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Evans, George Ewart
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Articles by Glyn Jones

The file comprises manuscript and typescript drafts together with printed copies of articles by Glyn Jones, 1953-1993 (with gaps), a number of which were published in Poetry Wales and Bulletin of the Welsh Academy. Included is a review of poetry readings at the Casson Theatre, Cardiff, 1973; articles on John Elwyn, 1976, 'The Beach of Falesá', 1977, John Petts, 1977, and 'Some letters of Idris Davies', 1980; the foreword to Elwyn Davies, Mild majesty (Llandysul, 1987); tributes to Gwyn Thomas, 1981, Keidrych Rhys, 1987, George Ewart Evans, 1988, and John Ormond, 1990; and a draft, notes and correspondence, 1980-1982, relating to an article on Gwyn Jones which appeared in the Dictionary of Literary Biography: British Novelists, 1930-1959 (some papers also pertain to the entry for Glyn Jones in this reference work). -- In addition, the file contains newspaper cuttings, 1960-1961 and 1963, of articles, reviews and poetry by Glyn Jones (arranged and numbered by him); they include a review of the poetry festival, Poetry at the Mermaid, 1961, and cuttings of poems and articles by various writers from the Saturday Magazine section of the Western Mail, 1960. Also included are typescript copies and cuttings of articles by six Anglo-Welsh writers, including Glyn Jones, each of whom wrote a chapter as part of a thriller serial which was published under the title 'Sextet' in the Western Mail, 1961, with related letters.

Correspondence : 1957

Includes letters from Raymond Garlick (13); Glyn Jones (2); George Ewart Evans (2); Islwyn Ffowc Elis (3); David Williams; Howard Sergeant; W. Arnold Hall (2); John Elwyn; and Desmond Donnelly (4).

Garlick, Raymond

Correspondence : 1967

Includes letters from Meic Stephens (18); Dannie Abse (7); Arthur Giardelli (2); Jeffrey Steele (5); George Ewart Evans; Susan Glyn (2); Dora Polk (5); John Stuart Williams (7); Robert Shaw (2); R. S. Thomas; John Pook (3, including poems by him); Tony Curtis; Alun Llewellyn (16); Glyn Jones (2); Thomas Taig (3); H. P. Collins (4); Neville Masterman (7); John Idris Jones (8); Cecil Price (17); Kent Thompson (2); Bryn Griffiths (4); Ian Parrott (4); Bernard Lloyd (4); R. George Thomas; Howard Sergeant (2); Kay Harris; John Alun Davies (2); Brian Way (3); Alison Bielski; Vera Rich (copy); Randal Jenkins (5); Ray Howard-Jones; Raymond Garlick (4); David Gallon (4); Leslie Norris (2); John Snelling; Tom Earley; David Parry; Vernon Watkins; John Ward (3); A. G. Prys-Jones (3); Ralph Salisbury (2); Gerald Morgan; Joseph P. Clancy; Annemarie Towner (2); Robert Morgan; Eiluned Lewis (3); and Harri Webb (copy).

Stephens, Meic

Correspondence : 1971

Includes letters from Alun Llewellyn (4); Glyn Jones (4); Sam Adams (8); Leslie Norris (4); John Ackerman (4); Moira Dearnley (3); Peter Abbs (6); Neville Masterman (5); L. Alun Page (3); John Tripp (8); John Petts; R. George Thomas (2); Andrew McNeillie; Robert Morgan (9); Meic Stephens (12); Roy Thomas (6); Alison Bielski (4); Jeremy Hooker (7); J. P. Ward (4); Arthur Giardelli (5); Belinda Humfrey (11); Rosamund Stanhope (2); Randal Jenkins (3); H. P. Collins (5); George Ewart Evans (2); Gillian Clarke (8); Raymond Garlick (2); John Stuart Williams (8); Lawrence W. Hockey (2); Tony Curtis (3); Désirée Hirst (2); Graham Allen; Anthony Conran (2); R. S. Thomas; A. G. Prys-Jones (4); and Ray Howard-Jones.

Llewellyn, Alun, 1903-1993

Correspondence : E,

Includes letters from Tom Earley, Colin D. Edwards (18), John Elwyn (116), Huw Ethall (3), Caradoc Evans (2), Elwyn Evans (29), and George Ewart Evans (35).

Editors and publishers

The file comprises letters to David Jones from editors and publishers (other than Faber and Faber), with letters from Alwyn D. Rees, Moelwyn Merchant, George Ewart Evans, Raymond Garlick, Keidrych Rhys, Stephen Spender, Louis G. Cowan, John H. Johnston, Neville Braybrooke, Myra Owen, K. M. E. Murray, Bernard Bergonzi, Elizabeth Pakenham, Fr. Illtud Evans, Ffransis Payne, Kenneth Clark, Henry Rago, Eleanor Farjeon and others.

Rees, Alwyn D.

Letters to John Elwyn : D-G,

Some one hundred and forty-five letters, 1938-1997, in English and Welsh, to John Elwyn from various correspondents (surnames D-G), both personal and work related.
The correspondents include Sir Alun Talfan Davies, 1986 (ff. 2-5), Aneirin Talfan Davies, [c. 1975]-1980 (ff. 7-12), Nan Davies, BBC, 1960-1965 (ff. 20-27), Ogwyn Davies, [early 1990s]-1997 (ff. 28-30), Janina Ede, 1996-[1997] (ff. 49, 53), Dr Raymond Edwards, 1984-1985 (ff. 57-58), Huw [Ethall], 1996-1997 (ff. 63-67), Elwyn Evans, BBC, 1953-1955, 1988 (ff. 68-76), George Ewart Evans, 1953-1986 (ff. 79-94), Gwynfor Evans, 2 September 1954 (f. 95), Nicholas Evans, 1981-1985 (ff. 100-106), Ray Evans, 1965-1967 (ff. 107-109), Tony [Eyton], 10 November 1950 (f. 110), Mick Felton, 1987-1988 (ff. 129-134), Raymond Garlick, 1958, 1995 (ff. 144-147), and Gwennant Gillespie, 9 September 1996 (ff. 159-160). The letters contain references to Leslie Harries (f. 46 verso) and to a memorial fund for John Ormond (ff. 141-143). Also included is a copy of a typescript letter, 1951, from his Uncle, Evan [Davies], to Jim [Miskell], containing reminiscences of his time living in Saskatchewan, Canada (see Evan Davies and Aled Vaughan, Beyond the Old Bone Trail (London, 1960) and Evan Davies and Aled Vaughan, Arswyd yr Unigeddau, trans. by Phebe Puw (Llandysul, 1980)) (ff. 113-126), and a draft letter, [1994], from John Elwyn (f. 183).


Some eighty letters, 1957-85, to Keidrych Rhys from various correspondents (surnames E-F), mainly in his capacity as editor of Wales and Welsh correspondent of The People, together with poems, short stories and essays submitted to him for publication. The correspondents and contributors include H. W. J. Edwards (18, with thirteen articles) 1957-61, Winifred Ellerman, 'Bryher' (1) 1966, George Ewart Evans (3, with one poem) 1957-9, Gwynfor Evans (8) 1963-7, Paul Ferris (4) 1976-85, Constantine Fitzgibbon (8) 1963-4, and Michael Foot (1) 1983.

Letters, 1941-1950

The file comprises letters to David Jones from various people including Sir William Coldstream, Major Alfred A. Longden, Gwyn Jones (2), Glyn Jones (2), Graham Reynolds (2), Stanley Morison (2), Rev. Walter Hussey, Kerrison Preston, David Baxandall (2), Sir Eric Maclagan, Prof. August Closs (5), Robert Buhler, Lady Olwen Carey Evans, George Ewart Evans, Ruth Winawer (2), Thomas Charles Edwards, Nancy Dugdale, Carey Morris, A. H. Williams, Ffransis Payne, Anthony Sylvester, Fr. Illtud Evans, Michael Rothenstein, W. F. Jackson Knight, Anna Kallin and others.

Jones, Gwyn, 1907-1999

Membership papers: nomination correspondence

The file contains correspondence relating to the nominating and electing of members, 1976-1977, and a few nomination papers. Those elected were Bill Meilen, Gerard Casey, George Ewert Evans, Ioan Williams, Alison Morgan, Walford Davies, Bernice Rubens and Jon Dressel. The file also includes a letter from Roland Mathias giving his views on the nomination process.

Meilen, Bill, 1932-

'Wales' Papers,

Some one hundred and thirty letters, 1936-1938, to William Ronald Rees Jones (Keidrych Rhys) from over forty contributors and supporters, mostly covering issues 1 - 3 of 'Wales'. Some of the most notable correspondents are Roy Campbell (1), Idris Davies (6), Rhys Davies (6), Caradoc Evans (3), George Ewart Evans (5), Margiad Evans (3), Ll. Wyn Griffith (2), Nigel Heseltine (8), Richard Hughes (1), Augustus John (1), Glyn Jones (20), John Lehmann (1), Cedric Morris (2), Mervyn Peake (1), A. G. Prys-Jones (1), Goronwy Rees (2), Ernest Rhys (1), Dylan Thomas (10) and Vernon Watkins (7). Many of the letters are accompanied by manuscript and typescript drafts of poetry and prose, mostly published in 'Wales' nos 1 - 3 (1937). Also included are a few notes and press cuttings compiled by Keidrych Rhys.

Llythyrau A-F,

Ymhlith y gohebwyr mae Euros Bowen (1); Aneirin Talfan Davies (3); Bryan Martin Davies (1); Cassie Davies (1); Jennie Eirian Davies (1); Pennar Davies (1); Islwyn Ffowc Elis (13); T. I. Ellis (3); George Ewart Evans (2); G. G. Evans (1); Gwynfor Evans (1); Meredydd Evans (7); ac Idris Foster (1).

Bowen, Euros.

Llythyrau : marwolaeth Dafydd

Llythyrau a chardiau cydymdeimlad, 1980-1981, yn dilyn marwolaeth Dafydd Peate. Yn eu plith mae rhai gan Douglas Bassett; Gerard Casey; Alun Talfan Davies; J. Eirian Davies; Jennie Eirian Davies; Gwilym Prys Davies; Gwyn Erfyl; George Ewart Evans; R. Alun Evans; David Jenkins; E. D. Jones; Gwyn O. Jones; Harri Pritchard Jones; J. Gwilym Jones; R. Brinley Jones; Ceri Lewis; D. Tecwyn Lloyd; W. Rhys Nicholas; Dyfnallt Morgan; Trefor M. Owen; Thomas Parry; Ernest Roberts; Kate Roberts; Selyf Roberts; Wyn Thomas; Gwilym R. Tilsley; John Roberts Williams; a Stephen J. Williams. Yn ogystal, mae'r ffeil yn cynnwys copi o'r deyrnged, 1980, a draddodwyd yn yr angladd.

Bassett, Douglas A. (Douglas Anthony)

Llythyrau E

Llythyrau, 1926-1982, gan gynnwys rhai oddi wrth Alun R. Edwards; J. M. Edwards; W. J. Edwards; Islwyn Ffowc Elis (5, yn cynnwys ei feirniadaeth ar gyfer cystadleuaeth y Fedal Ryddiaith, 1965); Mari Ellis; Osian Ellis; Sam Ellis (16); Sigurd Erixon; Huw Ethall (3); A. W. Wade-Evans (12); Emlyn Evans; George Ewart Evans (164); Gwynfor Evans (8); a Meredydd Evans (3).

Edwards, Alun R. (Alun Roderick), 1919-1986