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Evans, Gwynfor.
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Articles by H. Rhys Davies

  • NLW ex 2315
  • File
  • 2002

Two articles by H. Rhys Davies, the one entitled 'The Forging of a Welsh Identity', 2002, and the other 'Financial Support by H. R. Davies for Plaid Cymru from 1966 until 1975', 2002, together with a letter from the donor to Gwynfor Evans, 25 September 2002.

Davies, H. Rhys

Central administration - correspondence and other papers

Correspondence, together with some tracts, petitions, press releases and cuttings, and administrative and financial documents, together with some minutes of Annual General Meetings and copies of minutes of branch meetings, 1962-1999. Correspondents include Clive Betts, Zonia Bowen, Noëlle Davies, Noel Dempsey, Per Denez, Peter Berresford Ellis, Gwynfor Evans, Julian Cayo Evans, Garret FitzGerald, Yann Fouere, Nick Griffin, Neven Henaff, Alan Heusaff, John Jenkins, John Legonna, Tomas Ó Canainn, Padraig Ó Snodaigh, Meic Stephens, Alan Stivell, Dafydd Elis Thomas, Dafydd Wigley and Jac L. Williams. The matters discussed include the aims of the League, its policies and campaigns, the Celtic countries and cultures, linguistic minorities, political movements and ideas, and the compilation, publication and distribution of Carn. There are also articles submitted for Carn, together with notes, as well as letters and petitions to governments and international bodies. In addition, there are copies, drafts and notes of letters written by Heusaff and Moffatt, and letters and other documents forwarded by branch secretaries relating to matters of particular concern.


Includes letters from Tony Benn, 1976, Nicholas Edwards, 1983, Gwynfor Evans, 1978, Lord King, 1984, Sir Wyn Roberts, 1982, Margaret Thatcher (2), 1983, and David Waddington, 1983.

Benn, Tony, 1925-

Correspondence : 1970

Includes letters from Neville Masterman (12); Glyn Jones (13); Jeremy Hooker (8); Sam Adams (13); Elwyn Davies (3); Kyffin Williams (5, including a card with an original print of Patagonian rider, signed by him); Cecil Price (10); John Idris Jones (8); Alun Llewellyn (12); Gwynfor Evans (2); Tom Earley; Andrew McNeillie (2); Moira Dearnley (4); Saunders Lewis; Randal Jenkins (5); L. Alun Page (6); Roy Thomas (3); Jane McCormick (3); R. George Thomas (2); Dannie Abse (2); Dora Polk (6); H. P. Collins (4); John Stuart Williams (5); Annemarie Ewing (2); Raymond Garlick (7); Alun Talfan Davies; Ray Howard-Jones (4); Stephen L. I. Pettit (4); Alan Perry; Leslie Norris (7); A. G. Prys-Jones; John Petts (4); R. S. Thomas; John Ackerman (2); Nigel Jenkins (2); Alison Bileski (2); Robert Morgan (3); and Peter Finch (2).

Masterman, Neville

Draft letters

The file comprises miscellaneous manuscript drafts of letters from David Jones to friends and associates, including Mr Alcock, Jackson Knight, Tony Stoneburner, Walter Shewring, Glyn Jones, Harman Grisewood, Alun Oldfield-Davies, T. Charles Edwards, Gwynfor Evans, Peter Orr, Valerie Wynne-Williams, Rachel Bromwich, and others. Many of the drafts are incomplete, many only of the first paragraph of the letter. There are also many letters to editors of newspapers.

Letters and manuscript drafts

The file comprises manuscript drafts, letters and notes by David Jones including a letter to The Tablet about Desmond Chute, 1962; a list of addresses to whom cards are to be sent; an unpublished letter about The Anathemata to the Editor of the New Statesman; typescript and proof copy of David Jones' foreword to Arthur of Albion by R. W. Barber, 1961; comments about The Anathemata and In Parenthesis; two essays written by nuns; an unfinished article on 'The Welsh Aposolate'; galley proof of 'Liturgical Reform' in The Tablet, 1967; letter to Gwynfor Evans, 1966; letter relating to an honorary degree at the University of St Andrews, 1965; letter to Petra [Tegetmeier], 1931; letter to the editor of Poetry relating to proofs of 'The Wall', 1955; important items relating to the insurance value of The Anathemata in 1961 and to the numeration of the manuscripts; corrections to The Anathemata, manuscript drafts of In Parenthesis (pp. 203, 227, 278); a letter about Augustus John; and part of an essay on Eric Gill.

Letters to Welsh correspondents

The file comprises manuscript drafts of letters to persons identified by Harman Grisewood as 'Welsh correspondents & acquaintances', including Alun Jones, [Leonard] Twiston-Davies, [Rhydwen] Wiliams, T. H. Parry-Williams and Jonah Jones. Amongst the subjects discussed or referred to are The Anathemata ('I'm working on a book that I suppose may be finished some time but heaven knows when---', 1944); early British and Welsh history; Christopher Dawson [1970]; a commentary by Alun Jones on 'these pieces of mine' (the sleeve notes for the record in the 'Poets of Wales' series of David Jones reading selections of his work?); and the situation of the arts in modern civilization (1972); the inscription made by him and presented to Sir Thomas Parry-Williams by the Hon. Society of Cymmrodorion in 1967; a short questionnaire concerning Wales and the First World War (see The London Welshman, December 1964, pp. 3-4); and the 'Letter from David Jones' published in Poetry Wales, David Jones Special Number, vol. 8, no. 3 (Winter 1972), pp. 5-9. There are a number of drafts of a letter to Gwynfor Evans congratulating him on his electoral victory at Carmarthen in 1966.

Llythyrau gwleidyddol Richard E. Huws

  • NLW ex 1974
  • File
  • 1966-1975

Llythyrau, 1966-75, at Richard E. Huws yn ymwneud yn bennaf â'i waith fel is-gadeirydd cangen ieuenctid Plaid Cymru Caerfyrddin, ac fel trefnydd cangen tref Caerfyrddin yn ystod Etholiad Cyffredinol 1970, yn trafod materion yn ymwneud â Phlaid Cymru, arwyddion dwyieithog ac ymgyrch Etholiad Cyffredinol 1970. Ymhlith y gohebwyr y mae Gwynfor Evans AS, D. Cyril Jones, Peter Hughes Griffiths, Dafydd Iwan, Geraint Howells AS, Ffred Ffransis, Owen Edwards, Islwyn Ffowc Elis, Donald Stewart AS, Elystan Morgan AS, Dafydd Elis Thomas AS, Emlyn Hooson AS, Dafydd Williams ac Elwyn Roberts. Ceir hefyd doriadau papur newydd, araith forwynol Gwynfor Evans yn Hansard, 1966, a'i daflen etholiadol yn 1970.

Huws, Richard E. (Richard Eynon), 1948-

Papurau Cyril Jones.

  • NLW ex 2190
  • File
  • 1963-1966, 1970

Pedair cyfrol, ac un eitem, c.1963-1966 a 1970, a grynhowyd gan D. Cyril Jones, yn ei swydd fel cyn Asiant Etholiadol Gwynfor Evans, yn etholaeth Caerfyrddin.

Jones, D. Cyril

Papurau J. Gwyn Griffiths

  • NLW ex 2337
  • file
  • 1948-1982

Papurau, 1948-1982, a gasglwyd ynghyd gan yr Athro J. Gwyn Griffiths, y mwyfarif yn lythyron yn ymwneud â chyhoeddiad a olygwyd ganddo ar D. J. Williams, Abergwaun. Mae'r gohebwyr yn cynnwys Kate Roberts, Saunders Lewis, Lewis Valentine, D. Gwenallt Jones, Gwynfor Evans, Aneirin Talfan Davies a Bobi Jones. Mae'r ffeil hefyd yn cynnwys papurau yn ymwneud â Phlaid Cymru, gan gynnwys llyfr cofnodion, 1948-1958, Cangen Abertawe o'r Blaid, a phapurau amrywiol eraill.

Griffiths, John Gwyn

Scripts for the radio programme 'in Britain Now'

File comprises scripts fr Patrick Hanna's contributions to a BBC Radio 4 programme entitled 'In Britain Now', where journalists from the 'regions' of the UK spoke on various topics . The topics covered by Patrick Hannan from Wales included devolution, Gwynfor Evans, the coal industry, miners' strikes, the clean up after coal, Plaid Cymru, Wales as a nation, the European Economic Community (EEC) and industrial illnesses notably pneumoconiosis. The file also contains typed transcripts of the programme which include contributions from correspondents in other parts of the UK.

Llythyrau D-E

Ymhlith y gohebwyr amlycaf mae J. E. Daniel (3), W. Ll. Davies (7), T. Charles Edwards (7), D. Simon Evans (9), E. Lewis Evans (10), E. Vincent Evans (5), Gwynfor Evans (3) a Robert Evans ('Cybi').

Achos 1941

Gohebiaeth, 1939-1942, yn ymwneud ag achos Iorwerth Peate yn wrthwynebydd cydwybodol, yn cynnwys llythyrau gan Idris Bell (8); E. N. Bennett (2); Henry Bird; E. G. Bowen; Aneirin Talfan Davies (7); Clement Davies (llythyr at Robert Evans, Llanbrynmair); George M. Ll. Davies (9); Ithel Davies; Leonard Twiston Davies (17); Pennar Davies; Walter Dowding (3); Ifan ab Owen Edwards; T. I. Ellis (7); D. Owen Evans (9); Gwynfor Evans (2); Robert Evans, Llanbrynmair (5, ynghyd â dau lythyr ato gan Clement Davies); H. J. Fleure (10); R. L. Gapper; David Lloyd George; William George (3); Charles Green (3); Ll. Wyn Griffith (7); J. Gwyn Griffiths; Jim Griffiths (6); W. J. Gruffydd; W. F. Grimes (3); I. D. Hooson; D. R. Hughes (3); J. G. Moelwyn Hughes (4); Ronw Moelwyn Hughes (8, yn eu plith mae dau lythyr at 'Mr Jones'); Harold A. Hyde (3); Norah Isaac; R. T. Jenkins (3); William John (3); E. K. Jones (5, ynghyd â thorion o'r wasg yn trafod yr achos); E. P. Jones (19, yn eu plith mae llythyrau gan Jim Griffiths a John Harries (Irlwyn)); Frank Price Jones (4); Gwilym R. Jones; T. Gwynn Jones (3); David Lewis (8); Elena Puw Morgan; Herbert Morgan (2); John Morgan (2); Frank Murphy (2); J. Middleton Murry (2); T. E. Nicholas (10); R. G. Owen (4); R. Williams Parry; Tom Parry (8); T. K. Penniman (28); D. O. Roberts (4); Evan Roberts (10); Hywel D. Roberts; R. U. Sayce (2); Alf Sommerfelt (2); Ben Bowen Thomas (5); Herbert M. Vaughan (2); D. J. Williams (4); Ifor Williams (3); J. L. C. Cecil-Williams (9); a Morris T. Williams. -- Yn ogystal, mae'r ffeil yn cynnwys papurau amrywiol yn ymwneud â'r achos yn cynnwys llythyrau gan Cyril Fox (20); cefnogaeth i achos Iorwerth Peate gan amryw unigolion a sefydliadau, yn eu plith tystlythyrau gan Leonard Twiston-Davies, W. J. Gruffydd a George M. Ll. Davies; datganiadau gan Iorwerth Peate; a deunydd printiedig.

Bell, H. Idris (Harold Idris), Sir, b. 1879

Gohebiaeth gyffredinol

Llythyrau, 1915-1977, at Elizabeth Williams, nifer yn ymwneud â G. J. Williams a chyhoeddi ei waith; capel Bethesda'r Fro; dyfodol yr iaith Gymraeg; Undeb Cymru Fydd a Phlaid Cymru. Ymhlith y gohebwyr amlycaf mae Glyn Ashton, Rachel Bromwich (2), D. Simon Evans (4), Aneirin Talfan Davies, Cassie Davies, Rachel Ellenborough (21, ynghyd â pheth o'i gwaith dan yr enw Rachel Law, a gwybodaeth yngŷn ag achau'r teulu (Iolo Morganwg)), Gwynfor Evans (2), Raymond Gower, Bedwyr Lewis Jones (2), Bobi Jones (2), D. Gwenallt Jones (3; ac 1 oddi wrth Nel Gwenallt ar farwolaeth ei gŵr), E. D. Jones (6), Ceri Lewis, Saunders Lewis (3; un oddi wrtho at ei wraig, Margaret, pan oedd yn y carchar; a 3 oddi wrth Margaret at Elizabeth Williams; ac 1 llythyr, 1931, at Saunders Lewis oddi wrth J. Alun Pugh), Timothy Lewis (2), T. J. Morgan, Rhys Nicholas, Iorwerth Peate, Eurys Rowlands, R. J. Thomas (6), a D. J. Williams (6).

Llythyrau amrywiol: 1933-1953 a 1970

Llythyrau, 1933-1953 a 1970, a gyfeiriwyd at Iorwerth Peate yn yr Adran Ddiwylliant Gwerin, gan gynnwys rhai oddi wrth Alun Oldfield Davies; J. Glyn Davies; Nan Davies (3); D. Owen Evans; Gwynfor Evans (4); J. C. Wynne Finch; R. M. Fleming (2); Ll. Wyn Griffith; W. J. Gruffydd; D. R. Hughes (22); E. K. Jones; Gwilym R. Jones (3); Sam Jones (8); Ceri Lewis; R. Hopkin Morris (2); J. Dyfnallt Owen (3); Tom Parry (4); Ffransis G. Payne; T. K. Penniman; John Petts; Stewart Sanderson; J. Oliver Stephens; John Summerson; J. B. Willans; ac Ifor Williams. Yn eu plith ceir ymholiadau yn ymwneud â diwylliant gwerin a llythyrau ynghylch gweithiau Iorwerth Peate, megis Hen Gapel Llanbrynmair 1739-1939 (Llandysul, 1939), a Diwylliant gwerin Cymru (Lerpwl, 1942).

Oldfield-Davies, Alun, 1905-1988

Llythyrau D-F

Llythyrau oddi wrth Alun Oldfield Davies, Clement Davies, Ellis Davies, Pennar Davies, Rhys J. Davies, W. Anthony Davies, W. D. Davies, P[aul] Diverres, T. I. Ellis, Arthur Evans, Emrys Evans, Gwynfor Evans, Robert Evans, Cybi, Alun Oldfield Davies a Maxwell Fraser, 1934-1964.

Davies, Clement, 1884-1962

Llythyrau Evans (GJ-JH)

Llythyrau, [1930]-[1969], gan gynnwys rhai oddi wrth George Ewart Evans (3), Gwynfor Evans (140) ac Ifor L. Evans (2). Yn y llythyrau oddi wrth Gwynfor Evans, 1942-1969, trafodir etholiadau, cyfarfodydd Plaid Cymru, a sefyllfa'r Blaid yn Sir Benfro. Adroddir am ei fywyd cyhoeddus yn darlithio i gymdeithasau a cheir cyfeiriadau at waith llenyddol D. J. Williams.

Evans, George Ewart

Llythyrau cyffredinol

Llythyrau, [1955]-2003. Ymhlith y gohebwyr mae Kitty Idwal Jones yn nodi achau teulu Plas Penucha (Syr John Herbert Lewis) mewn gwahanlith o erthygl 'Cywydd gan Thomas Jones, Dinbych' gan Saunders Lewis o'r Llenor, Hydref 1933, a anfonodd ati yn 1955, Bedwyr Lewis Jones, Derec Llwyd Morgan, Gwynfor Evans, George Noakes, Daniel Evans, Islwyn [Ffowc Elis], W. R. P. George (2), Alan Llwyd, Hywel Teifi [Edwards] a Gwilym Humphreys. Y mae'r llythyr a ddyddiwyd yn 2003 oddi wrth Dewi [James] wedi'i gyfeirio at [R.] Brinley [Jones] ac yn ymwneud â'r grŵp o lythyrau oddi wrth Saunders Lewis.

Jones, Kitty Idwal, 1898-1984

Llythyrau E

Llythyrau, 1926-1982, gan gynnwys rhai oddi wrth Alun R. Edwards; J. M. Edwards; W. J. Edwards; Islwyn Ffowc Elis (5, yn cynnwys ei feirniadaeth ar gyfer cystadleuaeth y Fedal Ryddiaith, 1965); Mari Ellis; Osian Ellis; Sam Ellis (16); Sigurd Erixon; Huw Ethall (3); A. W. Wade-Evans (12); Emlyn Evans; George Ewart Evans (164); Gwynfor Evans (8); a Meredydd Evans (3).

Edwards, Alun R. (Alun Roderick), 1919-1986

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