Bethune (France)



Nodyn(nodiadau) cwmpas

Nodyn(nodiadau) ffynhonnell

Nodyn(nodiadau) darganfod

Termau hierarchaidd

Bethune (France)

Termau cyfwerth

Bethune (France)

Termau cysylltiedig

Bethune (France)

1 Canlyniadau ar gyfer Bethune (France)

1 canlyniad yn uniongyrchol gysylltiedig Eithrio termau culach

John Rees Bequest 10 : [Views in France III]

This is an album of postcards (mainly photomechanical prints) of views in France. Most are of principal tourist attractions, though there are some of small villages, war damage and other WW1 related subjects.The vast majority are postally unused. ...