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Crosswood (Mont.) Manuscripts, Evans, D. Silvan (Daniel Silvan), 1818-1903
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Letters A-F

One of six volumes consisting of several hundred letters ranging in date from the late eighteenth century to about the middle of the nineteenth, and addressed mainly to Walter Davies, with some to his daughter Jane, to John Jenkins, and to John Va...

Copies of letters

Two volumes consisting of copies by D. Silvan Evans of letters written by Walter Davies, John Jones (Tegid), and Edward Williams (Strand, London).

Evans, D. Silvan (Daniel Silvan), 1818-1903


Two volumes of letters 1851-1880, to Jane Davies, daughter of Walter Davies, from D. Silvan Evans, relating to the editing and publishing of Gwaith ... Walter Davies ...; and personal letters to her from Mrs. Silvan Evans.

Evans, D. Silvan (Daniel Silvan), 1818-1903


A dummy of the first volume of Gwaith ... Walter Davies ..., containing misellaneous notes mainly by D. Silvan Evans.