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Gillian Clarke Papers,
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Articles etc.,

Cuttings of articles about, or which contain references to, Gillian Clarke and her work, 1971-1980; together with leaflets concerning poetry readings etc in which she participated. The file includes reviews of The sundial and Poetry introduction 3, and letters from John Davies and Hugh McKinley.

Arvon Foundation,

Papers, 1975-1983, mostly correspondence, relating to courses held at the Arvon Foundation Centres at Totleigh Barton and Lumb Bank during which Gillian Clarke was a tutor or guest reader. The file includes letters from Wes Magee; Maurice Rutherford (2); Pete Morgan; and Liz Cashdan (2).

'Authors on-line',

E-mail messages, 1999, relating to the Welsh Office Portables Project, 'Authors on-line', where Gillian Clarke was invited to answer questions by school children about her work. The file mainly comprises comments and questions from pupils and teachers about her poems.

Bridgewater poems,

Bound typescript of two poems commissioned for radio, 1997, 'Bridgewater' and 'A view from the Bridgewater', written and read by Gillian Clarke. Also included are manuscript and typescript drafts, 1997-1998, of both poems, together with research notes.

Correspondence: 1972-1981,

Includes letters from Glyn Jones; John Tripp (2); Arthur Giardelli; Prys Morgan (2); Raymond Garlick (2); Moelwyn Merchant; Philip Owens (2); Robin Gregory; Leslie Norris (5); A. G. Prys-Jones (4); Philip Pacey; Dannie Abse; Sam Adams (2); Charles Kohler; Andrew McNeillie (2); Roger Conover (4); and Peter Dent.

Jones, Glyn, 1905-1995.

Correspondence: 1982-1986,

Includes letters from A. G. Prys-Jones (6, including poems); Harriet Zinnes (including poems); Roger Conover (3); Talat Halman; Michael J. Collins (3); Joseph Clancy (including a poem); Jean Earle (3); Sylvia Kantaris (4); Angela Morton (14, including poems); Greg Hill (2); Lesley Grant-Adamson (7); Roger Garfitt; Anne Stevenson (10, including a poem); Paul Hyland (7); Jane A. Wight; Tom Rawling (2); Irene E. Thomas (11); Meic Stephens (2); Jeremy Hooker (5); Huw Jones; Meredydd Evans; Michael Horovitz (11); Fay Godwin (4); Roland Mathias (3); Joyce Herbert; Berenice Moore (5); Thomas Owen Clancy (4, including a poem); R. S. Thomas (4); Donald Swann (3); Tony Curtis (2); Christine Evans (7, including poems); Glenda Beagan (5, including a poem); Sue Moules (12); John Tripp; John Latham (3); Carole Satyamurti (2); Gloria Evans Davies (2, enclosing poems); Gwyn Parry (5); and Chris Bendon (2).

Prys-Jones, A. G. (Arthur Glyn)

Correspondence: 1986-1990,

Includes letters from Douglas Houston; Sylvia Kantaris (2); Angela Morton (5, including poems); Lesley Grant-Adamson (3); Irene E. Thomas (4); Michael Horovitz (4); Sue Stewart; Berenice Moore (4, including a poem); Meic Stephens; Ian M. Emberson; Anne Stevenson (6); Gwyn Parry (9); Sue Moules (6); Ann Vaughan-Williams (3); Christine Evans (4); Liz Cashdan; Chris Bendon; Jeremy Hooker (2); Bill Headdon; Robert Minhinnick; Maggie Holmes (2); Nigel Forde (3); Liz Ashurst (including poems); Berlie Doherty (5, enclosing poem); Enid Luff; Gloria Evans Davies (3); John Sewell; Harold Fawkner (2); Julia Bell (enclosing poem); Glenda Beagan; Caryl Davies (2); Maura Dooley (2); Arnt Lykke Jakobsen; Jane Esson; Terry Gifford (enclosing a poem); David Dabydeen; Sally Roberts Jones; Hugo Williams (2); Joseph Clancy; Kyffin Williams; Jean Earle (2); Sian James (2); and Candyce Clayton.

Kantaris, Sylvia.

Correspondence: 1989-1991,

Includes letters from Betty Mulcahy (2); Mavis Carter (6); Robert Minhinnick; Gwyn Parry (11, including a poem); Shelagh Hourahane (2); Berlie Doherty (3); Christine Evans (2); Mary Oldham; Lesley Grant-Adamson (4); Candyce Clayton (2); Berenice Moore (3); Cary Archard; Irene E. Thomas; Angela Morton (6, including a poem); Howard Bowcott; Anna Jauncey (3); Julia Bell; Moelwyn Merchant (2); Cora Greenhill; Alison Leonard (including a poem); Michael Horovitz; Maggie Hannan (including poems); Myra Schneider (including a poem); Gerard Casey; Gwyn O. Jones (2); Bill Headdon; Tony Curtis (copy); T. A. Owen (2); Roland Mathias (2); Glyn Jones (2); Eric Alexander (enclosing poems); Maurice Rutherford (3); Michael Holroyd (2); Roger Garfitt; Enid Luff; Meic Stephens; Carys Bell; Kate Foley; and Jeremy Hooker.

Correspondence: 1991-1996,

Includes letters from Lesley Grant-Adamson (2, including a poem); Irene E. Thomas (2); Mavis Carter (6); Dennis Carter; Gwyn Parry (4); Tony Bianchi; Peter Weevers; Sally Roberts Jones (2); Judith Thwaite (11, including a poem); David Harries; Michael Rosen; Candyce Clayton; Nigel Jenkins (2); Kate Foley (4); Anne Stevenson; Christine Evans (2); Chris Kinsey; Maura Dooley (4); Menna Elfyn; Roger Garfitt (3); Joseph Clancy (including poem); Beryl Hamilton (Berenice Moore); Linda Martin; Julia Griffiths Jones (3); Maurice Rutherford (3); Ruth Bidgood; Dannie Abse (3); Enid Luff; and Mary Oldham.

Correspondence: 1995-1999,

Includes letters from Enid Luff (4); Christine Evans (2); Raymond Garlick; Caryl Davies; Angela Morton (2, including a poem); Mavis Carter (5); Liz Ashurst; Esther de Waal; Jean Earle (4); Gladys Mary Coles; Margaret Merritt (9); Mary Lloyd Jones (2); Maura Dooley; Diana Hendry; Lynne Rees (8); Roger Garfitt; Elwyn Evans; Judith Thwaite (enclosing two poems); Ruth Bidgood; David T. Lloyd (2); Patricia V. Dawson; Roland Mathias (2); Ann Byrne-Sutton (poem); Berenice Moore; Geoffrey Bould; Dylan Jones (2); Justin Todd; Emyr Humphreys; Phil Clark (2); M. Wynn Thomas; Tony Conran; Lesley Grant-Adamson (3); Sue Moules (2); John Emyr; Neil Nuttall; Sheenagh Pugh; and Menna Elfyn.

Correspondence and statements,

Correspondence, 1976-1984, pertaining to The Anglo-Welsh Review, including draft letters by Gillian Clarke and letters from the Directors Gareth and Freda Walters; Sandra Anstey; Meic Stephens (13); Peter Finch; A.J. Heward Rees (2); and Greg Hill. The file also includes statements of income and expenditure and balance sheets of the Dock Leaves Press and The Anglo-Welsh Review, 1963-1974, contents pages, lists of contributors, and fees for contributors.

Correspondence: Phyllis Williams,

Photocopies of three letters, 1944, 1954, and undated, from Gillian Clarke to Phyllis Williams (one of which was originally sent to her grandmother), together with a letter to her from her aunt, 1978. The original letters have been retained by Gillian Clarke.

Williams, Phyllis.

Correspondence: poetry,

Correspondence, mostly concerning poems submitted for The Anglo-Welsh Review, including letters from Chris Bendon; Ivor C. Treby (4); Ruth Bidgood (7); Mike Jenkins (3); Roland Mathias (2); Tom Earley (3); John Davies; Tony Curtis; Joyce Herbert (3); Sheenagh Pugh (2); Alison Bielski (3); Nigel Jenkins; Bridget Joseph; John Tripp (3); Rosamund Stanhope; Michael Farley; D. S. Savage; Susanne M. Dumbleton; Tom Rawling; Margaret Toms (4); Jon Dressel (7); J. P. Ward; Pete Morgan (4); David T. Lloyd (3); John Barnie (2); Gerald Dawe (4); Jane McLaughlin; Gerard Casey (12); Leslie Norris (2); David Constantine (2); Philip Owens (3); Moelwyn Merchant; Wes Magee (2); Steve Griffiths (2); Sam Adams (2); Jack Clemo (6); Ted Hughes; Anthony Conran; Paul Wilkins (4); I. P. Taylor (3); Phyllis M. Jones; R. S. Thomas; Ian Hughes (3); Dudley G. Davies; Mary Casey; Charles Kohler; A. G. Prys-Jones (3); Leonard Clark; Andrew McNeillie; Lynn M. Trowbridge; Huw Jones; Brian Martin Davies (addressed to Huw Jones); Richard Poole; and Chris O'Neill. Some letters are addressed to Roland Mathias.

Correspondence: prose,

Correspondence, mostly concerning articles, stories and poems submitted for The Anglo-Welsh Review, including letters from Steve Griffiths (2); A. G. Prys-Jones; Greg Hill; Ronald Lowe; Mike Jenkins; John Pikoulis (5); Sylvia Kantaris (2); Ruth Bidgood (4); Pauline Stainer (2); William Cooke; John Tripp; William Sherman; Gwyn O. Jones (3); Jennifer Drake-Brockman (4); Alun Llewellyn (4); Jacqueline Banerjee (5); Gweno Lewis; Meic Stephens; Chris O'Neill (2); Edward Larrissy; Anthony Conran; Raymond Garlick (2); D. Graham Jenkins (2); Stephen Tunnicliffe; Edward Levy (6); Belinda Humfrey (3); Richard Poole (2); Roland Mathias; Roger Stephens Jones; Colin Wilcockson (3); Susanne M. Dumbleton; Raymond J. Cormier (3); Hugh McKinley; Edward Neill; Ruth Pryor (2); Angela G. Dorenkamp; Ned Thomas; H. Morgan Waidson (4); Linden Peach; Peter Slater; Patrick Thomas (2); Dominic J. Hart (2); Richard A. Davies (3); Frederick Grice (6); Frances Meredith (2); Robert Nisbet; Graham Jones (3); and Cecil Price. The file also includes photocopies of a letter by W. H. Davies, 1907, and an editorial from Welsh Outlook, 1917. Some letters are addressed to Roland Mathias with copies of replies by him.


Letters sent to Gillian Clarke, together with a number of draft letters and replies by her. They mainly consist of personal letters and those which pertain to her literary career, and include various poets and writers among the correspondents. In addition, some letters relate to poetry workshops and The Anglo-Welsh Review; poems are occasionally enclosed with letters.


Diary containing occasional entries between 1976 and 1978, and including a manuscript draft of the poem 'East Moors'.

Drafts: 1969-1971,

Typescript copies, including drafts, 1969-1971, of poems by Gillian Clarke, a number of which were subsequently published in The sundial (Llandysul, 1978).

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