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Brogyntyn Estate and Family Records
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[...] LA Fontaine, at the Court, to his friend William Moris, deputy vice-admiral of Pwllheli and those parts,

The bearer, John Fumeaux, a poor Frenchman, came to the French ambassador complaining that William Moris arrested his ship, which was loaded with salt and going to Ireland to fetch corn, of which he had proof and passports. William Moris, though he saw these, nevertheless stopped him, and sent away all his men. It is strange that one put in trust to do justice should molest a poor stranger from greed to get his goods and make him good prize, with no other cause than the lie written by William Moris to Dr Caesar. The ambassador has credit with the Queen to have justice done upon his request. William Moris cannot make the ship a wreck nor good prize, - it is in good condition and neither Spaniard nor Leaguer; he has no cause but his greed for money. Writes by command of the ambassador, who requests William Moris to deliver the ship and goods without any 'chargee paying', otherwise the Admiral will not believe William Moris's words. Let William Moris use his discretion and not trouble the poor man otherwise the Ambassador will show him what authority he has on poor Frenchmen's rights. He does not seek to molest anyone, but cannot suffer to see poor men vexed who are the King's subjects. Let William Moris act so that he can answer for himself when questioned.

‘Borth y gest ejectment’: Wynne and others vs Jones

Papers labelled ‘Borth y gest ejectment’ from a case in the High Court of Justice (Exchequer Division) which includes a statement of claim by William Watkin Edward Wynne and other trustees of the Brogyntyn estate, plts, against William Williams Jones, deft, concerning the deft’s refusal to give up a property called Craigydon at Borth-y-gest and a piece of land which was appropriated to make a wharf, 1877-1879. The file contains a list of building leases granted between 1858 and 1874; letters to Longueville and Co. from Jones and Jones of Portmadoc, Lord Harlech and John Charles Burton Borough, 1877; tracings of plots in Mersey Street and Ralph Street; and particulars of building leases, 1878.

‘Brogyntyn trust. Old receipted accounts….’

Bundle in original wrapper labelled ‘Brogyntyn trust. Old receipted accounts, brokers’ notes and requests etc. to trustees’, 1895-1907. The contents include bills for legal services charged by Longueville and Co., W.W. Carruthers, and H.T. Dix and Sons of Dublin, and occasional related letters, 1896-1906; an application to the High Court of Justice, Chancery Division, 1898, to enforce a payment to the current Brogyntyn trustees for land purchased by the Gorsedda Junction and Portmadoc Railway Company, together with transcripts of the relevant accounts of John Ralph Ormsby Gore and William Watkin Edward Wynne and William Kenyon Slaney against Patersons Snow Bloxham and Kinder, 1873-1898; and accounts for the sales of Dee Side, [Bangor Is-coed], the Cemais estate, Montgomeryshire, and properties in Sligo, Leitrim and Mayo, 1903-1907.

‘Brogyntyn trust vouchers 1911-1912’

Bundle of accounts and receipts labelled ‘Brogyntyn trust vouchers 1911-1912’. Several of them refer to the sale of Church Island, Lough Gill, Sligo, and parts of the Caernarfonshire and Merioneth estate in Cricieth, Portmadoc, Beddgelert, Barmouth, Llanfrothen and Ffestiniog. Some accounts and letters mention improvements made at Bryn Efail Issa and the White Lion Hotel, Cricieth, prior to the sale

‘Brogyntyn trust vouchers 1914 (Dec.)’

Bundle of accounts and receipts labelled ‘Brogyntyn trust vouchers 1914 (Dec.)’ but actually showing Longueville’s legal costs from 1911, billed to the trustees in 1913-1914. Some of the accounts record the sale of lands in Leitrim and Mayo through the Court of the Irish Land Commission, accompanied by affidavits of Baron Harlech and relevant letters

‘Brogyntyn Trust’

Bundle labelled ‘Brogyntyn Trust’ containing assorted papers connected with the functions of the trustees, 1904-1921. They include valuations of horses and carriages at Brogyntyn and Glyn, and lists of pictures and articles of vertu at 37 Chesham Place and Tetworth valued for estate duty after the death of William Richard Baron Harlech, 1904-1905; an application under the Settled Land Acts for the provision of a water supply to Brogyntyn mansion, home farm and other parts of the estate in Oswestry and Selatyn, 1906-1907; a statement of interest due to Lord Harlech, 1910-1912, a bill of trustees’ costs from a Dublin solicitor, 1912, and receipts, 1913-1914; and letters from Longueville, Henry C. Legge and Frank Lloyd and Sons of Wrexham, concerning money to be advanced on mortgage to purchasers in the sales of the settled estates in Caernarfonshire, 1911-1912, Llandrinio, 1919, and Oswestry, 1921

‘Deeds relating to the manor of Deytheur’

Bundle labelled ‘Deeds relating to the manor of Deytheur and containing a description of the boundaries of the Manor of Deytheur’. It does contain the said description of the manor of Deuddwr, 1821, and an abstract of title of William Harry Earl of Darlington and Henry Viscount Barnard to estates in Montgomeryshire, 1743-1813 (Watermark 1821). The bundle also contains two copies of an appointment by Mary Jane Ormsby Gore to the trustees of the will of Ellen Owen, of the estates in Mayo, Roscommon and Sligo in Ireland, for securing the sum of £5000, 1816.

‘Lord Harlech’s Vouchers’, Irish Estates, Brogyntyn and Glyn

Original bundle labelled ‘Glynne’ (deleted) and ‘Lord Harlech’s Vouchers, Irish Estates’, now divided into three for convenience of handling, and containing several packets of vouchers from the Brogyntyn estate, the Clenennau and Glyn estates, and the Irish estates, 1874-1884 (mainly 1877-1880). Includes bills for the attendance of the Fire Brigade at Brogyntyn, 1874; repairs to Laganomer Barracks and expenses for the Dromod estate (in vouchers for Mr Percy Jones’ account, November 1881); and a letter to William Percy Jones from John Smith, chairman of the Balinaglera Relief Committee about the potato famine, 1880 (in vouchers year ending December 1880)

‘Lord Harlech’s Vouchers, Irish estates’

Original bundle of vouchers from the Irish estates belonging to William Richard Ormsby Gore, second Baron Harlech, 1875-1884 (mainly 1878-1881), now divided into three for convenience of handling. Includes accounts of repairs to the Dromod estate and barracks, 1878-1879, general estate expenditure and temporary abatements to tenants, 1879-1881; vouchers for William Percy Jones’ account and for William Evans’ account, 1881-1882

‘Lord Harlech, Mr Vernon’s vouchers’, Irish estates

Original bundle of vouchers from the Irish estates of William Richard Ormsby Gore, second Baron Harlech, labelled ‘Mr Vernon’s vouchers’ and part of the wrapper, giving the date ‘1st May 1884’ but Mr Vernon’s vouchers are actually dated 1880-1885. The bundle has several packets inside, including Mr Walker’s receipts, 1876-1877; and William Percy Jones’ vouchers, 1883-1885

‘Merionethshire and Carnarvonshire bills paid 1861’

Original parcel of vouchers labelled ‘Merionethshire and Carnarvonshire bills paid 1861’, containing separate packets for each of the two counties. Includes in Merioneth: bills for building repairs at Glyn Hall and farm, Friddfedw, Llechollwyn, Ty Cerrig, houses in Harlech, Glan y Mor, Singrig Mill and Hafod Ucha; and a subscription for the celebration at Barmouth of William Wynne coming of age. Includes in Caernarfonshire: building repairs at Braich y Saint, houses in Penmorfa, Ty Mawr in Treflys, Brynefail Isa, Maesyllech, Bwlchyfedwen, Clenennau, Tynlone, Fronolau, Blaen y Cae, Plas yn Pennant, Ystumcegid, etc.

‘Old papers’ relating to Caernarfonshire and Merioneth

Bundle vaguely labelled ‘Old papers taken out of old lease book’ which relate to Caernarfonshire and Merioneth properties of the Brogyntyn estate, 1847-1878. The file contains a receipt for the sale of materials at the toll house, Brynyrefail, 1847; papers relating to crown rents in Caernarfonshire and Merioneth, including letters of J.E. Parry and the Office of Woods, schedules of rents and a deed for the purchase of the crown rents by the Brogyntyn trustees, all wrapped in a printed sale notice of property at Harlech, 1858-1878; a request and plan for a new house at Pant Dwr Oer, Beddgelert, 1873; the petition of Edward Lloyd concerning Harlech Lletty mines, 1875; a list of shareholders in Penmorfa Sett Quarry, 1876; a list of leases from Mrs Ormsby Gore of building land at Borth-y-gest and other places, commencing 1858-1874; leases, plans, and letters mainly by W.R. Lawford relating to Clenennau Mill, 1869, 1874, building plots and a site for schools at Borth-y-gest in the parish of Ynyscynhaearn, plots at Cricieth and at Porkington Terrace and Caefadog in Barmouth, showing the position of the railway line, Mynydd Gorllwyn in the parish of Llanaber, and the stone quarries at Fron Oleu, Portmadoc, 1858-1878; and a list of charges by Longueville and Co. with reference to a lease from Lord Harlech, 1877.

‘Papers relating to J.E. Parry’s estate’ and Penrhos estate vouchers

Large bundle of vouchers, account books, loose accounts and letters, 1856-1876, labelled ‘Papers relating to J.E. Parry’s estate taken from Mr Jones’s side table 18 April 1876’, referring to John Edward Parry, agent of the Glyn estate, Talsarnau. These papers also include a packet of vouchers from the Penrhos estate, Montgomeryshire, 1870-1871. The whole file has now been divided into six smaller bundles for convenience of handling. As expected, some of the content derives from J.E. Parry’s management of the Glyn estate. Many other vouchers and accounts relate to building work for J.E. Parry at Moelygarnedd, Bala, by Richard Roberts, William Evans, Edward Jones and others, 1872-1875; and there are traced plans of Moelygarnedd, 1873-1875. Other items include bank books of John E. Parry in account with the National Provincial Bank of England, and Cassons and Co, Portmadoc, 1856-1875; a licence to kill game, 1873; and a report by Howell Hedd Lloyd Clough and [?] Williams on the mineral lordship of Mold, 1872. The letters are mostly to or by J.E. Parry, and occasionally William Ormsby Gore. Correspondents include Parry’s agent or foreman, Richard Roberts (in Welsh) concerning the building work and grounds at Moelygarnedd, 1873-1875; T.H. Clough of Ruthin, about Parry’s request for a lease on the College Plantation, Bala, 1873; Robert Jones of Bryn Tegid on the necessity of widening Llanycil Bridge, 1875; and A.A. Passingham on behalf of the Local Board, requesting Moelygarnedd land to create a reservoir near Bala, 1875. The Penrhos estate vouchers relate mostly to building repairs and work on the timber plantations, 1870-1871.

‘Penmorfa Award’

Papers labelled ‘Penmorfa Award’ relating to a dispute over the boundary between Lord Harlech’s lands and Gesail [Gyfarch], 1877, comprising a letter from W.R. Lawford, a bill of charges by Spooner and Co., and two plans showing the boundary and a quarry leased to Humphrey Richard Thomas.

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