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Lloyd George, Frances, 1888-1972
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Letter to Lady Frances Lloyd George,

A letter, dated 20 April 1945, from Leo Amery, MP, to Lady Frances Lloyd George, presenting his condolences on the death of her husband, David Lloyd George.

Amery, L. S. (Leopold Stennett), 1873-1955.

Letters E-G

The file comprises letters, 1968-1998, from Clough Williams-Ellis (1), Paul Ferris (3), Constantine Fitzgibbon (1), Jeanne Robert Foster (2), Sir Angus Fraser (2), [Lady] Antonia [Fraser] (1), David Garnett (5), William Gaunt (2), Frances Lloyd-George (3), George F. Goodyear (1), Robert Graves (1) (to Philippa Pullar), Germaine Greer (1) and David Griffiths (2).

Williams-Ellis, Clough, 1883-1978

Letters L-W

The file includes photocopies of letters, 1937-1938, from Augustus John to [Sir John] Lavery; letters, 1920, relating to Augustus John's portrait of Lord Leverhulme, 1920, with a letter, 1970, from the Honorary Director of Beaverbrook Library; J. B. Manson, [1912]-[1940]; [General Bernard] Montgomery, 1938; Grant Murray, 1948; Arnold Palmer, 1930-[1959]; Hugo [Pitman], 1952-1953, and transcripts of letters, 1954 and [?1956], to Reine Pitman; Will[iam] [Rothenstein], [1911]-[1935], with transcripts of letters, [?1900]-[1913], and of two letters from Dorelia [John] to Alice [Rothenstein], [1914x1927]; [John Sampson, 1914-1915]; Frances Stevenson, 1919-1920, and extracts from letters, [1919], in NLW MS 21570E, concerning Augustus John's commission to paint the Paris Peace Conference in 1919; [Frida Strindberg], [?1911]; Winifred Coombe Tennant, 1950, with a photocopy of a letter from her; [Henry] Tonks, 1918; Sir Emery Walker, [1916]; and Maynard Walker, 1945. Also included are a few letters to some unidentified recipients.

Letters S-V

The file comprises letters to David Jones arranged alphabetically, S-V, including Helen Sutherland, Nancy Sandars, Meic Stephens, Walter Shewring, Tony Stoneburner, Stephen Spender, Frances Stevenson, Lilian Somerville, Denys Sutton, Petra Tegetmeier, Andrew Vicari and others.

Sutherland, Helen, 1881-

Letters to David Lloyd George,

General correspondence, 1914-41, of David Lloyd George, including letters to him from Herbert Henry Asquith (1) 1915, Winston Churchill (1) 1941, Rufus Isaacs (1) 1914, Sir John Herbert Lewis (4) 1915, William Llewelyn Williams (1) 1915, and Basil Wilberforce, archdeacon of Westminster (1) ?1915. There are also four personal letters, 1922, from Frances Stevenson, later countess Lloyd-George of Dwyfor.

Letters to Leila Mégane

Over one hundred and fifty letters, 1916-1959, to Leila Mégane relating mainly to her singing career and including letters from Sir Granville Bantock (2), 1934, Lilian Baylis (1), 1935, Benjamin Grey Davies (2), 1923-1936, Edward Tegla Davies (1), 1953, Walter Johnstone-Douglas (5), 1921-1956, Benno Elkan (2), 1945, Franklin Engelmann (1), 1955, Frances Louise Lloyd George, Countess Lloyd George of Dwyfor (14), 1945-1948, Lady Megan Arfon Lloyd George (2), 1945-1946, Otto Hermann Kahn (3), 1923-1933, Count John McCormack (1), 1937, Robert Owen, Croesor (1), 1954, Robert Williams Parry (5), 1948-1949, Nansi Richards (Telynores Maldwyn) (1), 1959, Sir Landon Ronald (1), 1934, Richie Thomas, Penmachno (1), 1953, Emlyn Williams (10), 1951-1956, Thomas Nefyn Williams (2), 1958, and Sir Henry Joseph Wood (1), 1934, with notes and comments concerning the correspondents added by Leila Mégane on many of the letters. Letters, 1920-1960, to other individuals relating to Leila Mégane include four to T. Osborne Roberts and one to Frances Louise Lloyd George, Countess Lloyd George of Dwyfor (ff. 226-241 verso).


Letters, mostly concerning Jan Morris's work, especially that relating to the British empire, Oxford, Venice, Everest and the Middle East.

Probate Documents

The file comprises the will of Dame Margaret Lloyd George, 1936; extracts from the will of Colonel T. F. Tweed, 1940; the will of David Lloyd George, 1943; accounts, 1947, relating to the estate of Captain Harry Davey; and the will of Frances, Dowager Countess Lloyd-George of Dwyfor, 1972. In some cases letters relating to the administration of the estates are attached to the probate documents.

Tweed, T. F. (Thomas Frederick), 1890-1940

Llythyrau G

Llythyrau, 1935-1982, gan gynnwys rhai oddi wrth R. Lambert Gapper (4, yn cynnwys cerdyn Nadolig a gynlluniwyd ganddo); David Lloyd George (ynghyd â llythyr oddi wrth Frances Stevenson); Megan Lloyd George; W. R. P. George (2); Tore Gjotterberg (6); Raymond Gower (2, yn amgau llythyr gan Iain Macleod ynglŷn â Gwrthwynebwyr Cydwybodol); Kenneth Grayston; Ll. Wyn Griffith (19); Bruce Griffiths; J. Gwyn Griffiths (2); James Griffiths (5); Geraint Gruffydd (2); W. J. Gruffydd (5); Arfon Gwilym; Robin Gwyndaf; ac Eirwen Gwynn (3).

Gapper, Robert Lambert, 1897-1984