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Sir John Ballinger Papers
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A statue,

Correspondence between William Goscombe John, Herbert Ward, and John Ballinger concerning a proposed equestrian statue of Lord Tredegar, 1906; and biographical notes on John Tomlinson, Doncaster.

John Ballinger and others.

'About books',

Press cuttings of a series of articles 'About Books' contributed by John Ballinger to the Doncaster Journal, circa 1881.

John Ballinger.

Bangor college library,

A report by John Ballinger on a plan for the re-organisation of the Library of the University College of North Wales, Bangor; and a typescript article on 'Libraries and their functions - a pleas for an inquiry and a policy'.

John Ballinger.


Notes and lists, compiled by John Ballinger, of maps relating to Wales, prepared for exhibition to the Cardiff Naturalists' Society, 1908.

John Ballinger.

Charles Norris,

Transcripts of a biographical sketch, by Edward Laws, of Charles Norris (1779-1858), of letters to Edward Laws upon the same subject from Charles Norris Williams, 1891, Emma Williamson, 1891, M. Norris, 1889, and of a letter to John Ballinger from Charles Henry Glascodine, 1898.

Free libraries,

An essay 'On the origin and progress of Free Libraries, and the advantages that would accrue by the adoption of the "Free Libraries Act" throughout the Principality', by 'Hope' (i.e. John Ballinger), 1880.

John Ballinger.

James Baker,

Notes and a draft of an article by John Ballinger on 'James Baker: an artist topographer'; with letters by R. P. L. Booker, Windsor, 1917, H. George Fordham, 1918-1927; Henry Guppy, 1916; William Haines, Penpergwm, 1916; [Sir] Evan Davies Jones, 1915; H. Meuric-Lloyd, Llanwrda, 1915; Llewelyn Lloyd, Kirby, 1916; F. Madan, Bodleian Library, 1916; T. F. Roberts, 1916; Thomas Shankland, 1918; Alan Stepney-Gulston, 1916; Charles W. Sutton, Manchester, 1916; John E. Williams, Llandaff, 1916; and Herbert M. Vaughan, 1916; and acknowledgements for offprints of the article by librarians and others.

John Ballinger and others.

John Frost,

A paper by John Ballinger on John Frost and the Chartist movement.

John Ballinger.


Letters addressed to John Ballinger by Max Bellows, 1916, G. Charvin, O.S.B., 1920, W. Edwards, Merthyr Tydfil, 1916, D. G. Goodwin, Uffington, 1912, John M. Macdonald, Farnham, 1916, T. H. Thomas, Cardiff, 1905, and John E. Williams, Llandaff, 1915.

Llanbister and Radnorshire customs,

A paper by John Ballinger on Llanbister, with notes on 'the month's end' and other customs in Radnorshire; notes on the Skyrrid; and a letter, 1900, by John Davies, Pandy.

John Ballinger.

Llandrindod Wells,

A typescript copy of an eighteenth century diary containing an account of a stay in Llandrindod Wells.


Extracts from English poetry, notes on a list of medical recipes, with a letter by R. D. Pane, Cardiff, 1907, and notes on Sir John Wynn of Gwydir.


Papers by John Ballinger:- 'Literature and a cognate subject, or the contemplative man's recreation'; 'The Robin Hood Ballads'; 'Living on Literature'; a list of words by or issued at the expense of Lord Bute, 1872-1901; a letter by A. W. Pollard, 1915, with a proof copy of an article ('Gladstone's translation of the "Rock of Ages")' by John Ballinger.

John Ballinger.

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