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Newport estate


  • 1801-1958 (Creation)

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430 bundles, 259 volumes, 62 folders, 45 items, 6 files, 4 envelopes (plus ANB and ANS 2 to come).

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The Newport estate started life as the Tredegar Wharf Company (TWC), created in 1807 by a deed of partnership and a 99 year lease. A copy of the deed, with an extent of the original estate is engrossed at the front of the TWC minute book (ANP /1).

The estate comprised the Tredegar premises in a number of streets in Newport, together with wharves ('Dock Parade' until 1859) and some surrounding agricultural land for expansion (the accounts include TWC stock brought to market every year until 1874). The TWC later changed its name to the Tredegar Wharf estate.

The expiry of the 1807 lease provided the opportunity for a re-organisation of the Tredegar estate in Newport. In 1906 the Tredegar Wharf estate, the Newport ground rent and the Newport rack rent accounts were merged to create a Newport rents audit. Between 1906 and 1918 a balance was struck in the audit book at the end of each year, with the agent in account with 'The Tredegar Estate (Newport Rents Department)'. A balance was also struck in 1919, but the totals were forwarded to the Monmouthshire town estate balance for that year. From 1920 onwards, no balance was struck at the end of the Newport Rents settled accounts books, and the totals of income and expenditure were transferred to the Monmouthshire town estate audit books. It can therefore be said that Newport Rents was a separate estate between 1906 and 1918, but was merely an element of the Monmouthshire town estate from 1919. However, despite the loss of its independence, there is no difference between the pre-1918 and post-1918 Newport records. They have therefore been kept together. The audit books continue to 1953.

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The Newport estate management records comprise surveys, reports and related papers, 1842-1958 (ANS), letting records, 1801-1954 (ANL); rentals, accounts and other financial records, 1807-1954 (ANA); correspondence, 1848-1944 (ANC); buying and selling property, 1845-1929 (ANB), and miscellaneous papers, 1807-1908 (ANV).

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