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Gwern-y-Pant Manuscripts, English
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Miscellaneous correspondence,

Miscellaneous holograph correspondence including six letters (as per address or by inference) to T[homas] G[riffiths] Jones ('Cyffin'), Llansantffraid, co. Montgomery, from [John Griffith] 'Gohebydd', Llangollen, 1871 (a proposed visit to the Houses of Parliament by recipient), [John Jones] 'Idris Vychan', Manchester, [18]78 (? a reply to a query re Quakers of the Dolgellau district), [Owen Wynne Jones] 'Glasynys', undated (the writer's poem 'Myrddin Wyllt', matters relating to the Eisteddfod) (incomplete), Henry Stanley Newman, Leominster, [18]82 (? Quaker schools at Penketh and Sidcot, the writer's interest in a new edition of Richard Davies [: An account of the convincement . . . of . . . Richard Davies], his library of 'old Friends Books', an invitation to pay a visit), [John Thomas] 'Eifionydd', Caerynarfon, [18]84 (an invitation to recipient to write an article on [the Reverend Robert Jones, cleric and author, of] Rotherhithe for Y Geninen), and John Thomas ('Pencerdd Gwalia'), London, [18]65 (a request by recipient to use Welsh melodies in the writer's collection); and letters from Alexander] B[alloch] Grosart, Blackburn, to Mr. Jones [?the recipient of the six preceding letters], 1881 (he could not part with the tractate recipient had written about, his 'very large collection of Vavasour Powell's books and related tractates', he was 'rapidly nearing a complete collection of the 2000 Ejected's works'), Tho[ma]s Jones, Cof[iadu]r C[ymdeithas y] G[wyneddigion ], London, to Walter Davies ['Gwallter Mechain'], Llanfechain, Montgomeryshire, 1791 (replying to recipient's letter to the Gwyneddigion Society re the Eisteddfod, the publication of recipient's essay on 'Rhyddid' ('Freedom'), addressing recipient in verse), John Roberts, Carnarvon, to Morgan Davies, 1847 (personal), and D[avid] Thomas ['Dafydd Ddu Eryri'], Dolydd, to [ ], 1814 (two prize essays on agriculture translated by the writer for the Agricultural Society of Anglesey, a Welsh ode on agriculture composed by the writer and 'inscribed' to the said society, proposals to publish the ode, the style of the language of S[eren] Gomer, the death of Thomas Williams ('Twm Pedrog')).


An imperfect, composite volume (pp. 33-86, two imperfect, unnumbered leaves, pp. 93-146, with p. 72 blank) containing transcripts of Welsh strict-metre verse, mostly in the form of 'cywyddau', by Tudur Aled, William Phylip, Siôn Phylip, Siôn Dafydd Siencin, David ap Gwilim, Owen Gwynedd, William Lleyn, Evan Tew (1590), Ellis Rowland, Tomas Prys ('o Blas Iolyn'), Dafydd ddu ('o hiraddig'), Morys Thomas Howel, Siôn Tudur ('Swyddog Yn perthun i Esgobeth Llan Elwau'), Roger Cyffin, Gwerfil Mechain, Evan ap R. ap Llewellyn, Gutto'r Glyn, Gruffydd Owen, Edward Vrien, Edward ap Rhus, Rhys Cain, Ierwerth Fynglwyd, Rhees ap Ednyfed, Rhydderch ab Evan Llwyd ('Meisdr o ddysg'), Doctor John Cent, Sir David Trefor, Dafydd Evan ab Owen, Dafydd Nanmor, and Gryffydd Gryg. The greater part of the volume was probably transcribed by the Evan William whose name, in his own hand, appears on pp. 62, 83 (1775), and 121. 'Evan Williams, Gardener', referred to in the margin of p. 63 as the owner of the volume in 1779, is possibly the same person.

Evan William.

Eglvryn Phraethineb,

A volume containing a transcript, in modernised orthography and with some omissions, of Henry Perri: Eglvryn Phraethineb sebh Dosparth ar Retoreg . . (Lhundain, 1595). A note at the foot of p. 124 reads 'y Copi hwn a sgrifennwyd allan o'r Copi printiedig Awst 3dd 1772'.

Llythyrau, barddoniaeth, etc.,

Miscellaneous items including holograph letters and notes (? some incomplete) from Rob[er]t Davies ['Bardd Nantglyn'] to Morgan Davies, Nannau, Merionethshire, 1826 (the parliamentary election for the ?borough of Denbigh, enclosing a series of nine 'englynion' on the said election), W. Jones, Stockwell, to Morgan Davies [?the same as in the preceding letter] at Sir Rob[er]t W[illia]m Vaughan, M.P., London, 1812 (enclosing a copy of verses entitled 'Cerdd Miss Forgans fawr o Blas y Coed' by J[ohn] Jones, [Jack] Glan y Gors), W. Jones to Evan Lewis, Dolgellau [1825] ( enclosing 'englynion' in memory of the Reverend R[ichard] Hughes, rector of Dolgellau), D[avid] Thomas ['Dafydd Ddu Eryri'] from Waunfawr and Llandwrog school, to Morgan Dafydd, Lady Williams's footman, Nannau [see the first two letters above], 1808 (the epitaph of Edward Jones, servant of Paul Panton of Plas Gwyn, Anglesey, and Bagillt, co. Flint), and ? to a recipient at Nannau, 1817 ('englynion' on the tombstone of a young man who died at Llanrwst, 1817), and [John Thomas] 'Eifionydd' to [ ], [18]87 (a promise to send recipient a booklet on Caernarvon Castle, thanks for a copy of a poem by Lewis Moris, the writer's wish to borrow the text of a talk on Llanrhaiadr by [Robert Ellis] 'Cynddelw', and any other manuscripts in recipient's possession); holograph copies or transcripts of Welsh poems in strict and free metres, some unattributed and some by Lewis Moris ['Llewelyn Ddu o Fôn'], William Jeffreys ('Gwilym Ffraid'), Dafydd Thomas [?'Dafydd Ddu Eryri'], ?Robert Davies ('Bardd Nantglyn'), and [John Cain Jones] 'Siôn Cain alias Siôn Ceiriog', the titles including the following - 'Englynion i Samuel Jones, Adarwr i Syr Robt. W. Fychan o Nannau . . .', 'I anerch Morgan Dafydd, Clochydd Llanelltyd', 'Englynion i gell gymysg y Parch. Roger Cloug[h]', and 'Glan Geirionydd'; holograph copies or transcripts of English poems including poems entitled 'To Wales' (by W. P., Llanfyllin, 1821), 'Thoughts suggested by the wonderful Contrast and variety Exhibited in the works of Nature throughout the principality (of Wales) and Especially in the vicinity of Snowdon' (by T. W. S., 1813), 'Lines Supposed to have been written by . . . Lieut. R. S. Gamage after his Condemnation', and 'Ye Petition of ye court-martial of Admiral Byng'; and a copy of an English carol by Walter Davies [? 'Gwallter Mechain'] headed 'Carol Plygen ar Ffarwel Ned Puw yn Saesoneg'.


An imperfect volume containing transcripts in various hands of Welsh poems in free metres ('cerddi', 'carolau', etc.) and a few 'englynion'. The free-metre verse includes poems (some incomplete) by ? Arthur Jones, Tho[ma]s Edwards ('Twm o'r Nant'), John Rhees, Huw Jones (Llangwn) (sic), Walter Davies [?'Gwallter Mechain'], Daniel Jones (o Rywabon), Rob[er]t Evans (Myvod), ?Humphrey Jones (o Benybont, Llanychy[m] rys), John Gryffudd y Masiwn, and Jonathan Huges (sic). The titles include 'Cerdd o hanes un Ambros Gwinet . . .', 'Cerdd . . . I ofyn côt Dros Robert Moris o Blwy Llansilin gan Mr. Sam[ue]l Deverox o Barc Llwydiarth', 'Cerdd . . . i ofun Clos Gan Ddavudd Richerts o Bentre Beirth Dros Ddavudd Jones o Llanvechen', and 'Cerdd o Ganmoliaeth i Walter Davies o Lanvechen am garol Plygen a wnaeth . . . 1787 . . . a ddadcaned gan Humphrey Jones o Benybont, Llanychy[m]rys, ddydd Nadolig mewn Tair o Eglwyswydd'.


An imperfect volume containing transcripts of miscellaneous Welsh and two English poems. The Welsh poems include free- metre verse by Henry Humphreys (Llansilin), John Williams (o Ddymbych), John Cain alias Siôn Ceiriog, Ellis Roberts (o Landdoged), Thomas Edwards ( o'r Nant), David Thomas ['Dafydd Ddu Eryri'] (o sir Gaernarfon), Jonathan Hughes (Pengwern, Llangollen), Walter Davies, Will[ia]m Jones (Llannerchrigog), Daniel Owens (Llannerchrigog), and Humphrey Jones; and 'englymon' by D[avid] Thomas ['Dafydd Ddu Eryri'] and Rob[er]t Williams ['Robert ap Gwilym Ddu'] (Bettws Fawr). The titles include 'Cerdd I annerch Mr. Edward Bennion, Meddyg a Physygwr', 'Pennill a wnaid i Rich[ar]d Midllton Iengaf o Gastell y Wain dyfod i Dref Dinbech, Medi 9, 1776', and 'Cerdd o fawl I Gwn Hela Perchedig Esqr. Mytton o'r Garth'. There is a table of contents at the beginning of the volume (p. i), and this indicates that the 'englynion' by David Thomas and Robert Williams are later insertions.


A composite volume containing transcripts of miscellaneous Welsh poems, some incomplete, in free and strict metre. The original, brown, paper cover is inscribed 'Amryw Gerddi, Cywyddau, Awdlau, &c., o waith y Beirdd. Date 1766', and the contents include free-metre verse ('cerddi', etc.) by 'Brys Bras Brwnt', Robert Williams, Robert Roberts, Dafydd y prydydd Hir (o Lan fair Talhauarn), Maurice ab Robert, Evan Ellis, John Cadwaladr, Hugh Jones (Llangwm), Rouland Jones (? of Pandy, Llanuwchllyn), Rees Jones, and Thomas Edwards; 'cywyddau' by Rice Jones, Edwart Rouland, Griffith Philip, Thomas Prys, Lewis Morice, Richard Phylip, Hugh Lloyd Cynfel, 'Y Cardwr Du', Dafydd ab Gwilim, Siôn Tyddur, Ellis Rowland, John Dafis, Morys Dwyferch (sic), and Richard Edwards; and 'englynion' by Hugh Jones (o Langwm).

Barddoniaeth John Williams, Dolgellau,

A volume described on f. 1 as 'Llyfur O gwyddau (sic) ag awdlau Ag Englynion Diwiol a Dyfysionol O waith John Williams [?'loan Rhagfyr'], Hetiwr o Ddolgelley'. The contents consist of Welsh poems, 1763-1764 and undated, by the said John Williams, all the compositions except one being in strict metre. In addition to the religious and devotional poems referred to in the superscription on f. 1 there are several poems of a secular nature including 'Cywydd I ofyn Coat I Mr. Edward Roberts o Hendre'r Coed Tros Ellis Pritchard', 'Molad Meirion ', 'Englyn I Gastell Harlech', 'Cywydd I annerch John Richard, Bardd Ieuangc yn Nyffryn Ardudwy', 'Cywydd I ofyn Coed Gwydd I Mr. Dafydd Lewis o fron wion Tros Robart y Panwr', and 'Cywydd I Annerch Ellis Roberts o Lanrwst'.

Evan William.


An imperfect volume containing an incomplete copy of a transcript (1786) by Rees Lloyd of an interlude which, in a note at the end of the volume, is attributed to Hugh Jones [poet and editor] of Llangwm [co. Denbigh]. The first few pages of Lloyd's transcript [?containing the title- page and a section of the prologue] are missing, but this defect has been partly remedied by the insertion at the beginning of the volume of two loose leaves, in a different hand, containing what appears to be a transcript of part of the missing introductory portion. The chief characters in the drama are Pandosto, king of Bohemia, Belaria, wife of Pandosto, Eigistus, king of Sicily, and Prince Dorastus, son of Eigistus.

Rees Lloyd.

Gwern-y-Pant Manuscripts,

  • NLW MSS 12865-12873.
  • Fonds
  • [1750x1900].

A collection consisting of manuscript items from the library of the vendor's husband, Thomas Griffiths Jones, and including letters addressed to his father, also named Thomas Griffiths Jones ('Cyffin'), and literary manuscripts which, in all probability, had been acquired Thomas Griffiths Jones, senior.

Griffiths Jones, Thomas, 1872-1937