jones which appeared in the Dictionary of Literary Biography: British Novelists, 1930-1959 (some papers also pertain to the entry for Glyn Jones in this reference work). -- In addition, the file contains newspaper cuttings, 1960-1961 and 1963, of articles, reviews and poetry by Glyn Jones (arranged and numbered by him); they include a review of the poetry festival, Poetry at the Mermaid, 1961, and cuttings of poems and articles by various writers from the Saturday Magazine section of the Western Mail, 1960. Also included are typescript copies and cuttings of articles by six Anglo-Welsh writers, including Glyn Jones, each of whom wrote a chapter as part of a thriller serial which was published under the title 'Sextet' in the Western Mail, 1961, with related letters.


Portraits of Welsh and Anglo-Welsh writers. Many of these are photographs taken by Julian Sheppard for the Welsh Arts Council and are duplicates of photos found elsewhere in the collection.

Correspondence: Gwyn Thomas

The file comprises correspondence, 1981-1982, including draft letters by Glyn Jones, mainly regarding the purchase of the manuscripts and books of Gwyn Thomas by the National Library of Wales, and the publication of a proposed volume of the short stories of Gwyn Thomas by the Poetry Wales Press (Glyn Jones being one of Gwyn Thomas' literary trustees). Drafts of letters are written on various manuscript and printed notes, including some papers pertaining to Yr Academi Gymreig.

General correspondence: Meic Stephens

The file comprises mainly of correspondence, 1968-1969, relating to the preliminary meeting and other early meetings of the English Language Section of the Academi. The preliminary meeting was arranged by Meic Stephens and the file includes invitations sent out by him, letters of reply, and letters commenting on this first meeting. The file also includes letters inviting writers to become members of the Academi, their replies and lists of those writers who have accepted or declined membership. There are a few references to discussions about the establishment of a new English language literary magazine, an idea which was rejected for the time being. There are letters from and references to, many prominent Anglo-Welsh and Welsh language writers including Dannie Abse, Alison Bielski, W. H. Boore, Alexander Cordell, Brenda Chamberlain, Tony Conran, Rhys Davies, Tudor David, Menna Gallie, Bryn Griffiths, Peter Gruffydd, Raymond Garlick, Ll. Wyn Griffith, Gwenallt, Cledwyn Hughes, Richard Hughes, Emyr Humphreys, A. G. Prys Jones, David Jones, Dedwydd Jones, Glyn Jones, Gwyn Jones, Jack Jones, John Idris Jones, Sally Roberts Jones, Bill Meilen, Gerald Morgan, Robert Morgan, Roland Mathias, Leslie Norris, John Ormond, Alun Owen, D. Parry-Jones, Cecil Price, Alun Richards, Gwyn Thomas, R. S. Thomas, John Tripp, Aled Vaughan, Richard Vaughan, Harri Webb, Gwyn Williams, Herbert Williams, John Stuart Williams and Raymond Williams.

Stephens, Meic

General correspondence: Sally Roberts Jones, 1970-1971

The file contains correspondence, 1970-1971, accumulated by Sally Roberts Jones as Secretary of the English Language Section of the Academi Gymreig. It includes a letter inviting A. G. Prys-Jones to become the next chairman of the English Language Section following the death of Jack Jones. There are also letters relating to poetry readings including one to be held by the poetry group Horse, established by Peter Finch. Other correspondents include Ron Berry, Alison Bielski, Gillian Clarke, Tom Earley, Raymond Garlick, Cyril Hodges, Jeremy Hooker, Belinda Humfrey, Glyn Jones, Douglas Phillips, Cecil Price, Meic Stephens, Gwyn Thomas (Rhondda), Ned Thomas, and J. P. Ward.

Gwyn Thomas photographs

These photographs relating to the family and career of Gwyn Thomas were found on cataloguers desk in a brown envelope marked "photographs" without any explanation following a period of absence. However photograph 0200500920/1 is marked in ink "M Parnell D778 Mark required print X" suggesting that these are from the same source as photographs bearing accession no. 0199900613.

In Russia with Gwyn Thomas.

Neg strip contains six apparent copies of pictures of Gwyn Thomas. Two are titled "In Russia with Gwyn Thomas" in a fashion suggestive of a television title sequence.

Letters - various authors

This file consists of letters written by various authors discussing matters relating to Menna Gallie's work as a writer, [1959]-[1990]; the authors include, John Boyd, Frank O'Connor, Gwyn Jones, Dyfnallt Morgan, Mattie [Prichard], Meic Stephens and Gwyn Thomas. There are also two draft letters from Menna Gallie, one regarding corrections to her translation of Un Nos Ola Leuad, the other relating to the publishing of an article by her.

Letters to Sam Adams,

The file comprises twenty-one letters to Sam Adams from Douglas Cleverdon (2), Rhys Davies (1), Seamus Heaney (1), Richard Hughes (3), Emyr Humphreys (2), Gwyn Jones (2), Moelwyn Merchant (2), Conor Cruise O'Brien (1), Alun Richards (3), R. S. Thomas (1), Gwyn Thomas (2), and Ted Walker (1). The correspondence relates to contributions to Poetry Wales and to other publications by Sam Adams.

Cleverdon, Douglas

Poetry and prose readings

The file comprises papers, [1950]-1990 (with gaps), relating to various poetry and prose readings and performances which include poems by Glyn Jones, and events which he arranged or in which he participated. These include notes for a reading by Glyn Jones which appears to have been delivered during the funeral or memorial service of Gwyn Thomas, 1981; a passage from The valley, the city, the village, [?1987]; and notes for a reading by Glyn Jones on the occasion of Roland Mathias's 75th birthday, 1990. A number of events were presented by, or in association with, the Arts Council of Great Britain Welsh Committee and later the Welsh Arts Council. The file also contains programmes, correspondence and notes, including a draft review of the poetry festival, Poetry at the Mermaid, pertaining to poetry festivals held in England, 1954 and 1961.

Welsh Arts Council

Talks and lectures by Glyn Jones

The file contains manuscript and typescript notes of talks and lectures delivered by Glyn Jones, 1938-1989 (with gaps), on various occasions, and includes a report, 1973, on the 'Writers in Schools' scheme. Among the subjects discussed are Glyn Jones and works by him, Anglo-Welsh literature and writers, in particular Dylan Thomas, and D. H. Lawrence. Also included are drafts of the Annual Gwyn Jones Lecture given by Glyn Jones, Random entrances to Gwyn Thomas, which was later published (Cardiff, 1982), and a tribute to John Tripp, 1986. Some talks are accompanied by related notes and letters.

The dragon has two tongues

The file comprises correspondence, 1964-1971, including draft letters by Glyn Jones, relating to The dragon has two tongues (London, 1968), mostly from the literary agents, Laurence Pollinger Ltd, and publishers, J. M. Dent & Sons Ltd, and includes letters from Brynmor Jones (4), Gerald Morgan, Gwyn Thomas, Maxwell Fraser, Gwyn Jones (2), Keidrych Rhys, D. Gwenallt Jones, Roland Mathias (4), Meic Stephens, Richard Morris Jones, Alun R. Jones, editor Mabon (copy), Ron Berry, A. G. Prys-Jones (2), W. C. Elvet Thomas, Bryn Griffiths, and Elwyn Davies. A number of letters concern permission to quote from the works of writers featured in the book and the Welsh Arts Council prize awarded to Glyn Jones for the work; some letters contain references to The Island of Apples. -- Also included are royalty statements and other related papers including manuscript drafts of sections of the essay on Dylan Thomas, and a hand-painted design by Glyn Jones for the dust jacket. In addition, the file contains a programme of the Theatr Clwyd Company production 'My People', 1980, based on Caradoc Evans's short stories, which includes an extract from The dragon has two tongues; and printed notes regarding the television series 'The dragon has two tongues', 1985.

Jones, Brynmor, 1930-1999

The learning lark

The file comprises correspondence, 1958-1961, 1966 and 1978, including draft letters by Glyn Jones, relating to The learning lark (London, 1960), mostly from the publishers, J. M. Dent & Sons Ltd, with letters from John Elwyn, Alan Sillitoe (2), Gwyn Jones (2), Elwyn Davies, Gwyn Thomas and Roland Mathias. -- In addition, the file contains royalty statements, 1960-1966, and notes relating to the book. Also included are printed reviews of the book, 1959-1960; newspaper cuttings of an adaptation of the novel serialised in the Empire News, 1960, and manuscript of an article giving Glyn Jones's views on the book following its serialisation, [1960].

Elwyn, John, 1916-1997

The valley, the city, the village

The file comprises correspondence, 1955-1984 (with gaps), including draft letters by Glyn Jones, relating to The valley, the city, the village (London, 1956 and 1980), mostly from the publishers, J. M. Dent & Sons Ltd, and includes letters from Jack Jones (copy), Raymond Garlick, Gwyn Jones (2), Gwyn Thomas, Les Faber, Elwyn Davies, Aneirin Talfan Davies, Elwyn Evans, A. G. Prys-Jones (2), and Roland Mathias. Some letters contain references to The island of apples. -- Also included are royalty statements, 1956-1960 and 1980-1983, drafts of extracts from the novel which appear to have been adapted for radio [1963], miscellaneous notes, 1956-1958, printed reviews of the novel, 1956-1957, and a copy of the introduction to the 1980 reprint of the book.

Hughes, Mathonwy, 1901-1999

Llythyrau O-W,

Llythyrau, [1938]-[1980]. Ymhlith y gohebwyr mae Jack Oliver, Dyddgu [Owen], Dyfnallt [Owen], Thomas Parry (2), Iorwerth Peate, Caradog [Prichard], D. Hughes Parry, y Cyrnol R. C. Ruck (5), E. Prosser Rhys, Gwyn Thomas, T. Glyn Thomas, Gildas Tibbott, Huw [Wheldon] (2), D. J. Williams (2), Emlyn Williams, G. Brynallt Williams, J. E. Caerwyn Williams, Jac L. Williams, John Lazarus Williams, John Roberts Williams (6) a T. H. Parry-Williams. Ceir copi o Trysorfa'r Plant, Hydref 1961, yn cynnwys cerdd Harri Gwynn 'I'r Tractor', gyda llythyr Griffith Owen, 1961.

Oliver, Jac, 1904-1984.