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Thomas, Irene E., 1930-
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Correspondence: 1982-1986,

Includes letters from A. G. Prys-Jones (6, including poems); Harriet Zinnes (including poems); Roger Conover (3); Talat Halman; Michael J. Collins (3); Joseph Clancy (including a poem); Jean Earle (3); Sylvia Kantaris (4); Angela Morton (14, including poems); Greg Hill (2); Lesley Grant-Adamson (7); Roger Garfitt; Anne Stevenson (10, including a poem); Paul Hyland (7); Jane A. Wight; Tom Rawling (2); Irene E. Thomas (11); Meic Stephens (2); Jeremy Hooker (5); Huw Jones; Meredydd Evans; Michael Horovitz (11); Fay Godwin (4); Roland Mathias (3); Joyce Herbert; Berenice Moore (5); Thomas Owen Clancy (4, including a poem); R. S. Thomas (4); Donald Swann (3); Tony Curtis (2); Christine Evans (7, including poems); Glenda Beagan (5, including a poem); Sue Moules (12); John Tripp; John Latham (3); Carole Satyamurti (2); Gloria Evans Davies (2, enclosing poems); Gwyn Parry (5); and Chris Bendon (2).

Prys-Jones, A. G. (Arthur Glyn)

Correspondence: 1986-1990,

Includes letters from Douglas Houston; Sylvia Kantaris (2); Angela Morton (5, including poems); Lesley Grant-Adamson (3); Irene E. Thomas (4); Michael Horovitz (4); Sue Stewart; Berenice Moore (4, including a poem); Meic Stephens; Ian M. Emberson; Anne Stevenson (6); Gwyn Parry (9); Sue Moules (6); Ann Vaughan-Williams (3); Christine Evans (4); Liz Cashdan; Chris Bendon; Jeremy Hooker (2); Bill Headdon; Robert Minhinnick; Maggie Holmes (2); Nigel Forde (3); Liz Ashurst (including poems); Berlie Doherty (5, enclosing poem); Enid Luff; Gloria Evans Davies (3); John Sewell; Harold Fawkner (2); Julia Bell (enclosing poem); Glenda Beagan; Caryl Davies (2); Maura Dooley (2); Arnt Lykke Jakobsen; Jane Esson; Terry Gifford (enclosing a poem); David Dabydeen; Sally Roberts Jones; Hugo Williams (2); Joseph Clancy; Kyffin Williams; Jean Earle (2); Sian James (2); and Candyce Clayton.

Kantaris, Sylvia.

Correspondence: 1989-1991,

Includes letters from Betty Mulcahy (2); Mavis Carter (6); Robert Minhinnick; Gwyn Parry (11, including a poem); Shelagh Hourahane (2); Berlie Doherty (3); Christine Evans (2); Mary Oldham; Lesley Grant-Adamson (4); Candyce Clayton (2); Berenice Moore (3); Cary Archard; Irene E. Thomas; Angela Morton (6, including a poem); Howard Bowcott; Anna Jauncey (3); Julia Bell; Moelwyn Merchant (2); Cora Greenhill; Alison Leonard (including a poem); Michael Horovitz; Maggie Hannan (including poems); Myra Schneider (including a poem); Gerard Casey; Gwyn O. Jones (2); Bill Headdon; Tony Curtis (copy); T. A. Owen (2); Roland Mathias (2); Glyn Jones (2); Eric Alexander (enclosing poems); Maurice Rutherford (3); Michael Holroyd (2); Roger Garfitt; Enid Luff; Meic Stephens; Carys Bell; Kate Foley; and Jeremy Hooker.

Correspondence: 1991-1996,

Includes letters from Lesley Grant-Adamson (2, including a poem); Irene E. Thomas (2); Mavis Carter (6); Dennis Carter; Gwyn Parry (4); Tony Bianchi; Peter Weevers; Sally Roberts Jones (2); Judith Thwaite (11, including a poem); David Harries; Michael Rosen; Candyce Clayton; Nigel Jenkins (2); Kate Foley (4); Anne Stevenson; Christine Evans (2); Chris Kinsey; Maura Dooley (4); Menna Elfyn; Roger Garfitt (3); Joseph Clancy (including poem); Beryl Hamilton (Berenice Moore); Linda Martin; Julia Griffiths Jones (3); Maurice Rutherford (3); Ruth Bidgood; Dannie Abse (3); Enid Luff; and Mary Oldham.