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J. T. Evans Manuscripts
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Account books,

Business account books of John Jones ('Pyll Glan Conwy'), 1819-1852, relating to the printing, distribution, and sale of publications, the purchase of paper, etc. Among the insets are an agreement, 1835, between Robert Roberts, printer, Holyhead, and John Jones, printer, Llanrwst, for the publication of an Almanac for 1836; and a statement of account to John Jones for the schooling of his children, 1833-1836.

John Jones and others.

Accounts, etc.,

An imperfect volume containing 'penillion'; accounts, 1687-1693 and undated ( the purchase of trees, 'vnpaid for hay', 'ffor Corn', 'Note of all the money that I Laid out towards the Malisia', 'for Oats', 'for Rye', 'Shepe Bought', etc.); memoranda and accounts between the scribe and his mother, 1718-1720 (the purchase of cattle, harness, fairings, iron, etc., the payment of church rate at Talybont [Caerhun, co. Caernarvon], the sale of sheep and hay, etc.); and proverbs.


John William Thomas ('Seryddwr yn Arsyllfa Greenwich' and 'Arolygwr yn Arsyllfa Greenwich'): Almanac . . . (Llanrwst, 1838-1840), John Roberts: Almanac . . . (Llanrwst, 1841), Almanac . . . wedi ei gasglu o waith Moore, gan Richardson, ac ereill (Llanrwst, 1842-1843), Y Diweddar Robert Roberts: Almanac . . . (Llanrwst, 1844), and Y Diweddar Robert Roberts: Yr Hen Gyfaill: neu Almanac . . . (Llanrwst, 1845), with a few manuscript entries by William Evans, London and Llanrwst, including memoranda, French numerals, and lodging and washing accounts with Jane Jones.

Arithmetic book of 'Pyll Glan Conwy',

A mutilated manuscript of John Jones ('Pyll Glan Conwy') containing arithmetic and numeration rules and exercises, and a few transcripts of Welsh poetry (among them a fragment of the interlude 'Pedair Colofn Gwladwriaeth' by Thomas Edwards, 'Twm o'r Nant') and collects.

'Pyll Glan Conwy'.


An imperfect composite volume of 'cerddi' and 'carolau' and some 'englynion', 'awdlau', etc., by Rees Cadwaladr, Sr. Morrys Parry ('person Llanelian'), Sion Edward ('clochydd Llanelian'), Sr. Rys, Hu. Jones, Llangwm, Thos. Edwards ['Twm o'r Nant'], Jonathan Hughes, Hugh Jones, Glan Conwy, etc. Several of the songs are unattributed. Part of the volume is in the hand of Thomas Edwards ('Twm o'r Nant').

Twm o'r Nant and others.


Transcripts [by Owen Evan(s) Jones, Llanrwst] of 'englynion' by his father John Jones ('Pyll Glan Conwy'); printed 'englynion' in memory of John Jones by [William Williams] ('Caledfryn'); printed copies and press cuttings of poetry in strict and free metres by 'Glasfryn' and 'Hirlas'; etc. The volume is lettered on the upper cover 'Englynion, 1874, June 30'. The titles of the 'englynion' include 'Beddargraff ar ol Y Parch. Llewelyn Samuel', 'Englynion Ar Ymadawiad Jane merch yr Awdwr i Manchester', 'Coffadwriaeth am Owen Evans o Drefriw', 'Englynion i Miss Jane Evans Pandy Trefriw', 'Englyn I Erfyn ar Evan Jones Gof i ddyfod at Meurig Edwards i'r Kingshead', etc. There are some additions and annotations in the hand of 'E. J.' [i.e., Evan Jones, Portmadoc, son of 'Pyll Glan Conwy'].

Owen Evan Jones, Evan Jones, and others.


An imperfect volume of free-metre poetry ('cerddi', 'dyriau', and 'penillion') by William Pellis (1704), Dafydd Manuel, John Rhydderch, Ffoulk Lloyd, Hugh Roberts, Kyffin Caerfyrddin, Huw Morys, Richiart Abraham, Robert Humphreys ('o Ragad'), Edwart Rolant, and Thomas Jones, together with some minor later additions. The volume was written during the period 1702-1709 and is in the hand of Hugh Roberts, 'wevar by trate', 'of tan rogo' ('Trigfannol tan rogo yn aber Geley dinbuch'). The manuscript also bears several later names, such as Hugh Jones (1773, 1779), David Williams (born 1779), William Ouan(e)s (1778), 'Hughs Hughs', Llandrillo, Thos. Hughs 'of Llwydga', Wm. Evanes of Nant ycha', Robert 'Highs' (1734), etc.

Hugh Roberts.

Barddoniaeth, etc.,

An imperfect volume containing poetry in strict and free metres ('cywyddau', 'englynion', 'carolau', 'dyrïau', 'cerddi', and 'penillion') by David Lloyd, David Gorlech, Richd. Abram, Evan Gryff', Edward Morris, Robert Edward, Richard Thomas, Ed'd Cadwalader, Morus Robert, Hugh Morris, Hugh Kadwalader, John Evans ('or Esgwivrith'), David Nanmor, John Richd., and Sr. Rys; instructions on the 'suptraction' and 'adition' of money; a table showing how to determine the times of high tide at Beaumaris; a form of 'A plain bill of dept', 1682; numerous medical and other recipes, in English and Welsh (e.g., 'Rhag y Cymsymsiwn', 'Rhag y llynger', 'Rhag y Pigin', etc.); 'Messurau Cyff Pandy'; 'Llyma y saith bechod marwol ...', 'Dyma y Cynghorau sydd rhag y saith bechod marwol ...', and 'Llyma y saith weithred y drugaredd ...'; 'A Choice Collection of Proverbs & Apophthegms'; 'Llyma brif ddewis bethau gan wr'; rate assessment accounts in the parish of Penmachno, 1690?, and in the hundred of Nant Conwy, 1717 and undated; a charm entitled 'Dyma swyn rhag rhaib ag adwyth'; and a valentine. The volume is partly in the hand of Rees (Rice, Riceus) Roberts.

Rees Roberts and others.

Barddoniaeth, etc.,

Miscellaneous papers including a holograph letter from W[illiam] Edwards ['Gwilym Padarn'], Llanberis, to [John Jones, 'Pyll Glan Conwy'], 1829 ('englynion' to Eos Padarn by John Rowland, Pentir, [Richard Parr]y, Llanllechid, and John Williams, Llanllechyd); holograph verses entitled 'Penillion ar ddyrchafael Crist' [by William Edwards, 'Gwilym Padarn']; 'Carol Plygain . . . 1807' by Griffith Williams ['Gutyn Peris'], Braich Talog; a hymn by John Parry, Llanelian; an 'englyn' by [Evan Evans] 'I. D. Conwy'; poetry by J. M. Jones ('Garmon') entitled 'Lines Addressed to Conway Castle', 1844, 'To Moel Siabod', 1856, 'St. David's Day', 1858, 'Sonnet On the marriage of R. R. Griffith Esq & Miss Read', 'A Postscript, not quite so orthodox as the Parson who gave cause for it', and 'Cigfrain Carreg Walch. Chwedl Addysgiadol, Seiliedig ar ffaith hanesyddol bendant, ac wedi ei chyfaddasu i'w dadganu yn Nghyfarfod blynyddol Boneddigesau Bettws y Coed, Calan 1866'; 'Y gogoniant yn ymadael o'r Deml', being an incomplete 'pryddest' submitted for competition at a St. David's Day eisteddfod at Bethesda, undated; verses entitled 'Yr Aelwyd'; and a few transcripts of 'penillion', 'Englynion o Fawl i Dduw', etc., in the hand of J. T. Evans.

British Antiquities Revived, etc.,

A composite volume containing Robert Vaughan: British Antiquities Revived (Bala, 1834), and Sir John Wynn: The History of the Gwydir Family (Ruthin, 1827), with a few manuscript pedigree additions partly in the hand, and from an 'old' manuscript, of O[wen] W[illiams, of Waunfawr, co. Caernarvon ].

Robert Vaughan. Sir John Wynn, and others.

Canu gyda'r tannau,

John Jones ('Idris Vychan'): Hanes ac Henafiaeth Canu Gyda'r Tannau ([ London] 1885), with manuscript additions and insets by W[illiam] Williams, Plas Llecheiddior, Llanrwst, W. O. Roberts, P[las] D[ulyn], Llanbedr y Cenin, and J. T. Evans, relating to harpmaking in Llanrwst, to Evan Jones, harpist, of Y Gorlan, Llanrwst, and to a harp by John Richards, Llanrwst, in the possession of the family of Jones, printers and publishers, Llanrwst.

'Idris Vychan', J. T. Evans, and others.

Cydgordiad Beiblaidd,

An incomplete Biblical concordance compiled by, and in the hand of, Evan Evans ('Ieuan Glan Geirionydd'). The work comprises only the books of Genesis, Exodus, and in some instances Leviticus.

'Ieuan Glan Geirionydd'.

Cyfarwyddiadau meddygol, etc.,

An imperfect volume of medical and veterinary recipes. A few 'englynion', in the hand of David Jones, Trefriw, have been entered on the blank space of one page. Also bound in the volume is a text of 'Cerdd Elix Euron' ('nis gwn i pwy ai gwnaeth').

David Jones and others.

Cyhoeddiadau Trefriw a Llanrwst,

A list [in the hand of J. T. Evans] of publications printed by David Jones and his successors at Trefriw and Llanrwst and offered for sale by O. Evans-Jones & Co., printers, stationers, &c., Llanrwst. The volume is thumb-indexed and the publications are entered in alphabetical order of first lines. Among a few insets and items bound into the volume are two lists of publications ('Rhestr o Lyfrau' and 'Rhestr o Ganiadau') printed and sold by O. Evans-Jones & Co.

J. T. Evans and others.


Dyddiadur; neu, Gydymaith i'r Almanac, 1821, with farming accounts and memoranda in the hand of Owen Owens, Pentir Isaf [Bangor]. One entry, dated 7 August, reads: 'Siôr y IVdd yn y Plas Newydd swudd fôn Am 2 ddwrnod Tys[t]iolaeth am Llygaid fy hyn . . .'. Inset is a brief account of sales of Seren Gomer, 1821.

Owen Owens.


A collection of two hundred and eleven numbered, but unattributed, hymns ('Casgliad o Hymnau ar amriw achosion'), with a few additions in a later hand. At the end are a list of subjects of the hymns ('Crynhoad O Destynau yr Hymnau') and a metrical table ('Eglurhad O hydau'r Tonau . . .').

English-Welsh dictionary,

A very imperfect manuscript of an English-Welsh Dictionary compiled by John Evans ('I. D. Ffraid'), Llansantffraid Glan Conwy, being largely a press copy of his Geirlyfr Seisonig a Chymreig. A New English and Welsh Dictionary . . . (Llanrwst, 1848).

Evans, John, 1814-1875

Englynion, &c.,

A volume of 'englynion' and a few 'cywydd' couplets in the hand of David Jones, Trefriw ('Dewi Fardd a 'sgrifenodd y Mydrlyfr hwn'). Among the poets represented are Lewis alias Llewelyn Glyn Cothi (1450), David Jones ('o Drefriw'), Sion Tudur, Edward Morris (1688), Alis ych Ruffydd, Ambrose Burchinshaw, Edward Evans, Robt. Llwyd, Dafydd Nanmor, D[afydd] ap Edmund, Evan Tho[mas] ('or Nilig'), Hugh Morris ('ynghastell y Waun'), Gr. ap Ieu. ap Lln. fychan, Ieuan Brydydd Hir, Huw ap Ifan ap Robt., Sion ap Robert ('o Juwch Aled'), Richard Hughes ('or Henfryn'), D[afydd] ap G[wilym], Tho. Prys, J. D., Richd. Davies ('Esgob Dewi', 1561), Sr. John Trefor, Edm. Prys, Sion Phylip, Richd. Phylip, Sion Clywedog, John Evan (1649), Sr. Dai. Llwyd ['Deio Ysgolhaig'], Sr. Ifan, Morris Dwyfech, Howell ap Matthew (1588), Moris Pari, Lewis Lleyn, Inco Brydydd, Rowland Wynne, Watcin Clowedog, Robin Ragad, Roger Cyffin, R[obin] Ddu, John Evans ('or Ysgwyddfrith'), Hugh Jones ('o Gaer Drudion', 1744/5), John Ridd[erch], Owen Griffydd, Sr. Rys, Richd. Thomas (Pen machno), Morris Roberts, Harry Howel, Sion Cain, Ieuan Llwyd Tudur, Sion ap Edward Grythor, Tho. Evans, Rissiard Cynwal, Tho. ap Ifan, Huw Machno, Gryffydd Phylip, John Thomas, Howel ap Sion Evan (1627), John Roberts ('Book binder', 1722), Tho. Morris ('or Ddôl'), John Richard, Rowland Fychan, John Prichard, Matthew Owen, Wiliam Phylib, Robert Wynn, Elsbeth Evans ('o Ruddlan'), Wm. Cad[wala]dr ('Clochydd Caer y Drudion'), John Edwards, Richd. Morris ('y Telyniwr'), etc. A few Latin 'englynion' have been included in the margins, as well as an ' englyn' by J. Williams, 1801.

David Jones and others.

Geiriadur Cymraeg-Saesneg,

A Welsh-English dictionary in the hand of David Jones, Trefriw. The dictionary is based on William Salesbury: A Dictionary in Englyshe and Welshe (London, 1547), and is described on the last page, by Ismael Dafydd, as 'Casgliad or Geirlyfr cynta a adawodd y Dr. Davies a Thomas Jones allan of Llyfrau, hwn a Loffais i Dav. Jones, o waith William Salisbury 1547 wedi ei godi o hen 'Scrifen lygredig. Isml. Dafydd. Un mil Saith gant a phedwar ugain a Naw'.

David Jones and others.

Gwaith 'Gwilym Padarn',

A collection of holograph 'cerddi', 'carolau', 'emynau', 'penillion', and 'englynion', being an incomplete press copy of William Edwards ('Gwilym Padarn'): Eos Padarn (Llanrwst, 1829). The volume contains one poem not included in the printed work, namely 'Cerdd, Diolchgarwch i'r Cadpen Jones, a'r Dinas Llanwyndaf, am hen ddillad i Owen Williams, (Owen Llanddeiniolen) . . .'.

'Gwilym Padarn'.

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