World War, 1939-1945.



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World War, 1939-1945.

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World War, 1939-1945.

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World War, 1939-1945.

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Diaries of Geraint Dyfnallt Owen, comprising diary entries in Welsh, 9-23 January 1928, as an undergraduate student at Aberystwyth (MS 23325B); diaries, mainly in English, 8 February-3 December 1931, while at Oxford (MSS 23326B-23327A, the latter also including an account of a visit to Brittany, 23 July-7 September 1931); and diaries spanning the period spent as a Research Fellow of UCW, Aberystwyth, 1932-1936 (MSS 23328-23333A), and as a member of staff of the BBC in Cardiff and Swansea, 1937-1938 (MSS 23334-23336B) and London, 1940-1941 (MS 23337B). This last diary, written in Welsh, contains a commentary on the progress of the Second World War, including the background to certain events and forecasts concerning their outcome.

Geraint Dyfnallt Owen.

Gwilym Lewis : letters from Egypt,

  • NLW ex 2441.
  • File
  • 1943-1944.

A bundle of 55 letters, 1943-1944, written by the late Gwilym Lewis to his parents Mr and Mrs Richard Lewis, Blaenau Ffestiniog, whilst serving in the Armed Forces in England and Egypt during the Second World War. The earliest letters written from Cromer, Norfolk and Woolwich are in Welsh and his letters from the Middle East are all in English except for a reproduction of a letter which is written in Welsh. Also within the bundle is a postcard from London and a Christmas greetings card issued by H.M. Middle East Forces sent from Egypt.

Lewis, Gwilym, ?

Jonah Jones Papers,

  • GB 0210 JONJON
  • Fonds
  • 1946-2004.

Papers of, and relating to Jonah Jones, 1946-2004, including correspondence and papers associated with his artistic work, exhibitions and experiences during the Second World War.

Jones, Jonah.

Llythyrau at Glyn Evans, Tregaron,

  • NLW MS 23728D.
  • File
  • 1943-1980 /

Seventeen letters, 1943-1980, mostly in Welsh, to Glyn Evans (or Ifans), Tregaron, mainly concerned with matters of literary interest. The majority date from the period of Evans's war service as an RAF wireless operator in Ceylon.
The correspondents are Jennie Eirian Davies, 27 August 1979 (f. 1); D. R. Hughes, 1944-1946 (ff. 8, 12-14); R. Williams Parry, 1952 (ff. 15-19); Iorwerth C. Peate, 1943-1980 (ff. 20-22, 24-29); Kate Roberts, 17 October 1946 (ff. 30-31), and Mrs Elizabeth Williams, [c. 1974] (ff. 32-33). Also included is a manuscript draft of an article on Welsh secondary education submitted by Evans to Jennie Eirian Davies for publication in Y Faner, [1979] (ff. 2-7); a copy, [c. 1974], in the hand of Elizabeth Williams, of lecture notes by her husband, Prof. G. J. Williams, on the literary traditions of Cardiganshire (ff. 34-43); newspaper cuttings, [?1944]-[1945] (ff. 9, 23, English); and a programme for Community Hymn Singing in Cross Hands on 14 May 1944 (ff. 10-11, English).

Peate, Iorwerth Cyfeiliog, 1901-1982.

Miscellaneous papers,

Papers, [1958]-[1960]-[1999], including a Christmas card designed by Jonah Jones for Sir Osmond Williams of Borthwen, Minffordd; typescript of his article on John Petts for a proposed exhibition; an account 'The Bloodstone Ring' about an incident in crossing the Rhine in which he took part, 1999; memoirs 'Viva l'amore' about his time with the army in Palestine, 1945-1946; text of an address delivered by Brigadier James Hill (Commander of 3 Parachute Brigade) on the occasion of unveiling the plaque in memory of the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion at Bulford Garrison Church, 1997.


Notebook of Berta Ruck, Aberdyfi, September-December 1939, containing journal entries and comments on the progress of the war. Press cuttings relating to contemporary events, photographs and some forty-six letters and postcards, mostly personal, to the author have been pasted in.
The correspondents include her son Arthur Oliver, October-[November] 1939 (ff. 13-14, 16, 33 recto-verso, 42-44), Ménie Muriel FitzGerald, 2 October 1939 (f. 12 verso), Michael Joseph, October-November 1939 (ff. 12 verso, 40, 59 verso), Anthony Thorne, [1939] (f. 34), Horace Horsnell, 28 November 1939 (f. 59), Harold Nicolson, 21 November 1939 (f. 59a), and Osbert Sitwell, 28 November 1939 (f. 60 verso). There are numerous references in journal and letters to the marriages of both her sons, Arthur and Bill, in October 1939. Among the photographs are one of Ruck (inside front cover) and two of Bill Oliver (inside front cover, f. 36 verso).


Notebook of Berta Ruck, September 1943-January 1945, containing a few diary entries, mainly commenting on the war and on the progress of her writing, and pasted-in letters and cards to her, including one each from Sir Maurice Bowra and Emlyn Williams (f. 38 verso). Also pasted in are press cuttings relating to contemporary events, especially the progress of the war, and a few programmes for concerts and plays performed at Aberdyfi, 1942-1944.


Notebook of Berta Ruck, September 1939, recording her move from London to Aberdyfi, Merionethshire, at the outbreak of war and commenting on contemporary events. Press cuttings relating to the war and thirty-five letters and postcards to the author, August-September 1939, mainly from family and friends, have been pasted in.
The correspondents include Oliver Onions, discussing his own move to Aberdyfi, September 1939 (ff. 16 verso, 45, 47, 53 verso, 59, 60, 64), and Tony Thorne, 17 September 1939 (f. 67 verso). She records the engagements of both her sons (ff. 51, 65).


Notebook of Berta Ruck, December 1939-May 1940, containing journal entries, comments on the progress of the war and notes for fiction. Press cuttings relating to contemporary events, other ephemera and some sixty-nine letters, postcards and Christmas cards, mostly to the author, have been pasted in.
The correspondents include Oliver Onions, 25 December 1939 (f. 20), Arthur Oliver, December 1939-May 1940 (ff. 2b, 20 verso, 51, 57, 63-65 verso), Vicki Baum, 25 November 1939 (f. 2), Edith Heal, [December 1939] (ff. 2a, 20 verso), Anthony Thorne, December 1939, March 1940 (ff. 7 verso, 56 verso), Osbert Sitwell, Christmas [1939] (f. 19 verso), Ménie Muriel FitzGerald, [1939] (f. 22 verso), Naomi Jacob, [December 1939] (f. 26 verso), Alys Meirion, 29 December [1939] (f. 27), Lieut-Cmdr Bradwell T. Turner, [February 1940] (f. 47 verso), Alec Waugh, [December 1939] (f. 51 verso), Sir Kenneth Barnes, 4 April 1940 (f. 57 verso), and Horace Horsnell, 2 April 1940 (f. 58). One letter from 'Effie', [January 1940], discusses the state of Ménie Muriel FitzGerald's health (f. 35 verso). The press cuttings include several political cartoons relating to the war (ff. 39 verso, 52-53 verso).


Notebook of Berta Ruck, July 1941-April 1942, containing ideas for fiction, journal entries and comments on the progress of the war. Press cuttings relating to contemporary events and some sixty-six letters, cards, postcards and telegrams to the author, May 1940-April 1942, have been pasted in.
The correspondents include Anthony Thorne, July 1941-January 1942 (ff. 1 verso, 15 verso, 17 verso, 24, 39a), Hermon Ould, 25 July 1941 (f. 1 verso), Emlyn Williams, [1941] (f. 4 verso), Baron Atkin of Aberdovey, 20 November 1941 (f. 18 verso), Edith Heal, [Christmas 1941] (f. 33), Able Seaman E. J. Smith, HMS Cossack, 2 May 1940 (f. 36 verso), Alice Williams, 2 March [1942] (f. 38 verso), and Alec Waugh, 19 February 1942 (f. 47 verso). The journal includes a description of a visit to her sister's house in Llanfachreth, Merioneth, October 1941 (ff. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9).


Notebook of Berta Ruck, July 1940-June 1941, containing journal entries and comments on the progress of the war. Press cuttings relating to contemporary events, other ephemera and seventy-three letters, postcards and telegrams, May 1940-March 1941, mostly to the author, have been pasted in.
The correspondents include Michael Joseph, 12 July 1940 (f. 2), Harold Nicolson, 3 June 1940 (f. 2 verso), Helen Rees ('Jane Oliver'), 16 August 1940 (f. 10 verso), Robert Owen Morris, 19 August 1940 (f. 12 verso), Maurice Bowra, December 1940-February 1941 (ff. 26, 66 verso), Tony Thorne, August-September 1940 (ff. 32 verso, 35), Dolf Wyllarde, 27 November 1940 (f. 34 verso), Peter Wykeham-Barnes, [December 1940] (f. 35 verso), Alys Meirion, October-December 1940 (ff. 36 verso, 45 verso), Angela Thirkell, 8 November 1940 (f. 45), Edith Heal, 18 December 1940 (f. 47), Marda Vanne, November-December 1940 (ff. 50 verso-51), Bradwell T. Turner, 12 May 1940 (f. 53 verso), and Alec Waugh, 8 January 1941 (f. 54a-b). A photograph of Ruck is on f. 5 verso and there are pen drawings by her on ff. 10, 23. Press cuttings include political cartoons by David Low, from the Evening Standard (ff. 2 verso, 29 verso, 30 verso, 33 verso, 41, 46, 64 verso-65), and items relating to the deaths of John Llewelyn Rees (ff. 8 verso, 11, 68) and Amy Johnson (ff. 51 verso, 63 verso). Programmes for Christmas events in Aberdyfi and Tywyn, December 1940, are on ff. 38 verso and 48.


Notebook of Berta Ruck, May 1942-February 1943, containing notes for fiction, notably for the novels Bread and Grease Paint (London, 1943) (ff. 34-35 verso, 36 verso, 37 verso, 48 verso) and Shining Chance (London, 1944) (ff. 20-25, 28 recto-verso, 33 recto-verso, 37, 38, 39 verso, 40 verso-41 verso, 43-45), and journal entries and comments on the progress of the war (ff. 4-5, 6, 12-19 verso, 38 verso-39). Press cuttings relating to contemporary events and thirty-four letters, cards and telegrams to the author, April 1942-February 1943, have been pasted in.
The correspondents include William Lyon Phelps, 15 September 1942 (f. 5 verso), Osbert Sitwell, [December 1942?] (f. 9), Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies, [December 1942] (f. 9 verso), Edith Heal, [December 1942] (f. 11), Anthony Thorne, January-February [1943] (ff. 20a, 27, 51 verso), and Marie Stopes, [December] 1942 (f. 42 verso). There are numerous references to Oliver Onions' illness and hospitalization, January-February 1943 (ff. 12-19 verso). The volume includes a number of pen drawings by the author (ff. 19, 33, 36, 39 verso, 40 verso, 41 verso, 51). Some folios are stubs, containing fragments of text (ff. 26, 27, 29-32, 49-50, 52-53).

Wales at War; Wales in Our Time,

  • NLW ex 2458.
  • File
  • [2004]- 2005.

Copies of the original transcripts of interviews for the series 'Wales at War', 2005, produced by BBC Wales (arranged alphabetically in 3 large files), and transcripts of interviews for the series 'Wales in Our Time', [2004], on subjects including lifestyle, pop and politics, during the 40s-90s.

World War Two

The file consists of various printed and typescript materials, including a few press cuttings, 1944-1945, acquired by Eirene White. Most relate to the conclusion of hostilities and the signing of the peace treaties. They include the texts of broadcasts made and speeches delivered by politicians and public figure at this time.

Papurau Caradog a Mati Prichard,

  • GB 0210 CARADOG
  • fonds
  • 1921-1982 /

Mae grŵp 1983 yn cynnwys: dyddiaduron Caradog Prichard,1963-1980 (bylchog); gohebiaeth, yn cynnwys llythyrau, 1942-1946, oddi wrth Caradog at ei wraig Mati, tra'r roedd yn gwneud ei wasanaeth milwrol, llythyrau a negeseuon yn ei longyfarch ar ennill y Gadair yn Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Llanelli yn 1962, llythyrau amrywiol,1954-1979, a gyfeiriwyd at Caradog Prichard, llythyrau o gydymdeimlad a dderbyniwyd ar farwolaeth Caradog Prichard yn 1980 a phapurau eraill yn ymwneud â'i farwolaeth; copïau o'i farddoniaeth, yn cynnwys cyfieithiadau Saesneg o'r tair cerdd a enillodd y Goron i Caradog Prichard yn Eisteddfodau Cenedlaethol 1927, 1928 a 1929; dramâu a sgriptiau teledu a radio; gweithiau rhyddiaith ac anerchiadau a baratowyd gan Caradog Prichard, 1963-1977, yn cynnwys nifer heb ddyddiad; deunydd printiedig, 1921-1974, yn cynnwys llawer o dorion o'r wasg; papurau personol, yn cynnwys cyfrifon,1951-1981. Mae grŵp 1994 yn cynnwys: llythyrau, 1945, a ysgrifennodd Caradog Prichard at ei wraig Mati yn ystod ei gyfnod yn y fyddin yn New Delhi, llythyrau, 1946-1987, a anfonwyd at Mati Prichard, llythyrau, cardiau a thelegramau, 1940-1970, a anfonwyd at Caradog a Mati Prichard, cardiau post, 1929-1987, a anfonwyd at Caradog a Mati Prichard; cerddi, rhyddiaith ac anerchiadau yn bennaf gan Caradog Prichard; deunydd personol Caradog Prichard, 1927-1980; a deunydd personol ac amrywiol, 1926-1978, rhan ohono yn ymwneud â Mati Prichard = The 1984 group comprises: Caradog Prichard's diaries, 1963-1980 (with gaps); correspondence, including letters, 1942-1946, from Caradog Prichard to his wife Mati, during his period of military service, letters and messages congratulating him on winning the chair at the Llanelli National Eisteddfod in 1962, miscellaneous letters, 1954-1979, addressed to Caradog Pritchard, sympathy letters received on the death of Caradog Prichard in 1980 and other papers relating to his death; copies of his poetry, including English translations of the three poems which won the Crown for Caradog Prichard at the National Eisteddfodau of 1927, 1928 and 1929; plays and television and radio scripts; prose works and addresses prepared by Caradog Prichard, 1963-1977, including many undated; printed matter, 1921-1974, including many press cuttings; personal papers, including accounts, 1951-1981. THe 1994 group comprises: letters, 1945, from Caradog Prichard to his wife Mati during his army service at New Delhi, letters, 1946-1987, addressed to Mati Prichard, letters, cards and telegrams, 1940-1970, addressed to Caradog and Mati Prichard, postcards, 1929-1987, addressed to Caradog and Mati Prichard; poems, prose writings and addresses mainly by Caradog Prichard; Caradog Prichard's personalia, 1927-1980; and general personalia and miscellanea, 1926-1978, some concerning Mati Prichard.

Prichard, Caradog, 1904-1980.


Llythyrau, [1935]-[1949], a dderbyniodd adeg yr Ail Ryfel Byd yn bennaf, gan gynnwys rhai oddi wrth Ifor Williams (4), Morris Williams, G. J. Williams (2), R. O. F. Wynne, Iorwerth Peate (4), Aneirin [Talfan Davies] (2), T. Jones Pierce, David Thomas (Lleufer) (3), Moelona, T. E. Nicholas (6), Bob Owen, Robert Herring, Dafydd Jenkins (2), Mari [Ellis], R. T. Jenkins, J. E. [Jones], Cynan (2), Cybi, Cassie Davies (2), Gwyndaf, O. Llew [Owain] a chyfeillion yn y fyddin.

Williams, Ifor, Sir, 1881-1965.