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H. Jones Davies Manuscripts
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A Summary of Religion,

An interleaved copy of A Summary of Doctrinal and Practical Religion ... (sixth edition, Shrewbury, 1776), with numerous manuscript notes, memoranda relating to schools, sermon texts, lists of books, etc.

Addresses to children,

Typescript copies of three addresses to children based upon phrases from Scripture - 'An army with banners' (Song of Solomon [6, 4]), 'Endure hardness' (2 Tim[othy, 2, 3]), and 'They shall mount up' (Is[aiah], 40, 31 ). Two of the addresses bear the signature of Watcyn M. Price.

Watcyn Meredith Price [?and others].


A school exercise book containing the text of three short papers on the topics 'Sefyll allan a'r Canlyniadau' [Strike Action and its Consequences] (10 pp.), 'Yr Mesur er Dad-sefydlu a Dadwaddoli yr Eglwys yn Ngymru [1894]' [The Bill for Disestablishing the Church in Wales] (9 pp.), and 'Hap Chwareu' [Gambling] (8 pp.). At the head of the first paper is a pencilled note reading '1894 Cymdeithas Lenyddol Gymreig Crewe', and the three papers may have been prepared for reading at meetings of that society. On blank pages opposite sections of the papers on strikes and gambling are the names of persons, ? who were present when the papers were read, with, in some instances, what appear to be summaries of contributions they made to an ensuing debate.


A volume containing transcripts of Welsh verse in strict metre (consisting mainly of 'cywyddau') transcribed, October [18]89 - February [18]90, by I[saac] F[oulkes] [newspaper proprietor and publisher]. Many of the poems are annotated to indicate that they were copied out of a volume in the possession of 'W.J.' of Llangollen, and the whole work appears to be an incomplete transcript of NLW MS 670D, which itself consists of a collection of Welsh poems transcribed by William Jones ('Bleddyn'), antiquary, local historian, etc., of Llangollen. The poets whose work is represented include Gwerfil Mechain, Howel Dafi alias Hywel ap Dafydd ap Ieuan ap Rys (Bardd Raglan), Sion ap Phelppot, Robert ap Dafydd Llwyd, Iorwerth Fynglwyd, Dafydd Llwyd ap Llywelyn ap Gruffydd (o Fathafarn), John ap Howel ap Tudur, Huw Cae Llwyd, Lewys Daron, Bedo Brwynllys, ? Gruffydd ap Ieuan Fychan, Syr Rhys o Garno, Morus ap Hywel ap Tudur, Gruffydd Hiraethog, Huw Llwyd Cynfael, Ifan Tew, Dafydd Nanmor, Cadwaladr Cesail, Huw Ifan ap Huw (o'r Bryn bychan), John Ifan, Rhisiart Cynwal, Huw Machno, Syr John Leiaf, Huw Pennant, Rhys Nanmor, Sion Dafydd Penllyn alias Sion Dafydd Las alias y Bardd Meddw (o Nannau), Syr Dafydd Owain, Gruffydd ab Ieuan ab Llewelyn Fychan, Hywel Cilan, Lewis Môn, Hywel Gethin, Efan ab Gruffydd Leiaf, Watkyn ab Risiart, Hywel ap Reinallt, Mathau Bromffield, Watkyn Clywedog, William Lleyn (Bencerdd), William Cynwal, Simwnt Fychan (Bencerdd), Euan Llafar, Thomas Prys (o Blasiolyn), William Vaughan, Huw Arwystli, Sion Phylip, Richard Phylip, Ifan Dyfi, Lewis Menai, Dafydd Owen, and Llewelyn ap Gutyn. A note on p. 123 indicates that three 'englynion' by [Thomas Edwards] 'Twm o'r Nant', which were to be found at this point in W[illiam] J[ones]'s volume [NLW MS 670D], had not been copied by the transcriber, as he intended including them in a proposed new edition of that poet's works, to be published by him in 1889. A second note on the same page indicates that, similarly, fourteen 'cywyddau' by Tudur Aled had not been transcribed in the present volume, but had been copied into another book, with the intention of publishing these and other poems by the same bard, together with poems by Guto'r Glyn and Sion Tudur. In fact, fourteen 'cywyddau' and four other poems by Tudur Aled, and all of the poems by Guto'r Glyn and Sion Tudur, which appear in NLW MS 670D, have been omitted from the present volume, the presence of poems by the two latter bards in NLW MS 670D being usually indicated by the transcriber by quoting the title, or title and first line, of such works. A note on p. 153 states that eighty ' cywyddau' by Dafydd ap Gwilym [which appeared in William Jones's book, i.e ., NLW MS 670D, pp. 149-263], had been used to correct the published edition of that poet's work ('Yma daw LXXX Cywydd o waith Dafydd ab Gwilym, y rhai a ddefnyddiwyd i gywiro ei waith argraffedig'). These eighty poems, and also five retaliatory poems composed by Gruffydd Grug, in a poetic contention with Dafydd ap Gwilym, and found interspersed among the eighty 'cywyddau', have been omitted from the present volume. A further note on p. 264 states that the last three 'cywyddau' [in NLW MS 670D] had not been copied, as the transcriber believed the text to be so corrupt, that they did not merit transcription. A fly-leaf is marked 'Bk i', and this possibly connects the volume with NLW MS 19313, which, marked on a fly-leaf 'Bk ii', consists of a similar volume of Welsh verse transcribed, March - April [18]90, by I[saac] F[oulkes], again, by inference, from a book in the possession of W[illiam] J[ones].

Isaac Foulkes.


Miscellaneous poems including a 'pryddest' entitled 'Y Dyngarwr', by 'Rhyd y Goleu'; commemorative verses to John Jenkyn Richards, by Robert Rowlands [Birmingham], 1937; an 'englyn' to 'Mr. E. M. Davies', and three stanzas to 'Mr. E. Griffiths', by R[obert] H[ughes] Jones [of New Brighton]; and two anonymous poems called 'Gwawr', and 'Paentio'r byd yn goch'.

Christmas Evans,

A notebook kept by Christmas Evans, Baptist minister. Among the contents are sermons and other notes, lists of places to which he journeyed to preach, and accounts, including 'Yn 1820 Count y Casgliad at Ty Cyfarfod Llangefni yn Sir Fon at draul o tri chant a hanner o bynau glas a choch ...'

Christmas Evans.


A holograph letter addressed to the Rev[erend] W[illiam] M[orris] Tudor [Calvinistic Methodist minister, Crewe], at the Royal Infirmary, Chester, by G. Parry Williams, Mold, 1926 (personal, the quest for a manse by recipient's church in Crewe, scriptural exhortations to recipient to be of good cheer in his illness); four holograph or autograph letters to 'Dear Mr. Tudor', 'My Dear Tudor', and 'My Dear Tu' [all, by inference, to the recipient of the preceding letter], from J. Young Evans, Aberystwyth, [19]22 (good wishes for a successful year at Oxford [University], a preaching engagement by recipient in the neighbourhood of Aberystwyth), 'Moi' and E. H. [by inference the same person], Sylhet, Assam, and Darjeeling, 1924-1925 ( 2) (personal, the writer's continuous low fever, the terrific heat in Calcutta, the writer's study of Bengali, a request for information re new publications, a stay in Kuala Lumpur, mention of a contemporary, J. R. Williams, in India, the writer's engagement to Miss Maud Jones of Sylhet, a wonderful sunrise at Darjeeling, a visit by Gandhi to the language school [at Darjeeling]), and A. C. Underwood, Yeadon, Leeds, 1920 ( recipient's proposed research thesis, ? on the Welsh revival from the standpoint of religious psychology, the writer's work on conversion in all religions, suggested reading for recipient's researches); and three holograph letters to Mrs. [ ] Tudor [mother of the recipient of the preceding letters], from John Davies, Llanymddyfri, the Rev[erend] Owen Ellis, Llanuwchllyn, and R. R. Williams, Chester, 1926 (condolences on the death of her son, the aforementioned Reverend W. M. Tudor).


Three autograph letters to the Rev[erend] H[umphrey] Jones Davies, Birmingham, from T. Davies (for the general manager, The Pacific Steam Navigation Company), Liverpool, 1934 (voyages by the R. M. S. Orduna), and Samuel Evans, Parktown, Johannesburg, 1934 (2) (personal, comment on an article by recipient entitled 'Dathliad Canmlwyddiant Neuadd [Tref Birmingham]', Y Goleuad [17 Hydref 1934]); two autograph letters from Irene [Corona, countess of ] Plymouth, Hewell Grange, Redditch, to Mr. Jones Davies [? the recipient of the three preceding letters], [1937]-1938 (inviting recipient to become a member of a committee arranging a film premiere [in Birmingham] in aid of the National Council of Social Service, thanking recipient for his help, enclosing a copy of the balance sheet); and two letters (one autograph, one holograph) from Cyril P. Cule, Bilston and Caerleon, to Mr. Davies [again ? the recipient of the preceding letters], 1929-1938 (a request to be allowed to name recipient as a referee when applying for teaching posts (1929), acknowledging the receipt of a contribution towards 'Cymdeithas Cyfeillion Gwlad y Basgiaid' [The Friends of the Basques Society], the [Basque refugee] children in South Wales, the probability of war in Europe (1938)) (enclosed with the second letter is a typescript copy of a memorandum in Welsh, explaining the aims of 'Cymdeithas Cyfeillion Gwlad y Basgiaid', viz., drawing attention to the plight of the Basques and the threat of Fascism, collecting funds for the relief of Basque refugees in Wales, more particularly the children, and opposing the demand for the repatriation of the children to Franco Spain, and appealing for moral and financial support for the society).

Correspondence, etc.,

A holograph letter from the Rev[erend] Owen Ellis, Llanuwchllyn, to Mrs. [Jones] Davies, Tregarth [co. Caernarvon], 1926 (condolences on the death of recipient's brother [the Reverend W. M. Tudor. See NLW MS 12672E above]); a holograph letter from [the Reverend] John Owen Thomas (on active service with the British Expeditionary Force), France, to [ ], 1917 (the work being accomplished by the writer, his brother [the Reverend] H. Wynne Thomas, the Reverend Edward Griffiths, Felinheli, and the Reverend H. Jones Davies, in arranging church services for Welsh soldiers, particular reference to the work of the Reverend Jones Davies amongst Welsh and English soldiers, hopes that his services could be spared for a further period); three holograph letters to the Reverend H. Jones Davies, from W. Sylvanus Jones, Shrewsbury, 1934 (personal, the death of a mutual acquaintance, Joseph Evans, the difficulties of a minister at Bath Road [Calvinistic Methodist] church [Wolverhampton], a Welsh service at Leamington), Robert M. Roberts, Taylor, P. A., U[nited] S[tates of] America, 1923 (personal, the writer's return to America after a visit to Wales, comments on, and news received relating to, Hermon [Calvinistic Methodist] church [Douglas Hill], and the writer's native district of Mynydd [parish of Llandygai, co. Caernarvon], comments on the prohibition laws in America, the new pro-prohibition governor [of Pennsylvania], a months old railroad strike in the state), and [the Reverend] John Owen Thomas, Bala, 1919 (a promise to mention recipient's name to any church seeking a minister); and a national health and pensions insurance card, recording contributions paid by the Rev[erend] H. Jones Davies, 1926-1930.

Evan Herber Evans,

Sermons and lectures written by Evan Herber Evans, Congregational minister, and principal of the Congregational College, Bangor.

Evan Herber Evans.

Goronwy Owen,

A copy of 'Awdl er coffadwriaeth am y diweddar Goronwy Owain' composed by Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd'), with a letter from J. O. WIlliams ('Pedrog'), Liverpool, to G. J. Williams, Birmingham.

'Eben Fardd' and 'Pedrog'.

H. Jones Davies Manuscripts

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  • [1725x1939]

Manuscripts and papers, [1725x1939], from the library of the Rev. H. Jones Davies, although most of the material is not in his hand. The collection includes correspondence of Humphrey Jones Davies and others; material of or relating to Sir Henry Lewis and the Rev. John Phillips, Bangor, and notebooks and sermons of the Rev. Christmas Evans; Welsh poetry transcribed by Isaac Foulkes; deeds, documents and correspondence of mainly Denbighshire and Merioneth interest; and notes, sermons, essays, etc.

Davies, Humphrey Jones, 1877-1966

John Phillips, Bangor,

Papers relating to John Phillips, Bangor, minister, and first principal of the Bangor Normal College, including notes on him written by Sir Henry Lewis.

[?Reverend John Phillips] and Sir Henry Lewis.

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