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Herbert, Francis Manuscript possibly in hand of, NLW MS 5297E Cognition NLW MS 5298E
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Of Knowledge and the Power Cognitive

'Of Knowledge and the Power Cognitive in G[ene]rall', Chapters I-XII (unfinished), possibly in the hand of Francis Herbert.
Mario Rossi in 'Alli fonti del materialismo a del deismo' (194[?4]) shows that this work is a redaction of a portion of 'Thomas Hobbes: De Corpore', 1655. Rossi holds that the redaction was made by Edward, first lord Herbert of Cherbury, probably between 1637 and 1640. If this is so, the manuscript gives us an early draft of a part of Hobbes's De Corpore.

Herbert of Cherbury, Edward Herbert, Baron, 1583-1648