Typhus fever -- Scotland -- Glasgow



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Typhus fever -- Scotland -- Glasgow

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Typhus fever -- Scotland -- Glasgow

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Typhus fever -- Scotland -- Glasgow

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One hundred and forty-six holograph letters, 1846-1847 and undated, written to A. C. Ramsay. The writers include D. T. Ansted (payment for the recipient's professional services to the corporation of Liverpool), Ann Aveline, Oatlands (William Aveline's eye trouble), J. T. Brown?, Berwick ( the writer's professional activities), R. Chambers, Edinburgh (raised beaches in Wales), C. C. Cookman [from Dolaucothi] (violets from Mrs. Johnes), J. Crombie, Edinburgh (a lecture to the Royal Institution, personal), John Crombie, Edinburgh (Dr. Arnott's lecture, the recipient's professorship, news of friends), Geo. Fossett, Aberystwyth (geological studies, an inspection of Cwm Ystwyth lead mine, personal), Eleanor Howden [ from Edinburgh and London] (personal, the writer's visit to France), Oliver Howden, Edin[burgh] (the writer's wedding), Elizabeth Johnes, Dolau Cothi (a search for gold on Gogofau, Glanyrannell sale, news of friends) ( with botanical specimens enclosed), 'Betha' Johnes (thanks for a book, the solution of a riddle, personal), D[avid] Landsborough, Saltcoats (the publication of the writer's 'Excursions to Arran'), Robert Mallet, Dublin ( observations on volcanic vents, earthquakes, etc.), B.? Marshall (an invitation to dinner), J. P. Nichol, Observatory [at Dowanhill], etc. ( astronomical maps and publications), Lyon Playfair (the publication of an article, personal), M. E. Playfair (an Admiralty report by Lyon Playfair, Jenny Lind's recitals in London, the recipient's professorship, Lyon Playfair's health), C. Puggaard, Bewdley, etc. (a geological tour of Wales, personal), E. Ramsay, his mother, Glasgow, etc. (family news, the writer's visit to Arran, the recipient's professorship, the business affairs of J. C. Ramsay), Eliza Ramsay, his sister, [Glasgow and] Edinburgh (personal, news of friends, the business affairs of J. C. Ramsay), J. C. Ramsay, Trinidad (the future of the writer's business, personal), W. Ramsay, Glasgow, etc. (the business affairs of J. C. Ramsay, the recipient's professorship, observations on a visit to the Highlands, the affairs of the North and South Wales Bank, the solution of a geological problem, Frank McGill's concert, a sewerage scheme for Edinburgh, news of friends), James Sharpe [from Glasgow] (business affairs, deaths from typhus fever in Glasgow, the recipient's professorship, news of friends), J. Trimmer, Dublin (the writer's work as inspector of relief committee in Cavan and Fermanagh), W. Walton, Bath (an invitation), Anna Maria Williams, Llandovery (family and local news, the recipient's professorship, a curacy for Steuart Williams, an offer of ℗Đ73,000 for a grove of oaks at Margam), 'Fanny' [Williams] (personal, the recipient's professorship, enclosing verses), W. R. Steuart Williams, Llandovery, etc. (the writer's ordination, the opening of Llandovery Grammar School, personal), John Wilson, Roy[al] Agric[ultural] Coll[ege], Cirencester (the progress of the College, the recipient's accident), and R. O. Wilson, London (an enquiry concerning Mr. Davys Harries, Neuaddfawr, Carmarthen). Some of the letters are addressed to the Geological Survey at Ludlow, at Bishops Castle, at Pen-y-bont (Radnorshire), and at Llanberis, and to the Museum of Economic Geology, Charing Cross, London.