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Zelter, Carl Friedrich, 1758-1832.
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A composite volume of manuscript and printed music. The manuscript portion, compiled during the first half of the nineteenth century, comprises dances, airs, etc., of which the titles are 'Ruth' by Miss Davies ('E. L. C. Aug. 1840'), 'Canzonetta Veneziana' by Gio. Batta. Perucchini, 'Death Song of the Cherokee Indian', 'Hopswaltze' by [ ] Meyer, 'Lady Bruce' by [ ] Weippert, 'Waltz', 'Christmas Carol' ('Russian Air'), 'Geschwind Walzer', 'Walzer', 'Cottillon', 'Mary Anne's Waltz', 'Modinha', 'When thro' Life . . .' by R. Broadley, 'When forc'd to part . . .' [by R. Broadley], 'Air for the Harp' by James Meyer, senior, 'Serch Hudol', 'Venetian Rondo', ‘'Welsh [air]', 'Lesson' by [ ] Meyer, 'Breuddwyd y Frenhines', 'Brave Jonathan his bow ne'er drew' ('Oratorio of Saul' by Handel), 'Waltz' by [Ludwig van] Beethoven, 'Mazurka', 'Paul Garat', 'Waltz' by [Wolfgang Amadeus] Mozart, 'Wálecná, Pjsen pro Ceskau obranu', 'Pedal March' ('in imitation of a band marching thro' a town'), 'Imogen', 'Waltz', 'Slingsby' s Allemande', 'Lady Sutherland's reel' ('M[ary] T[hereza] T[albot]'), 'The Perthshire Hunt', 'The College Hornpipe', 'Garthland's Strathspey', 'The Tank', 'Mrs. McLeod of Raza', 'Awake my soul . . .', 'The Cosack', 'The Villagers', 'Danse A la Cosaque', 'Miss Flora Steibelt', 'The retreat', 'General Graham's Victory', 'Over the sunny hills I stray . . .', 'La Terza ', 'Bradalbaine's farewell to Ireland', 'The Broom of ?Cowden Brown', 'Prussian Waltz', 'An Irish Air', 'My Grandmothers hop', 'Diniweudruydd Colomen', 'A Welsh Air' ('Planxty Jane'), 'Lesson' (3), 'African Song', 'Waltz', 'Ecossaizer Waltz', 'The Rose of Aberdeen', 'Chartreuse', 'The Glen of Gorbaul', 'The Pampluna Waltz', 'Austrian Military Waltz', 'Albanian Waltz', 'Montpellier Waltz', 'Alpine Waltz', 'Slow March', 'Quick March', 'Louise', 'Elisabeth', 'March. Musquetier Regiment' by [ ] von ?Koslov, 'The Stormont Lads', 'Kin[?g] Caldrums reel', 'Prince of Saxe Coburg's March' (1814), 'Waltz', 'La Perle' by Princess Charlotte [Augusta ] (2); 'Le Sentiment' by P[rinces]s Charlotte], 'Mother Shipton', 'Moll in the Wad', 'Sweedish Waltz', 'L'Anacreon', 'Pipe de Tabac', 'Minuet in Don Giovanni', 'Albanian Waltz','Mazurka' (2), 'Ffoliad Llantrissant', 'Modinha ' ('Portuguese'),'Mazurka', ('Jane's) Mazurka', 'Rondo', 'Thro' the wood Laddie', 'Prince of Waterloo', 'Carron Side', 'Minuet to the Overture to Sampson' by [George Frederic] Handel, 'Sound an Alarm' by Handel, 'Bonnie wee thing', 'St. Patrick's day in the morning with Vars.', 'Rheinweinlied ', 'Kathleen O'More' ('Irish Air'), 'Waltz', 'in Ballet of Figaro', 'Waltz 4th' by [ ] Manson, 'Rushing' ('Irish Boat Song'), 'Cornish Waltz' ('Copied C. M.'), 'Cornet Waltz', 'Leipsic Waltz', 'Waltz', 'Lough Sheeling ' ('Copied'. 'Irish'), 'Tune. Within this Village lives a maid' ('Copied'. 'Irish'), 'Rant des Vaches', etc. The printed collections are Anton Diabelli: 'Euterpe eine Reihe moderner and vorzüglich beliebter Tonstücke . . . (Wien, n.d.), Albert [Gottlieb] Methfessel: Sechs Lieder . . . ( Leipzig, n.d.), and [Carl Friedrich] Zelter: Lieder, Balladen and Romanzen . . . 2 Hefte (Berlin, n.d.). Bound into the volume at the beginning is an incomplete list of the manuscript music.